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Found 6 results

  1. I NEED HELP : In a video (i don't remember the name), someone build a plane, AND! a moment, in the editor, in the hangar, he click on a button, and his plane FALL in the hangar, but he can't pilot it, or use it, its just for see if the wheels are right (the plane can't even take damages (sorry for my english, i am french))
  2. Hi there! I unsuccessfully tried to find addon, which helps create rover or small planes outside kerbal. I see this addon like little hangar which will deploy from rocket and landing to planet surface with limited parts were packed into this hangar at the construction stage (possibility of replenishment in future). Maybe somebody can help me in my finding.
  3. I queried this in the KIS thread, but to be proactive, I want to take a stab at doing this myself: I made a tiny drone but assembly with @IgorZ KIS system is not possible as it uses Tweakscale, heavily, and KIS cannot accept full craft or sub assemblies into its Inventories. And @allista's Hangar mod does not supply a small enough item, nor are said items manipulable using KIS' EVA or inventory functions. So here's my plan: I would like to create a Box. This box will be able to be carried by a Kerbal in EVA and stored in an inventory using KIS functionality. This box will also utilize Hangar functionality to store a very small craft within itself. Upon placing the Box on a surface, an option to open or pick up the box will be presented upon interaction. Picking up the box will simply pick it up. Opening the box will trigger the Hangar spawning function of the assigned small craft. At this point the box will simply be a return point and sit on the ground. The spawned craft will act as a craft. The craft, upon landing or stopping on the box, will allow the box to be closed. Upon closing, the box will enact Hangar's deconstruction function, and the box will return to being a simple EVA item. This will then allow the box to be moved, re-opened, stored, etc. I would like to make small boxes of various dimensions afterward, supposing this test works. I have never made a mod before, but I want to learn. Thank you for any help provided.
  4. Hi and welcome to my thread with all my replica ! Note: I tried to make the crafts as realistic as useful and stock scaled ( sometimes I fail ) so it's not a 100% replica Crafts by Manufacturers : - European Space Agency ( ESA ) : Arianne 5 Vega - National National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ) : Altair Mun Lander Ares I Juno Spacecraft Orion Spacecraft Saturn V SLS Block I Crew SLS Block II - Russia's space agency ( Roscosmos ) : Proton K (8K82K) Proton M - United Launch Alliance ( ULA ) : Atlas V Delta IV Heavy Delta IV -I - URSS ( They didn't have an agency name ) Energia+Buran Energia Venera Orbiter+Lander Missions : Venera 9 Juno Mission Delta IV Heavy with Orion EFT-1 Download all the crafts ! Have fun and fly "safe"
  5. Working on a little something called a spacecraft carrier and have what I think is a nice solution for carrying a Mk2 spaceplane internally. Asking for some help from the mod community for how to make deploying the doors a little more easily. Here's the carrier with the "space doors" for the internal hangar midway through the 'opening' operation... The doors are six stock CRG-25 short Mk3 cargo bays. To "close" them I set the Deploy Limit to 50, and to open them I set it to 100. In the picture, all the doors are "closed" except for the center lower one which has been set to 100 and is "open" And here they are opened, (deploy limit = 100) with my spaceplane backing into the hangar deck: ...and a portion of the config file for that door: MODULE { name = ModuleCargoBay DeployModuleIndex = 0 closedPosition = 1 lookupRadius = 1.5 nodeOuterForeID = top nodeOuterAftID = bottom nodeInnerForeID = top2 nodeInnerAftID = bottom2 So what I'm wondering is this: can I change closedPostion or one of the other parameters such that when I trigger the "Close Door" action it goes to the 50% deployed position? This would allow me to use Action Groups to toggle the doors to the open and "closed" positions as i have defined them. I already tried setting closedPosition = 0 and that didn't seem to do anything. Will be grateful for any help, thanks!