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Found 2 results

  1. Oceans of Emptiness We must Explore the Darkness *The screenshot above was created by @m.kerman Table of Contents 1. Porpoising through the sky 2. Spoilers..........Explosions! 3. Liquid Fueled Rockets are Fun! 4. Make it or Break it 5. Last Chance 6. A Few Too Many Explosions 7. A Thin Line Between Arrogance and Optimism 8. Just a Couple more Failures.............. 9. Project Kerbonaut 10. "We will try again and again until we succeed!" 11. "Kathdred, ready to fly?" 12. "Third Time's a Charm" 13. "At Least it wasn't a Complete Failure" 14. "Don't Push it, Obberty." 15. "Forget Project Goby!" 16. "Olei.....Olei Olei Olei! Olei!" 17. "The Time of the Brotherhood has Begun!" 18. "Brotherhood has Landed" 19. "Brotherhood is Terminated!" 20. "Another day, Another Launchpad." 21. "Running on Fumes!" 22. "We Failed." Game Settings Mod List Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Transition To those who want to read the story of Mr. Kerman, the link is here. Introduction The Kraken Struck Our entire world disappeared before our eyes. Our entire solar system disappeared. And was replaced with a new one. The Kraken, whom we thought had retreated, had only really been preparing for such an apocalypse. How did we anger the Kraken? Did we explore too much? Or did we not explore enough. These are questions that must be answered by the exploration of this new solar system. And hopefully, we can discern the past from the present. Who knows what lingers on these worlds....... What wonders, what horrors await kerbalkind's exploration to the stars? Only time will tell. - Roland Kerman, Alias Mr. Kerman. Lost Prince of Ollusionia Happy Explosions!
  2. Kerbiting System - Table of Contents 1st Installment - A WHOLE NEW WORLD/SOLAR SYSETEM! 2nd Installment - A Visit to Space 3rd Installment - Its a Small World We Live in 4th Installment - Strapping a radar to the side of a rocket?! 5th Installment - Trial (with tourists) and Error 6th Installment - Is it that hard to get to Minmus? 7th Installment: Meet the Kraken 8th Installment - Into the Space of the Kraken 9th Installment: Minmus Orbital Outpost 10th Installment: The Epic of the Neptune Initiative Part 1- The Beginning 11th Installment: The Epic of the Neptune Initiative Part 2 - Failure 12th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 3 - Trauma 13th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 4 - Disaster 14th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 5 - A Bargain with the Damned 15th Installment: The Epic of Neptune Part 6 - Saving Private Ryan 16th Installment: Can Rockets Be Responsible Enough to Land Themselves? 17th Installment: The Responsibility From Messing Up 18th Installment: Being Second Never Hurt Anyone 19th Installment: Bring Him Home 20th Installment: Home at Last 21th Installment: The Dres Program 22nd Installment: Back to Minmus 23rd Installment: An Unfortunate Series of Event Around Minmus......... 24th Installment: Why Do We Have To Keep Rescuing Our Kerbals!? 25th Installment: All the Science! 26th Installment: The Kerbal Manned Orbital Space Observatory and Station (KMOSOS) 27th Installment: Space Construction Begins 28th Installment: House-Keeping 29th Installment: Okay, I might need a little help 30th Installment: Just Stop Reverting My Flights! 31st Installment: A Short Break 32nd Installment: Back on Track 33rd Installment: Obberty Kerman 34th Installment: I'm a real Kerbonaut now 35th Installment: Returning Home 36th Installment: More Pretty Fireworks! 37th Installment: Meet Xerxes 38th Installment: 0% Reliability 39th Installment: Xerxes Heavy 40th Installment: In-Situ Module stealing, Sorry BORROWING 41st Installment - The story of Mr. Kerman - An Ultimatum 42nd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A plan 43rd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Setback 44th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - My King 45th Installment: Meanwhile in orbit...... 46th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Ghost 47th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - Insane or not? 48th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Conference of the Dead 49th Installment: The Actual Launch of the Transfer Stage 50th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - "This I Swear by the Stars!" 51st Installment: An Engine to the Stars 52nd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - A Confrontation 53rd Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Lives of One / The Lives of Many 54th Installment: Dres 55th Installment: Death Claims All Heroes 56th Installment: Rondal's Shade 57th Installment: "Kerbals! We're Home!" 58th Installment: Back in the Game 59th Installment: First Part of Duna Enterprise 60th Installment: A Little Backtrack 61st Installment: Trident Base Core 62nd Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Is this a Hero's Welcome? 63rd Installment: Explosions and Problemsolving 64th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - "I believe I have met you before?" 65th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Explanations and Confessions 66th Installment - Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Rondal vs. Roland 67th Installment: Back to Rocketry! 68th 1/2 Installment: Trident Base Alpha Crew Return Flag of Completed Interplanetary Mission: * This mission is completed. The flag will stay up here to mark the achievement. But, please read the "Story of Mr. Kerman" or Installments 41 through 57 to get the full tale. Flag(s) of Current Interplanetary Mission(s) **The flags above was created by @cratercracker, an amazing flag designer. I recommend that if you want a flag, go to his thread and ask. ***The mod that stars in this thread is by @ApertureGamingwhich has been sitting under the radar for a couple of years. Glad to highlight this fascinating piece of work Mod List 1st Installment - A WHOLE NEW WORLD/SOLAR SYSTEM! This universe, something strange has afflicted it... Yes, your eyes have not deceived you. Eve is on a similar trajectory as Eeloo, and Kerbin is in a higher orbit than Duna. Well anyway lets get down to business. A global corporation has peacefully gained the support of all nations on Kerbin and is starting up a space program from scratch. And their vice-president gains direct control of the program. To test Mortimer Kerman's new assignment, the president and staff have made things very difficult for the vice-president to get off the ground. But this will not defeat us! Here is the Trashcan assembly-1! It carries 4 mystery goos and has three stages of trash cans, which should send it into the upper atmosphere. Up goes the Trashcan-assembly 1 or TCA. The valiant pilot Jebediah Kerman pilots the rocket, planing to become the first kerbal to break the sound barrier!. The sound barrier is being broken by the TCA right now! The first stage runs out of fuel, then the second stage ignites, destroying the first stage and propelling the rocket even higher! Now the second stage has run out and the first stage sends the TCA up into the highest reaches of the atmosphere! Jeb looks outside into space, and into this make-believe camera which doesn't exist and shouldn't be transmitting pictures of the rocket because it is breaking all the laws of physics. How does that happen?! There is the Apoapsis at 45 kilometers from the surface! Jebediah Kerman has gone higher than any other kerbal before him! After reaching the Apoapsis, Jeb returns to Kerbin by parachute. As the TCA touches the ground, the trashcan underneath it explodes in a fiery ball of flame! The explosion destroys the physics-breaking camera but we assure you that Jebediah survives to fly another day!