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  1. *"Orbit" means the lateral movement of your craft across Eve in a clock-wise direction, similar to what it would be on Venus in real life. See Rule #4. **Use of Hyperedit is prohibited for everything except tests of your design. ²I don't need pictures of your tests, however, you are welcome to provide your development process. †See modlist. ††Not compatible with anything of similar fashion. E.g. having ten Kerbals is not compatible with twenty Kerbals. You only get points for the twenty Kerbals, not twenty and ten. Applies to more than two terms also. The Eve Luxury Floatation Aerostat Habitat (ELFAH) challenge is one of the hardest, most captivating, and most difficult ones in the history of Eve challenges. As some of you might've known, the HAVOC project has been developed by NASA. The plan consists of five steps: Robotic exploration into the Venusian atmosphere Crewed mission to orbit Venus for 30 days Crewed mission to Venusian atmosphere for 30 days Crewed mission to Venusian atmosphere for 1 year Long-term human presence in a floating balloon. This, as-well as my own fantasies, has challenged me to get back into KSP and try this out. However, this summer I am moving to California, and my YouTube channel is taking a very serious turn now, so uploading a silly KSP video will be..well..silly. Therefore, I challenge you, the KSP forum community, to complete this challenge! I did do something very similar about a year ago, and it worked alright until I lost control of the ship and crashed into this mountain over here: Now, for the challenge rules and similar, less intriguing things: ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘RULES˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ Please no cheaty methods like Kerbal ladder propulsion or similar. Come on lads, I have faith in you! Version 1.0 or later, please. Old versions are subject to approved exceptions. Maintain a manageable part count. No more than 800 parts please. You must "orbit" around the Equator, or somewhere close to that. Polar orbit is fine as-well. No diagonal or weird-shaped orbits.* Altitude requirement is to be no less 12,500m and 60,000m. 12,500m is not very survivable, and 60,000m is.. well.. it's just cheating at that point. The in-betweens are up to you. Your craft must be able to haul at least four Kerbals. It's a shame that there is no wind on Eve at this time, so you will need to use propulsion. It needs to be 100% sustainable, Eve doesn't need any more carbon than what it already has! The speed of movement must be no less than 10 m/s and no more than 40 m/s. Ion engines (good luck with those), KAX propellers, and other, electric-powered engines / props are allowed.† The way you get here matters! Provide plenty of documentation (pix) of your trip to Eve. I don't need more than five. Use of HyperEdit is highly prohibited.** The craft must be stable (altitude-wise). I know it's hard, but it's more than possible. I've accomplished it myself, before I did something wrong and crashed. Do note that my attempt was in version 0.25, and that was a while ago, so a lot of things changed from then, but I have to assume that it's still possible. Documentation: Papers, Please! Please provide ample documentation (pix) of your entire mission.**² ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘MODLIST˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ (^I think this one includes an electric propeller? Correct me if I'm wrong please.^) (^Seems to work with 1.1.2, but official update not out yet. You can use it anyway.) Any designing assist mods. Any visual mods. No aerodynamic mods, must use stock physics only. Solar panel and battery mods and mods I've never heard of before are subject to approval. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘COURT˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ Badge: your craft meets all the rules (criteria). Good job! + 50 points: your craft is very neat-looking. Very subjective and up to me. + 75 points: your craft carries ten Kerbals.†† + 75 points: your craft is under 600 parts.†† + 100 points: your craft travels at 30 m/s. + 100 points: your craft carries fourteen Kerbals.†† + 200 points: your craft is under 400 parts.†† + 300 points: your craft carries twenty Kerbals.†† + 500 points: your craft is under 200 parts.†† + 500 points: your craft underwent no testing whatsoever, and it is your first attempt. In this case, please provide the documentation for your developmental process in its entirety. + 2,000 points: your craft carries 100 Kerbals.†† + 2,000 points: your craft is under 100 parts.†† + 5,000 points: your craft is primarily propelled by ion engines. Eve atmosphere. + 5,000 points: your craft carries more than 100 Kerbals.†† + 7,500 points: your craft gets to Eve primarily using electric propulsion of some sort. + 10,000 points: your craft consists of a main module, several transportation vehicles for transport around Eve or from base to base, and has many great things that an on-ground base would have. + 20,000 points: your craft is reusable. + 100,000 points: your craft is 100% stock. P.S. Let me know if you find any rule / judgement unfair or confusing. I will fix it promptly. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘LEADERBOARD˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ TheOptimist: +50 appearance, +100 speed higher than 30 m/s, +300 more than twenty Kerbals: 450 points. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘BADGE˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ P.S.S. Thanks to NASA for the original picture!