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Found 1 result

  1. Atubara

    Eeloo is No Goddess

    Jebediah stretched and yawned a bit more before sitting back up on the cold bed. He was bored because there were no entertaining shows to watch and freezing from the Russian weather. He flipped out his pocket calendar out his bag and checked the date again. 1979, Day 66 He took the pen off of the little wooden table between his and Valentina’s bed and crossed Day 66 off. It was pretty late out, and there was nothing else significant to do for a few more days. Besides getting Val back...Jebediah grimaced to himself. He could see her outline in the balcony through the thin curtains. He sighed and stood up after picking up his thick blanket to walk out onto the ice-cold balcony with her. He winced as the even colder air hit him in the face. The tropical weather of South America spoiled him a bit too much. It was lightly snowing, he saw the rooftops of the nearby buildings already dusted with fresh snow. A colourful cathedral was lit up in the distance, as well as a huge statue of some old mayor even further out. Valentina was born in this city, the city of Khabarovsk. She should’ve had more of a reaction, but she was in the same exact spot and position she was in twenty minutes ago, as if she froze. “Val, you okay? Admirin’ the horizon?” Jebediah came to her side and delicately laid a hand on her shoulder, expecting a warm reaction. Her scarf covered her chops, but he could tell she wasn’t happy. “Chto eto?” Valentina harshly whispered and straightened her jacket, still avoiding eye contact. “Haha, urm,” Jebediah nervously laughed. “C’mon, Val, you know I don’ know Munspeak, are you fine?” He rubbed her shoulder and returned his hand, forcing a smile. Valentina looked at him and mentally digressed herself. “I’m sorry, just thinking..,” She turned back towards the horizon and hunched over the rail. Jebediah patted her back and brought her close to his side. “We should talk, Val. You won’ feel better unless you talk,” Jebediah brushed the hair out of her face as he whispered to her. Valentina looked up at his face and then back down, tracing her finger through the snow on the railing. “Everything’s so different, Jeb. What happened? How long was I gone for?” She almost whimpered, her hand subtly trembling in her hair. Jebediah winced and braced himself to yet the truth out. She didn’t remember anything after her time on Eve. “Well, let’s go inside first. I’m gonna get a cold out ‘ere. I have hot cocoa in the room fer’ us,” He nuzzled her cheek, making her feel instantly warmer. She forgot how he could be. Valentina followed him back into the hotel room without a word. Jebediah poured his bottle of milk into the two cups the room had with the packages of cocoa powder he got at the nearby market. Valentina blankly stared off into nothing as she laid down, ignoring the TV and Jebediah sauntering about waiting for the hot cocoa. The microwave stopped with a pleasant ‘DING’, and he left the hot drinks on the little table to cool off. She snapped out of herself when he set the drinks down to her side. They smelled nice and homely, almost nostalgic. He sat down with that friendly smile on the edge of her bed, leaning his weight on one arm to face her. "Are you sure you wanna hear what happened?” "Y-yeah..,”