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Found 20 results

  1. [1.2.2] Realistic Heat Managment

    Hello, and this is my first mod, Realistic Heat Managment. Currently, it only adds new heat shield resources, but new features, like planets radiating heat, are on the way! Download: Click Here Dependencies: Module Manager License: MIT Source Code
  2. I’m currently designing an Eve spaceplane mission. I’m very excited for this mission and so far quite pleased with my craft. The mission profile looks like this: 1. SSTO from Kerbin 2. Refuel in LKO with fuel tanker (capable of Minmus refuel with ISRU if you’re not lazy like me) 3. Fly to Eve and land 4. Refuel on Eve with ISRU 5. Staged ascent from Eve, with only the cockpit eventually making it back to Kerbin. Anyway, I digress, none of this is too relevant to the question. My issue is that I cannot for the life of me reenter the plane on Eve. I will burn up every time seemingly regardless of my entry profile (shallow vs steep and several in-betweens). Are heat shields a must now? And how to put heat shields on a plane that’s supposed to SSTO from Kerbin without totally ruining the areo? Any help is appreciated. I will say I’ve had lots of fun looking at the firework show each time I’ve blown up the 150-part plane during my tests!
  3. It is possible to survive re-entry on every body with an atmosphere (with an apoapsis of the lowest possible orbit in the f12 menu and without physics warp) (except eve) with just a mk1 command pod and a mk16 parachute. Jool is tricky but possible (I did it with a periapsis of 170k.) On kerbin you can go from the edge of Kerbins SOI and survive re-entry. Also, if you use physics warp a part will cool for some reason. The heating needs to be increased to (In my opinion) the point that a heatsheild is needed for LKO re-entries.
  4. Mun Problems

    Ok so I need some help. I have been sending lots of missions to the Mun (R.I.P. Valentina Kerman), and I keep tipping my lander over. I use a service bay to fling me back up, but how do I avoid tipping it in the first place? Also, on re-entry to Kerbin my first mission worked but the second one I almost instantly exploded. Any help on that?
  5. I am brainstorming a way to allow for the maxTemp & skinMaxTemp to be raised incrementally as you progress through a career. Quite a few planet packs use "hazardous oceans", and what these "oceans" do is simulate heat being radiated from the surface or ocean, eventually leading to an explosion or a puff of smoke where a kerbal once stood. What Im hoping to achieve is simple: Upgrade the Astronaut Complex to level 2 and it increases the maxTemp of a kerbal by 400. Upgrade the complex to level three and it will increase the maxTemp by another 400. Anything over 1600 is a bit overkill and unrealistic i feel. Retreating to the vessel to cool down should be required at some point. I was hoping this could be possible with Custom Barn Kit or KRnD but I'm afraid it's not at the moment. @sarbian maybe is this something that could work in Custom Barn Kit?
  6. I recently got a mining base at Vall. Whenever I am at a seperate craft, and I come into range of the base, it always seems on the verge of exploding. Many parts are always on the verge of exploding, including the many radiators I have mounted. Notably, my drills and my refinery are not overheating. What the heck is happening here? None of my other bases (which all use practically the same design) do this.
  7. I heard of this one cool concept to protect spacecraft from aerodynamic shock heating with an electromagnetic shield. I would love to see a mod of this, how it would work is a part would project a bubble around the ship, and use electric charge to power it, the diameter of the bubble could also be variable, the larger it is the more power it consumes, when there is no more power left the shield goes away and parts are no longer protected. This could be done through the use of separate parts or as an option that can be changed both in editor and in flight. The bubble should have a near infinite thermal tolerance but i think it would be more realistic if the power usage was proportional to both the size of the bubble and the heat acting on it. Also the bubble should have drag that depends on the diameter. here is an example of how it would look.
  8. So here is a question I have been trying to find an answer to but have had no luck. How does heat on the ship during re entry work? In the instance of heat shields or just standard non heat shielded parts, is it the lead point that takes 100% of the heat or is it heating any point at all that is not parallel to entry angle. Basically here is the back story that leads to my question. I am using stage recovery mod because I like the realism of being able to recover stages. Because of this each stage has parachutes and other things designed to slow down my stages. On my main stage (4 nerv's a orange fuel tank and some struts) I put 1.25s on top of the mark1 liquids and a 2.5 on top of the orange. during aero breaking with my pod attached the 1.25s that are set back a few meters from my pod but open to the elements were taking no heat (no ablator loss) but my lead point on the pod was. Is this how it works? To simplify I have a new stage I'm making (screen shot attached) will the engine take all of the heat and not the shields, or will the shields take the heat since they are also at a perpendicular angle to entry? Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a way to create a coolant resource mod that makes radiators require it (losing effectiveness without it [maybe dissipation times percentage of coolant in the system]), and leaks if hit (BDA) or damaged (KerbalKrashSystem) or randomly leak from DangIt. Ideally, 2 resources (coolant and hot coolant) and coolant lines (redone fuel lines is fine), that can also leak, with engines converting coolant into hot coolant, cooling it down in the process, whilst radiators turn hot coolant into normal 'cold' coolant. This is for my WW2 and Korean War reenactments for better engine damage Bonus points for oil/coolant differentiation, or coolant leak effects (toned down and recoloured jet exhaust textures?) For KSP 1.2 and above please
  10. Realistic Spaceplane Textures

    I am not sure if there is anyone out there who is as OCD as myself. I really want to see a texture where the underbelly of a space plane has black tiling for it's heat shield. There are a bunch of mods that exist for space planes like MK2,3 expansions and the MK4 system. However none of them have the option to have a texture like this. Is there anyone out there in the forums who feels the way I do on this or has any desire/plans to implement some sort of a change like this?
  11. Okay, as I use SSTO spaceplanes more and more, this is becoming more of an issue. My current series of light shuttle fly a shallow enough ascent profile that their PE is around 40km by the time their AP hits 70. This means I spend a LOT of time in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. So here's the issue, heat sinks appear to basically not work at all as long as there's even the slightest hint of air around you. Compare screenshots below of just below and just above the 70km line. The heat bar on the right is my cockpit, incidentally. If I'd taken the shot closer to 60km, you'd have seen a very nice cherry-red outline glow as it neared overheat, despite the TCS right behind it. Is there any way around this? Am I missing something about KSP thermal mechanics? There's other bodies with atmosphere, why are thermal control systems almost completely inoperable here? How are you supposed to cool things like mining/refining on Eve or Laythe?
  12. [1.2.1] More Heat!

    More Heat! For when your engines just aren't quite hot enough! More Heat! makes your engines 250% hotter! That's 2.5x! That' a fair bit! You know, 'cos you want the game to be harder. More Heat! is very simple (basically just a Module Manager patch) that makes your engines hotter while they are running. For realism and stuff. If 250% is too much (or not enough!) for you, then you can just change the amount in the MM patch. Because it is so simple, More Heat! doesn't have a license. Or If you really want one, the Unlicense. Do whatever you want with it, I don't care. Although letting me know what you're planning would be nice . If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please let me know. Enjoy! Download: Spacedock Curse Forge Source: Github Changelog: (there was a ninja update I didn't tell you about) - Fixed MM patch 1.0.1 - Fixed MM errors. Works with old and new engine modules. Updated to latest Module Manager. 1.0 - Initial Release Issues: - None known. Please report them if you find any.
  13. Okay - I'm finally getting to Eve and Jool, and I'm hitting a wall with aerocapture. I'm having ships simply explode. I've resorted to having ships just use lots of fuel, but that's making them large and unwieldy. Would be nice to have some ideas on how to best accomplish aerocapture, as well as good altitudes - is the KSP wiki still accurate on this? Thanks for any help you can give.
  14. Hey Guys, i try to land on Kerbin with Landingstruts on my Vessel. But unfortunately there explode on every landing attempt. I use also Heat Shield and four Radiators, if its nessecery i post a screenshot of my Vessel. Is it impossible to land on Kerbin with landing Struts? Bye Kai
  15. I've been trying and trying to build the smallest possible recoverable Kerballed orbiter by mounting an EAS control seat on top of a fairing base and (supposedly) using the fairing to protect the pilot from heat: Even though the pilot is fully enclosed by the fairing, it appears as though he is being heated as if fully exposed to the airstream, and he inevitably explodes even though no other part on the craft even has a heat indicator lit up. Is this just a quirk of the control seat or am I using the fairings wrong? I tried building it out a bit further, and other than making it heavier and draggier, it seemed to make no difference.
  16. Heat in 1.1

    This question is un-prepared. Anyway I have problems entering the atmosphere with the mk1 cockpits. It seems that whenever I re-enter the atmosphere with a mk1 cockpit (mk1 SSTO), the cockpit absorbs all the heat. I get a gauge on the cockpit only and it heats up in about 15 seconds. The mk1 command capsule is pretty much the same. I have a simple command capsule with a heatshield and parachute and if I don't turn off SAS and let the atmosphere point me in the exact right direction, the same thing happens. I know I have posted something like this before but it was all rage and I didn't really help by not posting pictures. I will post them if you need them and if you want information on crafts, just ask! I won't be lazy and not give parameters this time! Thanks!
  17. I have the feeling that managing the reentry heat is now much, much more difficult than it was in 1.0.5. In 1.0.5 I've been playing with a normal difficulty, for the 1.1 I've started a new career (because I *knew* there would be bugs, I wanted to see all the new stuff, and - just a very, very little - I hoped for the "barn-style" level 1 base), but this time with "moderate" difficulty. Where previously I would just make sure that I have enough parachutes, and I'm not diving down from the LKO at 90 deg angle, now I seem to need to consider adding a heat shield even for the Mk1 Command Pod, and really stress my fingers managing the ship orientation so none of the stuff attached to it (like that flat thermometer) burns in the atmosphere. I see that the difficulty setting for the heat is the same as it is for a "normal" difficulty game, so it should not matter. Is there so much changes in 1.1, is that some bug or imbalance, or my pilot skills got rusty sending yet another Kerbal with a rescue-to-a-rescue-of-a-rescue mission, and not really having time to bring them back?
  18. So, today, I made a Apollo-style Mun mission in Sandbox, just for fun. The mission went flawless but that's not the interesting part. On reentry, I noticed an orange temperature gauge pointing to the heat shield. Here's a pic of that: (sorry for the large size) I used KER to check wich part has critical temperature, and apparently, it was the heat shield This is just too funny. A heat shield overheating. Think about it. Oh, and apparently there's another heat shield floating in a eccentric solar orbit
  19. Okay so I've started playing KSP more seriously (tired of waiting for 1.1), but I'm wondering if this is on purpose or just plain out broken ? Last week, I make a ship to go to the Jool system, carrying a Vall Exploration Rover. I set-up aerobreaking @ Laythe. POOF... Okay I did not have a heatshield, but I was exploding 3 seconds after touching the outer layer. Thankfully, I had enough Delta-V (barely) to do a manual break using a close Tylo approach and coming back to Laythe. Quite expensive. Yesterday I decide to go to EVE. Learning from my Laythe experiences of last week, I put a 2,5m heatshield AND keep my fairing over the rover. Entering atmosphere... BOOM ! **again** and the heatshield got consumed/destroyed in about 1 sec. I mean fine that you need to build with a heatshield and all, it works really well on Duna and Kerbin (coming back from Mün and Minmus anyways). But having to drop re-entry heating to 20-40%, if not straight out kill it to 0% is kind of a bummer. I like the extra challenge but it's ridiculous now. Are there any fixes being done in 1.1 or is that the 'way it's gonna be' ? Because right now I have to budget a lot of dV to manually break entering a SoI
  20. So basically I have this problem: I build a huge launcher (if you know me, you know I can't do small) but my usual designs fail miserably due to mammoth engines suddenly overheating without warning: This is consistent behavior every time I group stacks of 3.75m tanks with mammoths, however it's always a different engine that decides to pop. Any ideas?