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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to my heavy lifter thread! So far I only have one, but more are planned. DOWNLOADS: DISCOVERY 1: Discovery-1 DISCOVERY I I made this craft waaaaay back in 1.0.5, yet it still remains my best orbital booster and Mün injection craft ever. Parts: 135 Mass: 432.024t TOTAL D/v: 2699 M/s Height: 41.4 meters. Payload to LKO: Unknown Uses for this craft: Fuel tug, Mün mission tug, orbital booster Screenshots:
  2. Remember that time you wanted to launch 100t of fuel to your orbital fuel depot, but the rocket was so big that the pad exploded? Well now you don't have to rebuild that stupid pad (you didn't like that thing anyways) because ol' Werner von Kerman and the crew at the KSC Badger Works have gone and outdone themselves again with the all new Pteradactyl Mk2. Capable of delivering 100t+ to 100km orbits and returning to the runway, the Pteradactyl Mk2 will revolutionize your space program. With cheap and easy access to space you will be able to colonize the crap out of wherever you feel like going. Single launch, 10 kerbal base to Eeloo? Sure, just make it fit in a 3.75m fairing and bang it on the front. Kerbin-Duna reusable cycler? Why not? Seriously, there's nothing you can't do in one launch with 100t, so go crazy and post pics. Download craft from KerbalX
  3. This is Heinkels thread for 1.2 lifters! I will be posting all of my he- series lifting vehicles for the 1.2 update in this thread, so if anyone needs a good, heavy, and powerful lifting vehicle, they can stop right by! Heavy Lifters: Name | Stages | Lifting capacity He966 | One | 100 tons He967 | One | 200 tons He968 | Two | 500 tons He969 | Three | 1000 tons He1200 | Two | 1200 tons He1500 | Two | 1500 tons The 1000 ton lifter has a 1000 ton fuel payload, and it cannot be changed, it is a very specialized design. The 1200 ton lifter was more or less a "prototype" of the 1500 ton lifter, and was not intended for actual deployment. The 1500 ton lifter offers the best tons to orbit / parts ratio, but not the best efficiency, that goes to the 969. Lifters Links: Photos: He966: He967: He968: He969: He1200: He1500: So far this is my complete collection of usable lifters, I do not like my "lower end" lifters, i.e. anything that takes less than the He969 to orbit, but I do plan on doing remake on all of these, as well as a 2000 ton lifter eventually.
  4. Hey, here's an idea make a SLS rocket that cam perform EM-1 and EM-2 ALL STOCK! must have be able to get orbit to be able to be qualified. Must have launch abort system. EM-1 rules: Must be unmanned. Must gravity assist around the Mün to perform reentry. MUST SURVIVE REENTRY. EM-2 rules: Must be manned. Must be able to intercept an asteroid and return with what would be a sample so strand a kerbal on the asteroid you want to intercept and pick the kerbal up and put them in a chair in a 2.5 meter service bay. No kerbals can die. Must survive reentry
  5. I've been designing a space station (among other things) and I need to get 250t to a 400x400 km orbit around Kerbin. I was wondering if anyone has any rockets that can do this please? Low part count would be great if possible... Thanks in advance!
  6. Replica of the Energia rocket an the Buran space shuttle, with payload capacity of 150 tons to LKO (300 tons in vulcan configuration). Top of the rocket houses decoupler, remote guidance unit and separate payload fairing. Zenit boosters are equiped with parachutes (pod doors activated by action group 1) for splashdown recovery. How to fly: Pitch down 15-30° (depending on payload size), reduce thrust to minimum after reaching 50km Ap and pitch down, decouple boosters after reaching 2/3 circularisation. Action group 1 - parachute bay doors Download: (vulcan configuration) (shuttle carier configuration) Edit: added new version, fixed broken post