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Found 15 results

  1. I have Realism Overhaul installed with Remote Tech, and I can't seem to understand how to get an connection going. I added an antenna an it is activated but it does say no target? But to set a target I need a connection. Help pls. https://imgur.com/a/MmnmeDn
  2. i have heard that to update ksp you need to redownload the game. how would i be able to save my ships and builds? i don't have the steam edition that has the auto-updater
  3. i was trying to open ksp with CTT and most of the mods that go with it and this keeps coming up, shortly after it crashes. how do i fix this?
  4. Hello there! I am creating a mod for KSP, but I need some help with the config file. In the config file, I have a RESOURCE module for an undefined fuel called "Artron Banks". I have this resource being displayed and shown, and the amount of Artron Banks is 5000. The problem is, when I load the game there isn't any fuel at all! The Artron Banks Gauge is empty. I have no idea what to do. Please help! https://ibb.co/Ld9sXt3 Notice the Fuel Gauge in the bottom corner.
  5. I'm trying to make a mod for KSP that calculates stuff, and I need to access a list of all engines that are unlocked. Then, I need to access instance variables of the engines, such as their ispVac, ispASL, thrustASL, and thrustVac. I don't know if you can tell, but I've scoured the API documentation for a little while looking for something like it. I'd prefer an array of just the 1.5m liquid fuel rocket engines, but I can make a new array if needed. Thanks. I apologize if this isn't where it should be or is formatted incorrectly.
  6. I was just curious about what is the key-bind to switch ships? I always try to dock things, but I only know to go into the map, and and switch from there, but by then I already pass the rendezvous.
  7. So, everytime I start KSP (1.6.1, relatively heavily modded, about 12200 patches) it for one makes my PC run very slow (other programs take very long to respond) after the loading bar filled and secondly it glitches the audio coming from my PC. And it also freezes Windows in most cases between it finishing to fill the loading bar and arriving at the KSC (after loading a savefile). All of my mods were installed with CKAN, and if not, manually installed with the right version. Pictures of my GameData Folder can be found here. My PC specs are as follow: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core
  8. I am doing a mission where I have to launch a satellite into a specific orbit in Minmus, Although I have matched up the specific orbits, It doesn't say I complete the mission. Please possibly upload tutorial on how you do it around Minmus.
  9. If I'm correct, this is the sound that plays during staging. Where can I find it in KSP's directory?
  10. I'm playing a Science save and I just started it, I am also a noob at KSP cause I don't play it much. Also, would going to minimus be easier than going to the mun for my first landing on another planet?
  11. so after recovering a flight i returned to the space center and opened the launchpad menu to launch the next flight. only to find that the "launch" button was simply closing the menu and the game wouldn't transition to the rocket sitting on the launchpad. turns out after one flight everything in the space center refuses to function. including the pause menu so to quit i have to alt f4. after digging through the log i found what appears to be the cause: [EXC 13:28:08.844] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object CommNetManager.ModularCommNetVessel.
  12. I need some tips on writing Mission Reports. Of note: I am in general not a great writer... Almost all of my night-time screenshots that look fine ingame come out too dark, but I don't want to alter them (adjust brightness/contrast). I've already attempted this once, if you want to see a writing sample to make better suggestions, it's in my signature. I'm horrible at coming up with names I like.
  13. So i have a friend named bob. Bob really likes ksp and has a few ideas for how to make it better. He wants to try his hand at modding. But, bob is mostly useless at coding right now. He's getting better, but in terms of modding KSP, he doesn't know how to start. all he really knows is that KSP uses unity and some form of C as a language. So, bob got me to make a thread asking if any kind folks would be willing to help him out. He just wants to know if anyone could tell him what kind of assets (or something) he needs to import (or something) in order to start, which progr
  14. When i build a ship in KSP and i want to test/use it. I try to launch the ship, but about 5 sec after i spawn on the runway, the screen goes black but i can see all of my tools/monitors? Heres a Screenshot of it: https://gyazo.com/21ca3e3f231b89ad020b9613742a6324 Please help!
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