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Found 334 results

  1. b9 aerospace problems

    I was playing ksp when I noticed that some of the b9 aerospace parts were grey. solid grey, no textures. I was wondering if you guys had any idea how to fix this?
  2. Firstly, thanks to Squad and Blitworks for making the enhanced edition, even with all the major issues in the last version, I still dumped many hours in playing because I had so much fun anyways, and now I can do so even more to my hearts content... Thanks! Anyways, I've been doing a science play through to help get me more familiar with the parts and new controls before going into a career mode, but early on I was playing with space planes and when putting on one of the wings, they started bugging out and disappearing briefly, flickering in and out of existence. I tried to move it to alleviate the error, but instead it just left a ghost of itself in the original place, still flickering. I couldn't move or delete the ghost, but I could delete the actual part. I don't remember what wing it was, but it was one of the bigger ones you get from the first science unlock for wings.. The reason I mention this is because its the only reasonable thing I can think of that caused what I'm about to explain next. After going back to the space center and reloading into SPH, it worked fine... until I tried to launch my plane. The camera spawns in pretty randomly, sometimes under the runway, in the sky, or just pitch black. I can't pause, bring up the cursor, move the camera, or anything. Also, the time in the top left always says 999 for the years and days and what not.This continued to happen no matter how many times I reloaded. To get out of it, I have to close application and not do it again. Any help is appreciated P.S. Wow, okay. I just tested it again to confirm some of my info, and it loaded in fine... This had been happening my entire playthrough from the start and it suddenly works. I will leave this here though, because its still a pretty serious bug to have happen, and hopefully it can be recreated so it can be fixed. To clarify, this bug had been happening for a long awhile, I have no idea what fixed it suddenly.
  3. This is my second session of playing KSP Enhanced Edition on Xbox and when I loaded up a save, there was no Space Center. I was still able to access all the facilities on the side menu and load into them but when I started a new separate career mode save there was no space center. This bug is not stopping me from playing the game but leaves me in a space veiw of nothing when looking at the space center.
  4. Ok so as you know from the title my kerbnet dose not seem to work correctly. Every time I pres kerbnet access I get a screen saying it’s offline. I have 100% signal strength and direct connection to the space center. As far as parts that would influence this I have probodobodyne for a probe body (that took to long to spell) and two narrow band scanners the only mod I have running on this is TweakScale which can change the size of the parts but I don’t think that would influence it thanks for even reading this
  5. The Support forum is a place where users can help one another solve problems they are having with Kerbal Space Program. The first step will always be to check if your problem is already in the Known Issues Thread. If a workaround is known it will be posted there, and if there is no work-around rest assured we will work to release a patch as soon as possible. If your issue is not yet known we ask you to post a new thread to ask other users for help. To do that effectively you should start out your help request by posting a new thread with the most information possible about your issue, and the system you're running the game on. Making an effort to title your thread descriptively and provide as much information as possible will help the community assist you better, and it will help the devs identify and fix the problem as soon as possible. Which information should your support request have? The console you're running the game on, for example PlayStation 4 or XBox One The control preset you are using to play the game A detailed explanation of what happened with reproduction steps and what you were trying to accomplish If possible, a screenshot or a video of the issue or any other relevant screens Any steps you've taken to try and solve the issue already
  6. Hi so I’ve installed kerbinside and love it but I can’t find the aircraft carrier or destroyer anywhere. Has it been removed in 1.2.2 or am I doing something wrong. I installed t normal you so I don’t see the problem Also mod if thi sis in the wrong place just move it to Whare it’s meant to be thanks
  7. So when the training first starts, the instructor already has a maneuver node set up for you to land. He tells you to execute the maneuver at low throttle to get closer to the moon. So I turn on SAS, set it to maneuver mode, and burned at low throttle, but it keeps flipping around and around and turning its mode back to stability assist! Someone, please help, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if its a glitch.
  8. TWR Problems...

    So umm, a couple months ago I was lazy and used mods like Kerbal Engineer for data readings. Soon I became interested in collecting those data values myself. Soooo I headed to the cheat sheat in the KSP wiki. I learn’t ‘The Rocket Equation’ quite easily and then moved onto TWR. But whenever I plugged in the numbers it would turn out wrong. So I spent hourrs trying to solve this problem with no results. Here is the formula off the wiki: Where Ft is thrust m is mass g is the gravitational acceleration I’m also using a scientific calculator for these calculations. Any help would be appreciated whatsoever!!!
  9. This is my CFG, and I need a down-facing node. No matter how much I try, the node doesn't want to face downward: @CobaltWolf @Beale Maybe you could help?
  10. I've recently started a science save on my game, however I feel like I never have enough fuel to get into orbit. I fear if I add more layers the weight will be too much to return
  11. Hey all! It's been a long while. Maybe since v 1.0? Probably since asteroids were introduced. I used to play the ever living crap out of Kerbal and now it feels like I don't even know which end of the rocket I should point mostly up. It seems the atmosphere is holy crap unforgiving and I can't even make orbit which is insanely frustrating since I used to do it blind folded...well...not really... Did they make it so making a rocket is just as hard as making a space plane? What am I missing? Hoping some vets will know where I'm coming from and send some tips my way. I tried watching some vids and they just say to keep pointing prograde, but my rockets don't seem to want to. This is career mode BTW. Basic rocket stuff to work with.
  12. Hello, Everyone, I have E6530 Dell laptop. Now I want to change my laptop. I want to purchase gaming laptop is this possible to purchase gaming laptop under $500. If yes can you please help me. Thanks in Advance
  13. I made a landing gear model with 4 small armatures to animate a linkage (I think), bending. The thing is however, I dont think it works. Unfortunately for the purposes of suspension, I dont think an animation would work, so is it at all possible to have bones in ksp?
  14. I am trying to run kss on a modded install, loading the game works fine but when I arrive at the main menu. I can’t click anything! When I try the cursor does go green to indicate I did click. I suspected that it was caused by a mod incompatibility so I tried it on a clean install and it worked perfectly fine. I don’t want to go through all my mods one at a time running the game to find it, so I was wondering if you guys have a list of incompatibilities for it? here is the mod in question. If you guys need a screenshot of my game data folder I am happy to provide it.
  15. I downloaded ksp but it isn't working, I was stuck on a black screen, I'd like to know why, is it because my computer isn't fast enough or is it something else, also, the ksp music thingy is still playing. please reply
  16. BDARMORY FX NOT WORKING PLS HELP my ksp is 1.3.0 and i have downlloaded all de bdarmory mods with kchan but the mods dont function as ive expected the effects of most bombs do not work
  17. Im trying to get KSS on KSP and i did everything right i installed the kopernicus files and downloaded KSS basic and then the error message came up and I have no idea why and it would be nice if someone could help
  18. Hello there felow space explorers. I´m pretty new to this forum however not so new to KSP. Now to my problem. In screenshots below you can see a rocket. By my design (inspired a little byt by Scott Manley). And there are few problems with it. When I launch it in around 4-8 km it is almost uncontrolable. It starts to swing around and so on. When I successfully arrive at orbit I don´t have enough fuel to get me to the Mun and back I always end up with only fuel in lander. And when I land on Mun I don´t have enough fuel to even get to orbit of Mun. So any suggestions ? I know this downstage can get me to the Mun because I used it for launching 2 satellites around Mun with almost same weight as my lander on this rocket. So will you help me with this particulary hard quest for me ? screens:
  19. Kerbiting Systems has been messing with my game and if I am going to continue my mission report, I would like somebody to look into the mod. Also, if the present owner of this mod stops in to see this, please comment so that I can contact you later if necessary.
  20. My supersonic plane starts shaking in 600 m/s or more. I tryed to add some struts but it doesnt help . Do you know what do do? Here are some photos of my plane: Imgur image Thank you!
  21. Can anyone help me get these things oriented right? I have tried using the model = and setting the rotation that way but it changes the lifting surface when I do that. If I turn the model the right direction in Unity it changes the lifting surface as well. I tried in blender to change it around. I have tried to trick it all kinds of ways. Is there possibly a config for setting the lifting surface rotation? CFG. in spoiler
  22. So I've just finished construction on what I hope is my first unmanned mission to Eve, but the thing is quite expensive, and I play with revert off, so I need this thing to succeed. Anyway: Lander parts, bottom to top, according to descent orientation: Heat Shield (43.90 Ablator) Decoupler Fuel Tank w/ 6 Landing Struts Service Bay w/ Rechargeable Battery inside Probodobodyne OKTO w/ 2 Communotron, 4 Photovoltaic Panels, a Barometer, and a Thermometer, all attached radially Fuel Tank with 4 Parachutes, and 4 Tail Fins, attached radially. Terrier Liquid Fuel Engine I use the scaling mod, so here is a screenshot: Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Help me plz

    Hello reader, I'm kind of new to KSP and I really need help with these: 1. How do you put things into cargo bays? (If differs between types I need MK3) 2. Is there an easy way to land on a planet without all that math stuff? 3. Is burning just accelerating? 4. How can I build an easy space station? (ALL QUESTIONS CAN ONLY HAVE STOCK PART ANSWERS) Thanks for any help with this. -Ultra
  24. KSP (Random Things)

    Random Stuff to talk about. Tip : When hosting battles in KSP with BD Download the mod, burning together, It can make setting up battlees way quicker!
  25. KSP (Random Things)

    Random Stuff to talk about.