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Found 367 results

  1. Hey, I've been playing for about 2 weeks now, and have had a lot of fun! But that's besides the point. I recently had a sorta good attempt to land on Eve, and crashed my rover, but still got there in tact, and flipped over, but I don't mind. I want to know if there is any way to send the info from my Rover, like temperature, to a lab on my IKK (ISS, but called International Kerbal Kraft lol), instead of straight back to Kerbin. I don't want to transmit it to Kerbin, but instead to a sattelite, but NOT to Kerbin. The IKK has a Mobile Processor lab on it and I want to get extra science from the data on the lab....any one know how??? Thanks it advanced, PewPewTrash
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm trying to use B9 part switch to make the stock ore tanks have switchable variants for Water and CarbonDioxide (for some custom ISRU patches I've made), but I really have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Windspren
  3. I'm trying to set up a flight stick for use in KSP. I'm using a T.Master HOTAS X, and I can't seem to get KSP to work correctly. The sensitivity is just way too high despite me lowering sensitivities, and I have a few other issues. The throttle is also at half max while my throttle is in neutral position. I'm guessing I need to change the dead zone for this, but how far? Also, is there a way to set button combinations for actions? (Such as setting map to joy 1 + thumb axis left?) Thanks
  4. silverbird

    b9 aerospace problems

    I was playing ksp when I noticed that some of the b9 aerospace parts were grey. solid grey, no textures. I was wondering if you guys had any idea how to fix this?
  5. I'm new to making ksp planets and I was wondering if I could turn a model and textures into a ksp planet thank you.
  6. Does anyone know how to paste a picture into a forums post (Like This?) Without a link? Thank you!
  7. Hi I have an Acer Aspire 3 and REALLY WANT KSP I don't know/can't figure out if it will run it these are all the specs I know of Operating System--Windows 10 Home Processor--Intel® Pentium® N4200 1.1 GHz; Quad-core Memory--DDR3L4 GB (standard) Card Reader--SD Card Storage--1 TB hard drive Screen--15.6"HD (1366 x 768) resolution Graphics--Intel® HD Graphics 505--DDR3L Shared graphics memory Connectivity--802.11ac wireless LAN Gigabit LAN
  8. KerbalOnTheMun

    Please HELP!

    Basically can u help me land on the mun with enough fuel to get back to kerbin. The ship it self its on the orbit of kerbin, before I've sent the same ship but it broke and Jeb was left on the mun so I've made a saving mission for my lovely kerb. There is the save:
  9. Hi! First of all, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but let's get to the topic. I'm trying to make a star system with Kopernicus, but i'm not sure how i'm supposed to make the other star not visible while in the kerbol system, or atleast not as brightly(?) as in the pictures.
  10. I'm clearly missing something here - I've posted a video of my most recent failure. Can someone explain why I can't advance this mission? I've basically flown THROUGH the mission marker before and still immediately fail... And of course there is no message indicating why I failed so I'm just stuck and frustrated. Any help is appreciated!
  11. Hi modding gurus, Inspired in part by MacLuky and the undersized MHdlc LEM, I want to add a seat in to the stock MK1 and Mk2 Landercan IVAs - as it has been proven that there is plenty of space! Yes I can add a seat via crew capacity - but I want to see the little green lasses and laddies properly. I'm also not interested in additional props like ASET. I have installed Unity, and part tools, added a passenger seat prop, or a pilot seat from the props and 'wrote' the .mu file. Changing the part's CFG for number of seats and for Internal model doesn't seem to work as no IVA shows up? I'm assuming it isn't as simple as this what I assumed. Do I need to be working with both the part and the internal in the same scene? As I've only been loading in the internal. Do I need to include texture files as well? Or do I need to add the seat to the internal in blender and then export to unity? Kinda really starting from scratch here sorry. I've seen that there are a few hour plus videos. I don't have much time, like 30 mins a day to do any 'work' or gameplay, so pointing me at the best tutorial for this would be appreciated if that would be more beneficial. Thank you! Peace.
  12. Ok, so I am currently trying to make a planet with Kopernicus, but after completing the .cfg file I launched KSP to go see if it was working correctly- my planet wasn't there. This is not an issue with an incorrect version of Kopernicus, as I have OPM installed and that works fine. I've tried a few things looking around the forums, such as getting rid of FlightGlobalsIndex and such, but I still can't get it to load- what am I doing wrong? My .cfg file * Also going for an oblate shape- that's why the HeightMapDeformity and GeeASL are so high.
  13. As everyone knows, making history has some huge, new parts. and I've been playing around with them, the end result was a rocket that crashed my game... three times (not really). unfortunately, I'm no expert in huge rockets, and there are a stupid amount of wrinkles that have to be ironed out. if you have a strong computer and like a challenge, be my guest. PS: no, seriously, this thing kills frames Sorry, forgot
  14. I've been trying to debug my first real mission, but it's not working the way I want it to. Here's a breakdown of what I want it to do: 1. Starting with an orbiter in orbit of Minmus, and a rover and 2 kerbals on the surface, get the kerbals back to the orbiter. 2. After docking, transfer ore from the rover to the orbiter and EVA the kerbals from the seats to the pod. 3. Undock, and prepare to leave orbit. 4. Unexpectedly, a mono tank explodes, damaging the LFO tank it's attached to, making it leak. <--- Right now, this is the part that isn't happening 5. Try to return to Kerbin and splash down or land and recover the kerbals.
  15. KSP is stuck on the last patch when on module manager, I deleted the mod stopping it, but then it freezes again to the last mod. Please help me solve this problem. KSP 1.4.1
  16. I'm making a mission wherein I want to time the player and reward players that complete the mission faster with a higher score. To this end, I set the score to 10,000 at the mission's start, and now I'm trying to set it up such that it subtracts 1 point for every in-universe minute that passes. However, I'm not sure how to get this to work properly. Any suggestions?
  17. ">View post on">Album will appear when post is submitted apparently i also need help figuring out how to put an imgur album in here
  18. First of I know this is the wrong forum but I don’t know,what one to put it in so could the mods please move it to the right place So I was wondering how peaple got the text/photos under the things they say in the fourms. Could someone tell me.
  19. yesterday, while i was testing out the new update, the game crashed while i was flying a lander to Minmus. but today, i went back on and it says my world was "just started", despite me playing the world for almost a year now. when i try to click it, nothing happens. does anyone know what's going on?? help would be much appreciated!
  20. When I use the New Command Module for KSP 1.4.0 I can't seem to access the indoor camera or even see any of the Kerbals that are in the specific part. I've tried to re-install Ksp and remove all my mods but nothing seems to work.... Could someone please help me?
  21. The Robot Soldier

    Making history for consoles

    So I learned that the Making History dlc just came out and I was wondering if or when this will come out for consoles. For people that are going to say “get a pc” “or why don’t you buy a pc?”. I had a pc but it not functional anymore and I do not want to spend over $1000 to get a computer that works as good as my Xbox one x. So all I’m asking is will this be out for consoles.
  22. I've always played career mode only since it came out but I've grown tired of the same grind to get to where I want to be and I never seems to get there. So I've decided to start a sandbox game instead but I miss the objectives and structure aspect of career mode. So I've made this "guide" to help me stay on target with my vision of my space program. I thought I might share it with you guys in case someone else was looking for something similar. Space Program Master Plan Recommended gameplay mods: MKS USI Life Support Kerbal Engineer Redux • Disable stock ground towers. Downloadable document: Project SOL Section #1: Conquer the kerbin system! Colonize the Mun and Minmus with a self sufficient base for 25 kerbals. SOL-1: Setup communication network SOL-2: Survey the land SOL-3: Build an Industrial support infrastructure SOL-4: Build the industrial fleet SOL-5: Finding the perfect spots SOL-6: Colonize the moons of Kerbin Project VULCAN Section 2: Destination Duna Goal: Establish a mining outpost, a manufacturing facility and living habitation for a 25 Kerbal Colony On Duna. VULCAN-1: Set up Communication network VULCAN-2: Do the research VULCAN-3: Location location location! VULCAN-4: Beep!! VULCAN-5: Engineering and preparation VULCAN-6: Moar ships! And Bon voyage VULCAN-7: Hi ho! Hi ho! VULCAN-8: Building the Duna base VULCAN-9: Stocking up VULCAN-10: It's happening! VULCAN-11: Gentlemen, man your stations
  23. Having problems manouvering in space, especially executing manucer nodes. How do i make rockets that manover well preferably without adding WEIGHTMine currently have no reaction wheels and all parts are mirrired radially (sometimes double & tripple ect on same rocket). On the staging indicator (bottom left). There are the normal orange arrows and the pink ones that are off center. thanks
  24. I've recently started a science save on my game, however I feel like I never have enough fuel to get into orbit. I fear if I add more layers the weight will be too much to return
  25. Controller - Radial Preset Console - PS4 I am trying to get an aerobraking trajectory for Duna with a small lander but when editing maneuver nodes from halfway around the Kerbol orbit I am getting wild swings in the distances and completely unable to fine tune my periapsis below 30KM with the Ham-Fisted default maneuver planning. For example, I will barely press the joystick to move the maneuver node axis I want to edit and get a 600K KM swing in my periapsis. This is not a problem on the computer version of KSP as my mouse is more fine tuned than the controller joystick. The game claims holding L1 will allow me to edit more precisely but this just switches the axis of maneuver that I am editing. Whats the deal here? Is there a way to actually edit the maneuver node so I can potentially aerobrake and efficiently guide my craft to landing on Duna, or do I need to over-engineer the excrements out of the thing so I can have an extra 2km/s delta-V just for a circulization burn? Thanks for any help.