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Found 413 results

  1. Hi. I'm a player of KSP. I have just shy of 1000 hours played, I've mastered docking, maneuver nodes and rocket designs, but heres the thing. I can't get to another planet or even one of my orbital facilities. Basically I need help with launch rendezvous, launch windows and orbital rendezvous. Please, can anyone help me with this? Cheers, DJ
  2. Dear developers/people who know stuff about coding. For some reason, my ksp copy became unable to host any type of mod. It just doesn't recognise it. Please help me with that.
  3. When calculating Delta-V manually the equation would be DeltaV=ln(m_start/end)xISPx9.8m/s^2 Now my question is when traveling to the moon would you change the 9.8 to calculate delta v? Im just confused as 9.8m/s^s is acceleration of gravity on earth. Thanks, Jonda
  4. Hello, Whenever I get into an orbit around kerbin, I lose the ability to place maneuver nodes along the orbit path. Before I reach orbit, this is not an issue. This is a science game with the following mods: Interstellar KAS KIS MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NearFutureSolar NearFuturePropulsion Kerbal Planatary Base Systems Community Tech Tree The mods were manually installed. I have not played in a while, so has there been a change that I don't no about that requires me to do something else to use the nodes in orbit? Update: Going to the space centre then back to the ship lets me place another node, testing whether getting into another orbit breaks the system again. Update: Moving into a second orbit doesn't require the "reset", however entering orbit on a different flight (launched after the first one) does. Update: The problem seems to have slightly stopped. It no longer happens every time, but it still happens occasionally upon a Mun flyby
  5. Hi! I just downloaded the Kerbal space program demo and everything's going well except one thing. On my navball, north is down and south is up. I don't know if this is the default way or if it's just a demo thing, but it really irritates me. When i press "W" the spacecraft rotates forward just as it should, but the marker is going downwards on the navball. If this is the default way, is it possible to change it in the settings? Thanks in advance!
  6. Here is the list of my mods (RealNames is for BDB which I haven't added yet, I was checking if the button will go away if I remove most of my mods): And here's an image of the problem I have, all this button does is contain a list of all parts (including mods): I have no idea how to get rid of it, any help? EDIT: The button mentioned is the beige teardrop on the left EDIT 2 (oof): I play on 1.4.5
  7. A place to add useful insights you encounter while using the KerbalEDU Mission them below & I will add key insights to this following list... @MarkZero Summary of useful insights from TG collected over the years: KerbalEDU Mission Library & Editor: TG's Mission Editor Tutorial (links): Useful Reminders: Questions from KerbalEDU 1.3.1 Send TG Desk Mission Event Click Corner to expand Mission Editor Text Boxes EDU Function Tool--custom data plot in EDU Flight Recorder Set the Flight Recorder parameters Has TG ever hosted a mission "competition"... Share all the TG Mission .craft files Mission Variations Notes Create KerbalEDU youtube playlists New KerbalEDU 1.3.1 login 'SAVES" details KerbalEDU 1.3.1 ReadMe.txt Questions from KerbalEDU 1.2.2 I have not been able to get images to display in message windows via the Mission editor...what folder should I put the images in? Are there image size or dimension limits, file type (jpg only?), etc.? Can I make the Mission Library 'Launch in KerbalEDU' button launch the x64 version (it always launches the x86 on my machines which is not licensed since I activated the x64) I assume KerbalEDU must load Mods during main program launch rather than loading a mission launch? Or? KerbalEDU appears to handle .sfs in /saves/scenarios|training differently than folders in /DownloadedMissions Is there a difference between the message boxes in the KerbalEDU mission system v. the 'TutorialEditor' called by the 'Training' .sfs saves in stock KSP
  8. FlexT_ape


    Does anyone know where I can get official KSP merch? Thanks in advance!
  9. pencatpigpus

    CKAN broke

    This is on an unmodded, new KSP install. That is my only install. Latest CKAN version. Help.
  10. So, my SSTO is running out of fuel early. This is my first SSTO so I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong. I've watched lots of videos about piloting SSTO's and I've followed all instructions but I run out at like 33.3 kilometers SCREENSHOTS:
  11. So, I just made a HUGE cargo plane that is transporting a rover. I've been flying for over 30 minutes going to the north pole. Everything went well except when I touch the ground the tail slams into the snow. I've tried going as slow as I can but it happens everytime.... Help anyone?
  12. So, I just did a cargo run to the north pole. I accidentally eva'd my pilot and the plane is too tall for him to get back on. I've tried climbing the walls but my guy just teleports through them. Is there a cheat I can do in ALT + F12 to get him to fly or something?
  13. So, I built this rocket and for some reason it crashes on takeoff. Anyone know why?
  14. I've just landed a Mobile Processing Lab on the Mun and I've just realized that I forgot to put any antennae on it, I did remember to put a relay satellite in orbit at least. Is there a way for me to add an antenna to the Lab if there are no docking ports?
  15. Hello, and I am making Boeing 787 parts for a mod. I am using Blender to model the parts. My problem is how to make the windows flat, because whenever I use the knife tool to cut out the shape according to the 3-view diagam, it still is curved, when it isn't supposed to be that way. Thanks, BottleRocketeer
  16. I'm running the latest version of KSP on linux along with BDArmory and the required module manager and physics range extender. When I play with the mod in game (such as dropping bombs or launching missiles), they just bounce harmlessly off the ground without exploding. This also happens when anything else hits the ground, whether it is debris or an entire plane; they bounce of the ground with no damage or explosions. I'm pretty sure I installed the mods correctly, putting the BD Armory, physics range extender, and the module manager files/folders all inside the gamedata folder. Nothing else seems wrong with the game except for that. Any suggestions for a fix?
  17. Can anyone help me diagnose what's going on with these crashes? (I don't really know how to read these logs) I'm playing on 1.4.3 since I haven't wanted to go through and update all my mods since 1.4.4 and now 1.4.5 have come out. But recently, I'm seeing a LOT more crashes to desktop. I have been installing mostly functionality-related mods, not really parts mods. NOTE: I know that a majority of the mods I have installed say their versions are between 1.4.3 and 1.4.99, but I went through and mostly downloaded/updated only mods to 1.4.3. Some even say they're not specific to any specific version and work on 1.4.x, etc. So hopefully responses I get aren't "Make sure your mods are updated" because there's only so much updating one can do here... Background: It's not any specific activity that I'm doing in-game that causes crashes. The game will run just fine for a while, then at random points during gameplay it will CTD. The most recent mod I installed was FMRS, but it was happening before I installed that. I thought it was Kopernicus a few days ago, so I made sure I'm running the 1.4.3 version (not the latest 1.4.5 version) of that mod. Other than that, I'm running mostly QOL mods and specific functionality for my Career game. Not really sure if this is even a mod conflict, or maybe I'm running out of RAM? (It says max usage 49% thought, so I don't know...) Log Files are here: Latest Crash DMP: Latest Error LOG: Latest Output LOG: Most Recent KSP Game LOG: Please let me know if anyone can't access the Dropbox files to view these logs and help me out! Complete Mod List is here: Thanks for your help everyone! Looking forward to any answers I can get from the community.
  18. Heyy !! I need some of your help. I just built a 700 tons ship, it's beautiful ! it has about 9000 m/s of Delta V, some science equipement, crew cabins etc... The problem is the rocket to put this thing to orbit... i can't manage to make it, it causes too much lag (it's not a skill problem... okay, maybe it is). Anyway, here is some pictures (it fits in the 5m fairing) AND i'm running a 1.4.2 version with Making History DLC Download link:
  19. Hello! I've got some problem. My plan was to take almost all of my kerbals on a trip across the system to level them all up. The first point of the travel was Gilly (Eve's moon) because it so happened, that a transfer window coming right about then. From that place, the next closet window was to Moho. But what I didn't do, and what I should have done, was to check the amount of delta V , that is needed to perform that maneuver. Thus while I'm parked in the south pole of Gilly I have 3439 m/s delta V plus around 200 from emptying monopropellant tank and converting ore. I figured that the best moment to get ejected from Eve's system comes In 8 days, because then I almost don't need to correct my trajectory for Moho's orbit inclination. You can also see the way how I get out of Eve's system here. Opposite to the planet's direction of orbiting the Sun. That seems to be the most optimal. That's like the transfer trajectory between planets looks like: And this is the moment when I close the orbit around Moho (not even landing): I reckon that I would need another thousand more to land on the surface. Concluding, in total I'm somewhere around 1500 m/s to short on delta V to pull that off. My question to you guys is... do you see any way of making it work? Maybe some better way of utilizing oberth effect or any tricks of that kind? Thought that there maybe are some space veterans who had some advices. I know I could just refill the fuel in the mid flight with KLM, but I would rather wait for a window to other planet than using cheats. Regards, T
  20. Okay, so I've been using Kerbalized SpaceX, Kerbal reusability expansion and FMRS to simulate some Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and BFR launches. My first issue has to do with visuals, the second is about the deltaV readings, and the other is just a peeve that bothers me. When using any of the parts with inbuilt, or placed RCS thrusters from the mod, (SuperDraco RCS, the Dragon capsules, BFR tank), the RCS exhaust is far too large and bright, and also points in the wrong direction. Has anyone else encountered this problem and have they solved it? The delta V readings (KER) I get from using the SuperDraco engines from the mod are erroneous. They show a much higher value than should be if following the rocket equation, and I experienced the readings from KER show 2800 m/s in space, and with a 700 m/s manuever, the total readout dropped to around 500m/s The mass of engines: specifically the Merlin Cluster, and the BFR engines. The mass of the Merlin cluster is 4.0 t (equivalent mass of 9x IRL Merlin 1D engines) , and provides around 9000kN of thrust, which sounds like a ridiculously high TWR for the engine. However, the most powerful stock engine, the Mammoth (15.0 t and 4000kN of thrust). Meanwhile, the Merlin vacuum engine in-game weighs 6.5t for 1000kN of thrust. I just want to know the proper mass of the engines so I don't feel like I'm cheating the game.
  21. why my game always crush?
  22. I have made a KSP Mod and kopernicus comes up with: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. It is the same in both the kopernicus log and ksp log. Please Help. PS: It is only one planet i have made, all the coding is correct, it just wont work...
  23. Okay, i'm relatively new to KSP and this is my first mission to Duna so it might be massively overkill. i'm trying to send a rover to duna on this mission. The rover i'm trying to get off the ground is ever so slightly imbalanced and the rovercore is upside down. just after i launch the rocket, it enters a roll i can't counteract with ''E'' or ''Q''. I've tried a dummy payload of the same weight as the rover. the payload consisted of just some fuel tanks to see if the imbalance is the problem. in this same launch i set a probe core in the proper position so it isn't upside down anymore. however, it turned out none of this is the problem because the same spinning happened. also, i believe there is a part clipping bug that might cause this spinning but i also eliminated that problem with the earlier mentioned test run. (although i don't think there are any bugged parts on the rover) Here are some pictures of the craft: The gimbal is disabled on the booster vector engines, so only the core has gimbal. i really don't know anymore so i would like to ask you for help or potential solutions.
  24. Does anyone have any tips for going interplanetary? Im preparing to do minmus and mun landings very soon and wanted to know how to go to other planets so im not just sitting arround trying to do whatever
  25. Hi all I am working on a little mod, called "KKL - Kerbal Kustomz Ltd". It currently consists of a little GUI for actions I require a lot. So I know C# to a degree I actually can do something in Unity/KSP. Now what is far more intense is my "IPTS - Interplanetary Transport System" which shall be a balanced set of a few modular pieces to reduce part count and fit into stock look but a bit cleaner at certain places. Currently I have dependencies to Near Future Construction, Color Coded Cans and whatnot, using just very few pieces welded together with Ubzio's Welder Mod. As I dont have the time to do everything on my own to the degree I am satisfied with, I am looking for someone who could model those meshes and fit them some clean textures. I have spent hours preparing the crafts ... not yet flown them to planets yet because I am astethically - let's say - demanding. Here a few screenshots of the IPTS parts so far: