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Found 446 results

  1. The_Cat_In_Space

    Some news about my dog

    So this afternoon, about two hours ago, my family and I went to the vet because we noticed a large lump on our dog Molly's front left leg. About 15 or 20 minutes in, they told us that she had cancer. We don't know what type, as they said they would send the stuff off for further analysis, but hearing this news I just absolutely broke down. Even now I'm just holding back tears as I write this. I love her so much, and I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know these things, I'm only a teenager. To find out that she has this has just absolutely killed me inside. I don't feel anything except sadness and hate right now, normally I'm happy. I just don't know what's going to happen, and that's the scary part. Will she live? Die? Have 3 legs? I don't know! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? WHY?! I HATE CANCER I HATE IT I HATE IT!
  2. So yesterday i made a cargo bay. When i use the mesh collider on the component without the doors, when i check convex, it makes the whole cylinder have collision. When i import the part into KSP, when i put something in the cargo bay, i can't access it anymore because there's a collision mesh on top of the doors. Is there any way to just make the base part collide?
  3. So basically i stared making a cargo bay. As i made the animations for the doors in Blender, when i imported the FBX into unity, there we're multiple animations. I've seen videos explaining how to animate a single door, but none really explain how to animate two or more! I got one door to work by just copying the animation name from the inspector window, but inspector doesn't allow multiple animation components. I also tried making the animations in unity, but that was even more complicated than blender. So i'm left with a question. Can you compile those animations in one and tigger it with a single module in the config or is there a different method? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, So my problem is kinda weird. After boring while of UV mapping the blender mesh, texturing it and finally importing it into Unity, after i apply the texture and the mesh collider, when i finally place the mod in the GameData folder, happens the unpredictable. No textures in-game. Just the plain old mesh crappy gray texture. It's getting kinda annoying over time. I've made a few parts before and the textures worked. Now it really looks like a mystery. I'm beginning to doubt blender. Although i've checked everything there, i'm left with no answers. I became so desperate, i came here. Could anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  5. For some reason, the font in my KSP has changed from the standard colors to a blue color. Also, the colors on my maps (trajectories, planets, etc.) changed to different colors. This happened after I used CKAN to install these mods all at once: scatterer scatterer - default config scatterer - sunflare Environmental Visual Enhancements Environmental Visual Enhancements - Stock Planet Config files Before this I had mechjeb and kerbal engineer installed with no issues. For troubleshooting I have tried uninstalling all mods and deleting all my files and re-installing via steam. Nothing has worked, the text is still blue. Does anyone have any advice on what could cause this, or how to do complete clean reset of KSP to resolve it?
  6. I'm always having trouble getting to the Mun(every planet in general too), I can land fine, Just its the part after orbit and before landing on target that I cant get. Anyone have any tips to help?
  7. Hello guys, I have just switched my computer and as I was doing that I reinstalled the Steam app and then KSP on the new one. Assuming everything will go just as fine as before I proceed to launch the game for the FIRST time and then this appears kerbal space program - unity 2017.1.3p1 (02d73f71d3bd) Then I open the folder with the crash report and this is what it looks like Crash_2019-02-09_172000 error I have never had any modes installed, I run windows 7 and I have never launched the game on this PC before. Please help me, I will be heartly thankful!
  8. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick, always have, amazing controller. I've played KSP on and off for ages yet every time I come back to play, I run into this same issue but this time I cannot seem to solve it. In the settings under the input tab, when I try to map the pitch, roll, and yaw axis, no matter what I do, I cannot get the changes I've made to each axis, to apply and save. Rather there is already a pre existing joystick input mapped to each axis from when I first recently played the game, from when I first installed the game onto my new PC, the other day. Now when I map the new inputs, I notice the "number" of the joystick axis changes from "Current Assignment: Joy0.3" to "Current Assignment: Joy0.1" noting that both Joy 0.3 and 0.1 are the same axis input (forward on the stick)... I hit "Accept" then apply the changes, then I go back to remap those axis to see if the changes saved, only to find that my newly mapped input "Joy0.1" has not saved to the axis and the "Current Assignment" has returned to " Joy0.3", which now seems to be the default. I can clear the assignment to "none" but when I return to check the button I just cleared, even after hitting Apply, it has returned to Joy0.3. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling on steam, I've tried deleting the settings.cfg file and no matter what I do I cannot change/save the newly default "joy0.3" to any new joystick input. Ultimately, I cannot get any "in-game" response from any of the axis on the joystick, obviously. All the other buttons I've mapped work fine. I've also noticed that each different USB input I try, the "Joy:XX" number increases and I have also found that I should use the same USB port as per another thread. I did not use the same USB port since the problem began after I unplugged the flight stick and plugged it back in the next day... Windows 10 hates me... Any of you fine folks having the same issue or be willing to lend some adice? I've been over 36hrs without flying, I'm all out of Δv, and I'm gonna lllllllose it....
  9. I just started a new ksp sandbox game and don't know what to do first. (im not new to the game i have played it alot but dont know what to start with.)
  10. Hello, I enjoy playing ksp, but I really wanted the graphics to be better so I tried to install SVE (with the textures) and the game didn't even notice it, then I tried to install EVE with configs, and this time, it actually noticed the mod, but still said it required configs. For now I've just been running with scatterer, but it would be very useful If someone could show me how to get any graphics mod with clouds, city lights etc, to work. Thanks :) (Sorry if this has already been answered)
  11. I was looking into Kopernicus planet pack mods compatible with 1.6.1 (because mine was a fail - apparently i was using 1.4 instructions) and all the good ones were outdated (good ones: planet factory, kerbal galaxy, etc). Are there any ones you know of (or have created) that work with 1.6.1? Just wondering.
  12. Hello, Whenever I get into an orbit around kerbin, I lose the ability to place maneuver nodes along the orbit path. Before I reach orbit, this is not an issue. This is a science game with the following mods: Interstellar KAS KIS MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NearFutureSolar NearFuturePropulsion Kerbal Planatary Base Systems Community Tech Tree The mods were manually installed. I have not played in a while, so has there been a change that I don't no about that requires me to do something else to use the nodes in orbit? Update: Going to the space centre then back to the ship lets me place another node, testing whether getting into another orbit breaks the system again. Update: Moving into a second orbit doesn't require the "reset", however entering orbit on a different flight (launched after the first one) does. Update: The problem seems to have slightly stopped. It no longer happens every time, but it still happens occasionally upon a Mun flyby
  13. Hola. No se en donde realizar esta consulta, pero... Existe algun mod con el que uno pueda generar o construir algun componente aunque sea por unidad y con limite de volumen, estando fuera del centro kerbal? Como un modulo fabrica que necesite ore e ingenieros para funcionar. Y que se pueda llevar a una base en duna o mun. Alguien sabe sobre creacion de mods o conoce a alguien que le interese la propuesta de un nuevo modulo o componente "fabrica" para el ksp? Aviso que yo utilizo la version 1.4.2 del juego. Pero me interesa saber de cualquier mod para cualquier version.
  14. Hi all, I've recently learned that you can apply float curves to the engines within KSP in order to allow the thrust of the engine to vary as the propellant mass in connected fuel tanks varies. The example I've been given is something like this: key = 1 0.46 key = 0.754 0.46 key = 0 0.1 And what I've been told is: However, when I go to replicate this curve in MATLAB (as a new part of the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool I develop), I can't get the results to line up. See this post: Can someone provide some insight into what is going on internally with those engine floatcurves? What's the underlying math (if anyone knows it)? Are tangents at the data points being restricted to something somehow? Thanks for the help! EDIT: Turns out that after doing some research, the better question would be to ask what KSP does when those float curves are not defined with incoming and outgoing tangents, but instead are left blank/not included, as they are in my example above. Anyone know?
  15. How can I quickly align 'target' with 'prograde' on the navball (I'm learning how to dock)? I keep flying past my target because my prograde isn't lined up all the way with my target.
  16. My launcher looks like this. I've owned KSP since 2013 and it's been like this for a long while over all versions I've played. The game works fine but the update feature doesn't work just like the picture illustrates. Any idea on how to fix this?
  17. Wassup9882


    Jebediah is stuck in a stable orbit around kerbin and I can't get him back! I'm garbage at rendezvous so I can't save him with a rocket. WHAT DO I DO?!? ),:
  18. I have a rescue mission active, but the capsule the rescue target is in has no hatch. can someone help with editing the save file so that it is a capsule with a hatch? Also, how do I attach a file to the question? very new to the forums.
  19. Years ago i purchased KSP directly from the website and i want to know if there is any way to get it for free on steam since i've already purchased it. I'm tired of having to re-download the game every time it gets an update and i want to switch over to steam. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. so my first mission in creative was a partal succes it made it to orbit but had to much momentum and is drifting off to space it has a ion engine to slow down any ideas on what to do?
  21. Rover 6428

    Kerbal IVA

    Dear Reader, Please could you advise me how or where to change the settings for kerbal helmets. It is just that I want to make them wear their IVA helmets during launch or decent. Kind Regards, Rover 6428
  22. Ian Luedke


    What is a potatoroid I had it in KSP 1.4.3 but I have no idea how I unlocked it. Does anyone else have the potatoroid? all of the forms about it are dead, and all the unlock methods dont seem to work. (I have KSP 1.5.1 now)
  23. On my mission to Jool I mistakenly forgot to rotate the probe and my battery died. I simply quickloaded to when I had control, then stupidly disabled electric charge and then quicksaved. Are there any mods that allow me to override the dead probe and get control back? Either that, or is there a way I could do it myself? I'm just too lazy to wait for another launch window and go as far as I have.
  24. Sorry for my english. So, i have launched spacecraft on the Mun's pole,collected lots of data, but ran out of fuel. Its on high orbit of Kerbin. I've launched satellite to save this ship, but i can't do it myself. Manned spacecraft named as "Восход-2". Save this ship and point to to orbit with Pericenter under 70 km, then save the game, please. Thanks. - sfs file. - loadmeta file. P.S.:I have parts from mods on my craft, should i say from what mods? P.P.S.: Mods: kOS,KIS,DMagicOrbitalScience,TarsierSpaceTech,Copernicus,Kerbetotterltd(rover mod),community category kit and community resource pack, texture replacer, modular flight integrator(what is that?), planetary base inc, realistic atmospheres, SCANsat.
  25. First I would like to say two things the mod's name would be Kerbal Nursery and this is not supposed to be a Civilian Population knockoff. My mod is similar with the goal, it has the ability to make more kerbals however takes a completely different path and is intended to also have less parts. It does not require kerbals present at all times to make more rather it requires resources: Keeds, Soil and Pollen (this plays on the assumption that kerbals are plant animal hybrids) making these into kerbals by putting them in little incubation chambers and growing them. It would however require kerbals present to get more of each of those except for soil which would come from the ground(of course). I feel a little embarrassed to ask for help because I have not done it before. if you completely hate this idea please go easy on me and please stay mature about it, if you wish to help me please either comment below or preferably I will see it much faster if you PM my discord TyrantTITANIUM#6970 (do NOT PM me from here unless you want to help or ask and decide if you want to help and we can talk, if you wish to harshly criticize my idea please don't PM me and keep it here) I am also fairly decent at 3D modelling but I don't know everything.