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  1. Useful Tips & Great KSP Content to Use with KerbalEdu KerbalEdu + KSP community: remarkable real world learning both in game & in the forums, human exploration, real rocket history, powerful aerodynamics & n-body gravitation models, beautiful artistry, physics studies, power of collaborative exploration & design. There is remarkable & inspiring KerbalEdu relevant KSP content on the www, I have provided links to some great examples as the second half of this post. General notes: link to a great list of KSP mods by category: Community Mods and Plugins Library great Mods I've used in KerbalEDU listed later in this post...scroll down to view... KerbalEDU versions 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 have been more stable, less buggy, & more useful in my environment than prior versions especially when used with mods...Taking time to upgrade to 1.4.5 strongly recommended. EDU Mission Editor tips can be found at link. (note the TG mission editor recently went offline ~ 2019 July...waiting to hear from TG the reason why) These observations are based on KerbalEDU in the Windows 10 (updated slow release channel) environment running on 2nd & 3rd gen Intel I7 chips (e.g. 2700k & 3820qm) with older GPUs ( e.g. Radeon HD 6970 or 6950 or NVIDIA Quadro K3000m, or K2000m ) this post aims to cover the most common & biggest in practice issues: Please reply with your top additional insights & I will add them to this summary. If you encounter unusual lags: New Portal: TGdesk KerbalEDU 1.3.1 & 1.4.5+ integration = REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION TO LOGIN EACH TIME but is PORTABLE & CAN BE RUN FROM USB DRIVES (versions 1.2.2 and earlier were "installer" based = not portable and only required internet 'once' for activation): Original Portal: KerbalEDU mission links: KerbalEDU made the original Mission Editor that uses its own EDU event system. stock KSP now also has a Mission Builder in its 1st 'extra cost' expansion. The Making History Expansion missions do run ok in KerbalEDU but are NOT linked to KerbalEDU event system. TG App & KerbalEDU: adding various forms of EDU Missions & KSP Community Mods to "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" Where are...? in the "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" About GameData, & EduMission .sfs Files & Kerbal Folders & KerbalEDU missions (note: these are different from KSP "Making History DLC" missions): USB drives & GameData & KerbalEdu 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 TGdesk login Portability: This is helpful when you are building your class/lesson can make & keep 'master" KerbalEDU folders or even just the GameData folder. Then copy these to your student computers (efficient ways to do that vary depending on the complexity of lesson mods, # of student computers) TGdesk versions of KerbalEDU ( = 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 ) are portable so you can easily copy/revert to whole preconfigured folders & you can even give each student a USB drive with KerbalEdu & your custom GameData folder (or even let advanced students modify their own GameData folder to meet their needs for the project)...students can run KerbalEdu from their USB drive from any sufficient spec computer with an internet connection. Saves, Ships, & GameData folders generally contain all you need to make one whole KerbalEDU 'install' folder the same as another (using the same kerbalEDU version, of course) if you do not want to copy the entire 2+ GB all the time). for example, I often create a folder "1Var" and put just the Saves, Ships, GameData & CKAN folders in dedicated folders for various configs...e.g. KerbalEDU, KerbalEduFAR, KerbalEDUroRSSprincipia, KerbalEduTRAPPIST1, KerbalEduPrincipia, etc...then you can just copy the folders as needed or drop junction links... Here is a screenshot showing an example folder structure: Mods I work with frequently in KerbalEdu (just a a tiny example of EDU Relevant KSP Community MODS & Crafts: KSP has mods to do just about everything, these are just some I use often with KerbalEDU ): Note: "Mods" are what you place in your GameData folder to add tools or otherwise change the Kerbal environment "Mods" come in versions so (usually) use the version of the Mod that was built for or most closely matches your KerbalEDU version, e.g. 1.3.x or 1.4.x etc. that said, I do use some 1.5.1 mods with 1.4.5 *.craft files are things you make in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) or SPH (Space Plane Hangar) surprise complications: *.craft files are not always in the main Ships folder...they often are in a Ships folder inside your Saves folder Craft Manager is a mod that can help deal with that...e.g. load ships from anywhere *.craft files will ONLY load if all the parts are available, so *.craft with KerbalEDU function tools, energy spheres etc WILL NOT load in stock KSP ( KerbalEDU has its own Mod folders EDUegg & KerablEDU Mod folders after all ) so make sure all mods a *.craft needs are in your game data folder before KSP launch...for example, this include Tantares for EHC mission VI. ( & here are links to spreadsheet lists of many more mod combinations I sometimes use: TRAPPIST1, PlanesOnOtherPlanets ) KerbalX craft sharing; example modest Mod load FAR craft for 1.3.1: SU-35, Lockheed UAV, MiG-23 there are many unusual & amazing craft (including trucks, submarines, aircraft carriers with catapults & landing cables, helicopters, Interstellar Endurance, Star Trek ships, etc. often using additional mods. KSP's built-in DEBUG menu & 'Cheats': ALT-F12 easily toggle infinite propellant, electricity, unbreakable joints, no thermal destruction, etc if needed to focus time on a specific lesson topic that is not related to fuel mass, or limited electric, etc. Community created Online tools: @OhioBob's remarkable "Make your own Atmospheres for KSP" & "Modeling Atmospheres in KSP" (advanced real atmospheric modeling discussion/lesson) other solar constants RemoteTech Player’s Guide Visual RemoteTech Planner for KSP Satellite Spacing Calculator.xlsx Convenience Mods: CKAN (the meta mod to 90% of the time manage most of the rest of your mods & DLC missions? ) (CKAN merged the pull request to recognize the new KerbalEdu 1.4.5 build ID, so make sure to update your CKAN ) Draggable Navball (yes, the old version still works even in 1.4.5) Craft Manager Control Mods: TimeControl (e.g. students can slow down scenarios for better study or control ) TweakScale MechJeb2, MechJebForAll HyperEdit RCS Build Aid Editor Extensions Redux Recover and/or splice a craft from save files (.sfs): ShipSaveSplicer (verified working in 1.3.1 but not yet figured it out in 1.4.5) instructions: Other potentially helpful tools for Students: Science related: KerBalloons Trajectories Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEdu comes with some of the code but I find the up to date full version more useful especially if other mods are installed) CorrectCoL (note this excerpt from post: "Stockalike CoL indicator for stock Aerodynamics, accounts not only for ILiftProviders. Please, don't try it with FAR (mod disables itself if FAR is found)." ) Kerbal Wind Tunnel ( only 1.4.5+ also support for FAR Continued is in development ) Transfer Window Planner, Astrogator Useful Tools: Landing Height All Y'All Continued - One-Button Common Action Grouping Surface Mounted Lights KAS EVA Enhancements Continued Easy Vessel Switch Take Command Continued Kerbal NRAP - Procedural test weights! DebugStuff Some Popular Aircraft & IVA Parts Packages: B9 Procedural Wings (see B9 collection via CKAN ) Procedural Parts Airplane Plus R 24. works fine in 1.4.5 Nice MKseries Body ASET IVAs: ALCOR, , MK1 Cockpit, MK1-2 Pod, MK1 Lander Can I use the 1.5.1 version in 1.4.5 with Textures Unlimited v. (on windows use -force-d3d11 ) ASET Props & Avionics I use the 1.5.1 version in 1.4.5 Some Rocket Models (both historic & current): Launchers Pack SLS RealScaleBoosters (good for RSS, TRAPPIST-1. If using in Kerbin System add the 'stockalike' configs to reduce rocket power = no longer 'realistic delta-v' models ) RaiderNick maintains a bunch of historic rocket packs FASA with RO FPS & Physics Frame Time Ratio management: KerboKatzUtilities Mods that alter parameters that break some EDU event triggers in some Missions or change the solar system which obviously breaks all stock scenarios/missions/training : FAR (Ferram Aerospace Research) 1.3.1 & FAR Continued for 1.4.x+ by is an _old_video of FAR aero model experiments... also note until a working transform exception can be created, do not use the EDU force Indicator with FAR: Realistic Atmospheres RSS (Real Solar System) SLIPPIST-1 RO (Realism Overhaul meta mods) 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 now supported! RO & RP 1 Installation for 1.6.1 x64 KerbalEDU ONLY: Principia ( possible conflict with KJR ) precise n-body iterations...can even observe very nice real date & time solar eclipses in RSS: TRAPPIST-1, now a very good n-body gravitation model matching observed published planet transit data Fun (for example with a Kerbal School Club or extra-curricular event ): EVA footprints! with Kopernicus Backport & Kopernicus Expansion Continued: Planetary Domes We even assembled 'Bob's Bubble' @Thrimm: great for containing Kerbals & objects while kids practice EVA controls etc in space (or falling in atmosphere ;-) are some screenshots: Chatterer & Chatterer Extended Ship Sounds, docking sounds (search in CKAN) Omicron Flying Car (included this here because you can climb around inside these parts which is different...concept related to 'external command seats') Pood's Skyboxes or Oinker's Skyboc Brighter v2 or make me a properly aligned one with constellation markers using Space Engine (fyi for those newer to Kerbal...following KSP forum (and Github) members with mods you find interesting is one good way to find relevant KSP content, for example...linuxgurugamer has taken over maintaining a bunch of interesting mods ) Visual improvement mods: planetshine distant object enhancement heavier hitting = more strain your gpu but fun 'visual' mods: Astronomer's Visual Pack (AVP) SVE & SVT for the default Kerbol System RSSVE for RSS: note: works for 1.3.1 ONLY scatterer (we love it, but this is _the one_ biggest FPS slow down hit for our systems) again this is just a tiny sample of KSP community made mods, for those new to Kerbal, there are many more fun or useful mods by the KSP community...depending on class topic...lots of great aircraft parts mods EDU Relevant DLC missions: (to be determined) DLC is not currently included in KerbalEDU licences so requires additional purchase ( & 'install' = it is a "SquadExpansion" mod folder dropped into GameData) KSP "Making History" expansion DLC 1.4.0 DOES run its version of 'missions' in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 DLC missions are seperate & different from KerbalEDU missions DLC is not included by default with KerbalEDU. TT/SQUAD & TG should look into tax deduction opportunities for releasing this to KerbalEdu licenses...useful stock missions for grade schoolers. DLC 1.4.0 will run in even x32 KerbalEDU 1.4.5 RAM limitations BUT in Windows environment one must use -force-d3d11 to keep x32 KSP.exe RAM use at around 2.5 GB : see this topic Unity engine flags that I use all the time in the windows 10 environment: helps easily switch focus to other window programs (e.g. file explorer) while keeping KSP on the screen -popupwindow helps reduce memory use if stuck using x32 KerbalEDU, also good x64 KSP performance when used with Textures Unlimited: -force-d3d11 Here is a screenshot of what a shortcut to launch KerbalEDU looks like with these two flags (you can use as many or as few flags as you want): Community KerbalEDU youtube channels: EDU explore & observe channel includes playlists of select top remarkable EDU Aero-Astro content we have found so far on are a few examples of amazing & beautiful real rocket history & astronomy from the playlists: Community Kerbal youtube channels especially relevant to KerbalEDU: Tutorials: Scott Manley @illectro (links to his "tutorial playlist"...he has other interesting KSP playlists as well). two examples in box below of EDU relevant KSP talk through tutorials with key distinctions students could study at home History: Bob Fitch e.g. "Project Alexandria: the history of human spaceflight from the 1500s all the way to today, carried out in Real Solar System." and other series Matt Lowne @Matt Lowne has some interesting 'real' craft history explored in KSP & a 'special box' & 'related channels' that list KSP players making interesting KSP youtube content. (note: any may need a brief edit before use in the classroom, etc.) Example KSP Youtube Tutorials & History What is KerbalEDU v. KSP: Enjoy Exploring! & the KerbalEDU Flight Recorder ;-)
  2. I have a small problem I was wondering if anyone could help me with? In the VAB the thumbnails on the top line in the parts selector are cut in half (se links) and it's driving me nuts. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have the latest version of the (Steam) game and all DLC's installed. Link #1 Link #2
  3. HI, this is starting to really get on my nerves as I am trying to learn interplanetary transfers now. Is there a setting I am missing or mod maybe that can hide all the useless text when I am trying to plan a maneuver?!? I feel like I got to be missing something really obvious. Thanks in advance.
  4. Here are some pictures, help would be appreciated
  5. Hi! My plane keeps veering to the left on take-off, it is not due to Landing gear issues. The tail for some reason turns drastically left (WITH or W/O SAS), and when I correct it then turns a ton right. I have tried multiple tail configs and it either does the same thing (tried two tails W/o tail wings, same thing), OR the plane won't take off. at all. I cannot figure out why it does this, I've never experienced this before, any help would be great! *I also tried disabling the tail controls to see if it changed anything, and it did not. Thanks! Picture 1 - I didn't touch the controls at all, only throttled up the engines, it did this on it's own Picture 2 - after veering off the runway, I corrected right and it over corrected by a ton and veered right, subsequently flipping and crashing. Idk why.
  6. I'm creating a V-22 Osprey replica with the new robotic parts (incredibly original idea, I know). I am using the largest helicopter blades and the R7000 turboshaft engine. The vehicle lifts off fine, albeit with some help from vernor engines, but the second I enter it into "plane" mode the engines are massively too weak to propel it, capping at about 35m/s. The vehicle weighs 66,5 tonnes. Is there any way of improving the thrust/weight ratio without adding more rotor/jet engines? Why is it that they have enough power to lift the whole thing off the ground, but not to propel it? Since I'm new here and couldn't figure out how to insert images into my post, here's an imgur link:
  7. On both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 the "Remove from symmetry" option on mirrored parts is missing. In the patch notes for 1.7.3 they claim to have added it to all parts, not just the robotic parts, but it doesn't show up for me. I tried reinstalling the game, I even tried another computer, but it doesn't work. I have both DLCs installed.
  8. Whenever I am taking off in a vehicle (I used the Mallard to test this) there is a 'blip', a slight stutter in video. This 'blip' can be very annoying and I want to know if it is a bug due to a recent update or if it is something on my end as I just got KSP on my new PC and haven't played in almost a year. The 'blip' is just a quick "Tch" noise and it seems to almost disappear when I start to pull up and away from the runway. The video stutter that was occurring along side this 'blip' was fixed by turning off V-sync. There is also stutters here and there when moving my cursor around in the hanger. The game also seems to freeze randomly every couple minutes for about half a second. I don't think it's a matter of my PC not being good enough because it is rather beefy. Answers are greatly appreciated, thanks in advanced.
  9. can anyone help me with this problem ? while back ago I play KSP and suddently my screen froze and I try to re launch KSP and I got message that said "Kerbal Space Program has encountered an error and must close" and give me a 2 file ( crash and error ) File Crash ( I opened it with notepad ) MDMP“§î âZ$] ´ ä Ü ¤ ä Tt ¨ < 8 ° T è ì €$ ˜ l& ž îB ' Lwò è î T ÷ ” áZ$] ø ø ø þÿÿM a l a y P e n i n s u l a S t a n d a r d T i m e M a l a y P e n i n s u l a D a y l i g h t T i m e Äÿÿÿ1 7 1 3 4 . 1 . a m d 6 4 f r e . r s 4 _ r e l e a s e . 1 8 0 4 1 0 - 1 8 0 4 d b g c o r e . a m d 6 4 , 1 0 . 0 . 1 7 1 3 4 . 1 ¯ß–2 À ø ô÷ Ð L9 À8 8© ÈV (¸ Ð > à8 xøx ˆ ‡ Ð ìB À 9 8ùˆ È `± Ð ¼G P, 9 ú˜ ø ø› Ð ŒL Ì @9 èõ ð¡ Ð \Q Ä& ÿÿÿÿ `9 ÷I ø 8u Ð ,V d, €9 (÷i Ø 0~ Ð üZ Ô 9 ¨ûy X ­ Ð Ì_ Ü& €: ˜öp h ’ Ð œd B kó÷ €q9zgùIsZ ' ½ïþ á?× á?× u li @ U¥ù »Õ E‡‚„' ½ïþ îB îB? " ái `A £ù 4 Fq-ÚÄ' ½ïþ ñîB ñîB? % j `A ’¡ù 0' oË' ¤Ò£ ( ½ïþ îB îB? ' (j `A ¹¢ù &6 ÜT( ½ïþ xîB xîB? # Oj `A f¢ù ˜{ 2븖( ½ïþ îB îB? # rj `A ë¢ù € dj Pj¼Ø( ½ïþ îB îB? " •j `A ÀŸù À Žw ÐáÃÜ) ½ïþ îB îB? ·j `A º¡ù Dz B^6,T) ½ïþ =îB =îB? & ×j `A ¤¢ù à • ý¦»\œ) ½ïþ îB îB? # ýj `A ”¢ù ð ©Z RGNÞ) ½ïþ kîB kîB? & k `A E¢ù € ) ?m4Ÿ&* ½ïþ ¥îB ¥îB? % Fk `A Ä£ù ¯­ }ïBl* ½ïþ ýîB ýîB? " kk `A £ù 2 :Æ2 NèL¥¬* ½ïþ kîB kîB? $ k `A î¢ù @ `1 Q¤‘ð* ½ïþ ˆîB ˆîB? # ±k `A FŸù Ë TvGì2+ ½ïþ îB îB? $ Ôk `A h¢ù ’ ?ADVv+ ½ïþ =îB =îB? - øk àA ²£ù ° œá ΔÊÌ+ ½ïþ ?îB ?îB? $ %l `A ž¢ù kµ 3¬-, ½ïþ îB îB? $ Il `A 3£ù °D …bE ¡©·ÁT, ½ïþ îB îB? % ml `A p¢ù ºN 3ᆟš, ½ïþ îB îB? % ’l `A ¹£ù °N ,à, ½ïþ ×îB ×îB? % ·l `A â£ù DýÔF Ì.&- ½ïþ =îB =îB? $ Ül `A ®¢ù ¿ ö§sj- ½ïþ p îB p îB? # m `A Ô¡ù Ðp Fr ß”¡Á¬- ½ïþ =îB =îB? , #m `A Ž¡ù + §—©ð . ½ïþ p îB p îB? + Om `A ‡¡ù ð ½ {ïhR. ½ïþ îB îB? $ zm `A ‰¡ù À Xu Vø†¢–. ½ïþ îB îB? % žm `A †¡ù ðû ¥ãtÜ. ½ïþ îB îB? # Ãm `A x£ù À ®ž ‹Q+/ ½ïþ îB îB? # æm `A j—ù ™« c‚ Û`/ ½ïþ îB îB? % n `A '¥ù ÓÒ ‘€ º¦/ ½ïþ ÂîB ÂîB? % .n `A Ôù 0 Êó 8IWì/ ½ïþ îB îB? " Sn `A O¥ù Ð Dq –Ez,0 ½ïþ îB îB? " un `A ešù À Kz “ªKÓl0 ½ïþ îB îB? " —n `A Ñù Kô Hé4“¬0 ½ïþ îB îB? & ¹n `A µ ù à ï‘ hA¶ô0 ½ïþ ¹îB ¹îB? # ßn `A ± ù € ÀU Ÿín61 ½ïþ îB îB? % o `A ššù Ð bŸ §çŒ|1 ½ïþ NîB NîB? $ 'o `A &¥ù € s/ |Á¿-À1 ½ïþ îB îB? Ko `A €{ù p = ½"]ü1 ½ïþ , ‹ ko ` N¥ù € Y ÌÑŸ¥F2 ½ïþ îB îB? " öo `A 0Ÿù € _ a(éf†2 ½ïþ îB îB? $ p `A ™zù à- í)( yå/ZÊ2 ½ïþ ? U <p @ Ø ù ` íBãI|3 ½ïþ îB îB? $ ‘p `A £ù 0 ·l ¦™XPÀ3 ½ïþ kîB kîB? " µp `A gŸù <2 õ|h+ 4 ½ïþ îB îB? # ×p `A u¢ù ÌT bAÓB4 ½ïþ îB îB? $ úp `A ¡ù yÒ f¯f4†4 ½ïþ îB îB? # q `A U¢ù p žà ~xdÈ4 ½ïþ ,îB ,îB? % Aq `A £ù Ð Lô k5 ½ïþ îB îB? % fq `A X¡ù p .¬ ŸðèT5 ½ïþ îB îB? $ ‹q `A — ù 0 ô Ó²d˜5 ½ïþ þ îB þ îB? # ¯q àA 8¡ù P ë k6 ?Ú5 ½ïþ =îB =îB? # Òq àA ó ù ° Ë_ ñ“éµ6 ½ïþ îB îB? & õq `A Mvù À Á Û•Yd6 ½ïþ = = ? ~ r @ Sù 0 Æÿ _üÛ¬6 ½ïþ îB îB? % ™r `A 2™ù ðC Þú@ 6/ªYò6 ½ïþ j! j! ? { ¾r ` ËŸù ° ˆ¢ ˆl¨Ë67 ½ïþ p îB p îB? ! 9s `A g¡ù p . ±8út7 ½ïþ îB îB? # Zs `A &žù °0 Ê1 ~êî¶7 ½ïþ ¹îB ¹îB? " }s `A «` À'ð%c1ªYö7 ½ïþ j! j! ? % Ÿs ` ` ù C ù”{=<8 ½ïþ îB îB? $ Äs `A ;¡ù ×@ D¥w€8 ½ïþ îB îB? $ ès `A y¡ù `É Jè6Ä8 ½ïþ xîB xîB? $ t `A ¡ù øÚ é`û¬9 ½ïþ îB îB? $ 0t `A Zb ÓŒ? ÿïG ÿÿþÿÿ ÿ M ´' î , •œ) 9Â3 •» ë3 Ø Ó K .UB .k5òÚ k–' Ql‡ 9 P l”çy„abµë3 Ø Ó K .UB Ü /Nq õtà ÛŠ§òb @ b l õY . Di 7 IUS´‡ÏŽü™6öÇR» ž; ø4v@¤ Ф t4 2 ¶ô› W ¬2 ðv WíG Þ" ‡?j ׶K z Ã? 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  10. A dev article from1.4 (Whats in a Vessel Name? ( By TriggerAu)) explains how to set showVesselNaming in the part.cfg so that it shows during flight. Great. I love this. One caveat, it doesn't seem to allow one to change the Priority Level during flight. I want to be able to easily change the VESSEL_NAMING_PRIORTY_LEVEL of a craft during flight. Is there a way? How? Can something be added to the part.cfg to enable it to be done? Or is this a something requiring a mod to do? Would be nice if stock allowed it in flight, seems like a bug. Add this to the part.cfg to allow showVesselNaming = True From settings.cfg SHOW_VESSEL_NAMING_IN_FLIGHT = False VESSEL_NAMING_PRIORTY_LEVEL_MAX = 20 VESSEL_NAMING_PRIORTY_LEVEL_DEFAULT = 10 Under the root part (and seemingly only for those parts that are manually set in the VAB) is VESSELNAMING { name = vesselName type = type (new type also from BreakingGround = DeployedScienceController and DeployedSciencePart) priority = priority (default = 10; max = 20) } also - it seems that if a vessel doesn't have at least one part with this set in the VAB, that these are not written to the vessel in the save; so if a vessel with this set docks with a vessel that doesn't - there might be some alterations... checking
  11. Just built a large SSTO with 6 Turbojets, 4 Rapiers, and 4 Aerospikes weighing in at around 132t fully loaded. It managed to escape Kerbin atmosphere on multiple tests with very few Issues. in atmosphere at around 2km above sea level it could easily cruise at 700+m/s with the turbojets thrust capping out somewhere around 250-300. I saved my game and left my computer for an hour to go run some errands and when I got back the SSTO's engine performance for some reason changed drastically. At 2000m above sea level the engines can't even achieve a thrust above 190 and the SSTO struggles to get past 300m/s. I have made no changes to the craft prior to its successful test flights and the weight in the editor has remained unchanged. Is this some sort of bug?
  12. So basically... i’m not new to the game. I have a hefty 200 hours on it already. I may seem like i know most basics of the game, and i do, but one thing i never knew really was getting to orbit. I have a basic understanding of delta-v and thrust to weight ratios and aerodynamics in this game, but every rocket i design just doesnt get the 4300 delta v to get into orbit. And if it does its because the rocket is very fuel consuming and just plain bad or i use hyperedit. This sucks because i still cant get my stages of the mun lander to orbit in career. While i dont have many problems with stability and i also have a basic and a bit ineffecient way to get into orbit, i have problems with getting just enough fuel and the right engines to get there. Any help or tips? image of most effecient rocket i made for career (for getting to mun): the specs of the modded engine on the bottom (Kiwi engine from SpaceY): Edit: wait guys i just reached orbit with that rocket! It took many tries but i did. Does anyone havy any tips to make it better (or get a way better design overall)? Edit 2: For those who the pasteboard doesnt work
  13. So, I spent the afternoon building this: It's using two of the largest rotors in a contra-rotating arrangement, with four fuel cells as power. My problem is, it stubbornly refuses to leave the ground, at least without tipping over and ripping the rotor blades off. I suspect this is something to do with the contra-rotating rotors cancelling each others' motion out, but I'm not sure. Since I've seen a lot of successful helicopters being build since BG released, I'm asking the experts how to get my chopper into the air safely.
  14. For me important that these mods go on version 1.7 or 1.7.1 and load the system as little as possible. (have potato comp, 8gb ram, 2gb video) Cheers
  15. This is my first post so sorry if this is in the wrong place. Okay, so when i try to put a fuel tank under a cockpit or anything else it wont attach unless i flip it over, but when i do that i cant place my thrusters under there any more. Anyone know why this is and if they do can they help please?
  16. Hello, As you may know I am not a newbie to KSP itself. But the forums, that's a whole nother story. I made have a few posts and submissions for some Challenges and many pleas for help. This is one of them. My question is how do you get a badge like the K-Prize badge, My Craft on Kerbal X and those ones that look like this: Can someone also post a link for the challenges that these are featured in? And yes, I have found the thread for the K-Prize but don't know how to obtain it. I have posted a few crafts on Kerbal X in my Kerbal X account (so I should qualify for the My Craft On Kerbal X badge.) And have built a few SSTOs so I should also qualify for the K-Prize (After I post the proof of the voyage, of course). But still contrasting my ability to successfully crash the game easily, skillfully and professionally, I am still a 'new guy' here. plz help Note: I am aware that you place these in your signature.
  17. So i'm using a fairly modded install; and i'm not sure what the "Default" behavior of this part is supposed to be. So if it's never had nodes on the top or bottom then that's cool. The part in question is the "Glenn Leg mount" which does have attachment nodes for the legs that become visible upon selecting a glenn leg; but no top or bottom nodes to mount tanks, engines, etc. So if it's not a mod conflict or a borked install (Which it very well could be both); would there be a easy way to add attachment nodes?
  18. So I've been using a lot of mods in my current game of KSP, and one of my main projects at the moment is a space station. I've managed to dock several modules so far, but when I dock the latest module, return to the space centre and then go back to the space station, all of the new module's docking ports, RCS thrusters and solar panels are at 90 degrees to where they were upon launch. I've tried swapping out, replacing and removing various parts until the module is made from entirely stock parts, but it still happens. The part of the station I'm connecting this module to is nearly identical (it has ladders on the side, the new module does not), yet it's unaffected. Before returning to space centre: Close up of module after returning to station via tracking station: Does anyone know why this might be happening, and if possible, how to fix it?
  19. Thread to post cool stuff you've seen on the internet and discuss it in a very general way to just see where it goes, y'know? Starting off, I've just found this on Youtube It's a Su-27 actually performing the Cobra Maneuver (the "I'm going to hit the brakes and he'll fly right by" one) DURING a dogfight (in DCS), something I've never seen successfully done. Especially when there's very opposite opinions on its usefulness during such a scenario available on the internet.
  20. I'm running 1.7 and have installed a lot of mods. I know this is a risky play, but it makes my career just awesome, so it is worth the risk. In my experience my career and setup is working fine. Still no crashes but I do experience some lag when moving parts around in the VAB, like shift-click to move, it wont always respond to my click and I need to do it twice or more to actualy have a response. So just in case I installed ExceptionDetectorUpdaed and get a list of issues. I am hoping you guys might help me find out the biggest issues and how to resolve it. Please reply if/when you see a solution or if you need more info. It seems to be all about the resources.
  21. I'm playing on ps4. When I do the 3rd tutorial, Intermediate Construction, the game gets stuck as soon as I enter the VAB. Wernher Von says enter VAB. So I enter the VAB. Then once inside he tells me about all the wonderful things we'll be building so, I hit the X button for the next screen. The screen blinks, it says "saving..." in the top right corner but nothing else. I can keep hitting X and it's just more of the same, blink, saving... nothing. I shut down the console, reinstalled the game, nothing works... please help.
  22. Hello, does anybody here know how to rendezvous and dock with spacecraft easily and efficiently? I'm building a small station at the moment - around 100km above sea level, and when I managed to dock the second stage (comms and power) to the main parent module, I was quite proud, and I decided to go ahead and try attach the third and fourth modules, (crew and research modules) but then I nearly gave up completely when I just couldn't get a rendezvous with the craft again, even though I had a good 1.5k Delta V at my disposal. Also, anybody know how to directly insert a photo into these posts? Sorry if this sounds stupid. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  23. This is what happens when I launch my Titan MK1 []( So does anyine know a part that could fix it
  24. When I click to connect an anchored strut from one object to another, the anchor moves from the part I put it on originally.
  25. so i'm only really making a return because i have an ion-powered craft with burn times ~1 hour, but i can't enable physics warp for some reason. everyone says to do alt + . but it doesn't work for me for some reason. maybe because i'm on linux? i really don't know. (sorry if this is in the wrong place, only ~85% sure it should go here but i'm kinda desperate so :/)