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Found 292 results

  1. So, I went to play some KSP, and with some new mods, I thought I was gonna have some fun.... then the game crashes, during the loading screen. Anyone willing to help? PS: I'm not willing to create a separate copy of the game to test the mods, that's too much work Also, I will post the crash report up here, and give the thread the tag "resolved", if I fix it. Thank you. It was caused by mono.dll, I know that it means that some mods are outdated, but I can't tell what. I'm pretty sure it's not MK4 parts, and the Near Future modpacks all support 1.3. I have a pastebin link here for anyone who to try to decode it. Error: Crash: Tell me if either of these don't work.
  2. So I built this: The "S-95 "Decent" Torodial Nuclear Interplanetary Transport": And I launched it: And tried to get out of Kerbin atmosphere: But it spun out of control: And I dunno what happened: Help me?
  3. MechJeb? You good?

    So this is essentially what is happening to me: Im on 1.2.2, so I install the version of MechJeb for 1.2.2. The game starts loading, and a popup, well, pops up, and says 'This version of Mechjeb is incompatible with your version of KSP', so Im like, "Oh, that must be a glitch". And then, as soon as the game finishes loading, it crashed. This keeps happening, and it won't stop unless I uninstall MechJeb. Can someone help me with this?
  4. In the past i have managed to install mods correctly without using CKAN I recently came back to the game and wanted to make some space planes, upon failing to get the mods to work i install CKAN which took alot of liquiding around to get working. Now i have it installed and when i install my mods, they appear in the "GameData" folder but no sign of them in game. I am running a steam version of the game. The mods im trying to install our: Community Resource pack - RoverDude Firespitter Core - RoverDude OPT Space Plane Parts - Kyeon RasterPropMonitor - MOARdV.Mihara RasterPropMonitor Core - MOARdV.Mihara Ive been struggling with this for 2 days, any help would be useful. Long :
  5. Hello, Il would know if someone can help me so as to update KSI at the 13.1 version of KSP ? (Or explain me how can I do this). Thanks Oursshinigami
  6. Crash 1.3.1

    Here is my crash in 1.3.1!! Mod list : Output Log : Error Log : -SamBelanger
  7. I try to launch ksp and it will load completely then on the brief loading screen before the main menu appears it crashes, I have reinstalled everything, reinstalled all of the mods, made sure everything was goo, I'm very sure that all of my mods are set for 1.3.0 but a double check wouldn't hurt, and is there an easier way to check the version compatibility of a mod then looking through there pages. I have ksp set to run 1.3.0. I have no idea what to do, I've been trying to solve this sine 8 am EST and it's now 2:30. I've been looking through the forums and found some stuff about it but don't understand how or even if they were resolved. [Giant browser-destroying log files snipped by moderator] I will provide any other information requested. PLease help
  8. KSP Glitch

    Whenever I start drilling it makes me go underground, then once i enter into "physics" i get thrown into the air On Ike Video Above P.S. Jebediah Died
  9. Hi, I'm trying to get some mods to work again after having dropped the game some time ago, and now after updating the mods the game isn't pliable. 64bit The game quits when trying to launch a vehicle 2017-10-02_233616 32bit The game quits when trying to load a saved game 2017-10-02_233454 Can someone please help getting the game running with mods (it works without them) My rig is as follows win 7 ultimate CPU, i7-4790k ram, 16Gb graphic, 2x GTX 780
  10. Hello, I am Oursshinigami for the project Kerbal Science Innovation. I write this because I need of an other personne for the texture (temporary or not). I have lot of works with my studies (first years in the university ) and I m in a periode of test. I can't work totaly on those 2 mods and like you know, I am not really good in texture. PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks to have read this help message.
  11. I was installing several mods, but this one showed up and I'm not able to diagnose it because I'm not actually sure what mod this is? Can anyone help me identify? Thanks!
  12. Edit: restart the game to fix. I have a ship I designed that is launched in two parts and then is finished in orbit by docking them together. It's really cool and even has a locking system to make sure it's lined up but I am having a problem using flight planning with it once it's docked. I can make maneuvers, but then the maneuver node does not appear on the navball. Also, the thing that pops up saying "Maneuver in 'x time'" and burn and Delta V doesn't appear. Lastly, it does not show my periapsis when I am approaching a moon or planet, or target tracking closest approach. I will include some screenshots. If there is something trivial I am doing wrong, please let me know. Or, if there's any mods to fix this that would be good too.
  13. Hey everyone! I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to put an emissive on my pods windows. I followed the directions in the link at the bottom. I spent most of the time doing it wrong, I suppose, as I didn't realize things had changed since the swap over to unity 5. I think it may be because I'm not setting up the color gradient right? A little bit of background information. The part is already animated in blender and exported into unity. I tried copying the animation so it wasn't read only, but I'm trying to create a new animation in addition to that one, just trying things. The animation it would create wouldn't do anything to the shading. The only time I could even get the shading to change in unity was when I did it the way I percieve to be the old way. The part wouldn't load in KSP that way. When I say the old way, I mean just creating an animation and moving the emmisive alpha etc, numbers. What I mean by the new way(follow the link)
  14. my game language strangely just changed to chinese. i went into the config files and set it as en-us and did the same in buildID.txt as well. changing the language in steam doesn't help and reinstallingwields chinese text again. What can i do to change this?
  15. Anyone ever seen anything like this happen? I was messing around trying to add an emissive to the windows when this happened. Even if I reload an old scene its still the same.
  16. So I've been playing with this mod list for a while now (since 1.3 came out) and I never had any trouble with it. Now every now and again I might have a crash or two but it was never any big deal, but now i'm getting crashes somewhat often when i go and launch a ship. Does not matter how big or small it is, just at random the game crashes. I can do basic modding and debugging and I'm I can figure out most minor problems, but what's really screwing me over is the lack of crash report or dated log that you normally get when you do crash. This has left me stumped because even in the ksp.log I can't find any signs of a crash. Along with this it doesn't show the game crash window saying "oops something went wrong". I'll post my mod list and if you want i'll post the ksp.log too.
  17. Hey guys! hope everyone is having a great day today! I was wondering if there were any tutorials or guides related to re-compiling mods. I had been using a great mod in 1.1.3 that is no longer available for 1.2.2 (ksp version I'm using). The mod owner kindly offered the source code for me to re-compile it for 1.2.2, but I am clueless on how to do it - however I would love to learn! Any tips or directions on how to start my way into doing the aforementioned? Many thanks in advance!
  18. Hello, and I'm currently writing a plugin, which enables 1-way animated engines, like the RL-10-B2 or the M-1. I want to know the animation state for "Deployed". Also, I would like the engine to not be able to activate if the animation is in progress, or if it hasn't started yet. Could someone please find the animation state for "Deployed"? Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer
  19. So, in ksp on xbox one I have had a lot of fun even with the many troubles of the game on console. But, I almost always seem to have trouble with it. Many times I find myself 20 minutes into a mission when I try to quicksave, but can't. I then try to go to the space center, but this is also impossible, it shows that I click the buttons, but doesn't do anything. I then have to revert to my mates save and restart the mission. I have found this even more annoying recently because I am on my first mission to duna in my current career mode, I have a quicksave about 5 days before the encounter and can revert to it every time this happens, but I have gotten a duna encounter about 20 times now, and every time it goes into this state where I will lose all progress on anything I do. I would really like some help on this, because I can't progress in the game at all now.
  20. Okay, I was on the plane, and I turned my computer off to land, and I get home, boot up, and KSP's LF/ox tanks suddenly don't have any fuel!? I will add more info later.
  21. Is it possible to transfer the game?

    Hello, sorry for my bad english... So I bought the game on the KSP site 2 or 3 years ago, but now, I have Steam. Is it possible to transfer my game on Steam ?
  22. RSS HELP!

    I am just getting into messing around in RSS with realism overhaul. I'm fairly confident I got it installed correctly and is running fine. However, when it comes to getting anything to orbit, I simply can't. Even using the Atlas rocket I fail. One big issue is that my engines are burning out long before my fuel is used up and I'm not sure why. Any helpful tips or video suggestions to help me out would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Cant reset part tools

    I'm trying to reset my part tools so I can spawn my IVA but I cant seem to figure out how. Could anyone please help? Even when I load up an old scene where I have an IVA spawned the part tools table is still empty? I meant to put this is modeling and texturing discussion.
  24. Log:
  25. Hello KSP forum players I need help to create a plugin for the OptionalAtmosphere mod, the plugin will deactivate the non-existent atmospheres in UI only (help me please)