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Found 1 result

  1. HERITAGE CHALLENGES - THE ONE STOP SHOP Welcome to the Heritage Challenges. Here reside the Challenges so awesome, so timeless, so Kerbal that you will always find them even when they are residing in the boondocks of the forum. If your challenge is featured in this thread I would encourage you to add the tag "Heritage" to your OP. THE AIM OF THIS PAGE IS TO IDENTIFY: Currently open Heritage Challenges that may have slipped down the pages Currently closed Heritage Challenges available for re-boot WHAT IS A HERITAGE CHALLENGE / HOW DOES MY CHALLENGE BECOME HERITAGE LISTED: A Challenge is considered to be heritage when it is: In it's second (or more) iteration and still going strong Identified as a thread of the month. Accepted by the community in its first iteration as an amazing challenge by pure quality and volume of entries. By peer review of 4 or more Heritage challenge owners HOW DO I TAKE OVER A LOST CHALLENGE: If the challenge listed in this thread is identified as closed then it is free to re-boot If the challenge is not listed in this thread then feel free to ask, and the community (or the OP of the challenge where possible) will guide as to whether it's fair game. OPEN HERITAGE CHALLENGES Now in it's 5th iteration the Shuttle Challenge has gone from strength to strength, changing as the versions progressed. In it's current format it's the ultimate selection of missions to test your mettle, presenting both serious engineering and flight challenges provided by @michal.don. Check out the new badges too! The Jool 5 Challenge. I mean if you don't know this one where have you been?? To execute one giant mission, the bravest and craziest of all time, in which you will land on all the moons of Jool and come back in one shot is one of the longest running and most well thought out challenges on here. Prepare to launch a behemoth, or try it with an SSTO. Go for minimalist records it up to you, but this one is worth doing. Trust me, I've done it twice! Currently maintained by @sdj64 and originally created by @Ziv. Originally by @Just Jim and now being maintained by @HoloYolo. So you've completed the Jool 5 and now your KSP life feels kinda empty? Well prepare yourself to visit all 14 bodies in the Kerbol system and return home to tell the tale. It's easy, really, check it out! The K-Prize. This thread would be incomplete on every level if it wasn't featured. Maintained by @boolybooly and started way back in 2012 (possibly even earlier) your task is clear - Design, build and fly an SSTO to orbit and back. Simple you say? Add a few Kudos points, or possibly even gatecrash, but if SSTO's have you tearing your hair out, or if your space program runs off of them this is the place for you to prove it to the world! I can personally recommend this challenge. On the face of it driving a rover in a circumnavigation of a celestial body might not sound like your idea of fun, but trust me its way up there as one of the most enjoyable experiences in my time playing KSP. Pick your planet or Mun, go there, and drive the billy-o out of your rover. Originally started by @Fengist, maintained by @Claw, and currently in @rkarmark's hands, its timeless quality make it a sure fire hit for the budding or seasoned explorer. The premise of the challenge is simple. Show your support for our loneliest planet, Dres! This is a challenge to perform a mega-mission to make Dres feel happy. Go on, go to Dres and go large! Mega large even...You know you want to! Facilities upgrades are forbidden, crappy runway and launchpad mandatory. Part count of 30 and a weight limit of 18t mean you are going to have to get seriously inventive to get anywhere. But how much science can you do? You need 1188 science points and it will test the limits of your ingenuity! Just rebooted for 1.3.x by @The Dunatian! Any and all of @Death Engineering's are worth doing. They are consistently brilliant, well thought out and complex challenges. This one in particular had me modding my copy of KSP to death (literally) in a failed attempt to re-create every little detail possible. It will take time, but if you have time on your side and are looking for a brilliantly fun way to do Duna (and Eve) then this one is for you! Dr. Jason Dworkin aka @IonStorm is the Project Scientist for the Osiris-Rex mission and creator of the challenge in which you have to create, launch, rendezvous, and return a sample from an asteroid. I've returned a whole potato to Kerbin before, but never a bit of it, so go on, have a crack and engage with an actual Mission Scientist in this fantastic challenge! Although the challenge is technically over, you can still post entries for the fun and education of it all! Why? Because spinning up Kerbals to a 1000g and pressing decouple is a hilarious, and highly scientific pursuit. Thread of the month in September 2016, @Cunjo Carl challenges you to fling your plucky Kerbal from orbit of Ike to a variety of places. Thing is though, we now have auto-struts which injects new and interesting possibilities. It wasn't supposed to end with Apollo 17, and with you in charge it doesn't have to. Design a Rocket family to take you to the Mun and beyond. With Super Manley Kerbanaut mode, and creativity encouraged throughout, this one could keep you busy forever! Now in it's 4th plus iteration with many many entrants this is the classic get around the world challenge. Your plane either has to make it, make it quickly, or compete for endurance and get round as many times as possible. Are you an elite circumnavigator? Prove it. Rebooted by @53miner53 very recently. Check in and have a go! A Space Station built by the community, what could possibly go wrong? I'm sure this station will be functional, efficient in design, and most importantly sensible on every level. Well it's not. It's a horror show and its absolutely fantastic! Created by @keptin, and in it's second iteration by @Mjp1050, this challenge is all about updating Kerbal Express Airlines ageing fleet of regional jets and turbo props. It's a big client, operating hundreds of airports around Kerbin, so get your aircraft hat on and go design the fleet! Now in version two of the third iteration, twice reduxed (trust me it makes sense). The Apollo style redux mission v2 by @Bottle Rocketeer 500, originally @Xeldrak tasks you with getting to the Mun and back in the good 'ol fashioned Apollo way. With points for realism of design and accuracy of mission this is the challenge to run if you are into historic missions! CLOSED HERITAGE CHALLENGES Last post: August 2015 Last OP site visit: May 2014 Status: REBOOT IN PROGRESS - @eloquentJane The Duna Permanent Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge was a great of it's day, and widely considered to be timeless. Your first (and currently the only) job is to implement the President's Vision of "establishing the first continuously-crewed outpost on the surface of Duna" by the end of Day 500. Featuring requirements for a single type of launch vehicle as well as a tightly defined mission cadence, you will have to consider factors such as efficiency, scientific value, safety & robustness, rather than things Jeb care about, e.g., "really fast", "massive" & "huge explosions". Last post: February 2017 Last OP site visit: current Status: Available for reboot The Eve Rocks Challenge. Everyone knows it as one of the hardest things you can possibly accomplish in KSP. The surface of Eve is littered with the debris of launchers that were almost good enough. Time to return to the ol' stomping ground with your mahoosive landers? Last post: September 2017 Last OP site visit: current Status: Pending 1.3 reboot from OP I think there must have been a Stock Payload Fraction Challenge for as long as payloads existed. Clear task: Build and fly the most mass-efficient lifter possible to low Kerbin orbit. How efficient are you though?! Get the rulers out! SM