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Found 4 results

  1. I would like someone to revive @xxhansonmaxx's Hermes mod, please.
  2. I hope it is okay to share this here. In a few other threads we have talked about the disposal of aircraft carriers and I think it is appropriate sharing this here in it's own thread. The plan is to have an Intrepid like museum in London. To get those across the other side of the water on-board here is a USN F-4 on Hermes in 1963: And an S-2 in 1962: Intrepid has a Scimitar that would have operated from Hermes at one time but they have loaned it to another museum.
  3. Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft This mod is intended to re-create the fantastic Hermes Spacecraft from the movie "The Martian" Original work by @xxhansonmaxx and @OrbitalEscape Hello, me and @Wragie have taken on ourselves to continue this mod as the original Authors released it to the Public due to Real Life issues. At the moment we are focusing on designing/configuring a way to bring the MAV itself to Duna via a mixed Powered/Parachute approach. This will include some re-modelling of the MAV itself in order to fit recessed Chutes. As this is only a repack at the moment, the Roadmap is pretty much open and we are looking to the community for suggestions on where to proceed with this. ToDo List/Roadmap - Design/Concepts: Come up with a viable Duna-delivery Method for the MAV (based on real-life Mars Excursion Module Concepts) - IVA: Re-Design MAV IVA to fit with what we see on Screen - BugFix: MDV Heat-Shield has no collider, this has to be fixed obviously - IVA: Design and Model Hermes Ring IVA'a with specific Roles assigned to parts (suggestions on Part roles include a Gym and Rec Area with KeepFit/Kerbalism Integration in the Rotating Ring) - IVA: Command Module IVA - New Parts: Single-Part Ring (will require re-texturing the Multi-Part ring itself first perhaps Required Mods: - Infernal Robotics Recommended Mods: - RealChute Download: CRAFT Files: Changelog: At this moment we take any suggestions, we will be updating as often we can on the Process LICENSE: CC BY-NC 4.0
  4. Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft Me and OrbitalEscape are working on a mod that replicates the Hermes from the movie "The Martian". It will contain individual parts that will allow you to construct the Hermes in LKO, then send your crew to Duna! With 1.1 coming right around the corner, part lag wouldn't be that much of a problem DOWNLOAD v0.3 Added MDV IVA SAVE BREAKER! v0.2 Texture/Model Revamps, Added IRIS, Added Individual Ring Segments, Added IR parts, Added 3 new crew modules, Added Adapters, Crew Modules now hold crew, Removed old single Ring part, Mod now requires Infernal Robotics v0.1 - Initial Release Try not to use this in your current saves since future updates will most likely destroy crafts... REQUIRED MODS Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics by sirkut Development Pics: Follow the development every Sunday on Twitch! Created By: xxhansonnmaxx: Owner/Models/Textures OrbitalEscape: Co-Owner/Unity/Configs LICENSE: CC BY-NC 4.0