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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Next week we will be releasing patch 1.4.3, which will include various bug fixes and a few improvements for both the base game and the Making History Expansion. You’ll be glad to hear that this patch will fix the contracts parameter completion log and SMS App firing in all cases. We are also eliminating the possibility of having two tourist/recovery contracts with Kerbals that share the same first name, something that was causing trouble for some of our players. The issues with the wheels and legs have also been reviewed for this patch. For instance, 1.4.3 fixes the suspension issue for wheels and legs that made them bounce uncontrollably, as well as the issue that caused legs to explode when these got in contact with the ground in some situations. There has also been a lot of work put into improving the ground positioning routines for landed vessels. Additionally, 1.4.3 will also include localization of the History Pack missions, plus 3 brand new stock missions for the Making History Expansion. What sort of missions you say? Let’s go into some details: Sally Hut 1 This mission takes inspiration from Salyut 1, the first space station of any kind, launched into low Earth orbit by the Soviet Union. So help Kerbals take their next major step in space exploration by launching the Sally Hut 1 into Kerbin orbit where it will become the first permanent space station! Just like its analogue, Sally Hut 1 will launch without a crew and will be later populated, but this time around, success lays in your hands. Acapello 13 In this mission you’ll have to reach the Mun, land, plant a flag, pick up a surface sample, and return safely to Kerbin, but space is a dangerous place, and your crew needs to be ready to tackle any obstacles they might face. Ziggy Kerman and the Spiders from Duna This mission does not only have a cool name, but its goal is to disprove some mysterious rumors about the nature of Duna, something that can only be accomplished by exploring Kerbin’s nearest neighbor. Be prepared to build an unmanned probe equipped with scientific instruments to explore the Red Planet, just like the Mariner and Viking missions did for humankind in the past. And that’s not all, we are including a brand new airfield and launchpad, which you’ll be able to use in all game modes as long as you have the expansion installed. And for mission creators, we are also adding the capability to place mobile launchpads on the surface of water bodies. Now you could try out some of those cool SpaceX missions, if you’re into that kind of thing! We hope you enjoy these new missions and updates in 1.4.3. We are committed to improving upon KSP, so please continue letting us know if you run into issues by submitting to the Bugtracker and/or the Technical Support Subforums. Happy launchings! [UPDATE] During the final testing stages of the patch 1.4.3 release we identified an unexpected issue that unfortunately has made us take the decision of holding the release until next week. The good news is that we already have a fix in the works, so we are confident that we’ll have the the patch ready by then.