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Found 1 result

  1. CURRENT VERSION: 0.6.0 Updated as of 10.20.2016 The updated mod is now out of alpha and into beta - but since it actually works and the beta to release is mostly me getting the Mini-AVC, CKAN and layout tweaked a bit, I am releasing it now. The mod can be downloaded here: The source code is here: This mod used to be formerly known as KSI-Hiring. It has changed since I used to be OakTree42 and am now TheReadPanda. So right now it has the following features: 1. You can select the gender of your kerbal hires or make them random (male/female/random) 2. You can select the career of your kerbal. 3. You can select a number of kerbals to hire (1 to 10) but this is limited to what you can afford or what the Astronaut complex can hold in career mode. 4. You can set the kerbal Courage Stat (Higher is better!) 5. You can set the kerbal Stupidity Stat (Lower is better!) 6. You can set the kerbal Fearless attribute (On/Off - Game code calls this BadAss) 7. You can hire said kerbals with a hire button. If you are in career mode the various options you pick will change your cost. 8. In career mode you can hire level 0 kerbals without upgrading the complex, level 0&1 if you upgrade it once and 0, 1, and 2 if you have fully upgraded the complex. Note it costs more to hire more experienced kerbals. 9. If you are in career mode each kerbal that is MIA in a profession raises the cost of that profession by 5%. If you are in a mode that results in KIA each kerbal of that profession that is killed raises costs for that profession type by 10%. Note the cost increases are cumulative, so two dead kerbals results in a 20% increase if they were both pilots. If you have a bunch of dead pilots but not a single dead scientist it should not effect the scientist costs. And for now that is it. Thanks to all those who helped me update this to 1.2. It was a bit of a slog but here we are! Special shout out to Drakonite for help on my Twitch channel while we reworked this for 1.2! Note we added functionality for the new 'noExp' mode in career as well! updated as of 10/20/2016