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Found 2 results

  1. I seem to remember there are a few here who fly rc planes. I come from rc helicopters but planes are a complete mystery to me (for now), and I could use some hints and tips from the guys here who have experience with these things. The plane is an electric 5ch ST Models Beaver with lights on an optional 6th channel (distant plans of separating the lights for 3 channels). My radio gear is an 8ch DX8 with an 8ch rx + satellite. The plane is a high wing full body scale foamie ARTF. Now that it has been assembled, the interior is pretty hard to access for fixing and securing the rx/sat an
  2. As you scale down rockets, the atmosphere becomes "thicker" from the rocket's point of view, to the point that it would eventually become impossible to achieve orbit. If some hobbyists got together and pooled their resources, what's the smallest possible rocket that could actually reach orbit? Staging allowed; no payload required other than aeroshell and engines.
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