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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Just a quick report on my first Moho mission. I chose to deploy my rover, small outpost and ship for returning to the orbiting mother ship, near the famous Mohole, at the North Pole. I also brought a special rig to go down to explore the very bottom and return to tell the story and cash in the Science. Here are the pics: Scorching hot Moho! Bringing down the crew of 3 merry Kerbals. The infamous Mohole from above... A nice view from near the Mohole at the North Pole. Bringing down the outpost and the rig for the Mohole. Now to deploy the rig with a little Kerbal Scientist into the volcanic funnel. What's at the bottom? Apparently the South Pole! That's how deep it is! Slowly, slowly and we have a lock in the walls And we are still South-Pole-deep. But there is still a little bit to go. Fortunately I have a smaller probe attached below. Decouple! So close, a few more meters until the very bottom. Oh well, close enough. Over 4,6km into Moho's crust! Also, the perspective shifts to this... So, what else is at the bottom, besides the South Pole and rocks and dust? Well, sunlight, plenty of it. Could also be starlight, but enough to keep things going. No need for fuel cells. Ok, it's getting late, better get back before the Snacks get cold (no way, never going to happen on Moho). Off we go! Aaaaand... MADE IT! "Moho Base, this is Allela Kerman. I'm back from the pit! No Hades there; confirmed they are just stories to scare little Kerbals. You better still have all my snacks there, I'm starving." ... on to the next adventure!
  2. Should I make a black hole mod? Or publish one in this case. Here is a image.