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Found 6 results

  1. Happy St. Patrik's Day!

    Happy Saint Patrik's Day to all you out there in kerbal land! May you have luck in your attempts to conquer the universe! Legend has it that the kerbal who catches a leprechaun may use a cheat of his choosing! (Whack-a-kerbal seems to be the most popular due to kerbals attempts to knock a little more sense into their heads.) The leprichauns can also fix your boots after a long day trekking to and from the KSC lunch room. To top it all off you can blame any would be failures on the leprechauns! What more could a kerbal ask for? Read more about real life St. Patrick's Day here.
  2. Holiday Tree

    Just in time for the holidays, for those that decorate trees for the season, here's a little something I put together to celebrate the holiday: I've had the idea for a while to make a Christmas tree light out of Snark's BL-01 light with the Z-100 indicator model, and I wrote a Module Manager patch to clone the light to make it happen. Link to the patch here. Tree itself is made from Fuel Tanks Plus adapters, with the root part being the Mk1 Lander Can. This tree can be downloaded from KerbalX here. (Fuel Tanks Plus, IndicatorLights, and the linked patch are requirements)
  3. Turns out Kerbals have a Santa Claus too, and his ride is pretty sweet! And, of course, it wouldn't be a Kerbal Christmas if Santa's sleigh wasn't rocket-powered! Enjoy, and happy holidays! DOWNLOAD
  4. WINTER KERBOL 2016 FULL ALBUM HERE Download at Spacedock, and Merry Solstice. Kerbin is covered in snow. Jool is given a festive texture of Red and Green (Also included is a texture for a Red and Gold variant, as well as the legacy texture from last year.) Eve is covered in Hot Chocolate oceans. Laythe is covered in Egg Nog or Milk, depending on which scientist you ask. Eeloo is covered in pine trees. Four Flags recolored from stock designs. Santa and Elf Space Suits for TextureReplacer. Requires TextureReplacer and Kopernicus.
  5. Happy Halloween!

    hello guys. this is a day halloween! the builders rockets is starting event halloween!!!!!
  6. Happy New Year!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to wish you guys a great start to 2016! (Didn't have time to post earlier).