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Found 3 results

  1. Back!

    Wow. After only two days, I got hooked on KSP again. I have 2-3 months to play it, as school just finished for the year! We go back on February the 15th, so roughly 12 weeks of holidays is here! It was total madness. When the bell rang, everyone just cheered and ran out of the hall. Some kids were yelling "Free! Free at last!" while others were screaming, and one kid even went a little overboard and took his shirt off, diving into the pool outside the gym. 3 whole months of gaming is finally here! YYEESSSS!!!!!!!
  2. Kerbal Kalendar!

    Hello everyone, The holiday season has started and we couldn’t be more excited. This is not only a season where we get to spend time with our loved ones and show them our appreciation, but it also has astronomical significance, because of the winter solstice, and that is one of the reasons why many cultures and civilizations have celebrated this season throughout millenia. Surprisingly, Kerbin’s position and tilt in relation to Kerbol makes it very similar with planet Earth, till such degree that they also have a winter solstice in this season and Kerbals also celebrate it by giving gifts and building crafts! Kerbals even have a tradition similar to Earth’s Advent Calendar and naturally we wanted to share it with you all! So, how is it going to be? Each Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks, we will be uploading little surprises on our forum, which will be only available for download for a limited time (24 hours each). That is, 7 different collectibles, we want to you to have and enjoy. The first 5 people to post evidence of their complete collection in this thread will be rewarded with a special giveaway. } We will be posting weekly reminders, so that you don’t miss out. With that said, stay tuned and start collecting. Happy launchings, - The KSP Dev Team Now you can get the whole collection, just click for the collectible you want: 1.- Jebediah Kerman Papercraft 2.- Mk1-2 Command Pod Papercraft 3.- Season's Greetings Wallpaper 4.- Valentina Kerman Papercraft 5.- Jumping Flea Papercraft 6.- KERpollo17 Wallpaper 7.- Bug-E Buggy Papercraft
  3. The 12+ days of Kristmas!

    The kerbals are taking a break fro being shot into space on untested rockets with too many bossters and no struts, or being stranded in a tiny Hitchhiker forever, to celebrate Kristmas when Kanta Klause comes and brings presents for any kerbal willing to co-operate with the KSP! Goes like this: Poster 1: On the first day of Kristmas my kerbal gave to me: A booster. Poster 2: On the second day of Kristmas my kerbal gave to me: 2 struts and a booster. Rules: 1: Try not to repeat. 2: Try to make it rhyme somewhat. On the first day of Kristmas my dear kerbal gave to me: A copy of KSP!