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Found 1 result

  1. a challenge with story: you have some rich housing marketers and landlords that'll invest BILLIONS. but before they'll invest they tell you: "The housing market is going crazy. A house worth 6 months pay 5 years ago now costs 40 years pay and we want YOU to fix it. We want you to expand the housing market to other planets. We'll invest in you space program but you need to prove that you're capable of this expansion. If you can launch a REAL 4 kerbal house, and not a silly looking base but a real looking house to the mun then we will invest that 2 billion kerbucks and start planning for the expansion. AND if you can launch a 6 kerbal house, again realistic looking to a planet, other than kerban of course. Then we will invest triple that and give you half of the houses you land to own, as well as paying for getting the houses there. We'll even pay double that if you can get it to eeloo." That's exactly what they said and its you job to complete it. Unless you DON'T want that 2 or 6 or 12! billion kerbucks and chance to own half of all the housing outside of kerbin. good luck:)