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Found 3 results

  1. I think it would be cute to see a kerbal zipping around the ksc on a tiny ( or gigantic), hover board. Once you get your results, I would love to see them down below. Look forward to seeing that soon, and have fun. Requirements for Challenge Allowed: Mods, sas, kerbal has to be visible in command seat, must hover above ground, must have video or picture of kerbal on top of VAB with hoverboard, can use jet or lift surface spinner, and you must have fun doing it! Not Allowed cheats, wheels( this is supposed to hover), must be intact after course is finished. Mission Guidelines 1. Start on runway 2. Go through one of the R&D tunnels 3. Circle the mk1 memorial in the center 4. Go to the launching pad 5. Align on top of pad 6. Hover up into the air until over VAB 7. Land on VAB helipad 8. Plant flag 9. Land on edge of runway where you started. 10. Have fun!
  2. Hi all, Which mod is the best for controlling vtol craft? I've tried a number of them and I can't seem to figure out how to let a mod control the vertical to horizontal transition. Throttle controlled avionics gets installed and unistalled regullaly, as on paper is sounds great but can't figure out how to work it. Vertical Velocity Control seems good until it asked to remap all the keys to make it work. Any other ones that you would recomend? Thanks GE
  3. The Aerrier VTOL series brings you a (relatively) stable HoverJet training platform! A must-have for all aspiring lander pilots and powered-lift enthusiasts alike! Here you can fly the entire series, from the Vernier-controlled early models to the latest M4 gyro-stabilized designs! Once you get used to the deadly slow response unique handling characteristics of the turbine power controls, these vehicles become enjoyable death traps flying adventures that will hone your crew's VTOL skills to their sharpest at the comforts of your local space agency! Manufacturer warranty for over 40% engine reliability!! (non-applicable to M3 models and earlier) Get it here: only uses stock parts!