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Found 1 result

  1. The largest lifter I have made to date (in terms of payload) but the smallest lifter I have made to take more than 1000 tons to orbit (in terms of part count) <700 parts (with dummy cargo) (648 parts) >17% weight to orbit <7 kerbucks per ton (cheapest $/ton of any rocket on KerbalX that doesn't use asparagus staging) If anyone designs a "engine" stage for the fuel tank that serves as a dummy payload, you can do a grand tour with this. ~Payload and first stage were modified (original had 3 stages, this version has two stages, this is due to a corruption of my craft files, that caused me to have to rebuild the entire rocket from scratch, hence the delay in the release of my 1,500 ton, and 3000 ton lifters.) I apologize for this delay, it has taken me half a year to learn the proper game mechanics to develop this rocket, and I am proud to show it to you guys! Just keep in mind what you see in the pictures is only very slightly different from the actual rocket (taller dummy cargo, and only two stages vs 3 (some outer engine clusters are detachable in the previous version, but I didn't see more than a 1% increase in efficiency, so I just got rid of it to lower part count), so it's not noticeably different.)