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Found 4 results

  1. So i am working on a mod that adds HTP engines (High-test-peroxide) to the game.Some are absolutely tiny! I mean they are smaller than the ion drive! Much smaller(smallest making a tremendous 0.5 KN , that is already done) And i made one engine, full with configs, and a compressed air tank, because some of them will need pressurization because they are pressure fed, and the engines will eat the fuel, and some of the air in the tank.Some will not use the pressurization, because they will have a gas generator that decomposes HTP and pressurizes the tank with the gas. I have real life sounds, i will put them later here in sound cloud or something, and i plan to do RO configs (i already made RP configs). I plan to do like the BMP engine as an extra. Some of them will be bigger, and i plan to do a Falcon 9 amateur replica 1:10 scale sounding rocket. So , what do you think? SHOULD I CONTINUE? WILL ANYONE DOWNLOAD THE MOD? Please tell me your opinion. BMP 5 test fires: BMP 2 MY FAVS(pure htp engines)
  2. I remember seeing suggestions of adding fuel scoops some years back but never have come across anything. I'm talking of scooping fuel from Jool for use in nuclear fuelled rockets. Setting up a mining and storage facility at Jool would be a very good idea I would have thought? So did they? I've searched but not found anything unfortunately?
  3. I have been toying around with different long range rockets in the Interstellar mod, and i just cannot for the life of me find a comprehensive guide to the different types of fuels and how they interact with the engines. I have seen notated here and there in the forums that things like Hydrazine provide extra thrust? But i also see some places that Hydrogen is used often for first stages, and most engines have "higher base isp" for Hydrogen; yet, when i compare hydrogen to LiquidFuel for example, i come out with FAR less dv according to KER. Unfortunately, i cannot find a definitive explanation and comparison between the types of fuels, and the Interstellar wiki seems to come up short. I have schooling experience with liquid water reactors, and i enjoy learning about high tech systems and the physics behind how they function, but like i said earlier. Just having trouble finding some kind of write-up with the niche uses of each type of fuel. OBVIOUSLY they would have a use if they exist in the game...right?
  4. As I put in other thread: "I always heard about the embrittlement of structures with the LH, but I never read something serious, can someone provide with some open info? My knowledge is principally about iron derived materials, and then "usual" car/aeronautics alloys, always in normal or high temperatures, but never in cryogenic." We can make a more general cryogenics effects in materials thread.