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Found 1 result

  1. This hypothesis is how the universe began, And will most likly end. Be warned, This has little, But existing and convincing evidence for it, This is why im keeping it a hypothesis, insted of a theory. (note, unless you give credit, if you mention lots of things from this, it will technically be plagurism.) The beggining: Before the beggining (yes, before), there was dark matter, and dark energy, The dark matter was evenly split into matter dark matter, and anti-matter dark matter. (think of it as little packets that only interact gravitationally of matter/anti-matter) When enough dark matter is in one place, and is stimulated by dark energy, the dark matter will turn into matter/anti-matter based of weather its an anti-matter packet or matter packet. When this happens, a white hole spawns, than spews out that matter/anti-matter. Luckily for us, Most of the anti-matter packets hasnt been spewed up, but enough matter packets spewed out for galaxies, stars, planets, moons, asteroids, dust, etc. The first white hole was the one that caused the big bang, It was ALOT of matter-dark matter in one place stimulated by a load of dark-energy. This was the beggining. The end: Because white holes have spewed out most of the matter dark matter, there is only anti-matter dark matter left. This stuff. Will be the stuff transformed into anti-matter when white holes spawn. Eventully, once ALL the dark matter has spewed out via white holes, there will be an equal number of anti-matter and matter particles left in the universe. Eventullly these will annihalate and spell E N D for the cosmos. An addon to this hypothesis is that when matter and anti matter annihalate, they simply go back into there dark matter form, ready to be stimulated again and restart existance.