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Found 1 result

  1. Just a quick idea I had. Not sure where this goes..or if its even a thing or not. Basically I started a new science game. built the basic rocket with command pod parachute a flee engine and some science to start. my tech tree hasn't even been touched yet. Launch. well on the right side tool button menu for all the mods i have installed...there's well...all the buttons(for me theres like 15-20. I meen...i dont think ill need fmrs to land my srb straped command pod. would I? ive caught myself noticing im scrolling a lot on the menu to find a button or 2 I use more often than others. my proposal, is possibly a quick made MM patch or tech tree patch that unlocks the tool bar buttons as you get the required tech tree\parts to actually make use of certain buttons/mods. I have quick hide mod installed. but that really just hides the problem. id rather start blank-ish, and when i unlock the tech to recover a vessel for example. then fmrs will be available in the flight menu. A different approach would be able to hide whatever buttons on the menu or at least have the ability to place which buttons you want on top. so you see them first and dont have to scroll a bunch. thoughts? thanks for reading!