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Found 1 result

  1. When I internationalized XT Landertrons, I crawled through the config files and internationalized everything by hand. No big deal, since there's just five parts and a handful of notification strings. I'd like to internationalize HGR, though, which has dozens of parts, so I'm a lot more interested in an automated solution. I'm envisioning a script that operates on a folder and goes through each part and pulls out the title, manufacturer, description, and tags into an en-us.cfg file. Meanwhile, each autoloc tag gets generated automatically, in a format like "#autoLOC_[short_name_or_abbr_for_mod]_[partname]_title" (and "_desc", "_mfg", and "_tags"). If nobody's made a script like this, I'll make one in Python and submit it to @taniwha's cfgnode library, but I figured I'd ask around first. (@linuxgurugamer, have you made something like this?)