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Found 1 result

  1. The-Doctor

    The New Colonial Alliance

    Welcome all to the New Colonial Alliance (N.C.A). The mission of the NCA is to conduct interstellar colonization as part of the Icarus Initiative. This will involve colonization of every habitable world in the RSS Constellation pack. The NCA is made up of a collection of sponsors. Each sponsor is a manufacturer, who built one of the critical mission components. Right now the NCA has 2 manufacturers, but more are needed before the ARC Destiny can be launched to colonize the stars. Right now the NCA is seeking manufacturers to build one key component for the mission, that is the landers. We are seeking SSTO cargo lander for RSS Constellations. Minimum payload of 100 tons, Delta V of 15000, does not need to be a space plane but that would be ideal. Mod's that may be included, SMURF, Kerbal atomics, Near Future Engines and OPT space planes. The docking ports that it must be able to dock to is clamp o-tron senior docking port and the clamp o tron docking port, the senior docking port either has to be on its belly or back as it will be used to dock it to a mother ship. VTOL abilities is a plus for the space planes but not a requirement. if it is a space plane. If you build it and it works, then you'll be part of the Icarus Initiative and we welcome to the New Colonial Alliance as we embark on the first ever interstellar colonization of RSS Constellations. Be advised, you don't need to install the entire mod list I provided to build your assignments. Example, if you're working on lander's, you can just install the lander mods provided in the mod list, and create your craft in stock KSP. When we are ready to cast of, then, you'd install the entire mod list. This applies to all manufactures.