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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I bought the game yesterday and I have a problem! When I start the game, the game works normally, but the game screen remains small, does not fill the whole screen, I tried to enlarge the icon with the "square" in the upper right corner but does not work. HELP please!!!
  2. I have some of the launching structure debris with a lot of fuel tanks and engines ejected that happens a few high-gain direct antennas on it, it is completely uncontrollable, comlpetely devoid if electricity, but some fuel tanks are not empty completely. It is obviously not connected to KSC. But the system thinks it's a relay satellite. EDIT: I think this is the wrong forum, shouldn't bug stuff go into Suggestions and Development ? None of the forums has the kind of description suitable for bug reporting, I'm totally confused.
  3. (pinging @DMagic for comments as he clearly has extensive knowledge on icons like this post) More particularly, I am trying to colorize a vessel's map icon in the tracking station or mapview scene. Here're the codes below that I got to work but... //You should be able to use MonoBehaviour to run the codes related to MapNode during Update() public class CNCCommNetUI : CommNetUI { MapObject m_MapObject; public CNCCommNetUI() { base.colorHigh = new Color(0f, 0f, 1f, 1f); // blue connections } protected override void Start() { base.Start(); GameEvents.onPlanetariumTargetChanged.Add(OnPlanetariumTargetChanged); } protected override void UpdateDisplay() { base.UpdateDisplay(); //attempt to access vessel's map sprite //m_MapObject is of MapObject class, obtained from 'private void OnPlanetariumTargetChanged(MapObject mapObject)' MapNode mn = m_MapObject.uiNode; MapNode new_mn = MapNode.Create(mn.mapObject, new Color(0f, 0f, 1f, 1f), 512, mn.Interactable, mn.Pinnable, mn.InputBlocking); // try to colorise the grey icon as blue m_MapObject.uiNode = new_mn; } private void OnPlanetariumTargetChanged(MapObject mapObject) { if (mapObject == null) { return; } switch (mapObject.type) { case MapObject.ObjectType.Vessel: CNCLog.Debug("OnPlanetariumTargetChanged: Vessel: " + mapObject.vessel.vesselName); m_MapObject = mapObject; break; } } } The relay icon somehow turns into the different icon of an unknown type (generic?), and remains un-colorised. The MapNode class (decompiled by VS's ILSpy addon) has a confusing maze of methods like NodeUpdate(), Terminate() etc. Does anyone know how to solve this puzzling question?