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Found 38 results

  1. So I've been thinking about some ideas for Breaking Ground and maybe some solutions for ideas. Let's get into it. If you would, when contributing, please leave your idea, a short description of your idea, and when Breaking Ground comes out, please come back and edit your post to say if your idea worked. Problem 1: -Rotors/Servos too slow to be used as propellers. [evidence = watch ShadowZone's review] Possible solution: -Put the tiny jet engines on the rotor and set the rotor to free spinning/free pivot mode. -Crossfeed seems to work from what I've seen his ShadowZone's video, or at least I saw no fuel lines. Anyway, the jets would be completely perpendicular with the aircraft, meaning no jet thrust would be propelling you. If this works, it would spin the rotor fast enough, possibly, for props to become actually viable. I would suggest going for a 3 bladed prop with 2/3 jets spinning it. You could even pull a trick with making a radial engine possibly. Worked: Yes, it works, but the rotor osculates with the jet engines on. I did a test. One rotor with just the motor, one rotor with jet engines, and one rotor with both jet engines are the rotor. The rigs: Rotors: EM-64 Heavy Rotor All 3 rotors have 3 Elevon 1s set to about 45 degrees roughly. 2 rotors have 3 J-20 jet engines set perpendicular to the rotor. All 3 rotors have Aerodynamic Nose Cones. Test results: Rotor with only motor: Average: ~299RPM Max: ~299.1 Rotor with only jets: Average: ~337RPM Max: ~340 Rotor with both jets and motors: Average:~387RPM Max: ~394 Conclusion: Jet powered rotors with the assistance of the motor do work, but are unstable as they osculate pretty badly. Use with caution. Problem 2: -Some of the parts seem weak [evidence = watch ShadowZone's review] Possible solution: -Put multiple of the same part then attach the parts using struts. If struts are immune to the stretching glitch that fuel lines seem to have that is. If the Struts hold and don't stretch, I think they could be able to aid the first robotic part. Worked: TBD Problem 3: -Rotors provide torque, meaning for a artificial gravity ring, you would need two Possible Solution: -Instead of two gravity rings, make one and add two more rotors in front and back of the ring, spinning the opposite direction to counter the torque rotation Worked: No, not for me at least, couldn't figure out how to get the rotors to cancel each other out. Actual Solution: Stick two rotors on the gravity ring center piece, one on each side, and then place Girders going from the part in front of the forward rotor, to the part behind the rear rotor. Now attach struts to the girders and the station parts, make sure not to attach it to any of the gravity ring parts. This cancels out any torque caused by the rotors since it can't spin the station parts now. Important Note: You do need TWO gravity rings in order to cancel out the torque completely, one spinning in each direction. Important Note 2: Set the RPM limit to 10 for a comfortable speed. Don't leave it at max at all, it will be too much and not even the counter rotations will stop the torque as the rings are heavier than the station and the torque wants to spin the lighter object. Wouldn't hurt to take a few reaction wheels. Side note: Time warp STOPS the rotation dead in its tracks, but it will restart again. Build advice: -Make sure that the small rotating disk is touching the GRC and not the big spinning disk. -Build your gravity rings like this: -Make sure no struts are touching the rotor or the gravity ring center. Struts won't let the rings spin at all. M - Motor set to clockwise GRC - Gravity Ring Center M - Motor set to counter clockwise Spacer part (Fuel tank, crew compartment, etc) M - Motor set to counter clockwise GRC - Gravity Ring Center M - Motor set to clock wise Craft File for anybody who would like to study my design and learn how it works: Gravity Ring Tester.craft?dl=0 Picture of the internals: Made a tutorial video on how to make a gravity ring station (Not the same one as the craft file above): Idea 1: F-14 Tomcat Idea 2: The drill ship from the movie The Core Idea 3: Reverse thrust on a leer jet style plane using the tiny jets and rotors/servos. Idea 4: B-36 Peacekeeper - 6 turnin 4 burnin Idea 5: Thunderbird 3 Idea 6: Any and all rovers Idea 7: Restackable rockets - Think SpaceX Starship and Star Booster.
  2. We should come up with ideas for parts that the KSP Devs could add in the future, also I'm on console so if there already in the game, oops. One that I have right now, is a bearing part for helicopters, or propeller planes, or a space station that spins
  3. Recently I have been getting into model rocketry and have always been a true KSP fan, and one day had an idea. BTW, this is only a suggestion, which I think would be a good idea. My suggestion is that KSP starts selling paratrooper (figure with parachute attached) kerbal action figures that can be put in real model rockets. They would fit in the fuselage above the parachute and have their own parachute, or be placed in payload fairings. They could be sold at either gaming or model rocket stores. Again, just a suggestion, but I think it would be a good idea. I do not know if something like it already exists, but I think it would be a nice touch. Let me know what you guys think! (This is my first thread so I don’t know if this would be the right category or tags.)
  4. Recently i have been browsing on the internet and I have found this awesome fan art: This gave me an idea: what if there will be a mod that allows any landed "debris" to be "swallowed up" by the terrain? For example, if there is some piece of junk in the desert, it would be gradually covered up by the sand until it is fully covered up and then it would automatically be destroyed. Since i am not a programmer, and I think this is a great idea for a potential mod I, therefore, am calling out to anybody seeking for a challenge and/or inspiration to make this mod.
  5. Hey everyone! I have built a ship and it seemed to work. But, it didn't (as usual...) The problem: Every time I do a broadside with the 12 M1-Abrams at once, the ship's opposite side instantly rips open and nearly always crashes the game... So, can someone help me with this? Here are the mods required 1.)Firespitter 2.)BDAc (BD Armory Continued) 3.)TweakScale (I think so...) PS: It might lag, it has over 1500 parts, you see. (If you have a CoreI7, 8GB of RAM and Intel HD960 Graphics AND a x64 bit Computer Expect to wait around 2-5 MINUTES before seeing the craft and, it has a tendency to break upon splashing things...) I will upload the craft file shortly... (If you decide to use this craft, go ahead but, please give me credit for spending around a week building it, I had exams in the middle...) Thanks.
  6. I'm chock-full of ideas for stories and novels. Most of them sci-fi, but some aren't. Here's a list of my ideas and the order I'll be doing them: Here's my books already being written: (Warning: Violent and potentially offensive) And the books I have completed: As I get started on more ideas, I'll be posting the links to their individual threads above. As I get more ideas, I'll be putting them down in the comments below. If you have any suggestions, please put them here!
  7. Hello, this is just an open decision about the design of KSP Military Aircraft. Feel free to upload pictures of aircraft. Feel free to have constructive conversations about these aircraft.
  8. So, I have played this game for (according to steam) 357 hours but I have been playing for at least double that and I am losing interest in the game. I see these wonderful missions to Jool and Eve and all these monstrous crafts and I want to do something like that but I'm losing my creativity. I would like some advice to "rediscover" the game and get some more replayability from it. Anything would be great.
  9. So I wanted to start a discussion. On realistic designs and have a good collection of pics.centerd around station builds. And to add some challenge I want it to be completely in Stock KSP parts.
  10. I am not a very creative person and I really want to make a mod for KSP. If you guys have any concepts plz tell me and I'm gonna probably make a mod out of it.
  11. I know this topic has been brought up, but I wanted to expand and say some things that I would like to see in a KSP Toy. It's probably going to be pretty long, so I'll ad a TL;DR at the end. Recently I came up with an idea for Rocket Figures that weren't launchable, but you could take them apart and build your own with the different parts from different sets that you buy. The rockets would be based on the Stock Rockets. The rocket building sets would include little Kerbal figures, like Jebediah Kerman (the quantity of the Kerbals would be based off of how many Kerbals can fit in the Rocket's capsule) that you could bring our of the rocket as well as place them back in the Capsule. Certain sets could have movable parts, such as a Munar-based rocket could have a capsule with extendable/retractable landing struts, a spaceplane with extendable/retractable landing gear, etc. Probably one of the Figures would be the Kerbal 1 rocket, which has two boosters and an Mk1 capsule, which would be the cheapest rocket in the rocket set series because it would be the simplest. Although the prices may vary in different countries/states or different stores, the price would depend on the size and how many parts are in the rocket. All parts on the rocket that are attached to decouplers (along with the decoupler itself) would be removable from the rocket to build your own rocket. An idea for the final, most expensive rocket would be the Kerbal X Stock Rocket, which has six boosters and an Mk2 capsule. This rocket would be larger than the Kerbal 1 Model and much more expensive due to the size and the amount of parts. Other Ideas for sets would be Space Shuttle kits, like the Learstar A1 or the Dynawing rocket. There could also be smaller sets that would be just a Mun Rover or a small Spaceplane, which would only cost $4 to $7. TL;DR Sell toy model rockets that are based on Stock rockets that the user could disassemble and reassemble into their own rocket.
  12. Can somebody please give me rocket making tips, so I can know lots more about rocket making. I know lots on how to make some but also I would like to expand my knowledge.
  13. Hello everyone, Is Squad going to add more stock parts? I know they have added some in the past, the making history expansion will be coming out and the recent release of 1.3.1 patch but I was hoping they can add more modern parts into the game. Does anyone know? Also, what do you all think they should add?
  14. I'm starting up a YouTube channel soon, and I'm looking for some ideas, specifically space stations and bases, but you can show me anything, because I can use anything. In advance, thank you.
  15. Okay while being bored out of my mind i thought, Why not in ksp there's an option to go from that solar system to our solar system
  16. Planet Staus: A Concept, No ideas or textures. Just Started making, May be a name and texture. First Prototype. May be planet pictures. Pre-Release: I will leave a link to download the planet for peeps to test. I want some feedback if you were to test it. PLS This means the planet is complete and it will be downloadable in a planet pack when it is released. The Planets A Hot-Jool Planet at about half the orbit of Moho with alot of moons Moon 1: A lava moon. May have another small moon orbiting it Moon 2: A less Lava-y Moon. May have a big crack in it Moon 3: A very small red Asteroid moon Moon 4: Another moon may be a small moon or an asteroid one. This planet would have rings Fazo/Faza : An asteroid Moon of Moho Moho may be re-textured A third Kerbin Moon/Probably a asteroid Moon 2 water planets, 1 between Eve and Kerbin and one between Kerbin and Duna Get rid of Ike for 2 smaller duna moons. Sarna: A Gas Giant bewteen Duna and Jool Dres and Vall are moons Will Probably add more moons Jool will have many more Asteroid Moons and will probably. Goal 20 moons. Uarnus: Has a odd ring and many moons orbiting in weird inclinations Nedo : A Planet with a heavy atmosphere which gives it oceans Neiden : A Light Blue gas giant with not as many moons as Jool. Will have many weird and Interesting moons. Armedia: One of a few dwarf planets on the kerbol system outskirts Pluti : Another Dwarf Planet. Erno: A third Dwarf Planet Xi : A ROuge planet that entered the outskirts of the Kerbol System Stars: Sol: This star holds our home system. Alpha Centari Trappist:1 A couple rouge planets. Maybe a random pulsar. A made up 2nd solar system. Contents unknown This are my ideas so far. If you have any ideas or name suggestions pls comment them. I want more things and this is a ll i got
  17. So after seeing @richfiles, and @stibbons controllers, I've started thinking about maybe (key word maybe) making one of these things. Bear in mind that I have no experience with arduino, or anything other than wiring motors and lights to batterys. Here are my basic ideas. Please tell me if some really aren't possible. Kindle fire for streaming navball from Telemachus 7 segment displays for velocity, altitude, apo/periapsis Joysticks for rotation/translation Toggle switches for SAS, RCS, and etc keypad for action groups, maybe a gutted computer numpad Stage button, one of those buttons with the clear cover for abort action group Master caution, like when my ship reaches critical temperature I don't know if this is possibe, but a terrain alarm, with a button that would light up and yell "terrain!" at you, if the ship is under a certain altitude, going above a certain speed throttle lever ??? I might add more to this list, remember that this is all in my head, and I don't know all that much about electronics, so keep that in mind. The main problem about this is money, as I'm not an adult, and I don't have a job. I would love to make this dream a reality, but we'll see...
  18. Hi everyone! I'm Geek0saurus, a starting youtuber (for fun). Over the last months I've been growing more and more into Kerbal Space Program. Because of this, I wanted to make a full playthrough of the career mode with missions, objectives and fun stuff. For this, I could maybe use the help of the community, since I will need a lot of feedback and maybe we can share ideas of bases and things like that. The idea of this thread is to share my journey into our beloved solar system with you and maybe let it become "our" journey All feedback is appreciated and welcomed and I cannot wait to hear any ideas of base designs you would have to share! The first introduction to my journey can be found in the following youtube video. Hope you enjoy it! Introduction to Kerbal Space Program | Career mode
  19. I'm not sure if I just suck at googling as of late..but if I'm the first so be it. I've been trying to figure out how to give suggestions to the mod community. I don't have many and I started this thread only thinking about one in particular. But if there isn't any other place, id like this to be a place where players can give their ideas, some may be extravagant, some small and practical. but I've always wondered how all these mods get created without some central brainstorming type area. I could plead to ksp devs themselves, but this seems more promising. If I'm in the wrong place, please kindly point me in the right direction and ill repost there, or a mod can just move there, thanks. Anyways lets get it started. Suggestion: (Asparagus style?) [3/4/6/8]Multipoint Struts Reason: structural integrity/rigidity Practicality: (-)part count, stockalike? Balancing: scale weight based on number of connection points (3 point= 1.5x weight, 4 point= 2x weight, etc, etc) Idea Summary: a few extra stock alike strut parts. placing large amounts of aerodynamic wings or engines in symmetry, requires many struts sometimes. this will help ease the part count, and prevent your wings from doing the "dragonfly wing effect" as id like to call it when trying to fly without ship rigidity. googling dragon fly slo mo videos will help you understand my analogy if you dont already. . Cheers!
  20. There are mods for rocket,planes,visuals and features there is no mods for aliens can you guys give ideas for alien civilizations mods.NOTE :ideas need to be a bit based on the stock ksp alien easter eggs.
  21. Outer of My Ideas: Rings For Laythe One or Multipes Moonlets For Laythe a Flag For Laythe a New Continent (Called Brazilen) a New (unnamed)Mon for Jool a Empty Space Station(Easter Egg) Montains For Laythe and a Great Spot For Jool
  22. I know that I personally am not the brightest bulb in the box,but I have had a couple "good" ideas,so I'll start with my first one, As you can see jeb doesn't approve... but he does now! Sorry for all of the GUI getting in the way but I did this awhile ago.The idea was to create a single ship powerful enough to land on the moon,and come home without any docking(at the time docking was the hardest thing ever,still sorta is ).So I attached a couple terriers on the sides and my ablator on the top,so that I can bring it all back,reducing the cost of the ship.
  23. Visual enhancements is a great part of moding community, it always fascinated me, that you can turn your game into something so beautiful. Sadly, I never had a chance to become a modder myself. Despite that, I had a few ideas that are not crazy and even accomplishable. 1.Lightning. Some of the atmospheric worlds like Jool and Eve are very dull and even a bit disappointing when you land, because everything you see is fog/nothing. My idea is to have a small but invisible light emitter spawn at different places for a short time, it will make it look like a lightning, and won’t make a lot of lags and it won’s decrease FPS drastically. 2. Rain. As far as I know, developer of Astronomers wanted to add rain. But it was long ago and probably will never happen. We can have a large object (with collider off) that will have one animation repeating as it is continuing to rain, it will last a 7 real life minutes. 3.Light from every celestial body. And no I don’t speak about reflection I am speaking about a different thing. For example, make Moon (mun) emit pale white light from one of its sides, it will cause water and probably terrain to be colored in this color and be less dark.Perhaps we can have it being emitted from a special altitude for it not to be blinding on the surface (I know it kinda not physical as natural bodies don’t emit light, they only reflect it) 4.New texture for Sun! I always wanted to make sun something different. And there is textures from Space Engine that are so great! Can we have them? 5.Making craft’s texture change with the environment. It is a bit sad that after hardcore reentry there is no scorch mark on your craft or no sign of dust on landing legs after landing on Duna/mun/any dusty planet nor a thin ice cover after high altitude flight. 6.Better Kerbal animations. I know, I know, there is a mod that allows to make animations and that devs wanted to add some new animations, but can we have it fixed? Because my Kerbals move like they are very drunk or totally lost control of their body. The other sad thing is that they are like glued to their seats and do not make anything but try to wiggle. 7.Make more objects like rocks/trees. I know this is kinda stupid, though it would be nice to see more different objects to be scattered across the surface. For example: monolithic structures (sharp, pointy stones) on Moho, small earthquake fracture on Vall and Etc.
  24. wouldn't it be cool to see a UFO or a alien on the ground but quickly disappears once and a while. Or maybe a few ruins of aliens a bit more often like a UFO trapped in ice or a alien space station orbiting Eeloo or Duna, something like that. Anyway, i think the aliens should be and abstract colour than a kerbals colour like purple or yellow. Maybe the aliens could be humans or something. I don't know i just wish there would be a bit more abstract events and objects when landing or flying.
  25. Well, I have been trying my best to get as many ideas as possible from this awesome community and I have done my best to put as many viable suggestions as possible in! Make sure to reply any thing else you think should be added! Kerbals moving around in spacecraft on IVA. Ability to upgrade EVA suit. Graphics Update (Seriously!) Engineers building in space. Other space centers and airfields and the ability to ship passengers to different airfields (like an airport) Other space programs launching rockets that are visible on map. Asteroid science and the ability to plant flags on them. Interior spacecraft editing. More sizes of rocket parts such as between Cockpit Mk.1 and Cockpit Mk.1-2 More realistic terrain, more command pods, walking robots that are unlocked in late tech tree, music when flying within kerbin's atmosphere and during kerbin EVA, more nuclear and ion powered engines, More liquid fuel engines, more solid fuel boosters, sub-classes (the ability for kerbals to learn new things) More parachutes, more rover compatible parts, smaller plates, buildings in grasslands, lights on dark side of kerbin, clouds and weather on kerbin, more kerbal animations and the ability for them to wander within a small area, surface sample robotic drills, drone IVA (using rotatable cameras), more rocket wings, programs (kinda like Apollo from NASA), radial ferrings, more external seats, bigger jet engine, more sepatrons, more "precision propulsion" for probe reasons, kerbal health "in a bar", kerbal supplies, kerbal "medic" class, kerbal in-built parachute in EVA suit, ability to take off EVA suit. More realistic destruction (Like maybe parts splitting in half!), asteroid science and the ability to plant flags on them, more lander compatible tech for rockets, recovery cool down and cut scene, Stronger docking connections, probe "programming" option, kerbal flight planning, more contracts available in mission control at one time! That's what I think should be in KSP! Make sure to reply anything else you want in the game!