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Found 3 results

  1. When I go in the VAB or SPH, I try to change tab, but the parts for only the first tab that I selected show up.
  2. I loaded ksp, clicked load, it is in loading screen for 20 mins. Nothing happens. Anyone know why?
  3. Regretfully it is increasingly looking like restoring the deleted threads is not possible, not without reverting to the backup made a few days before the loss, but doing this would result in the loss of all threads, posts, new member registrations and other activity that has taken place since that time. Squads IT will continue to look for a solution, but Squad would like to respectfully request that all modders affected by this that have not already done so opens a new thread, and continues offering their amazing mods to the community. On Squads side, precautions have been implemente
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