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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy folks. I'm terrible at programming... so I'm going to throw the idea out into the open and hope someone is intrigued enough to do it for me (please). Playing with a bunch of mods installed, particularly KSP Interstellar and various life support mods, requires that crewed interplanetary trips have a lot of parts, and on-orbit assembly becomes necessary. Here and also here are screenshots of a crewed Duna transfer vehicle and lander that I made in KSP v1.0 early this year. As you can see, it was painstakingly put together so that the two main engines for the transfer to Duna were aligned (more or less) with the centre of mass. This was all done by eye and guesswork (and a lot of docking ports). It took me about four weeks to plan, build, launch, and assemble. So: I need some way of seeing where the active vessel's centre of mass is, on-the-fly, during flight. This should make it easier to ensure my centre of mass and centre of thrust are aligned. Better yet, if the proposed mod could also show the centre of thrust based on currently-active engines (i.e. engines that are switched off should be ignored), that'd be grand too. Pretty much exactly what you see in the VAB, but in-flight. Please and thanks in advance for anyone who can make this a thing.
  2. My highschool geography teacher once told me that if you take a flight from Amsterdam to New York, you sort of fly over Iceland due to the curvature of the earth. Looking at my textbook map, this idea seemed kind of ridiculous because a straight line doesn't bring you anywhere near Iceland. You'd need curved maps or 3D maps. I don't think I outright believed him, but I have been on enough flights since to know that this effect does affect a plane's trajectory. I just still don't have an exact idea how much. Now it seems I have a problem along a similar vein. I did a long distance data collection contract and noticed I was constantly adjusting my course because I kept tracking the indicator on the navball for the first objective. I started out at 207° and near my destination it had shifted to something like 250°. I had been flying in a giant curve because I had assumed the indicator would adjust for the curvature of Kerbin. Ideally I only would have had to point my plane into a direction once to reach my final destination. It seems I have to guestimate instead. How do I aim for the actual shortest route to a location that's nearly on the other side of Kerbin? I assume someone made a mod for this already, but I'd like to know if there are any tricks to get pretty close to it.