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Found 4 results

  1. Okay, situation: Been trying to carry my vastly oversized Duna lander to, well, Duna. The mission objective: do it in about as silly a manner as possible, more or less. The conundrum: This is about my fourth ship I have build for the purpose, the third fundamentally different design. I thought I could be clever by arranging fuel-tanks in a train-like manner, so that I could just run the engines from the one at the and and drop that once it's empty. AGX and very many click-clicky sessions on the flow-priority buttons, the old Drainex fuel meter from SmartParts, that should sort it. 'xcept it don't. As you can see in the video, the fuel drainage is ridiculous. LH2 fuel is drawn from the tank with flow priority 0, while oxidizer gets drawn from buggerifIknowwhere. And the tank at the end, with flow priority 90, parts with not a drop. Explanation I have for it: inertia is, of course, shoving the fuel away from my engines here, and the fuel pumps can't keep up. Only solution I could think off, open TAC Fuel Balancer, set the tank I wanted to drain to "transfer out", and set ALL other tanks to "tranfer in", set the transfer rate to 100 and try dialing the throttle back until the fuel tanks can keep up ... has failed. I thought of it while writing this and just tried it, no joy. So, have I indeed seen the error of my ways, is Dunacraft III - The Cryo Strikes Back just an idiotic design that I really should have used hyperedit to test before spending hours assembling the damn thing in orbit? Or is there ANY way of making this work? Like I said, I wanted to do it in as silly a manner as possible. Pretty sure there are ways sillier ways of doing it. But this one, hauling that trainload of disposable tanks, I kinda like that. And, fully expecting that, as usual, I only get things right when I try and work out what I got wrong earlier, am already mentally designing Dunacraft IV - The Last Cryo. But I really kinda like this one ... any advise is welcome!
  2. One thing that always bugs me about KSP is the lack of inertia. Multi-ton craft behave like they have the inertia of a wet egg carton. No, strike that. They have the inertia of a DRY egg carton. It's what ruins the feeling of immersion for me. I've tried to work around it by reducing the strength of the reaction wheels and reduced the thrust of the RCS but when you bump anything it still bounces all over the place. Sooooo... is there any mod out there that can increase inertia in relation to weight mass of your craft? Edit: Ooops, my mistake... I meant to say mass instead of weight.
  3. So why does they spin the way they do? Solid body spin stably. Liquid filled body spin unstably, unless in a long cylinder object. Since I am not exactly a physics student, I just know it has something to do with inertia, but not more. Can anyone explaining it in layman terms?
  4. So I asked a similar question a few days back, but now I have a new one. I know gravity is pulling spacecraft back to the thing it's orbiting, but what's keeping it from actually crashing into the surface? So far i have narrowed it down to 2 possible reasons: Inertia or Momentum. I know inertia is just a property of matter that makes it want to go in a straight line with the same speed. And momentum (I think) wants the object to keep going as well, because it's harder to stop something with more momentum. Inertia would work to keep the spacecraft from falling because they want to go out and away in a straight line, but gravity pulls it in, so there's a tug-of-war. At the same time, I would think momentum does the same thing, it wants to go out and away. So which is it, inertia or momentum? Or both?