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Found 5 results

  1. As the title says. It seems that the Next/Prev function that's assigned to the TAB key can't be changed (maybe the ONLY key that can't be changed). Or Am I blind? (A real possibility even tho I went over the key binds pages over and over again) If you know where it can be altered, a screenshot would be AWESOME! Extra credit for circles and arrows! TIA.
  2. Hey all, So I have a logitech G940 HOTAS I have been trying to set up for days now, google searches and forum searches have revealed no answers. When I launch KSP and go into settings, I can assign pitch and roll to my G940 and click accept. I checked the settings.cfg and it saved properly: But I also have this entry in the settings.cfg file: What should be shown under input devices? I can bind the joystick properly in the settings but in game the joystick does nothing according to the pitch/roll/yaw indicators on the HUD.
  3. If I right click in flight or anywhere, my camera rotates very crazy! With right click I doesn't mean something like "drag'n drop", noooooo, I mean a normal right click! And the rotation comes before the real "right-click" is executed, that means, "righ-click -> rotate -> click to open part gui". Can any body help me? OS: Windows 10 64-bit KSP: v1.2.2.1622-64-bit (unmodded)
  4. So, if you have a MonoBehaviour, it can ask Unity to inform it about all keyboard events, and when you are told about a keyboard event you can choose to: ignore it, or do something with it, and consume it, or do something with it, and don't consume it so it can still be passed on to other parts of the game What is the best way to tell Unity I'd like to be lastmost in the key processing order, such that I want to give all other mods (and stock) "first dibs" on consuming the key event so I won't be told about it if they consume it? This is so I can make it possible for people using kOS to catch any keypress that occurs "outside" the terminal window UNLESS that keypress is used by something else first. (i.e. it can't read "W" because "W" will be consumed by stock, making it pitch down the vessel.) Thus people could make a kOS script that triggers a bit of code based on a key you can hit during flight without having to shift focus to the terminal window first to do it. (But I don't want to be rude to other mods and steal keypresses away from them).
  5. Dear Moddingcommunity, Ive been following the KSP-Moddingcommunity from the quietside and decided to go live now! My prefered Playstyle is "fly everything from IVA - Feel like a real Kerbonaut". For this I use the great mods out there like RPM, ASET IVA improvements, ALCOR etc etc etc It also happens to be that Im a so called "VR-enthusiast", having a Dk2 and that VR-fanboy stuff like a razer hydra etc etc As I got VR partly working now with KSP and hopefully Implementation will even get better with the unity 5 upgrade incoming I decided to blow of the dust from my Hydras and to mess around with ksp props in unity. This resultet in the following video (I know what Im talki9ng about is a bit unrealistic, but please let me dream a little bit...): I sadly have no idea about coding or modding and Im making my way right now throug basic tutorials. But I have yet no Idea where to start or what to do in general to get the above shown input to work. So my Question is: Is there some experienced guys beneath you who could give me hints about what to do, where to start or even work with me together on this? Hoping for many answers; Poldor