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Found 1 result

  1. What happens when you don't sleep well:

    Hi my name is Cratercracker. I had problems with sleep since i was born. I wanted to share with you the affects of lack of sleep. Do not try to repeat my actions or follow my way, it is not fun ,neither it is healthy. I will show three "impacts" on health, on your mind and on your work efficiency. 1. Day 1 no sleeping. Mental impact: Slightly feeling more weak,movements become slow like if i were a zombie. Despite lack of sleep ,you can still be positive and maybe friendly. Health impact: There might be a headacke at the end of the day. But you are still okay. Work efficiency: Slight drop in work speed. There might be problems coming out of nowhere. 2. Day 2 no sleeping. Mental impact: You have 2 paths:you are seriously angry or you are weirdly happy. Both in case of anger and happines you might do some wrong things which will hardly affect you afterwards. Health impact: Migraine might strike you any time. You will also have problems with walking,it is almost like if you were drunk. Work efficency: no change from the previous one. 3. Day 3 no sleep. Mental impact: You might face hallucinations ,type of them will depend on our mood. Plus you won't be talkative. Health impact: no change from the previous one. Work efficency: total lack of coordination will force you to forget about any kind of activity. The end. I wrote this to teach you about trials of insomnia. I hope once i will sleep better. And remember no sleep is not cool.