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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow KSP'ers! I stream KSP somewhat regularly on twitch, and was constantly asked to make some how to videos for my viewers. Recently I've taken some time to plan out and organize a video tutorial series that should help new players get started in Kerbal Space Program. I realize that this has been done 10x over but wanted to do my own version of a KSP How to series. I wanted to go ahead and post this on the forum to help spread the word of the series I am working on. For those of you that already know how to play, check out the beginning of episode 1 to get a series overview of what it will cover. The topics range from just getting started to doing some more advanced missions. Feel free to share this with friends that are new to the game. At this time I have 3 primer episodes that introduce you to KSP, Kerbal Engineer, building your first rockets, and getting to orbit. I will be releasing new videos on a somewhat regular basis over the next several months until I have covered all the topics in the overview.