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Found 10 results

  1. One of the joys of KSP is that there are a myriad ways of attaining any particular goal, and that it's up to the player to decide how they want to get into orbit, land on a planet, or complete a contract; which nodes on the tech tree they unlock first, what tech they'll use to get to their destination, and so on. This is also well illustrated by the self-imposed challenges you can read about on these forums — players might try to see if they can accomplish a certain goal without a particular technology that would normally make it easier, for example. For my part, when starting a new save I oft
  2. Imagine if you have a functioning time machine and you can travel to whatever year in the future and ask whoever you come by. For me i would travel to the year 3000 and ask someone "Does humanity have a glorious galactic empire?" What is yours?
  3. CHAPTER I: Introduction The kerbals have always dreamed of reaching the stars. Some said it was impossible. We said it was inevitable. Behold the REVELATION, the largest craft ever built by kerbals. Spanning over 400 meters long, weighing over 2000 tons, this behemoth can carry 50 kerbals, enough life support for the several decade long transit, and the supplies to set up a colony. It served one purpose: transporting the kerbals to another star system. It took around 4 years to build including contracts and recruitment. After years of construction, it was ready to set sail. Destinati
  4. Hello, guys! No, this is NOT a review and, even if the developers of the mod hadn´t said it´s not yet for a review, I wouldn´t dare to create one. I just felt like sharing such a fun experience I´ve had, now that I´ve finally been able to try "TheWorld Beyond" on KSP 1.5.1. I lived it!, and I still haven´t tried the advanced textures pack. I believe this is the right place to post, so I won´t mess the MOD thread, as well as don´t mess the "What did you do in KSP today". Here´s is the small, first report. ........................... Oh, I forgot to say: despite the fact I AL
  5. Project Daedalus was a proof-of-concept design study done in the early-late 1970s to see if interstellar travel was possible with current technology (Except for the Fusion part, that's still out there), which would've launched a Starship flyby to Barnard's Star 5.9 ly away at 12.2% of the speed of light, and would've taken 50 years. It's a two stage, fusion driven spacecraft that would've made the Saturn V look like a V-2, and is just massive, it would've been 190 meters long, and weighed 450 tonnes. This is a really cool design, and I read somewhere, it nearly got to the blueprint stage of de
  6. Recently, Breakthrough Starshot tested 6 Sprites in orbit around Earth. For those who don't know, these tiny 4-gram probes (sometimes called Star Chips) are planned to go to the Alpha Centauri and Proxima systems, being accelerated by light bouncing off huge graphite "sails". They would travel at 20% light speed, reach their targets in 20 years, and send their data back on a 4-year trip to Earth. While there was quite a lot of planning for these things, none have been officially tested until now. Based on the article, it seems like this test was to see how the tiny interstellar probes work in
  7. This topic explores the idea of having a laser sail network in the local interstellar neighborhood, which is a cool idea, I was expecting it to be something different, like hyperspace lanes or something. From the Youtuber: Quick note since I didn't say it in the episode, yes you probably would have a mega-array at each star system, probably solar powered, pushing many ships at once up to that first few percent of light, or powering ion drives, or maybe a long mass driver. The first few relays would probably be higher powered too. Discuss!
  8. Stay tuned for more Dark Days and TinyWorlds coming up soon!
  9. The justification of this thread follows a lines of conversation that basically starts a couple years ago in which there has been a consensus progression in this group with the realization that every means we have for space travel is basically unsuitable for interstellar travel, except theoretically, generational ships (falling under the assumption that with a source of fusion power and perfect recycling humans could manage to survive in some large volume for a long period of time). This being unsatisfactory for many folks here we have two basic miracle power systems, the blackhole drive
  10. Project Longshot Was US Navel academy/NASA project that ran from 1987-88 and proposed launching a unmanned starship to Alpha Centauri b at ~5% light speed, the trip would've taken 100 years. The probe would've been built at the proposed space station freedom and used closed long lived fission reactor for power with a fusion engine similar to the one Daedalus would've used, the ship weighed 396 metric tons. So what do think of it? And what do you think would've happened to society and spaceflight if we built/launched it?
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