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Found 2 results

  1. Kerbal's Log, date of 4/2/2017 at time 2:55 PM Central Standard Time. After conducting a, *ahem*, Prestigious Part Test Project for a good number of companies, Jebediah Kerman happened to look out the window of his test-rocket, and noticed a flaw in the space-time continuum. From underwater, he could peer out and see the Island Runway, through the water, through the island, in perfect detail. This was a traumatically scarring moment for the Kerbal, as he slowly started to realize his largest internal fear- that the world was being slowly torn apart. He snapped a picture of the anomaly before promptly passing out and requiring intense mental reparation care. Oh dear. Of course, as the good Players and Developers of this game, we know the world isn't collapsing, but we also know that Kerbals love to take things to the extreme. So, after including a slight memory alteration in Jeb's mental reparation, I confiscated the image. However, I am not knowledgeable if it is a slight error in my own personal installation, or if it's a slight error in the actual game code. Either way, Kerbal Space Program deserves to be polished, so we can all enjoy the perfection of a game that it is. KSP Version: What Happens: Island Runway is visible from underwater Mods / Add-Ons: None Steps to Replicate: 1. Build a rocket that can reach Kerbin's waters with the Island Runway in line of sight that will allow the camera to go underwater. 2. Look towards the island. Result: Visible Island runway Fixes/Workarounds: None that I am aware of, as it is a visual bug. I suppose you could look away. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files:
  2. If you have done much plane building you will know that planes usually have 5 sets of control surfaces: 2 sets of ailerons, 2 elevators/canards and 1 rudder. It is possible to combine the elevators and ailerons into elevons, and so use 3 sets of control surfaces (2 elevons and 1 rudder). Your challenge today is to reduce that further. The challenge Design and fly a plane from the KSC runway to the island runway with as few control surfaces as possible. End your flight on the runway of the island and show the flight time. In addition to few control you must also not use gimbaling, RCS or reaction wheels as this would make the challenge far too easy (and not nearly explodey enough). Post pictures of the flight and landing. The challenge is split into 3 levels: Who needs yaw control anyway? level - using just 2 control surfaces Who's steering this thing? level - using only 1 control surface Asymmetric thrust master! level - using 0 control surfaces The winner of each section is the pilot with the fastest time. The rules You must have 0, 1 or 2 control surfaces on your plane (or vehicle - I assume that you will build a plane, but any other type is fine) Planes can be manned or automated You must actually fly - no driving to the water and then sailing there! Although you can taxi around You may include components that contain reaction wheels, but you must disable them (post a pic of them disabled) You may also include components that have gimbal, but again you must disable them (and post a pic) No cheaty cheating! (e.g. hyperedit, etc...) You must start off flying directly East (i.e. no pointing your plane directly the island and trying to get the right ballistic trajectory) Your plane must arrive in one piece Mods Infernal robotics + regular wings = control surfaces, so I am going to ban IR. No mods that change aerodynamics - let's keep this a level playing field No mods that add wing parts If mechjeb can fly your plane then well done to you - so go ahead I might disallow some more mods if they look too cheaty Who needs yaw control anyway? leader board Who's steering this things? leader board @ineon - 3:22 Asymmetric thrust master! leaderboard @funk - 3:10 @zolotiyeruki - 17:04 Notable mention to @Nich - first to get close to the the island runway without any control surfaces. My try Here is my submission demonstrating that it is actually possible. I am doing the Who's steering this thing? level with a single control surface on the tail providing some pitch. Roll is achieved by moving ore between 2 tanks on the wings. Time 3 minutes 22 seconds.