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  1. BakerOperatingSystem 2.2.0 a Kerbal Operating System Raster Prop Monitor GUI script file! Hello fellow Kerbonauts! Baker Operating System is a single script that runs a GUI I have created to run a large collection of KOS scripts. It is a full autopilot GUI written in Kerbalscript to let the user play the game completely from the IVA perspective exclusively. Everything from Launching to orbit, planning a transfer to a target, executing the maneuvers, landing, collecting science, automatic docking in orbit and much more! I'm SelfAwareMatter and I have been playing KSP for 7 years or so and love the game so very much. It has given me a unique perspective on my own place in the universe and greatly enhanced my ability to understand the world around me. Among the things KSP has inspired me to teach myself, programming with KOS is one. I am a Linux user and building simple boot scripts and editing config files was about the extent of my programming knowledge before playing and learning with KOS. Special thanks to Vulcan for his IVA content and for a bit of code he kicked down, CheersKevin on Youtube for getting me started on writing Kerbal-script code, and the devs of KSP, KOS,RPM, and the modding community in general for contributing to such an awesome game and making it so much more! I am humbled to contribute in anyway I can to the community. If even one nerd gets a kick out of using my system I'll be stoked. What an awesome thing KSP and KOS is! MODS that have been incorporated include- Kerbal Operating System obviously Raster Prop Monitor KOS Prop Monitor Atmosphere Autopilot BD Armory RSVP- the rsvp scripts need to be in your script folder for the transfer planner to work. Hullcamvds Trajectories There is a lot in this 13k lines of code. Some of the programs include- Blackjack! My first game! Its buggy and awesome! RSVP transfer GUI - requires RSVP script files in script folder. They may need to be slightly edited. Automatic Launch System Automatic Landing System Automatic Docking - Docking port to be used on ship must be name tagged "fromname" Engine Control Execute Maneuver Node Robotic Servo Controller Ship systems Resource transfer between docked vessels Circularize Orbit Eccentricity at Apoapsis Circularize Orbit Eccentricity at Periapsis Rover Autopilot Target selector Time-warp Controller Maneuver Node editor with current angle to prograde and angle to retrograde display Science Sensor Controller External Camera Controller Atmosphere Autopilot Weapon systems Moon Transfer Planner Planet Transfer Planner VTOL Automatic Hover I hope everybody has fun with this. I intend to make a youtube video about the script soon showcasing some of its features. I would love if somebody wanted to add something awesome to it. I will continue to work on and update this script. Feedback is totally welcome too. Ive tried to make these programs fairly robust and usable in a lot of different environments and situations but I'm sure bugs will arise I have not worked out in situations I have not tested. I'm sure the way I organize some of the code would give a some programmers fever dreams. I tried to make it as organized and commented as possible. Adding new scripts you may want to incorporate is super easy. Just pack the script you want to run in a function with a call to the bakeros function at the end of the script. That will return to menu selection after the script loop has been stopped. Then just drop it in the list of functions in the script file baker.ks and add the function call to the menuanswer section of the bakeros function you will see at the end of the script. Then it should boot just fine from the selection menu. Any questions shoot me a message in the Discord and ill try to respond quickly. Here ya go!!! I am receiving some great advice on the KOS discord about how to clean up my triggers automatically so the system does not slow over time, and some general ways to clean up some of the code that I will be implementing soon. For now every few scripts its a good idea to use ctrl c and reboot the Baker Operating System script file to reset your triggers. ---Version 2.2.0--- License:MIT Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3052/Baker Operating System v2.1.0 Discord: https://discord.gg/D5PxdeVA Github: https://github.com/SelfAwareMatter/BakerOS Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/baker-operating-system-v2-1-0
  2. This pack is for the modders who create IVA's for the aircrafts Some time ago I received a request from the user MasseFlieger to make a couple of aircraft instruments for his projects. I love aviation, I fly in MFSX and DCS so I decided to do them. But I didn't just made only ones that what requested - instead I made a whole pack of classic analog props for the planes. Altitude indicator (ASL) Radio Altimeter Air Speed Indicator (EAS) Mach Number gauge Vertical Speed Indicator Heading gauge Turn Coordinator Dynamic Pressure gauge Temperature gauges (Engine, Skin, Internal, Enviroment and Surface) Ground Speed Indicator Artificial Horizon Indicator RMI HSI Navigation Radio Units Comm RAdio Unit DME Unit AoA gauge Trim Indicator Throttle/Thrust gauge G-meter Compass Battery charge gauge Fuel/Air Flow gauge Fuel Quantity gauge Flaps setting indicator Gear Lever Brake Force gauge Engine mode toggle switch Engine Reverce toggle switch GPS Display Power Supply Display Flaps control lever (FAR) Spoilers lever (FAR) Yoke Heads-Up Display "Boeing"-style Toggle and Rotary switches You can download and install this mod to see all these devices in action If you want me to make any other instrument write me in this thread. Jebbesen® Kerbin Aerocharts (clickable) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attention all IVA-makers, who created there own props based on the ASET props. In the next major version of ASET PROPS old tumblers and buttons will be removed. All IVA makers are advised to switch to new, modular buttons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8+ RasterPropMonitor v0.30.2 ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: FAR v ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: ASET Avionics Pack v 2.1 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues: - DME unit uses the flat map model to calculate the distances, due to which the calculations might be incorrect especially closer to the poles. The issue will be resolved with the release of "MAS". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer @chimpbone @Dragon01 @lazar2222 @simtom @Zapo147 @lennie @PhantomC3PO @Chaumas @Mecripp @panarchist @Ghosty141 @Lo Var Lachland @sebseb7 @harrisjosh2711 @Falco01 @>The Amazing Spy< Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @Dragon01 and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'ASET Avionics' by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: 26/11/2017 ASET avionics - V 2.1 *Optimization and various improvements *Fixed an error in Aero Charts thanks to lazr2222 and MOARdv. 09/02-2017 ASET avionics - V 2.0 What is changed: Almost all props were rebuilt due to the migration to Unity5, and also for the possibility to use new RPM features most props now support the "COLOR_OVERRIDE" feature, which give all IVA-makers ample opportunity to customize their own IVA the switches "ASET_B-Knob" are now modular, you can combine the switch model, the collider model and label using the MODEL{} module to create your variations of this prop. 2 to 6 positions of the switch are supported. What’s new: *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for temperature is added *analog indicators (gauge) for the brakes force is added *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for the engine is added: -air flow -fuel flow -engine mode (primary / secondary) -throttle-limit -the new design of throttle/thrust indicator *the new design of the vertical speed indicator *the new design of the heading indicator *LCD-display for the estimated time of the flight and distance *LCD-display for the GPS coordinates *toggle-switches for the engine's reverse control, engine's mode control, fuel cells and emergency power generator control *a fully functional system of radio navigation, which includes: -realistic RMI and HSI indicators, which support NDB, VOR and ILS -two NAV-radio units -DME unit -network of Nav facilities covering the surface of Kerbin -ILS complex for the KSC airfield -Kerbin Aerocharts
  3. Hello! As @MOARdv has stepped away from development of RPM, I'm going to maintain it - at least provide new builds for new KSP versions. I am incredibly grateful for their work which has provided me hundreds of hours of fun. Link to original thread. ***This mod alone does not contain very many IVAs for the current stock command pods. See below for a list of other IVA packs you might want*** DOWNLOAD: From GitHub. IVAs require Module Manager, which is not bundled with this mod. RasterPropMonitor is a plugin and toolkit originally by Mihara that provides functional props within your IVA. It was originally designed for the displays of the ALCOR capsule, but it evolved to add more features and widgets, dragging the Kerbal Space Program into the 21st Century. RPM includes some overrides for stock capsules (and a few mod capsules) to show off what can be done, but there's far more in the plugin than these examples can show. CKAN USERS: As of RPM v0.31.2, installation via CKAN is officially supported. CKAN provides two packages: RasterPropMonitor is the entire mod including the JSI Agency and example IVA overrides. RasterPropMonitor-core only includes the plugin and props for use in other mods. If you install only RasterPropMonitor-core, you must also install some other IVA mods. HOW TO GET HELP: Make sure you've installed Module Manager and followed the installation instructions on GitHub or in the readme file. Then read this post and post a comment on this thread that includes your ksp.log file and screenshots of the problem. If you don't include the entire log file you will probably not get help. Yes, the entire thing. You can compress it first if it's too large. If you have a reproducible bug or suggestions for changes, you are welcome to open an issue on the github issue tracker. Please first use the search feature to see if it's already been reported, and include your log file and screenshots in the issue. DOCUMENTATION: Want to tweak an IVA to your liking? Documentation is on GitHub. RELEASE NOTES: On GitHub. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Also on GitHub. SOURCE CODE: Also on GitHub (notice a theme? ). LICENSE: GNU GPLv3. Props courtesy of alexustas and other contributors, and available under the terms of CC 3.0 BY-NC-SA. Portions of this package are derived from stock textures by Squad and are distributed according to Squad policy of permitting to distribute stock assets with mods if required. TinyPirate's 2-minute-mod review: Add-ons for RasterPropMonitor: Plugins that integrate with RasterPropMonitor, enhancing the IVA experience. Astrogator, for planning transfers between worlds. Docking Port Alignment Indicator, to make IVA docking much, much easier. NavUtilities, providing ILS and HSI in the cockpit. SCANsat, for map views on the MFDs. VesselView, for graphical representations of your craft. ProbeControlRoom for adding a control room IVA to unmanned craft. kOSPropMonitor (requires kOS) - provides an IVA terminal for kOS. Baker Operating System - a full operating system for your rocket (uses kOSPropMonitor and KOS) Chatterer (ASET only) - IVA buttons and indicators for kerbalized radio chatter Engine Ignitor - limited engine restarts Hullcam VDS - more external cameras Plugins RasterPropMonitor can interact with, enhancing the IVA experience even more. Ferram Aerospace Research: for FAR-computed variables, as well as controlling flaps and spoilers from IVA. MechJeb: for all sorts of auto-pilot features and flight information. RealChute: RPM can arm, disarm, deploy, and cut RealChute parachutes (as well as deploying and cutting stock 'chutes). RasterPropMonitor contains example props based on stock internal props. If you want to create a really good looking IVA, you should consider grabbing Alexustas' ASET Props. It implements more of RPM's features than any other mod I've seen. Even better, ASET Avionics provides props for space planes (or any other IVA wanting some aviation-styled props). Reviva by @610yesnolovely is an excellent mod that allows for switching the IVA of a given part between different variants. IVAs for stock pods: KSA IVA Upgrade (includes mk1pod, mk1 lander can, mk1 inline cockpit, and mk1 cockpit) Mk3 Pod IVA Replacement by Apex Mk1 Lander Can by alexustas Mk1-2 Pod by alexustas (Note this is the old one) DE_IVAExtension (all stock pods!) by @DemonEin ASET IVA for Making History pods by @HonkHogan Ultimate Shuttle IVA by @G'th Kermantech-MK3-IVA by @luizopiloto Other IVAs: Mk2Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Mk3Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Aerokerbin Industries Modified IVAs by MasseFlieger. The ALCOR capsule and ERS rover by alexustas. CST-100 7-seat crew vehicle by xxhansonmaxx Falcon Command Cockpit cockpit Home Grown Rockets B9 Aerospace by @blowfish Mark IV Spaceplane System by @Nertea OPT Space Plane by @K.Yeon Vexarp IVA (NearFuture pods) by @Vexmae Other suggested mods for IVA playing: Through the Eyes of a Kerbal - 1st-person EVA QuickIVA - force IVA mode FreeIva - Get out of your seat and move around inside your ship MOARDv Avionics System - the successor to RasterPropMonitor Don't see a current IVA project on this list? Let me know. I may have missed it, or I may not have imported it from the original RPM thread. Speaking of which... Mihara had more to say about RPM on the original thread (and I'll edit this post some time down the road to include more of the links and info he had).
  4. @pizzaoverhead, @Icecovery and I are proud to announce that after 7 long years in the WIP section, FreeIva is finally ready for a full release! FreeIva allows you to get out of your seat in IVA mode and move around your ship - even between parts. You can buckle up in another seat in a distant part to transfer crew, or use a hatch from the inside to go EVA. All stock and DLC crewed parts, docking ports, and many adapters are supported. Controls Right-click to toggle the mouse between free look and pointer. Keys Action Setting Name Y Get out of seat (unbuckle) while on IVA UnbuckleKey W Move forward ForwardKey S Move backward BackwardKey A Strafe left LeftKey D Strafe right RightKey X Toggle Crouch CrouchKey Space Jump JumpKey Q Roll counterclockwise (when in low gravity) RollCCWKey E Roll clockwise (when in low gravity) RollCWKey Left Shift Move upwards UpKey Ctrl Move downwards DownKey F Open or close a hatch that you're looking at OpenHatchKey C Return to original seat Alt-G Toggle gravity Alt-Left-Click Grab or throw prop Left-Click Use prop Dependencies ModuleManager is required. B9PartSwitch is recommended for passable variants of some of the stock parts. Reviva is recommended for even more passable variants of some stock and modded parts. RasterPropMonitor and ASET props are recommended for the stock inline docking ports. CommunityCategoryKit is recommended to see all FreeIVA-supported parts at once. You can also type "freeiva" into the stock search box, but may get some false positives. Download CKAN is recommended. https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/releases https://spacedock.info/mod/3151/FreeIva Compatibility The following sets of parts have full support: All stock and DLC crewed parts and many adaptors Planetside Exploration Technologies. Reviva is recommended. Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Buffalo 2 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - Requires HabTech Props Modded mk3 cockpits: KermanTech, Ultimate Shuttle IVA, and Mk3 Shuttle Mid-Deck Extra Docking Ports SDHI Service Module System Kerbalism Mk2 Expansion . Reviva is recommended. Mk3 Expansion. Reviva is recommended. Near Future Spacecraft, including Vexarp IVA layouts. ASET mk1-2 IVA. Use Reviva to use this IVA inside the mk1-3 pod. Artemis Construction Kit Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit Mark IV Spaceplane System. Reviva is recommended for support in adapter parts. B9 Aerospace Universal Storage II ALCOR pod (yes it still works in ksp 1.12!) ProbeControlRoom HabTech2 Feline Utility Rover Tantares Starship Expansion Project KNES Mk3 Mini Expansion Starilex's mk1pod Needle IVA SABS IVAs ReStockPlus Bluedog Design Bureau NeistAir AirplanePlus SXT Kerbonov Warbirds Cockpits OPT Near Future Construction Cold War Aerospace Tundra Exploration Prakasa Aeroworks Exploration Rover System Keridian Dynamics The Martian Malemute Rover Coriolis Space Systems Heisenberg Airships DeepFreeze Near Future Launch Vehicles More coming soon! Planned supported mods are listed here: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/labels/Mod Support. If you'd like to see something that's not on the list, just let us know! Support/Feedback Here on the forum or https://discord.gg/vBDzZAq3AF. You MUST include your ksp.log file with any bug reports. Legal stuff Source Code: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva License: GPL2 for code, All Rights Reserved for other assets
  5. 0.3PRE released 12/13/2018! A year ago, when @Sam Hall updated his fantastic Kerbonov mod for 1.2.x, I knew I had to make a 1940s-style RPM IVA. I always loved the KN-2, and I based my cockpit layout heavily on pictures of DC-3 and C-47 cockpits, both from the 1940s and some modernized ones. I decided to kitbash autopilot props, as the DC-3 did historically have a gyroscopic autopilot. Thus began my IVA craze. More Pictures: Airplane Plus MK1 Supersonic cockpit (X-1): Airplane Plus Mk1 Viewer's Cockpit (Bell 204 / Huey): SXT Clyde (insp by Twin Otter / Aero Commander 500): SXT Bonny (insp by Piper Cub) Kerbonov KN-2 Vintage Cockpit (insp by DC-3, An-2): Mk1 Inline Warbird Cockpit (insp by P-51): All the autopilot props are modified versions of ASET props, and require the Pilot Assistant mod to work. The "Vintage" version of the KN-2 does not replace the standard KN-2, but adds a new cockpit using the same model earlier in the tech tree. I plan to make an "Updated" version. For the bomber controls, you need Firespitter's props folder found here, as well as the most recent firespitter.dll, and for the fire extinguisher (nonfunctional), you need Airplane Plus. All other instruments are included or require the ASET Props and Avionics Packs. Obviously you will need the Kerbonov itself, and Raster Prop Monitor as well. IMPORTANT NOTE: I play way too much FSX, so these cockpits are meant to be slightly more realistic than most KSP cockpits. The instruments WILL NOT WORK if you do not connect your battery and have electric charge on your vehicle, and various instruments have a chance to give screwy results if you don't turn on the pitot heat. Changelog: SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD If you prefer SI units for your instruments, rename warbirdSI.txt in GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits to WarbirdSI.cfg THIS is a patch to apply the Mk1Pod Retro IVA I made to the Mk1Pod_v2 introduced with KSP 1.6. Requirements: modulemanager by Sarbian Raster Prop Monitor by Mihara and MOARdV ASET Props and Avionics by alexustas Recommended: Kerbonov by Sam Hall. Required for Vintage KN-2. Firespitter (dll and Props folder) by Snjo and RoverDude. Required for Vintage controls in KN-2 cockpit. Airplane Plus by blackheart612 Near Future Props by Nertea. Adds additional decorative props to Mk2 Inline cockpit and crew cabins. Tiktaalik Dreaming Props by TiktaalikDreaming. Adds additional decorative props to Mk2 Inline cockpit and crew cabins. KAX by keptin and SpannerMonkey SXT Continued by Lack and linuxgurugamer. Speed Unit Changer by Ittito. The readouts on the gauges are in Imperial units (feet and mph rather than meters and m/s), and Speed Unit Changer can make the UI readouts in the same units as well. Contains assets from, and derived from, @alexustas's excellent ASET Avionics and ASET Props assets (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), as well as a couple from @Mallikas's Aviation Cockpits mods (CC BY 4.0).
  6. Have you gotten bored with stock IVAs? Are modded IVAs more your style? Do you want to see some more advanced features that MAS allows? Well, look at this: MOARdVPlus demonstrates the capabilities of MOARdV's Avionics Systems, giving players a chance to play with an IVA that has MOAR switches, buttons, dials, and whatnot. And hopefully to inspire other IVA creators into diving into the capabilities of MAS. The initial release includes a re-imagining of the FASA Apollo command module, updated to be drop-in compatible with the Bluedog Design Bureau Kane / Sarnus launch stack. The FASA Apollo CM, heat shield, parachutes, and parachute covers are included in MOARdVPlus - use BDB parts for the rest! Two IVAs are included in v1.0.0: the RA-01 variant (pictured above) is a fairly complete retro-style IVA. The GA-02 is an incomplete Glass Cockpit version of the Apollo (still under development - use at your own risk - contents will change). DOCUMENTATION: The Wiki on GitHub includes an operator manual for the RA-01. I suggest you at least skim through it. Or just dive in and start mashing buttons, if that's more to your taste. DOWNLOAD: GitHub PREREQUISITES: All of the MAS prerequisites are required to fly MOARdVPlus IVAs. (MAS, ASET Props, ASET Avionics, and Module Manager - not included). LICENSE: MOARdVPlus IVA and prop configs are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. The FASA Apollo was released to RO under CC-BY-SA.
  7. What is it? MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) is a plugin and toolkit designed to provide an immersive IVA experience. It is based on experience developing and maintaining Mihara's RasterPropMonitor mod. For the player, MAS allows for a more immersive experience with better responsiveness. For the prop and IVA designer, MAS is much more capable than RPM, with support for Lua scripting that allows truly complex functionality. What isn't it? MAS is NOT a large collection of ready-to-play IVAs. There are a few retro stock IVAs included in the mod that will give players and IVA designers a taste of what MAS can do. MAS includes Module Manager patches to update the basic RPM props and IVAs from the RPM distribution to use MAS props. What's included for players? MAS includes the Mk1 (Mercury-like), a partial Mk1-3 command pod, and the Mk1 Lander Can as example IVAs. A Module Manager patch will update the example IVAs from the RPM distribution to use MAS, instead. What's not included? MAS dependencies are not bundled with MAS. CKAN? Available. However, please direct any CKAN issues to the CKAN team - I am not involved with maintaining the CKAN data. Download: GitHub releases. Do not use 'Clone or Download' from the code page, unless you intend to compile MAS yourself. What dependencies are required? All of the following are required, but not included: ASET Props (only the ASET Props models / textures are required. You do not need to install RPM to use MAS) ASET Avionics (only the ASET Avionics models / textures are required. You do not need to install RPM to use MAS) Module Manager Recommended Mod: Reviva to allow switching IVAs from within KSP. License? MAS source and DLL are released under the MIT license. MAS includes components with other licenses. Please refer to the License file for more details. MOAR IVA? If you would like to take a look at other IVAs that use MAS, here are a couple. The Rodan IVA includes MAS MFDs: The Flapjack cockpit from Kerbal Flying Saucers includes a MAS-powered glass cockpit: A Bluedog Design Bureau-compatible retro Apollo IVA (and a mostly functional glass cockpit CM): If there are other MAS IVAs that should be included here, please let me know. Documentation? The Mk1 IVA has an Operations Manual to help you find your way around the IVA. The MOARdVPlus Wiki has descriptions of the advanced instruments found in the command pod. Most of the MAS wiki contains info for people configuring props and designing IVAs for MAS. Source? GitHub For IVA Makers: There are already a few hundred props in the MAS catalog, along with several mostly complete MFD designs. What I don't have yet, unfortunately, is good documentation to help you figure out which props are which. Most of the props have names that suggest what they do, but the details are lacking. I plan on documenting the props eventually. There are also quite a few props that have not been imported from RPM - again, I'll get to it eventually. For Prop Makers: Most of the GitHub documentation is information about the features of MAS. There's a lot there, and the props that ship with MAS may help you figure out how to use it. Prop makers who have passing familiarity with Lua will find that MAS is extremely powerful and flexible. If the online documentation is unclear, contact me, and I'll be happy to help you figure it out (and improve the documentation).
  8. This is a continuation of @RangeMachine's awesome set of IVAs. I've paid special attention to the mk1pod IVA - the others are less fleshed out but still might provide a nice alternative if you want to try something new. Parts supported: Stock Mk1 Pod Stock Mk1 Cockpit Stock Mk1 Inline Cockpit Stock Mk2 Inline Cockpit (FreeIva recommended) Stock Mk1 Lander Can Stock Mk2 Lander Can (FreeIva recommended) Making History KV1 Pod ProbeControlRoom BDB Apollo LM & CM SOCK Shuttle Cockpit (FreeIva required) Download & Source Code: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KSA-IVA-Upgrade/releases. CKAN is recommended. License: CC-BY-SA Dependencies: RasterPropMonitor ASET Props Consolidated ASET Avionics Consolidated ModuleManager FreeIva (Required for SOCK, also for swivel seat in Mk2Inline cockpit) If you have DE_IVAExtension installed or any other mod that adds IVAs for stock pods, I highly recommend installing Reviva to allow you to switch between IVAs for the same parts. For other recommended mods for IVA playing, see the RasterPropMonitor thread. Mk1Pod: Mk1Cockpit: Mk1InlineCockpit: Mk1LanderCan: KV1 Reentry Module (thanks @SingABrightSong) BDB Apollo CM: BDB Apollo LM: Mk2LanderCan: Mk2Inline: SOCK orbiter: Original Thread:
  9. MKI Pod 'Needle' Configuration A Starliex product Hello fellow kerbounats! After many weeks of work, and even more weeks of procrastination, with more than 80 custom made props, I'm proud to release the 'Needle' configuration for the MK1 pod ! This configuration goes far and beyond to provide the latest gadgets and knobs to every kerbal pilot, with nice additions such as a phase angle indicator, slope angle, altitude callouts and much much more. Here below are some screenshots of the capsule : Download: Now available on CKAN ! Latest Release (Zip file) : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva/-/archive/main/starilex-mk1-iva-main.zip All Releases : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva/-/releases/ Source code : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva SpaceDock : https://spacedock.info/mod/3113/Starilex Intra-Vehicular Solutions: MKI Pod 'Needle' Installation: Be sure to have installed all the dependencies. Download the zip file and copy the `GameData` folder inside the KSP folder Dependencies: Raster Prop Monitor MOARdV's Avionic System ModuleManager ASET Props ASET Avionics Reviva (Suggested) Reviva support: Reviva is a mod that allows multiple IVAs for the same pod, giving you the option to switch between them in game. Thanks to @610yesnolovely this IVA is supported as well out of the box! (Thank you!) Versions: 1.0 - Initial release [current] License: CC-BY-NC-SA ███
  10. For the occasion of Apollo 11 - 54th anniversary, I'm happy to present this video of the whole mission, entirely flown in First-person perspective (IVA), in Real Solar System with Realism Overhaul. Contrary to Apollo, the full mission here was piloted manually, except for the Earth ascent to orbit. Also featuring synchronized Capcom audio all along, as well as rarer archive onboard crew recordings, real images and 16mm films, which gives it sort of a mix between actual gameplay, documentary and cinematic feel. Due to those IVA limitations, I had to place maneuver nodes from the map view, which was the only time it was used. Note that the CM and LM instruments and panel layouts are mostly accurate to the real ones, however the instruments are adapted towards KSP gameplay and capabilities. I also tweaked the IVAs a bit, so that the analog gauges display the actual fuels, instead of LF/Ox, and added a few mandatory instruments to the LM (target phase angle display, speed indicator). This was definitely a challenging and fun mission to do, as well as learning a lot about the outstanding Apollo 11 mission and its crew. Below the video, you will find a section where I describe how each important steps is executed in IVA, with associated images. A huge thanks to forum user @JonnyOThan, who helped me a lot getting into the IVA modification bits. Squad for making KSP 1, KSP modders and especially RSS/RO team, Nasa, Neil, Mike and Buzz. Enjoy, happy journey to the Moon and back ! Also any feedback or questions are appreciated (Best watched with headphones !) Description of the key phases of the mission (click on images to enlarge) Below another look at the LM descent profile, directly took from Nasa Apollo 11 flight plan ! (linked in Ressources section at the bottom of this post) *** correction : the LM, on Lunar ascent, inserted in an elliptical orbit, not circular. I saw that first in the Nasa mission report, but then saw the Nasa doc which doesn't agree with that, so I forgot about it... That would've made the ascent to orbit sooo much simpler, Since doing a circular orbit in one burn was while managing rel Inc with Columbia was kinda spicy ^^ - I'm also sharing below the main ressources I used : - Mods used : Thanks for watching and reading ! Any feedback or questions are appreciated Cheers
  11. KSP 1.12.x - Reviva - The IVA Revival! KSP Reviva is the IVA Revival! For Kerbals who like to fly first person. Supports multiple IVA mods at once (IVA mods not included). Supports RPM and MAS. Allows IVA internal switch via B9PartSwitch: Allows selecting different IVA on each command module in editor/saves. Allows for on-the-fly IVA switching while in flight. Soon :: CKAN support so you can install Reviva and all the IVA mods you ever wanted. Currently only stock IVA and some popular IVA mods are covered, the intent is to extended the coverage over time. Required Mods Reviva - note that this does not include any other mods below in the download. KSP Forums GitHub Latest Release Download and extract the Reviva-x.x.x.zip file at the root of your KSP installation. SpaceDock - SpaceDock CKAN - Available Curse - Probably never B9PartSwitch ModuleManager RasterPropMonitor (RPM) Recommended Mods DEIVAExtension Optional Mods MOARdV's Avionics System (MAS) ASET Mk1 Cockpit ASET Mk1 Lander Can ASET Mk1-2 Command Pod Warbird Cockpits Ultimate Shuttle IVA ASET IVA for Making History Pods Many more, see Support Progress and Dependency Summary for the full list as more are supported. Some IVA mods require downloading from GitHub, Dropbox or even Zip files in GitHub issues and must be installed in their suggestion locations for Reviva to work correctly (directory names under GameData are very important). Changes For Players If you like flying in first-person from the in-vehicle crewed cockpit, either in stock or using RPM and/or MAS, then this mod is for you. Features: Allow switching of IVA from stock to different alternates (if needed mods are loaded) using B9PartSwitch This can be done from the editor, and the settings are saved with the ship design. This can also be done live from flight! Use the PAW right-click menu on the command module when not in IVA (yup, not realistic, but this is KSP). This allows for the player to load this mod on existing saves and change IVAs on already flying craft, or to try out different IVA. Without Reviva, only the "last" IVA mod for each command module would be available. Links together stock and modded IVA into one place and provides limited patches to ensure they work in 1.12.x. Note that this mod doesn't include the IVAs, but provides links for recommended or optional IVA mods, plus patches to allow them to run and be switched dynamically. Very low overhead on in-game CPU/GPU performance: command modules get an extra ModuleIVASwitch, and switch detection only happens when changes are made. Note however that all the Internal modules are loaded into memory, so load times will be a little slower, and memory usage a little higher for each IVA pack you install. Don't go too crazy. The best way is to look at all the different IVA mods for a particular command pod or cockpit, try them out and pick one or two. Note that the first option is usually the non-functional stock or original mod IVA, these typically have less performance impact. The different IVA selection does not change the characteristics, mass, cost or other data on the actual command pod: it's all visual for IVA. This means you can change at any time without penalty, by design. Thanks blowfish :: For B9PartSwitch which provides all the clever part switching and UI. Electrocutor :: For ideas in WPF and KSP forum that inspired idea. sarbian :: For Module Manager which provides ways to reconfigure everything. alexustas :: For the amazing ASET IVAs and props. MOARdV, JonnyOThan :: For Raster Prop Monitor (RPM), making IVAs look all fancy. MOARdV :: For Avionics System (MAS), making IVAs look even more fancy. DemonEin :: For DE_IVAExtension which provides decent IVA for all of stock. Honk Hogan :: For IVA_ASET_MAKING_HISTORY which provides decent IVA for Missing History. theonegalen :: For Warbird Cockpits IVA, and forum posts that inspired that this is possible. G'th :: For the Ultimate Shuttle IVA. linuxgurugamer :: For the hopeful adoption of this mod if I wander off in the future. License MIT License - (C) 2022 Harvey Thompson Source Repository on GitHub For More Information See the GitHub README
  12. Nightstar II A Starliex product "Guiding you through IVA even when it's dark" Hello fellow kerbounats! It is not a secret that making IVAs for KSP is not the easiest thing to do, and that's why I founded Starliex Coproration and developed a plugin used to make the life of those who chose to dedicate their time to bring us awesome new IVAs much easier. As of right now, one of the biggest problems is that even with the Official KSPartTools IVAs are somewhat broken, I've decided to address the following problems: Props have the wrong values: When an IVA is spawned in Unity through the KSPartTools, the props used in the IVA have wrong values for Position, Rotation and Scale, this makes practially impossible editing an already made IVA, both stock and modded a like. It is also a big problem if for some reason while working on a IVA the original Unity project is lost and now to keep working on the IVA it's necessary to spawn it with the official Part Tools and welp, now the values are all messed up (that actually happened to me, rip) The textures don't work on the editor: The DDS file format used by KSP is not used by Unity to map the texture on the model, which makes all models appear white with no texture. The prop spawner can be tedius: While it's neat and convenient, once there are a lot of props (like RPM and ASET) searching for a specific prop becomes tedius and time consuming, especially because they are not fully ordered alphabetically, so looking for the right prop takes a lot of unecessary time, in addition it's also not possible to search by name, which again would make the IVA making process much easeir. While I intend to resole all of these problems, I will do it step by step with the Nightstar Project, so far it has 3 different releases, which will be posted on this forum once i finish developing them. We're currently at release 2 ! Download It's avaliable from my gitlab https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-nightstar Installation A working unity project with KSPartTools is required, i'm too lazy to write another guide here, but it can be found at the Official KSPartTools thread. The first step is to download the zip file, then copy the Starliex Nightstar folder inside the Asset\Plugins\ directory of the Unity project. Once it's installed you should have on the top a Starliex button like so: Utilization Coordinate Recalculator (also IVA Textures) - This tool allows to have working IVA textures for the capsules in Unity, it also recalculates the coordinate of every prop and place them in the correct position. Set up the GameData directory with the official KSPartTools Select the IVA model (not the props!) Click Calculate to get working textures (You will have to then delete and respawn the IVA) Click Calculate Coordinates to snap every prop in the correct place Prop Tools Spawn the window by clicking on the Starilex menu at the top Spawn a Prop from the KSPartTools Select the Prop You can now copy and paste the position, rotation and scale between props, when the plugin is loaded the default values for all of those is 0. To use the Open Config feature you need to specify the GameData diretctory with the official Part Tools, otherwise it will not work. License AGPL ███
  13. Hi, Here's a extensive tutorial on the usage of the FDAI, found on most of the retro-style modded KSP IVAs. That great instrument flew on Gemini, Apollo, the Space Shutlle, and is still used today ! Feel free to ask questions or provide any type of feedback : ) Cheers
  14. Nice MKseries Body Made by: Kerbal Battle Field & Icecovery Studio & Kerwis Team Our members: Models: @Kernowden Kerbin Textures: @Kernowden Kerbin @Icecovery @Johnny005611 IVA: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Import: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Configs: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Technical Support: @Acea @ladeng @flywlyx @Icecovery @BF2_Pilot All members come from Kerwis team DOWNLOAD: SpaceDock Recommended: RPM BDArmory Continued AEST AARS Complete experience need: JSI ASET License: Nice MKseries Body was released under CC BY-SA 4.0.
  15. This mod was crated by me and Warp_08 Features : Adds RPM or MAS enabled IVAs for Near Future Spacecraft + Rework of the Almathea IVA Changelog: Screenshots and video: Installation: Download all dependencies from the "dependencies" folder Download the recommanded mods that you want from the folder Copy the content of the "Gamedata" folder in the Gamedata folder of your game Knonw bugs: Some problems with Mechjeb integration to RPM //// Use the version 2.12.0 for ksp 1.11 to fix this i will update the RPM ivas to use MAS for the next update License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Dependencies: ASET Avionics pack ( by alexutas ) ASET Props pack ( by alexutas ) Raster Prop Monitor (adpoted) ( by JonnyOThan ) Near Future Props ( by Nertea ) MOARdV's Avionics System ( by MOARdV ) Near Future Spacecraft ( by Nertea ) Recommended for a better IVA experience (but not obligatory ): Mechjeb 2 (Greatly recommended) (by sarbian ) ( version 1.12.0 MAX ) Astrogator ( by HebaruSan ) Chatterer ( by Athlonic ) Docking Port Alignement Indicator ( by NavyFish ) Hullcam VDS Continued ( by linuxgurugamer ) Kerbal Alarm Clock ( by TriggerAu ) KOS Prop Monitor ( by Dsonbill ) Scansat ( by DMagic ) Through the eyes of a kerbal ( by linuxgurugamer ) Vessel Viewer Continued ( by linuxgurugamer ) You should realy use mechjeb, SAS buttons of some IVA may not work without it All dependencies are given via a Web Shortcut to their original Forum thread / Spacedock / Github Downloads: > Spacedock > CKAN (thanks to the CKAN team :)) If you have a problem, report it here or on discord ( Vexmae#1450 / warp#4396 ) Thanks to Nertea for helping us with the light transforms for version 0.5 Note for the future: We plan to transform this mod into a very big IVA pack with like configs packs like installing the system that you want with Galaxies Unbound but with IVAs
  16. Hi, For IVA enjoyers out there, I made this tutorial which covers a full flight only IVA launch, rendez-vous & docking to space station, then landing back at KSC runway, with a SSTO. IVA is in a retro style, so no much fancy displays, only manual piloting ! I hope you find it useful ! Also feedback and questions appreciated Notes : * Always match your inclination first with your target before doing the Hohmann transfer burn, I didn't tought about it since I knew the station was in a equatorial orbit, but still, the small deviation from my initial orbit trajectory was enough to make the rendez-vous phase trickier, as you'll see. * 21:14 : velocity relative to the targeted docking port but only in the X and Y axis. * 22:45 : I didn't mention it, but on this IVA, the screen display actually shows X, Y axis distance and vel in precise numbers, which is very practical, as well as the X, Y, Z rotation angle. it's a numerical aid to the instrument to the right, which is more visual.
  17. What do you think about the Starfield features revealed by the gameplay videos and photos - as compared to KSP2? I'm not comparing genres - only "apples to apples", things that KSP also has: ship building features, base building, celestial body environment, ship IVA and third person HUD features. Also remember: Starfield players cannot actively pilot their ships to a planet's surface Ship Building (with details here & here): Base building and resources (details here): Exploration & environment (details about planets here): Ship IVA / flight deck / HUD (but no seamless spaceflight): Clearly KSP2 is doing something amazing that technically has never been done before (even before speaking of the multiplayer aspects). "An update on Kerbal Space Program 2 and how we're enabling players to travel from planet A orbiting star B to planet C orbiting star D, continuously, without any loading screens, pauses, faked out transitions, "warp drives", or other trickery. We're simulating a multi-light-year spanning 3D volume at a sub-millimeter level of resolution, and enabling players to travel to any point in that space if they can build a ship capable of making the journey. Unprecedented in gaming." - Paul Furio, the Senior Engineering Manager at Private Division https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paul-furio_kerbal-space-program-2-episode-5-interstellar-activity-6920089169021014016-J_5I
  18. Hello! @linuxgurugamerhas graciously allowed me to adopt this mod, as it's integral to the RPM/FreeIva/KerbalVR ecosystem and I'm working on big changes to it. PCR was originally created by @Tabakhaseand later @Virindi. Original thread here. (Note: pictured above is the KSA IVA Upgrade variant) ProbeControlRoom adds an IVA for probes, where you can pretend to be Gene Kerman himself. Dependencies ModuleManager RasterPropMonitor or MOARdV's Avionics Systems ToolbarController Changes ProbeControlRoom now spawns civilian Kerbals at each desk Press V to cycle between seats instead of double-clicking You can now use PCR on ships that have crew (they must still have a probe core). Press C to cycle to PCR or use the toolbar button. Prepping for compatibility with FreeIva and KerbalVR Download GitHub SpaceDock CKAN Other Stuff License: CC-BY_NC-SA-3.0 Source code: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KSP-ProbeControlRoom/ This mod is a continuation of the work of: @Tabakhase, @icedown, @Albert VDS, @MeCripp, @Nils277, @JPLRepo, @Dexter9313, @Z-Key Aerospace, @jlcarneiro, @linuxgurugamer.
  19. Hi all ! I'm french sorry for my English First of all, thanks to : @alexustas for the "ASET Props Pack" @MOARdV for the " MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS)" @sarbian for "MechJeb" I work on IVA pack ( It is my first IVA ) include : M.E.M. IVA ( MK1-3 IVA ) Download : https://github.com/Max-Ksp/Max-Ksp-MAS-IVA-Pack/releases M.E.M. IVA It is an interior for Munar Excursion Module Other version : No Hud available on GitHub Mk1-3 IVA Dependencies : MOARdV's Avionics Systems here ASET props pack here MechJeb here How to install ? Drop the file "Max-Ksp IVA Pack" into your gamedata folder
  20. its just a little detail to use once first person or IVA is in the game have your camera bob with the head while walking, flying , landing and etc and if people wouldn't like this setting on they could click a little button in the settings to turn it off or have a slider to change how much head bob there is
  21. KSP IVA Editor Station SETUP To create a functioning workstation for editing KSP IVA's and props, follow this installation manual EXACTLY and everything WILL WORK. STEP 1: DOWNLOADS Download the following files from the internet. Names and versions are PRECISE. a) Unity Hub - Install current version from website, register and login. b) Unity (Main Editor Program) "Unity 2019.4.18f1" c) PartTools_AssetBundles_2019.4.18f1 d) TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 e) ImageMagick - download installer from website STEP 2: INSTALLATION If all pre-requisite software has been downloaded, begin with installation of the main UNITY program. Confirm installation success and note installation path. Next, open UNITY HUB and select "INSTALLS" from left Menu. Select "LOCATE", and show "UNITY HUB" where you installed the main UNITY program. "2019.4.18f1" should now show on the list. Now navigate back to the "Projects" menu. Select "New Project" button, and select "3D Core". Give your project a name under "Project Name", and select "Create Project". Unity will now launch. Minimize Unity, and launch "ImageMagick" installer. Upon completion, close "ImageMagick" if running and return to Unity window. STEP 3: Modding UNITY With the UNITY window open, select "Window" from menu bar, and select "Package Manager". Scroll down the list and find "TextMeshPro", highlight it and select the "remove" option. This gets rid of the version you DO NOT need. Allow un-installation to finish and close "Package Manager" window. Now select "Assets" from menu bar, and select "Import Package > Custom Package". Select your download of "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3". When extracted it will be a "Unity Package File". Click OPEN. Now an "Import Unity Package" window will open. Make sure everything is selected and hit "Import". Now select "Assets" from the menu bar again and select "Import Package > Custom Package" again. After the "Import Unity Package" window opens, select your "PartTools" download after extraction, and once again check that all boxes are checked and hit "Import". Now you will see a new entry on the menu bar called "KSPAssets". Now on the bottom navigation window, make your way to the following path: Assets > Plugins > KSPAssets. Check that BOTH "KSPAssetCompiler.dll" and "KSPAssets.dll" have the checkbox "Validate References" UNchecked. To check, highlight the .dll and look at the info that shows up on the right menu panel. "Inspector". (WITHIN UNITY) CLOSE UNITY. OK now you're done setting up the tool. STEP 4: Setting up your KSP content. Install a fresh copy of KSP In a folder of your choice just note the installation directory. Within THAT particular installation of KSP, now add any mods required if the target you are trying to edit is part of a mod pack. Dont worry about mod pre-requisites for functionality, just put the mod that contains the IVA and PROPS you want. This will be your "UnTouched" GAMEDATA folder. Now create a new folder somewhere you can find it, this will be your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder, and copy the GAMEDATA folder into your new "Modded" folder. After this point only work in/on the "Modded" GAMEDATA folder. Carefully go through the stock and mod folders and trim as much as you can. Most things can be deleted except the "Spaces" and "Props" folder. Just keep in mind the IVA you want to modify has to BE there. AND all the stuff you want to use prop wise has to still be there as well. When done trimming, return to the root of your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder in file explorer. In the file explorer address bar type CMD to get a command prompt window to show up within GAMEDATA. Copy and paste the following command. (assuming you DID IN FACT install ImageMagick as instructed) FOR /R %f IN (*.dds) DO mogrify -verbose -flip -format png "%f" Now the textures of all things you are about to work on will show up in Unity. All your content is now setup to work. Open Unity Hub and you should now see your project listed by name. Open your project and select from the Unity Menu Bar, "Tools > KSP Part Tools". Drag and drop the "Part Tools" window over to the right beside "Inspector". (common usual location for it) Now click "Set Data Dir" and select your "Modded" KSP GAMEDATA folder. You should now see two menu columns labelled "Spaces" and "Props" populate. INSTALLATION COMPLETE Tested in 2022 on KSP 1.12.2 Now you can spawn any IVA or prop and re-decorate it to your hearts content! Have fun!
  22. Dragon Rider (DRAGR) An early version of the Dragon capsule By zer0Kerbal, originally by @CardBoardBoxProcessor, then by @MacLuky adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo Preamble by @CardBoardBoxProcessor Contains Dragon Capsule with custom IVA that seats seven Trunk (with solar wings) Solar Panel Covers Nose cone Saddle See more YouTube videos by CardBoardBoxProcessor by SaFalken Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Lazor Kerbalism TAC MechJeb 2 CTT TweakScale Tags parts, config, iva red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks CardBoardBoxProcessor (cBBp) for creating this glorious parts addon! MacLuky for the picking up where CardBoardBoxProcessor left off see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List Release Schedule GitHub, reaching first manual installers and users of KSP-AVC. Right now. CurseForge. Right now. SpaceDock (and CKAN users). Soon™ this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  23. Extendet IVA's for Making History Pods v1.0, created by HonkHogan August 12 2019 Extendet ASET IVA's for Making History DLC Pods Include IVA for: M.E.M, MK2Pod, KV1, KV2, KV3.(With Blackjack and Buttons) Inspared(also recommended) by DE_IVAExtension Atention! - this mod NOT include "free" pods/parts from Making History DLC. To use this mod you need to buy/have Making History DLC. Download - github. Dependencies ASET Props Pack v1.5.0 RasterPropMonitor v0.30.6 ModuleManager v4.0.2 ToolbarController v1.8.2 ClickThroughBlocker v0.1.7.2 License This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ This is my first mod EVER. I will by happy for any feedback.
  24. 'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET Whole brand new interior for the Mk1-2 Pod l be glad to hear your ideas about ergonomical enhancement. ARCHIVE VIDEOS HERE You can mark up action button switches with text by entering it into the vessel description in the VAB: On a separate line type "AG<number>=<text>" where "number" is the number of action group from 0 (i.e. 10) to 9. The text is limited to 14 characters. (More won't fit on the label.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: You NEED to delete the old version before installing this one, or you get a mess you aren likely to sort out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8.0+ RasterPropMonitor v0.30.2 ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: MechJeb v 2.6.1+ ScanSat v 18.2+ VesselViewer Continued Docking Port Alignment Indicator v 6.7+ Astrogator v 0.7.8+ supported: TAC - Life Support USI Life Support Kerbalism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: 'MK1-2' IVA Replacement by ASET v 0.3 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer @chimpbone @Dragon01 @lazar2222 @simtom @Zapo147 @lennie @PhantomC3PO @Chaumas @Mecripp @panarchist @Ghosty141 @Lo Var Lachland @sebseb7 @harrisjosh2711 @Falco01 @>The Amazing Spy< Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @Dragon01 and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "MK1-2 IVA Replacement by ASET" and "ALCOR Advanced IVA" by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: 26/11/2017 'MK1-2' IVA Replacement by ASET - v 0.3.0 *All switches changed to new modular ones. *Revised instrument layout. *Greatly extended MechJeb support. *Added CommNet, Astrogator, Kerbalism, USI-LS and Chatterer support. *Added the ability to switch to window view by double-clicking on the window. *Small UV and texture changes. 08/02/2017 'MK1-2' IVA Replacement by ASET - v 0.2.0 *overlay mesh is added *interior model is improved, some textures are added *the new power supply panel *solar panels and fuel cells control *throttle-limit *G-force monitor *emergency radio beacon *the new color theme is added for МК1-2 (different from ALCOR) with the new "COLOR_OVERRIDE" feature
  25. Raster Prop Monitor is great but the camera position is too high to look down at some screens in IVA. When you zoom in on a display to read it more clearly or adjust the display settings it cuts off most of the bottom of lower screens if not the entire screen itself. I'm trying to change the cameras vertical view angle range to be able to look down more but can't find anything in the parts files for those cockpits that relates to max view angle. I know I did it in the past for older versions of KSP but its either been so long I've forgotten or how those settings are handled has been removed, moved or changed in the part cfg. Does anyone know of how to do this? And if so could you tell me what to add/change and where. I have a feeling it's just a case of adding a vertical view angle variable somewhere. Thanks in advance.
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