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Found 58 results

  1. It would be cool if there were a way to control your kerbals from INSIDE the rocket, you can click a button to go into seats. and if the dev team is willing to do more work a way to interact with items inside the rocket like kerbal inventory systems but iva version or science experiments in the science module.
  2. Hey I have recently come back to start playing after taking a break for real life. I am trying to get my old parts updated for 1.3.1 and new Unity. I have most of my config files working now and am almost ready to start a new career game.One file I just cant get the IVA to line up with the model ? The position and rotation command's don't work under the IVA config file. I seem to remember that this also used to not always work? I am not sure why this works on some models and not others? I know that the offset comand for the IVA in the regular part config works But I cant remember what is the command for changing the rotation? I tried rotate, rotation, and angle, and none of them work's. The offset command work's but I need to rotate the IVA 180-deg to make the hatch line up correctly? Anyone remember the command for rotation in the regular part configuration file? And is there a Wiki or something for config file commands "Thanks"
  3. KSP 1.3.1 Near Future Props [0.2.0] Last Updated October 27th, 2017 This is something rather different than my other "products". It's a set of props designed for use in creating IVAs and is really of no use for your average user. That's why it's in Addon Development. Unlike say, ASET props, this set is more designed to extend stock props and be used for decorations rather than interactive functionality. I hope it will be helpful in increasing people's IVA work velocity and removing some pain. Currently most of the props are station-focused, but there are enough bits that they can be used in many other situations. What's in the box? Hatches: A number of prop hatches Seats: several seat types, from pilot seats to fold-up wall seats Habitation: A number of hab-focused props like beds, tables, whiteboards, lockers, fans, radios... Cargo: Some general cargo props including re-exported versions of the stock cargo bags Payload Racks: A bunch of props vaguely based on the ISS payload rack concept. Some frames, plus many things to go in said frames Lighting: A few different models of light Food: Really should be called "Coffee" Rails and Ladders: Handholds and ladder components Console pieces: Some props that can be used to create flight consoles Computers: A few actual computer bits, like laptops, screens, keyboards and the like Static Screens: Flat screen planes with a number of designs, like engineering readouts and orbital displays. And SimFarm. Paper: A bunch of various paper labels and props, like clipboards, notebooks and manuals RPM Assets: Some props have RPM versions, specifically the MFD screens. This support will only be enabled with RPM installed though. The full current list is here. You can check out the following screenshot gallery for a general glimpse at the props, though it is by no means complete. Screenshot Gallery Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you have RPM support? A: Some props have support. Not all of them. Q: Add xxxx please! A: No. Licensing All assets are distributed under a CC-NC-SA-4.0 License Download Locations Primary (GitHub) Secondary (Dropbox) Issue Tracking and Source
  4. A Sukhoi-style cockpit IVA for Aviation Cockpits by Mallikas. if you want to use this IVA into you cockpit, you need to write the name of this IVA, change the "Interceptor_IVA". Download: cockpit License: MIT and here is the Aviation Cockpits,made by @Mallikas if you need you need also by @alexustas
  5. hello all, unfortunately I have already made some attempts so far without success. The model in Blender shows the geometric focus quite differently from Unity. so the Kerbal-pilot does not sit on the chair but higher up. - What am I doing wrong, is there a solution? thanks a lot in advance ! full album -
  6. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    This is a pack of the Props I've been using in the ModPods mod and NAR MEM (aka NKR DEM). Rather than keeping duplicates, I'm splitting this off to a mod to mark as a dependency. On it's own, this does nothing. If you're creating IVAs, feel free to use the props, although they're really not very polished yet. They're also more furniture pieces than gauges etc. But if they help anyone out, then that's good. Available from SpaceDock: Or Github Album (hopefully imgur don't change their embedding again)
  7. What mod Gives Iva Moving In 1.3?
  8. So, a little story: I was building around with some modded parts building some planes. During that time, I thought to myself: "Hey, those IVAs that I downloaded, that uses ASET-Props or RasterPropMonitor-Screens, look pretty cool, why not try to implement some of those features into some other cockpits that could need some love!" So, here am I, installing Unity and Blender, setting up a new Project in Unity, installing the newest Part Tools. After looking up some Tutorials and watching some videos, getting some understanding how to create new IVAs, and then I thought: "Hey, changing some given IVAs can't be too hard, right? just search for it in the Part Tools menu and click spawn" yeah... well... turns out it loads, but not fully. it can't find some textures that are clearly there, and also is doesn't seem to find some props that are also clearly there. I am using the newest unity software (2017.1.1) so if anyone has an idea, that would be nice. until then I am going to install Unity 5.4.0 and try again. maybe that helps... EDIT : Untiy 5.4.0 didn't help either. same problem: the basic frame loads but is missing all textures. also things like seat_pilot and StorageBagA or similar are loading wrong and throwing errors
  9. Making a small parts mod and for whatever reason KSP keeps looking for the IVA Model sub-directory that is not referenced in the IVA Cfg anywhere Cfg - Logs -
  10. I have no idea why buy my IVA/EVA is not working.I can't send a Kerbal on EVA because the windown on the bottom right is gone and even by pressing C nothing happens. As you can see there are 5 Kerbals on board but the windows on the bottom right are gone and C doesn't work. Mod list: Thanks for the help! Edit:Only the Orion Orbital Module has this problem.I have no idea why, since the capsule has an hatch.
  11. What is it? MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) is a replacement for Mihara's RasterPropMonitor. The goal of MAS is to provide an updated flexible toolkit for creating interactive IVA experiences in KSP. What isn't it? It is NOT a collection of ready-to-go IVAs. It also does not have a complete collection of MAS-enabled props (yet). MAS is intended to be a toolkit, like alexustas's ASET Props and ASET Avionics. I have included an IVA for the Yarbrough08 Mk. 1-1 A2 and two woefully incomplete IVAs (the Mk3-9 from Nertea's Near Future Spacecraft and the BDB Kane). What works? Many of the variables from RPM have equivalents in MAS, and most/all of the RPM prop modules have equivalents as well (eg, JSIActionGroupSwitch, JSILabel, etc). There should be enough there to do almost anything in an IVA, except... What doesn't work? I have not implemented tie-ins with mods that use the RPM interface system (such as SCANsat, VesselViewer, and DPAI). If you really need a SCANsat display, you'll need to have an RPM monitor installed somewhere, or wait until I finish those components. How do I make MAS IVAs? Download the dev build from GitHub. Download some props. Look at the example prop configs in MOARdV/MAS_ASET. Look at the example IVAs. Look at the wiki on GitHub to see what functionality is available and to see some introductory prop config walkthroughs. Brush up on Lua, if you really want to push MAS to the extremes. The props configs in MAS_ASET use models from the ASET dev build (available on the ASET Props thread). CKAN? Not supported. Other questions? There's an FAQ in the wiki on GitHub. If that doesn't answer the question, post it here. Download: GitHub Source: GitHub License: The MAS plugin uses the MIT license. Other licenses are documented on GitHub and in the download. Documentation: The MAS Wiki on GitHub has a fair amount of documentation, including some examples.
  12. Hello, everyone! For a few months now, I've been working on ASET IVAs for both Squad stock and mod cockpits. Modifying @alexustas's excellent ASET Avionics and ASET Props assets (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), as well as a couple from @Mallikas's Aviation Cockpits mods (CC BY 4.0), my major focus has been on WW2-styled craft. Almost ready for release is the Vintage Kerbonov KN-2! I've also been working on a P-51 inspired version of the Mk1 Inline Cockpit, and an ASET version of one of the helicopter cockpits from @blackheart612's Airplane Plus mod. Once I saw that @Sam Hall had updated his fantastic Kerbonov mod for 1.2.x, I knew I had to make a 1940s-style RPM IVA. I always loved the KN-2, and I based my cockpit layout heavily on pictures of DC-3 and C-47 cockpits, both from the 1940s and some modernized ones. For the KN-2, I decided to kitbash autopilot props, as the DC-3 did historically have a gyroscopic autopilot. All the autopilot props are modified versions of ASET props, and require the Pilot Assistant mod to work. The "Vintage" version of the KN-2 does not replace the standard KN-2, but adds a new cockpit using the same model earlier in the tech tree. I plan to make an "Updated" version. For the bomber controls, you need Firespitter's props folder found here, as well as the most recent firespitter.dll, and for the fire extinguisher (nonfunctional), you need Airplane Plus. All other instruments are included or require the ASET Props and Avionics Packs. Obviously you will need the Kerbonov itself, and Raster Prop Monitor as well. Warbird Mk1 Inline The download (v. 0.1-1 BETA) includes the Vintage Kerbonov KN-2 and Warbird Mk1 Inline cockpits, as well as some cfgbashed parts I found useful: a couple of small wing parts useful for WW2 fighter vertical stabilizers, a "medium turbojet" engine based on the P-80 Shooting Star, and an active "Warbird Radiator" based on the old radial intake from pre-Porkjet KSP. SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD Kerbonov Autopilot fix is here: DROPBOX DOWNLOAD. Drop that into your GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits/Spaces/Kerbonov folder. Requirements: modulemanager by Sarbian Raster Prop Monitor by Mihara and MOARdV ASET Props and Avionics by alexustas Recommended: Kerbonov by Sam Hall. Required for Vintage KN-2. Firespitter (dll and Props folder) by Snjo and RoverDude. Required for Vintage controls in KN-2 cockpit. Airplane Plus by blackheart612, KAX by keptin, and/or SXT Continued by Lack and linuxgurugamer. Because why have Warbird Cockpits without warbird propellers? Speed Unit Changer by Ittito. The readouts on the gauges are in Imperial units (feet and mph rather than meters and m/s), and Speed Unit Changer can make the UI readouts in the same units as well.
  13. I'm fairly sure its ok to post this as it seems to be free with an option to fund (seems to fit the forum guidelines!)... I've just stumbled on this little gem and I'm blown away that it's apparently made by just one guy! Has anyone tried it? It looks like it's still in alpha but already looks great and even has support for VR headsets (like I dream about for KSP ). Anyway, free download links here for PC and Mac - You can just ignore all the bits about crowdfunding (although I think I'll drop some money to support the effort!). It doesn't really seem to tread on KSP's toes as it's a different kind of game, a bit more like Orbiter crossed with A-OK (anyone ever play that?).
  14. IVAs Outside of Parts

    First time posting on the forums, so please let me know if I've something wrong. I am working on a concept for a mod, and I wanted to know if it's possible for IVAs to extend outside of the model of a part. One of the main parts of my mod is a habitat based on a real life Mars colony concept, and the real life building is inset into the ground. I know parts themselves can't go under the surface, or they'll explode, but is it possible to have a short habitat sitting one the surface with an IVA that extends below the bottom of the part to simulate the habitat being partially buried? Would this show up? Would it show up through the ground? Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!
  15. Demo video of less glitchy first person walking: Floating (EVA) mode free controls demo video: This mod allows you to control EVA from the perspective of a kerbal. To enter first person mode, press the 'c' key. Additionally, you can disallow external view of both kerbals and regular vessels in the config file. Requirements: None. Download/Source: Changelog: -Update for KSP 1.3. -Oops, found a problem with switching kerbals 5 minutes after releasing. Fixed this. -A ton of work on making walking, running and swimming more smooth. -Reset kerbal's view using the 'v' key when in FP mode. -Free rotation and translation added to floating EVA mode. Controls match those used for a vessel. Defaults: ad=yaw, qe=roll, ws=pitch, jl=translate left/right, ik=translate up/down, hn=translate forward/back. A stabilization-mode sas is available. -"Fine controls" for RCS packs is by throttle controls while in FP mode. The more throttle, the more pack power. More or less fuel is used as appropriate. -Some fixes to stock glitchy behavior for walking kerbals in low-g; prevent getting stuck trying to land on a steep slope, allow the player to break out of a running bound (especially useful for Gilly and Pol). These fixes apply both in first and third person mode. -Display the name of the kerbal when switching inside IVA. -Navball now functions normally in FP mode, referenced to the kerbal. License: GNU GPL v3 This mod is a continuation of the work of: @Chronothan, @Ser.
  16. Since the most recent maintainers seem to have decided not to continue this mod, I have gone ahead and updated it. This mod adds a "Mission Control" IVA to unkerballed vessels. -Supports either standard RasterPropMonitor MFDs or the ASET versions. -Configuration option to force control room only for probe vessels (no external view). Requirements: -Module Manager -RasterPropMonitor -[Optional] ASET Props -***NOTE*** If you are using ScanSat, you currently need the dev version of ScanSat to avoid a problem with RPM displays going unresponsive. ***NOTE*** Download/Source: Changelog: -Fix broken sun effects in normal IVAs after going into PCRIVA -Disable vessel labels while in PCRIVA -Disable part highlighters while in PCRIVA -Change enter room hotkey to be like a normal keybinding -Make the room lights brighter -Improve preservation of camera when restarting PCRIVA in a new room -Fix a bunch of exceptions caused by interactions with the DeepFreeze mod -Fix a large number of cases where you can end up stuck inside a probe core looking out at the world rather than in the control room. -Fix problems on decoupling parts from the ship, and persist the camera when this happens. -Fix interaction with stock IVA. Previously, sometimes an invisible control room would exist while you were inside a stock IVA. This would block some button clicks in the IVA. License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 This mod is a continuation of the work of: @Tabakhase, @icedown, @Albert VDS, @MeCripp, @Nils277, @JPLRepo, @Dexter9313, @Z-Key Aerospace, @jlcarneiro.
  17. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! I'd like to share with you my Baxter P5. A great plane to be controlled entirely from the cockpit! It weighs around 70 tons on the runway. It's based on the boeing 747 jumbojet as you can see. the second plane is the Baxter X5. The same as the Baxter P5 but without the cargo capacity. It has more manoeuvrability due to the large control surface area. Kreetz, Ferdoni
  18. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I startet playing KSP (v1.2.2 x64) again after some time, installing some of my favorite mods and I ran into a small issue regarding mechjeb 2.6.0. When I right-click or press the mouse-look toggle key in IVA with the mechjeb device attaced to my vessel, the mouse cursor doesn't go away entirely. Instead, it centers itself in the middle of the screen and flickers. It happens only with mechjeb attached while in IVA. Is this a known issue or am I the only one? Wasn't able to find anything on Google.
  19. Hey everyone, I have a question for you genius modders out there. I have multiple monitors, and would like to have 3 monitors for the 3 basic KSP views. One monitor would be the normal external view. The other would be the map view, and the 3rd would be the internal or IVA view. Would it be possible to mod KSP in a way that allows me to see all these views in different windows simultaneously?
  20. The Ministry of Space (Aeronautics Department) (MAD) proudly presents it's first product: No dependencies, but works well with FAR. Uses stock mk1 IVA. Download Parts: Known bugs: Options: Planned: If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Licence: LGPLv3
  21. [1.3.1]Kermantech MK3 IVA

    Kermantech-MK3-IVA A Kerbal Space Program mod with an improved IVA for the stock MK3 Shuttle Cockpit. Imgur Album Requirements The following are all requirements for using Kermantech MK3 IVA (and not included in this package): * Kerbal Space Program v1.3.0 or later * ASET Avionics Pack v2.0 or later * ASET Props Pack v1.4 or later * Module Manager v2.8.1 or later * RasterPropMonitor v0.29.0 or later Download (GitHub): Installation Merge the GameData folder in this archive with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. The contents of this archive do not overwrite existing files anywhere but GameData/Kermantech Removing this mod is as simple as deleting the GameData/Kermantech folder. Licenses The contents of this mod are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-ND 3.0) with the following exceptions: All props and textures included in this mod were originally created by Alexustas. They are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-SA). Some of them have been modified for inclusion in this mod.
  22. RPM IVA modling help

    Ok. So here is my plan, I want to do some good high quality IVA models with raster prop monitor. the thing is I don't know how, so that's pretty much why I am here for the community's help. I have a little knowledge of unity, C#, HTM,L, C++ (I know pretty well), and that is it. but just basic stuff like I may a watched a few YouTube videos on unity and c#.
  23. 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET ASET company is proud to present the new product — Advanced IVA for 'Mk1 Lander Can' Advanced IVA for 'Mk1 Lander Can' is a full set of instruments for your spacecraft control and aviating inspired by the Golden Era of cosmonautics (1960-1970-ies). Feel yourself a brave pioneer of space. No modern MFD, no advanced electronics! Only analog gauges, made in the style of NASA Moon program. view imgur album Get a new unforgettable experience of flying with such instruments as FDAI, DSKY, X-Pointer and others. brand new interior for the stock LanderCabinSmall brand new set of instruments in NASA-retro style: Flight Director/Attitude Indicator (FDAI) with the dedicated control panel (FDAI GMCP) and switch set. Use the MOARdv’s great manual for this device. Altitude/Range Rate Tapemeter (ARRT) with the two dedicated toggle-switches for turning the devices on and off and for the mode selection (height/vertical speed or distance to target/closing speed), also with the error indicator. Use the MOARdv’s great manual for this device. Thrust-to-Weight Indicator (TW) with the mode switch (current TWR / the maximum possible TWR) X-pointer with the mode and display range selectors, also with the error indicator. Use the MOARdv’s great manual for this device. ASET_DSKY – LCD-display with the keyboard for the important flight information (orbit, orbit of target vessel), a rendezvous with the target, maneuver, timing, Delta V information). Use the MOARdv’s great manual for this device. monochrome CRT-display for the targets’ menu and external cameras’ output full set of the analog indicators (gauges): Speed indicator (ASET_AnalogSpeedIndicator) with mode selector (auto, orbital, surface, relative) Effective acceleration indicator (ASET_AnalogSpeedIndicator) G-force indicator (NASA_G_Units_Indicator) Slope indicator (NASA_Slope_Angl_Indicator) Thrust limit indicator (NASA_Slope_Angl_Indicator) Phase/Ejection/Moon ejection Angle indicator (ASET_PhaseAngleIndicator) with mode selector Impact speed indicator (ImpactSpeedIndicator) with two scales for the current and the minimum possible touchdown speed full set of the vertical single and Edgewise meters (resources, temperature and engine indicators) numerical LCD-display for the current altitude and и surface height numerical LCD-display for the amount of resources on board and mode selector for it gauge for the battery charge gauge for the power supply panel and the power source selector (generator, fuel cell, solar panels and alternator) full set of the mechanical ( aka "barber pole") and warning light indicators ("low charge", "low fuel" etc) full set of the push-buttons (RetroButton) for all basic functions (custom groups, SAS modes etc) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8+ RPM v 0.29.0+ ASET_Props v 1.4+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET v 1.0 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET" by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog:
  24. ASET company is proud to present the new product — Advanced IVA for 'MK1 Cockpit'. Advanced IVA for 'MK1 Cockpit' is a full set of instruments and indicators for your aircraft control and aviating made in the General Aviation style. Convenient, carefully thought out design and realistic look. brand new interior for the new stock mk1Cockpit a number of new instruments are added: engine control panel Temperature Indicators Panel power supply GPS panel The panel of radio navigation and communication the new color theme for all instruments is creates with the new "COLOR_OVERRIDE" function ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8+ RPM v 0.29.0+ ASET_Props v 1.4+ ASET_Avionics v 2.0+ recommended: FAR v ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: Mk1 Cockpit IVA Replacement by ASET v 1.0 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @DeputyLOL @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @MasseFlieger, @DeputyLOL, @Dragon01, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @MeCripp, @sp1989, @Riverey, @ObsessedWithKSP and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'ASET Avionics' by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. I have a Problem with my IVA Camera, as you can see the normal camera in IVA must look like this: But mine camera is looking like this : I Already tried everything, adjust the FOG, reistall the game, in the screen shots i used mods but this bug still occur in KSP Stock, my current version is 1.2.2 and this bug appeared only after 1.1 Help-me guys it may seem not a big problem but i play a lot in IVA and this occur in every cockpit, the camera looks like is stupid high in some and this is freaking me out i can't even see the flight instruments in some. Sorry for my poor English :v