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Found 3 results

  1. An unfolding space telescope inspired by the designs for LUVOIR and the James Webb Space Telescope
  2. Welcome to the release thread for James Webb For Kerbal! Update 1.4 is now available for download! Brushes by 'tech brush by DayZee by dariaDZ' Dependencies: Loading functionality and reflective textures made possibly by Textures Unlimited by @Shadowmage Functional space telescope powered by Tarsier Space Technologies by @JPLRepo Download 1.4: Download Download Installation: Extract the contents of the GameData folder to your GameData folder. Structure should then read GameData\JamesWebb Optional reflective surfaces: Copy or move the two config files located in the OptionalReflectiveSurfaces folder to the JamesWebb folder I recommend taking a look at the assembly guide to get an idea of where the parts attach to the base structure. Please leave feedback, comments and suggestions and certainly some pictures! I take no responsibility for any save game destruction that may occur as a result of using this pack. Chances should be rather minimal as this is only a parts pack. How to use? There are multiple "Control from here" points on the vessel to overcome the necessity of controlling the James Webb at both a horizontal as well as a vertical axis. Changelog: Hotfix Fixed transform issue where the "Control from here" node for swapping back to vertical view from horizontal was not working Added ModuleSAS, level 3 Update 1.4 Rebuild and recompile for 1.4 Fixed base structure center point / origin Reassembled and exported model with very slightly altered scale Fixed center thrust point Re-aligned all attachment nodes Added 8x attachment points for the RCS thrusters RCS Thrusters now have an attachment node Fixed rear solar panel center point / origin Reduced SAS power Greatly increased SAS electricity cost to promote maneuver accuracy *** Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of Textures Unlimited and Tarsier Space Technology Revision 1.1 Increased zoom Built-in TSST hard drive Sunshield layers now "rise" into correct final locations Telescope orientation can now be switched between Engines / camera optics with multiple "control from here" options Tweakscale compatibility RCS thrusters 30% larger And please upgrade to the new textures unlimited to fix random exploding fairings. KottabosGames Review: A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: @CobaltWolf , @Shadowmage, @Beale, @steedcrugeon, @dboi88, @Stone Blue, @Fengist, @JadeOfMaar, @Nertea, @JPLRepo, @Angel-125 and all of the other devs who havebeen incredibly helpful throughout this entire journey. It was 70 days in the making for James Webb for Kerbal 1.0. Plans for the future include: RSS / RO / RF Configs Additional goodies Stay tuned for more! James Webb For Kerbal is License CC-BY-4.0
  3. The largest space telescope ever built is... well, built. It's done. Everything is in place. There's going to be some final assembly work on the spacecraft later-on, but the telescope itself is complete and working! It's now going to be put through rigorous testing (they want to avoid the problems they had with Hubble) before being prepared for its 2018 launch abord an Ariane 5 ECA. It was twenty years in the making. Whole new technologies had to be invented just to build it. It will be the most expensive single payload ever shot into space in the history of mankind, and it will be able to peer into space with 100 times the resolution of Hubble. I'm incredibly excited about this thing