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Found 3 results

  1. ようこそKSP日本フォーラムへ! ここは、KSP公式フォーラム内にある日本フォーラムです。 公式フォーラムの他の場所では英語での書き込みがルールですが、日本フォーラムではトピックの作成・返信が日本語で行えます! 質問、雑談、企画の実施、活動報告など、思いつく限りKSPを楽しみましょう! KSP関連サイト - Related Sites KSP日本フォーラムトップ :日本語/ KSP日本コミュニティDiscord: 初心者オススメ解説サイト カーバル推進研究所 : 公式Wiki(日本語) - Official Wiki (JPN) : 日本ローカルWiki - Japanese Local Wiki : After Action Report Wiki : この場所が日本のカーボノーツ(Kerbonauts)同士や、世界のカーボノーツとの交流や情報交換の場所になる事を期待しています。 公式フォーラムのガイドライン(英語)を守りつつ、気軽に楽しく使ってくださいね。 ↓KSP公式フォーラムの使い方(簡易版)↓ アカウントを作ろう!(表示するにはこの下にある「Reveal hidden contents」を開いてね。 投稿してみよう!(表示するにはこの下にある「Reveal hidden contents」を開いてね) シグネチャー(署名)を作ろう!(表示するにはこの下にある「Reveal hidden contents」を開いてね。 それでは楽しい宇宙旅行を!
  2. Kerbal Space Programが日本語、簡体字中国語、ロシア語、スペイン語の4か国語に対応し、各国の言語でゲームを楽しんでいただけるようになりました。 トレーラーを見る 英語版のユーモアや面白さをそのまま各言語で体験できるように入念なローカライズが行われています。キー配列、UI、テクスチャに至るまで各国のプレイヤーに合わせた変更を施しました。 ローカライズの必要がある部分を洗い出すために全ソースコードを徹底的に見直さなければなりませんでした。翻訳した単語数は95,000ワード以上で、456枚のテクスチャとUI用の画像を作成し、684枚のKSPedia用のスライドを用意しました。それらすべてが20人を超える献身的な校正ボランティアチームによって厳密にチェックされ、修正されています。 本アップデートでは他言語の対応だけではなく、ローカライズとキャリア・モードでの契約のバランス調整が行われた公式MODの「アステロイド・デイ」が統合されます。 さらに、アップデート1.3では「明るさ補正」機能が導入され、ハイライト輝度と同じくスライダーでゲーム内の環境光の明るさを調整可能になります。この機能は、ゲーム映像を録画して共有したい時に役立つはずです。 また、いくつかのバグ修正も行われています。本アップデートの詳細については変更ログをご覧ください。 Changelog: =================================== v1.3.0 ============================================================ +++ Localization * Keyboard layouts for foreign keyboards in Settings Menu. * Localization of all text in game to Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese-Simplified. * KSP now reads the language from buildID.txt * Debug menu option to log missing Language tags (which is persisted in settings). * All fonts are loaded regardless of selected language to assist in save file language switching and sharing. * Resize PAW menus to fit languages. * Resize Tutorial dialogs to fit languages. * Add ability to scroll KSC facility upgrade stats when hovering over the upgrade button. * Add new debug tool to show Localization tags instead of translations. * Add Resource name display in staging, PAW and Resource App will change to Abbreviations if too long. * Add Resource name tooltips to staging, PAW and Resource App for abbreviated resource icons. * Add scroll sections to KSC Facility Upgrade stats in Facility pop-up windows. * Add button to reload the Localization texts dictionary in the debug menu. * Add hibernation info page to KSPedia. +++ Enhancements * Compound parts can be selected from both ends. * Updated the strut model so the connector does not intersect with the mesh. * Contract back stories have been changed/enhanced. * GUI control for changing Local/Absolute attachment and editing reference. * GUI control for changing symmetry mode. * Change Science Containers to pull from experiments before other science containers. * Increased the size of the PAW title bar and pin button. * Ambient light adjustment. * Asteroid Day Mod merged into stock. * IVAOverlay now has keyboard shortcut - Modifier + ChangeCamera (Alt+C in windows). * Upgraded TMPro. * New PAW pin icon. +++ Bug fixes * Fix logic error in craft list dialog in editor scene. * Fix grammar error in FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank description. * Fix MPL functions to only work with Scientist trait. * Fix Runway Seams T2 and T3. * Flatten the T1 Runway out. * Fix Flagpole to Astronaut Center and remove upgrade/downgrade/destroy errors. * Fix the math on the ShipConstruct Stage Count. * Fix to highlighter Brightness not getting set on entering flight scene. * Docking mode indicators corrected. * Fix From The Mun tutorial: heatshield on RV jettison via staging. * Fix Terrain seams issue (parity with 1.1.3). * Fix Radiators on Asteroids. * Fix Drill status on Asteroids. * Add Craft name limit to VAB to prevent save issues with file name. Configurable via VAB_CRAFTNAME_CHAR_LIMIT * Fix RnDTechTree refresh not updating un-purchases nodes after purchasing. * Fix Aero GUI window NREs on scene change. * Fix costs for Upgrade nodes being applied in TechTree. * Fix upgraded parts to now display upgraded stats in TechTree and Parts picker in VAB/SPH. * Fix upgrade modules not displaying correctly in expanded part tooltips in TechTree and Part picker. * Fix number of kerbals counter in KSC vessel markers. * Fix Tree shaders - shadows. * Fix an issue where resource system catch-up mechanics would not work due to physics causing vessels to ‘hop’. * Fix an issue where overriding a converter’s AutoShutdown property was not working. * Fix to the way vessels were named on Kerbal Rescue contracts. * Fix launch site blocked dialog not clearing on vessel spawn dialog. * Fix green line appearing in water. * Fix shadows of buildings in KSC scene. * Fix manuever node errors for some situations where node is in the past and conics become invalid. * Fix gaps in shadows on KSC buildings. * Improved flickering Sun shadows in flight mode on all objects. * Fix cases for old maneuver nodes with invalid patched conics. * Fix part highlighters showing landing lights flares. * Fix part icons to exclude flags and include lights. * Fix Launchpad tower light to shine on correct Unity Layers. * Fix Currency Widgets disappearing at large scales. * Fix for StageLock persisting between games. * Fix floor decals in level 2 VAB. * Fix to wait for physics easing before updating vessel status. +++ Modding * Localization class added for Localization string processing. * Fix reflected KSPModule attribute on PartModule. * Added GameEvent onCommandSeatInteractionEnter which fires before a Kerbal enters/leaves external command seat. * Added a mod hook in for science values. * Add public accessors to MapView MapNodes for modders. * Event for Kerbal name change (to match with type/status change events). * Some object renames for clashes with Unity classes * Add public accessor to instance of tutorial dialog * Propellent.displayName added for localization. * Resource definitions now have displayName field. * FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyDisplayName() is the localized equivalent of FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyName() * Vessel & Protovessel displaylandedAt is the localized equivalent of landedAt string. * Vessel.SetLandedAt() - added two new optional input variables. * CustomParameterNode.LocalizedSection added. * Added displayseatName and displayseatIndex to InternalSeat Node. * CelestialBody has had several variables added and removed for localization. * CBAttributeMaps have also had variables added for localization. * ResearchAndDevelopment.GetExperimentSubject has a new optional displaybiomeID. * ResearchAndDevelopment.GetBiomeTagsLocalized added. * ScienceData.displaytitle added for localization. * Vessel.displaylandedAt field added for localization. * Add an extra parameter on the GenericAppFrame method to receive a displayName separated from the logic. * Add GameEvent onFairingsDeployed when fairings deploy. * Add IscalarModule to ModuleJettison and public Enumerator for DragCubeSystem. * Atmospheric and Exospheric harvesters can now make use of an optional Intake Transform (this can be set via the ‘intakeTransformName’ field. * Add GetExperimentBodyName to ScienceUtils to API for mods. Kerbal Space Program アップデート1.3「Away with Words」はSteamで配信中です。GOGやその他の販売店でも配信される予定です。また、ゲームを購入済みの場合はKSP Storeからもダウンロードできます。
  3. Has we got to the time when we can throw stuff down on orbit for fun now... What kind of things will we need to take into consideration when planning something like this? I wonder if they have to get permits from all the countries on the satellites orbital path in case it hit something by accident. Also the chance of fragments that doesn't get in the atmosphere but went off to be more space junk...