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Found 3 results

  1. PURE Electric Engines You wanted electric engines without needing additional fuels, now you have them. This set of engines allows you to go FULL GREEN and only use Batteries and/or Solar power. The basic engines have thrust based on the stock engine. EC1 "Pure" Max Thrust = 25 Size = 0.625 Comparable to Juno EC2 "PsyOclone" Max Thrust = 80 (125) Size = 1.25 Normal & Performance modes (afterburner) Comparable to Panther EC3 "Manleneto" Max Thrust = 100 (170) Size = 1.25 Atmospheric & ExtrAtospheric modes (orbital) Comparable to Rapier EC4 "ElecTrek" Max Thrust = 200 (400) Size = 1.25 Comparable to Rapier (Star Trek Nacelles) EC5 "ElecTrek Heavy" Max Thrust = 300 (620) Size = 2.5 Comparable to Rapier (Star Trek Nacelles) Electric Engines License: MIT
  2. What's up people? It's ya boy (yes...the same) and trying my hand at a few mods and guess it is time to open a forum for this. If I forget to update this, SOMEONE NUDGE ME! Mods: JDSA Ballistanks Have you ever wanted to sink your craft without all the extra parts that come with other mods? This tank does the trick. Put one on either end or balance your craft. Add some electrical charge and you are ready to sink. Right click or set to an action group and sink your craft in seconds. Perfect for that underwater base! Don't want to add new parts? Want to submerge with Stock parts? Tired of Ore? Well Now! Welcome to SinkEmAll! Requires: Module Manager!!!! (included) JDSA Point VTOL Engine Point VTOL Engine The newer of the series! The Point VTOL Engine is a surface mountable 10kN air breathing engine that, with enough, will lift your craft off the ground or propel you forward for whatever nefarious deeds you may devise! It's now as simple as placing the engine and sliding the placement to balance your thrust. JDSA Liquid Fuel Cell Liquid Fuel Cell Tired of having to lug around oxidizer to generate electrical charge for your full electric props or wheels? JDSA has ya covered! With the fuel cell needed nothing more than liquid fuel and having it's own built in intake vent and storage batteries, gone are the days where you have to include oxidizer, extra batteries and extra space. ALL MODS - License: MIT I finally made a forum page for these mods...finally...
  3. You have gone to space. You have gone to planet side. You even floated on Laythe. Are you ready to take the adventures underwater? This mod provides the parts and tech to control your ballast and propel your crafts forward as well as maneuver your craft. Included in the pack is newly revamped SinkEmAll, this time redesigned to utilize intake ducts to control ballast. Liquid Intake ducts used to take in and compress liquids. Underwater Thrust Blocks that use liquids to provide accurate maneuvers. Lastly, a Waterjet to push your craft to fantastic speeds. To submerge, 1. Attach Liquid Intakes (at least one) to your craft (preferably on the fuel tank.) Be sure to set the intakes to closed. 2. Then, set the action group to toggle the intake. 3. Set another action group to toggle the converter to exhaust ballast as needed. 4. Add in the thrust blocks and the engine and you are ready to dive! 5. Balance the craft by applying liquid ballast as needed. Usable on all planets! ...with oceans NOW WITH KERBAL EVA BALLAST CONTROL!!! How to build your first sub! Laythe sea floor Link:! Underwater Technologies License: MIT