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Found 2 results

  1. At Year 0, Day 0, a few companies made it their mission to explore space. Each one wanted to be the first to go where no kerbal has dared to go, armed only with boosters, struts and a whole lotta luck. But they were not alone in their endeavors, and they would have to compete against one another for mastery of the Kerbol System... Kudos to Ultimate Steve for the original RSS/RO Space Race, which is absolutely awesome. Go check it out! This is originally made for peeps who really enjoy the RSS Space Race, but really aren't skilled enough for the challenge of RSS. People like me! So feel free to join in. JNSQ SPACE RACE Contestant 1: Dressian National Rocketry Association Created when a group of Universities in Dressia united together to eat snacks send a rocket into space. The Dressian government soon noticed them, and gave them funding to help Dressia become a spacefaring nation. Despite a government grant of over100,000 to develop the required tech, DNRA remains a private company. Contestant Two: Agencia Espacial Kanada (because kerbal backwards Spanish & beer) The AEK's tired of building arms and legs for everyone else. Time to reach space on our own, leaving empties on The Mun and beyond. Led by the fearless Chris Kerman, fighter pilot and badS extraordinaire, and backed up by original four-member Bob and his hosehead engineer brother Doug, these kanucks emerge from behind the successes of others to take the spotlight on their own. Contestant 3:Notebook Space Program *insert bio here* Contestant 4: Laythe Initiative (sorry, couldn't find a bigger flag) Contestant 5: Za Warudo! Space Agency After Enrico Pucci remade the universe, DIO found his immortal soul adrift shunted into the outer multiverse. Would this be an opportunity for a revival? For a chance for the once godly DIO to resume his conquest of the universe itself? Unfortunately for DIO, he emerged on a minor world, without access to either his vampire or Stand abilities. Reborn as Dio Kerman, DIO would have to rely on his charisma and wit to dominate the new world. While the Kerbals were not respective to displays of brute force, they had an obsession with space travel. In order to get the Kerbals to follow him, Dio muscled his way into the leadership of the Kerbal Space Program, which he renamed after his former Stand, Za Warudo! Now, to plumb the secrets of the universe and keep his easily distracted minions occupied, Dio would have to begin the conquest of the world, via space. Contestant 6: Photon Corporation Pending Competitors: No one as of now. Rules and Mods The way this race will be judged is through the milestones in Pap1723's Career Evolution Contract pack, one of the mandatory mods of this Space Race. The first person to complete 30 milestones of this pack will win the race! NOTE: This is in Game time, not RL time. Meaning one participant could finish a week before another and not win the race. Required mods: -JNSQ (obviously) -Career Evolution Contract Pack -Kerbal Construction Time -UnKerballed Start & CTT. -Kronometer -Plus all their dependencies. The rest of your mods are up to you! Non-OP parts mods are allowed and encouraged, I'll be using Tantares, Taerobee, CRE and PParts.(among the mess of mods I have) Oh, and one final thing... at least one of your 30 milestones has to be kerballed, doesn't matter which one, and apart from that one milestone, launch probes to your hearts content! Coming soonish (I.E when I get this all set up, and we have enough participants.) Reply if you want to join!
  2. HERAKLES: To the Unknown; A JNSQ Exploration mission log. KSC has had tremendous successes over the past decades,sending landers and orbiters almost all the celestial bodies in Kerbol system. In the recent years, there has been tremendous push for crewed missions beyond LKO. Several architectures have been designed for our return to Mun and Minmus, and Duna-Ike exploration. Some are practical, some are in the realms of fantasy. But all of them suffer from one major roadblock: Cost. HERAKLES aims to overcome this constraint through reusability and increased reliability, as opposed to competing mission architectures. What is HERAKLES? HERAKLES is a multipurpose reusable space vehicle concept which can be used for regular payload delivery to and from the surface of Mun and Minmus. It started out as a study to develop reusable upper stages to deliver payloads to GTO and Trans Munar Orbits but soon evolved into a complete Kerbin system exploration package. It has the potential to land a significant payload to the Mun's surface and return back to Low-Kerbin Orbit for refueling and inspections. Why is it necessary? With the recent advent of reusable 2 stage boosters to launch payloads to LKO, it started making less sense for the upper stages to be expendable. Reusablity coupled with rapid turnaround and Munar ISRU would dramatically reduce expenditure for missions beyond LKO. On validation of the Herakles Upper Stage in Kerbin's sphere of influence, this has the potential to become the space transportation vehicle of choice for Duna exploration and within the Jool system. With much more flexibility and less complexities involved as opposed to competing designs, HERAKLES promises a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the present trend of space exploration. ****** "That was.. alright, I suppose." Mortimer took off his glasses. "But do you think it's enough to fire everyone's imagination? I mean, most folks out there who would rather support researching and utilizing 'Reliable and proven' technology. How you gonna convince them?" "Well, that's the exact reason I have used 'reusable' and 'reusability' 5 times in this little presentation." Linus replied. "You have got your priorities right! Your proposal is accepted!" With the sound of the gravel and chuckles all around the auditorium, the HERAKLES was formally adapted by KSC as one of the competing architecture for Duna exploration.