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Found 17 results

  1. Goin' Places With the Mk1-2

    Like a child's blanket, I try to bring my favorite command module with me wherever I go. Though it's absurdly heavy, as is completely unnecessary, I just like the way it looks. To me, it's the coolest command pod by far. It's girth does presents problems however, but the challenge of getting past those hurdles is a lot of fun. Wanted to log two of my most recent, and current favorites, because they were so tough. First up is my just completed mission to bring the Mk1-2 to Eve's surface and return to orbit. It was a monster, at almost 2,000 parts and over 7,400 tons. Not to mention 3,000,000 bucks. The November designation should tell you how many redesigns I went through. Surprisingly, only a couple were used on the ascent vehicle. My last Eve mission lifted 2 Kerbals, so I had a pretty good idea of what I would need. Getting it down to the surface, however, proved to be exceedingly difficult. Full glory on display on the launchpad. Almost looks like I'm lifting a space station to orbit. Plenty of staging; as you can imagine. Completing the transfer. The Vectors burning are meant to be the landing and capture engines, but I needed them to complete the burn. Because I had to use them to transfer, after capturing, I didn't have enough fuel to lower my orbit properly. Had to make a shallow dip into the atmosphere and let Eve help me out. Took a bunch of passes, because I can't hit the atmosphere too steeply. I despise autostrut, so the ship is manually strutted like all my others. I have to be careful, or some of the exposed struts overheat. Spectacular, explosive disassembly follows. So I took it slow. Dumping inflatables is always a dicey proposition. The ship may be a monstrosity, but I discovered a way to dump them without destroying half the ship. Transfer droptanks with heatshields dumped (they stuck out a bit, hence the shields). Those are a ton of sepatrons burning. Last of the shields dumped. Looks bad, but worked just fine. SRB's fired to keep them away from the ship. No damage. Comin' down easy. All but 2 of the landing legs busted. Probably should've warped to morning, but I was excited. Jeb jumped out to do his thing. I'm not good with ladders, so one of the toughest parts for me is always getting in and out of the ship when you can't just jetpack. Came up with a good method this time, though. Took a few redesigns, but in the end, it worked pretty well. What made this tougher than usual was, not only did I bring the Mk1-2, I also brought along a service module packed with equipment. Figured if we were goin' to Eve, lets get some science out of it. Liftoff. The landing engines still had fuel, so I used them to help with the ascent; though that wasn't planned or used in the testing phase. Dumping the landing engines. Dumping a couple of Vectors. And again. Last radial tanks. Poodle time. Back in orbit. Because I used the landing engines to help with the ascent, I actually have some fuel left. In testing, I was empty upon reaching orbit. If I get out and push, I can just make it back to Kerbin for a rescue instead of refueling. For now though, I'll leave it here. I wanted to bring the Mk1-2 to Eve's surface and back to orbit, and I did. I'm extremely happy with the turnout. And proud, of course. Here is my Jool 5. Used the Mk1-2 and 5 different landers, with 5 Kerbals along for the ride. As always, no nuclear, ion, or jet engines. All stock. No mods except KAC. Way too many pics, so I'll just post the album link below. Anyway, thanks for checking this out. If there are any more fans of the great Mk1-2, feel free to post here as well. I'd love to see your work.
  2. My newest challenge! (Jupiter 5)

    After being incredibly busy uploading new videos and pushing myself on youtube, I have finally decided to come back and be active on the ksp forums! To start off I will be attempting an extremely hard challenge. I will be calling it Jupiter 5. The mission will be in RSS and I will have to fly to Jupiter, land on 4 moons (only has four moons at the momment, I am counting Jupiter as part of the 5 :P), and return. While I attempt this I will be uploading other videos on my youtube Don't forget to check out my 1 tank to Vall challenge too!
  3. Does anyone have some good tips for jool 5 challange? I am goong for a lv 3 completion.
  4. Werner : "What do you mean, 'Inventory Problem' !" Gus: "One of our warehouse staff caught a bag of Nachos with his bar code scanner by mistake. Turns out they use the exact same SKU codes as the Rockomax Conglomerate. Threw our stock control all out of whack." Werner rolled his eyes. "So what do we actually have?" "Well doctor, we've just finished the manual audit. Four NERVs, two Rapiers, Two Whiplash, a Panther, and a Poodle, also", said Gus, rustling through some papers, " we found a some Twitch motors in the creche facility. They were being built into some kind of toy, but they still look serviceable". Mortimer pulled out his credit card, "What's the Rockomax sales number again? 321-800-800-?" Gene : "No time for that Mort, launch window in three days" Werner : "Well, that's it then. We'll just have to make do with what we've got. Tell your boys to keep everything small and light, if we follow good maths it should be possible" Gene : "We'll need a spaceplane for Laythe" Werner : "That too, just for goodness sake keep it light. The smallest wing you can get away with to reduce drag. Simple and quick to build". "At least they'll have plenty of Nachos" added Gus. The following morning, Gene stepped into the hangar with Werner. It took his eyes several seconds to focus on the towering leviathan in front of them. He read the stats off the sheet, "255 parts, 187 Tons.." Werner stood, ashen-faced. It seemed like an age before he spoke. A pen fell from his hand in slow motion, bounced once, then clipped through the floor and disappeared in a puff of smoke. He knew that near the singularity of a black hole, time itself was slowed by the intense gravity, but this is the first aircraft he'd seen to have that effect on its surroundings. "You'd better give the launch to Val", drawled Werner, his voice sounding like he'd just inhaled a balloon of sulphur hexafluoride, "She's been spending some time in the Kessna, and just got her PPL". "Private Pilots Licence?", replied Gene. "What about instrument rating, multi engine?" "Won't need it, clear skies forecast. And we're not planning on having any engine failures. Separations, maybe, but those are much easier." "I'll tell 'em to pack", said Gene.
  5. I was flying a fuel tank with a Kerbal strapped on the front to Eeloo and back for the Fly to Eeloo and Back with 2 fuel tanks No Refueling Challenge. Since it takes alot of delta-v for a plane change I decided that a Jool flyby would do the trick. Since I am filming the submission to make a video I slowely warped towards Jool when I saw Laythe, Vall and Tylo. This is pretty normal around Jool since the moons are so big, BUT then I noticed the 2 small glowing specs above Jool. I moved my mouse to make sure they were moons and not stars, now I present this image: Here's the original screenshot:
  6. Note: This isn't being played as part of a campaign, so there pretty much isn't any RP. I'm coming at it as an engineering exercise, since that's pretty much my play style. So there's going to be a lot of dry reporting on engineering, testing, and development. Comments and questions are welcome! A week or so back, I came across a mention of the Jool 5 Challenge. I've played KSP since 0.19, so it's not like I haven't heard of it before - but for some reason, this time the bug bit. I decided to take on the Challenge, even though I've never attempted anything nearly so big before. Since the Challenge requires some form of log or report, I'm starting this thread to first keep track of my design decisions (in case someone is ever interested) and then to eventually serve as the required report. My current plan is that even if I don't fly it as a Challenge, I'm going to fly it as flotilla mission. I'm going to start with a series of posts detailing how I got to where I stand today, then I'll follow with updates daily or as warranted. Next up: The Tylo lander.
  7. Juno 5: A Jool 5 Mission

    After many failed design projects, the KSP software engineers decided they needed a hardware update. After a new installation, the engineers at KSP found themselves capable of flying larger ships with higher part counts. This lead to a desire to take up a mission so challenging that it would test the abilities of the new computer tech at hand. Thus the Juno 5 mission was born. The mission profile calls for six kerbalnauts, 2 pilots, 2 engineers, and 2 scientists to visit all five moons of the Jool system and then return safely to Kerbin. The first issues faced by the engineers was designing a command module with enough DeltaV built in to safely get the CM to orbit in the event of an emergency in mid-ascent from either Tylo or Laythe. This meant that any engines on the CM would have to be attached radially in order to make room for the 2.5m docking port at the rear of the CM. Then Public Relations made the job ten times worse when they discovered that public opinion found cargo bays to be "kinda kool". Thus, the CM needed radial engines that could fit inside a Mk.3 cargo bay. After about three different reiterations, the Intrepid class CM was built. With 800 units of Lf/Ox mix and 900 units of monoprop, the CM has a little over 2100 m/s of DeltaV. The Intrepid CM is also fully equipped with scientific instruments and onboard RTG to provide constant and steady electrical power. After the CM was designed, the Tylo and Laythe landers had to be worked out. The Laythe lander is pretty much a freefall, aerobreaking design. The detachable heat shield has a small fuel supply meant to power the CM's radial engines just enough for the CM/Lander to fall gradually from low Laythe orbit. The biggest challenge is managing to land on solid and level ground. Once i'm over a landing site, lateral momentum is killed with drogue chutes, followed by the main parachutes. Then, before landing, the heat shield and its small fuel tank are jettisoned, the Mainsail engine is primed, the landing gear is deployed, and a minimal retro burn is fired as briefly as possible. With Laythe's lower gravity and thinner air, there should be plenty of fuel to return to orbit in the CM, even if too much fuel is used in the descent. The Tylo lander is attached to the forward section of the mothership. Its an orange tank with six smaller radial tanks. It's powered by 6 aerospike engines and, by the time landing approaches, will have plenty of TWR to safely land on Tylo. After, the lander should have 1/4 of its fuel supply left to start the ascent, the rest being attained by the CM. The Vall, Pol, and Bop lander is a fuel tank with poodle engine and landing legs. The mothership holds the CM, VPB and Laythe landers in two very large cargo holds. These holds are flanked by the majority of the fuel for the single rhino and six LV-N engines. Foward of the holds is a Mk. 3 passenger cabin. Launching the mothership and all its tenders took some practice, but LKO of 94,000~ meters was attained. The next and hardest part of the pre-mission phase were the eight separate refueling missions. Eigth identical launches carried fuel and crew members up to the Juno 5 mothership as it was in LKO and passing directly over the KSP launch center. All pre-mission resupply flights and crew transfers were completed and the Juno 5 broke LKO mid-day on year 8, day 419 in order to exit Kerbin SOI, make an orbital plane change, and commit a planned Jool rendezvous burn on year 9, day 44. Planned Jool SOI intercept is year 11, day 390, followed by an aerobreaking maneuver in Jool's upper atmosphere. Next mission update will be post-plane change and rendevzous burns.
  8. III have been wanting to complete the Jool V for a while now. I have gotten pretty adept at SSTOs, have landed on almost every planet and returned in the stock game and gotten pretty far on a career save. Recently, I was thinking what if I carried some ships, packed with DV, Jool and then releasing them to go to all the other planets, then meeting up and taking the kerbals back to Kerbin. So I didn't think this would work at first, these ships being heavy would require a big mothership. I put together a small 30 ton mk1 SSTO with about 6k m/s with the nerv. I built a 400 ton mothership and stuck the ssto to it. The mothership still had 12k m/s. I then took my famous Astro Explorer and removed the parachute. I then copied this and strapped a 9 ton Tylo lander onto it. The Tylo lander has loads of fuel left once it has ascended to orbit from the surface of Tylo so I thought I'd bring it to Vall if the Astro Explorer doesn't have the TWR to land on Vall. The 1st Astro explorer will land on Pol, then Bop, then Vall so I might as well park the cruiser in Vall orbit and take the SSTO there after it has done Laythe. However I knew I couldn't take the entire thing up to LKO with one rocket and using two would cause a flex when activating the engine. However I hyperedited it into orbit and stress tested it. No flex. If there does end up being one, I'll download KJR. Phase one Getting the Mothership and the SSTO into orbit I used a pretty big ship to get this 400 ton spacecraft into orbit. I had about 300 m/s to spare in LKO but I had to decouple the last boosters unfortunately. Phase 2 Getting The Astro Explorer and the Tylo Tug to the mother ship Had a couple of issues with this launch. The top was a bit wobbly but not too much so it was pretty easy to get into orbit. The whole thing didn't have enough torque so once I was within 1km of the mothership, I decoupled the payload only to find out the Tylo tug didn't have RCS thrusters. I have no problem with doing a rendezvous without RCS at Tylo but the monopropellant tanks are dead weight. Docking was a little tricky but I did it in the end. I got to the target docking port, just to find out that there was a docking port in the way. This was from when I was building it in the VAB, I forgot to remove it. :/ Anyway I undocked that and then docked to the mothership. Also to get a good encounter with the Mothership, I had to dip into the atmosphere at about a 63km PE dangerous maneuver but I'm lazy. Phase 3 Getting to Jool and all moon landings! Next Phase: Return to Kerbin! I finished this. Apparently, I didn't show the interface in the pictures so my entry wasn't valid. I really don't see the point in posting the rest of the pictures. If anyone wants me to though, will.
  9. Jool 5 on a bigger scale

    It was a long time since I posted a mission report here, but this will be my most complex mission to date so I thought that it deserved it's on thread. The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge with KScale64 KScale64 is a mod that increases the size of the Kerbol system by x6.4. All planets have 6.4 times the radius and ~41 times the mass. So surface gravity remained unchanged. This is closer to our real solar system that is 10 times bigger (100 times the mass) than the default Kerbol system. The main challenge here is the effect this has on dV requirements, they are ~2.5 times larger. For instance geting to LKO is closer to 8000 m/s dV rather than the standard 3000 m/s dV. I will be using any part mod allowed by The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge. To do list: Design a Tylo lander ~13 000 m/s dV Done Design a Laythe lander Done Design a Vall Lander with a reusable last stage ~ 5000 dV Done Design Kerbal return stage Done Estimate mothership dV requirements. Done Design mothership for transfers within Jool Done Design a LKO escape stage for mothership ~5000 dV Done Figure out how to get the ship to LKO Done Fly the mission Ongoing Album of the ongoing mission: Tylo Lander: Can land and return to orbit with a little help from EVA. Also included is a nuclear stage with 2100 dV to get from high elliptic orbit to low Tylo orbit, and a small return craft with simmilar dV to get back up to the mother ship. Laythe lander: Reentry on Laythe is harder when orbital velocity is close to 6000 m/s. But this is handled by the inflatable heat shield that also acts a flotation device. The last two stages are the same as on the Tylo lander. It has enough dV to get to a high elliptical orbit of Laythe where the mothership will be parked.
  10. I am pleased to report a successful outcome to my first Jool 5 expedition. I've called the ship the Outrigger, because the side-mounted fuel tanks remind me of canoe outriggers, as used by the Polynesians on long voyages. This was really a sandbox dress rehearsal before the “real” mission on career, though I'll make some more small tweaks at that point. But it's a full Jool 5 run-through. Pictures and mission narrative below! Some more info about the mission and vessel: Design Constraints / Principles In addition to the basic Jool 5 rules, I've designed around the following: -No ISRU or external refueling. I'm going face to face with the tyranny of the rocket equation. Landers can still refuel from the mothership's fuel supply, though. -Everything launches in one go; no assembly in LKO. Not gonna bother with floppy ships or KAS struts. -No command seats – all kerbals will be landing in enclosed command pods. -To avoid electric drain, all of the landers will be controlled by pilots and will not feature probe cores. -Even though all of the landers are one-person, I'll be bringing a crew of four on the mothership: two pilots, one scientist and one engineer (hmmm, that combo sounds familiar). -No RCS or monopropellant. It's not necessary since I only need to dock one time (the Tylo lander refueling for Vall), and that can be done with the “point at target” technique. -Landers will be used for multiple moons when feasible. Craft Overview The Outrigger can be broken up into the following sub-units: -Launch stage: four Mammoths, asparagus staged. The two outer Mammoths are augmented with six Kickbacks each for some extra liftoff thrust. The Mammoths and Kickbacks burn out within a second of each other, so I can just use one decoupler for each cluster, rather than dropping all the Kickbacks separately. -Sustainer stage: Two Rhinos, which will start when the outer Mammoths drop off, burn along with the other two Mammoths, and continue after the Mammoths burn out. These are not asparagus staged to the Mammoths, as I need them to burn off a little fuel to get acceptable TWR once the final Mammoths drop off. This stage will then get me to orbit, and do part of the ejection burn before turning things over to the nukes. -Mothership service module: a long Mk 3 cargo bay to hold my two vacuum landers, along with some fuel tanks, a large reaction wheel, and three NERVs. -The “outriggers”: two side-mounted liquid fuel nacelles, with another three NERVs each. These are segmented into three pieces so the fuel tanks can be detached once they're empty. -Vall/Tylo lander: the core of the lander is a ground-breaking combination of the Mk 1 landing can, flat 800 tank, and Terrier (patent pending). This will serve as the ascent stage for the Tylo landing, and double as the entire Vall lander. A Dart-powered descent stage will take the lander down to Tylo, and be detached just before landing. -Laythe lander: a small Mk 1 spaceplane with a single Rapier. I added a couple drop tanks to handle the deorbit burn and any cruising necessary to find a good landing spot. Since the wings are too wide to fit in a cargo bay, this sits on the front of my mothership like a prow / figurehead. Jeb likes to sit in here and pretend he's flying. -Pol/Bop lander: another Mk 1 landing can, powered by an ion engine and a couple xenon tanks. Electricity comes courtesy of an RTG and 2k worth of batteries, which is enough for all the maneuvers I'll need to make. Almost 4,000 delta-v in a one-ton package – now I see why people put up with ions! (Full disclosure: I clipped the RTG inside the landing can to look better). -Command and return module: a Mk 2 crew cabin, with an inflatable heat shield, a couple parachutes, flat 800 tank and Terrier. An Mk 2 drone core drives the bus. Would have used either an Mk 1-2 command pod or Hitchhiker, but the weight savings and crash durability of the Mk 2 cabin won me over (even though it looks kinda silly). Again, I clipped the RTG inside the module for looks . Vital Stats Mass on the launchpad is 1,697 tons. Cost is 868,803 funds. Starting part count is 215, about half of which are struts. (I kid. Sort of.) Mods List of my mods: KER, KAC, KAS/KIS (I did not use on this mission), Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Better Burn Time, Jettison Fuel, Precise Maneuver, Trajectories, Transfer Window Planner, Science! Hope you enjoy! Let me know if any questions or suggestions.
  11. Jool 5 Tylo Landing

    Im attempting to build a tylo lander, and im wonder a few things about it. 1. What kind of TWR should i have for my decent stage 2. How much Delta v would it take to land, and return to LTO (Low Tylo Orbit) 3. I am using a Ion Tug to de-orbit my lander, so I don't need to worry about that.
  12. Jool. That great green gas giant we all love. Well, except me, Jool is #3 On my favorite planet list, but you get the idea. Dres is #1. You might remember me as "that guy who has HUUUUUUUGE ships" or as "that guys who really likes Dres," but yeah. So, The Jool 5 challenge. One of the most famous challenges ever. Everything is ready. The main cruiser, called the KSS Creativity, and maybe the lander launch tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow because I didn't have time today. *facepalm* Uh, but yeah. Sorry guys. *facepalm* (And, yes the name is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.)
  13. Jool 5 Delta-v Chart NOTE: This is based off of my flown mission but can be used to plan other missions to Jool. This chart is nowhere near perfect, but it should give you an idea of what to do or how much to build. I know circularization is not a word but I am trying, I am meaning it as making you orbit less eccentric. If you have any questions please ask me or someone else in the Jool 5 Challenge's main page listed here... The Chart Itself Action Rough Delta-v Requirement (meters per second) Launch to LKO (Inefficient launch) 3000 LKO -> Jool Transfer 2000 Jool Capture (moon assist) to Low Laythe Orbit This can range ALOT but I managed to do it with around 1500 Low Laythe Orbit -> Low Tylo Orbit Transfer 1400 Low Tylo Orbit -> Vall 800 Vall Capture 415 Low Vall Orbit -> Pol 800 Pol Capture 500- Including low Pol orbit circlularization Low Pol Orbit -> Bop 200 Bop Capture 190- including circularization Bop to 79,000 kilometer Jool parking orbit 660 Jool-> Low Kerbin Orbit 4110 FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT BASE A MISSION OFF THIS CHART - Do not base a mission only off of this chart, this does not include landing amounts yet - If I were you I would ensure that you have more delta-v that I have shown to be safe, especially for Jool capture as the moons are not always lined up to help you - I am basing all these values off my submission to the challenge (shown below).
  14. Newspaper Clippings of Project Zeus

    Dear Billy-Bob, Here are the first few newspaper clippings you requested regarding Project Zeus. KSC is trying to put a Kerbal on each of Jools moons in one go. How amazing! Anyway, I put the clippings in the right order, but they aren't all here yet -- the mission is still going on, after all. I'll send more of them when I find them. I also found a stack of photos, so I've included them. Be sure to look at the descriptions that I wrote on each one. First, the latest stories. Project Zeus Begins Exploration of Jool System By Jebbles Kerman Y1 D241 KERBIN SPACE CENTER (KerbinPress) -- Kerbin's space exploration initiative began a new era of discovery today with the launch of Project Zeus, which promises to land a Kerbal on each of the five moons of Jool. Dr. Wehrner von Kerman, Chief Engineer and Program Director of the Kerbin Space Center, spoke at the gala dinner on the floor of the Vehicle Assembly Building at the KSC. "Going to Jool is not very hard," said Kerman, "and landing on Pol, Bop, or even Vall isn't difficult, either. What is hard is landing on all five moons in one unsupported mission. We believe we have developed the right hardware to do the job, and testing has already shown that we are on the right track. We also have five excellent astronauts in Jebediah, Bill, Bob, Valentina, and Siesa. They are already hard at work training for the landings and assisting with mission planning. We intend to launch by the middle of next year, and plant our first flag within three years." Kerman promised that all of Kerbin would be kept up-to-date with the mission as it proceeded. "We have every intention of publishing photographic evidence, along with technical information pertaining to the mission so that we can avoid any silly conspiracy theories regarding this effort," he said. KSC Administration has also released the proposed budget for Project Zeus, which comes in at √1.5 million. It includes five launches to low Kerbin orbit, where the ship will be assembled. The main component of the ship is Red Dragon, a nuclear-powered vessel with space for six Kerbals. Red Dragon will push three other vessels: the Centaur lander intended for Jool's moon Laythe, a second lander, named Lucy, which will land on Tylo and Jool's three smallest moons, and an in-system refueller and tug named Tumnus. This will be pushed out of Kerbin orbit by a kicker drive which consists of the Urlum V core which will also launch Red Dragon. Once in orbit and assembled, Red Dragon will mass just over 700 metric tons. Kerman stated that although excitement for the project is high, the budget "will be a hard one to work with, since it doesn't give us any room for a refuelling mission, should it become necessary," though he noted that in the extremely unlikely case that astronauts were stranded in Jool's orbit the funding would probably come through. "We hope that we don't have to find out the hard way, however." The five astronauts associated with the program were not available for comment at press time. *** Project Zeus Nears Launch; Red Dragon Close to Completion By Jebbles Kerman Y2 D227 KERBIN SPACE CENTER (KerbinPress) -- In a press conference today Dr. Wehrner von Kerman, Chief Engineer and Program Director of the Kerbin Space Center, stated that the planning phase of the much anticipated Project Zeus is coming to a close, with a launch becoming more and more likely within the next few days. "We are pleased to announce that after much planning, many simulations, and even some major software setbacks, we are nearly ready to launch Red Dragon and the other associated modules which comprise Project Zeus." The software setback Kerman mentioned refers to the "1.1 Fiasco", a rather optimistic software "upgrade" that quickly showed its ugly side. KSC quickly reverted to a previous, much more stable version to run the ships of Project Zeus, but not before losing several experimental vessels. Kerman also claimed that so far the project was running under budget, despite the software and planning setbacks. However, sources within KSC claim that the project has already eclipsed the √1.5 million budget after at least two prior iterations of the Red Dragon were built and tested -- the latest of which fell victim to the 1.1 Fiasco, which lead to the loss of the two vessels. These same sources claim that after rolling back to a previous software version, all of the crafts had to be completely redesigned. "Some parts became unavailable, and others were incompatible with the old software," one engineer said, agreeing to speak on the condition of anonymity. "It turned out that the vessel we had planned to build was simply no longer feasible." According to a report released by KSC Engineering, Red Dragon will cost √470,690 before launch costs are considered. Kerman plans to use the massive Urlum X launcher to boost Red Dragon into low Kerbin orbit. This launcher consists of an Urlum V launcher with four 5-meter boosters and four 2.5-meter boosters, making it one of the largest rockets ever assembled and flown by KSC. Other components will be launched with the slightly smaller Tylo rocket, a single-stack measuring 3.75 meters in diameter and boasting a single Titan I engine. Kerman stated that the launches would begin soon, in order to catch a favorable transfer window to Jool that would peak within the next few days. "We will have to get everything launched and assembled in orbit," he said, "and it will take the hard work and dedication of everyone here at KSC to make it happen." Jebediah Kerman, mission commander and pilot for all five of the landings, was eager to get started with the mission. "We've been training hard here on Kerbin, and we've all logged countless hours in the simulators as we worked on our own skills and also helped the engineering team with their proposed designs. We're all really excited to begin." *** Red Dragon Launched Amid Fanfare By Jebbles Kerman Y2 D240 KERBIN SPACE CENTER (KerbinPress) -- Red Dragon, the main vessel of Project Zeus, successfully launched from Kerbin Space Center today with five astronauts aboard. KSC Mission Control was more tense than usual immediately before and during the launch, pointing to the fact that they had only simulated it once. However, the room erupted in a cheer when Valentina Kerman, ship commander and pilot, radioed confirmation that the ship had successfully entered orbit around Kerbin. Red Dragon rode into orbit atop a massive Urlum X rocket, a 1,407 metric ton beheamoth capable of easily lifting the 368.8 ton Red Dragon into low Kerbin orbit. At a cost of √977,443, the launch takes up nearly two thirds of the proposed budget of √1.5 million. However, sources within the administration say that the remaining launches will put the project severely over budget, blaming recent software malfunctions and lost ships for the overage. The five astronauts selected for the mission have been training for months in preparation for the mission. The mission's executive officer and Red Dragon co-pilot, Jebediah Kerman, will pilot all of the landings, including the one on Jool's innermost moon Laythe, which will be a solo landing. For the remaining four moons of Bop, Pol, Vall, and Tylo, he will be joined by one of the other four astronauts, with a different one for each moon. Bill Kerman, Red Dragon's chief engineer, will accompany him to Vall. Mission Scientist Bob Kerman is slated to land on Pol. Science Specialist Sieisa Kerman will land on Bop, while Mission Commander Valentina Kerman will assist him in the Tylo landing. Although Red Dragon has launched, the mission still has four more launches before the mission can leave orbit around Kerbin. Still to be launched are the two landers which will be used in the attempt, along with a robotic refueller craft to be used within the Joolian system and an "Interplanetary Kicker Drive" consisting of an Urlum V lower stage, which will be used to push the vessel out of Kerbin orbit. Additionally, these launches will be accompanied by larger-than-necessary service modules to fully fuel the ship in preparation for the mission. The next launch is planned for tomorrow, despite cloudy skies forecast over KSC. *** Project Zeus Underway Red Dragon Ready to Leave Kerbin Orbit By Jebbles Kerman Y2 D241 KERBIN SPACE CENTER (KerbinPress) --After five launches in six hours, Wehrner von Kerman, Chief Engineer and Program Director of the Kerbin Space Center, announced that Project Zeus is ready to begin the next phase: the journey from Kerbin to Jool. Those five launches mated the five modules of the Red Dragon ship. Kerman said that the astronauts were excited to begin their three year trek to Jool. Spirits at Mission Control were indeed high, as all of the launches had gone smoothly, with only minimal need for simulation before the actual flight. Technicians also reported that their computer software was running smoothly, with no apparent bugs or framerate lags despite the number of modifications being used for this flight. "Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, because what you think is better might not really be better," said Gene Kerman, flight director of KSC. Mortimer Kerman, KSC's chief financial officer, spoke about the costs of the mission thus far. He reported that Project Zeus has gone over budget, largely due to unexpected costs associated with launching the Centaur lander. "All together it comes to √2,055,906. But remember that in this situation money is basically meaningless. If we were in a different mode, we might have a problem if we went over budget. But now? It's just a way to measure something. Not sure what, mind you, but something." Ignition of Red Dragon's twelve nuclear LV-N engines is scheduled for later today, beginning the flight to Jool. *** (Note to the reader: This is a Jool-5 attempt written as newspaper clippings. I will be updating the Imgur album periodically as I make the attempt, and further news clippings will be added to the OP, so future readers will have a more streamlined experience.)
  15. Jool 5 by eloquentJane

    A Jool 5 entry like no other Here is my attempt at completing the Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge. The challenge, for those unfamiliar with it, is to send one spacecraft to the Jool system, land on each moon with varying numbers of kerbals depending on the difficulty level you're attempting, and then return to Kerbin. What makes my entry different from many is that I am sending 24 kerbals to the Jool system and land 3 on each moon. I'm sending 3 multi-moon landers for one kerbal each, and will be attempting to land in different biomes where possible (Laythe will be a challenge in that regard). The other kerbals are a flight crew for the interplanetary transport (two pilots and two engineers), two mission scientists, and three kerbals for something special I have planned. The mothership I'm sending, the IPT Hera (IPT stands for Inter-Planetary Transport) is a highly modular spacecraft assembled in orbit via only four launches (not counting landers, lander fuel, crew, or maintenance). The landers, Juno A, B, and C, are identical spacecraft capable of landing on and ascending from each Joolian moon in a single stage, with the exception of Tylo, for which the landers are equipped with a disposable de-orbit stage. And the Hyperion Crew Transport, which will take the crew up to the IPT Hera and then return them to Kerbin after the mission is complete, is a heavy transport designed as a highly efficient method of transporting kerbals to/from Kerbin orbit. All of this technology here is experimental, and this mission is the testing phase. The first four albums at the bottom of this post show the assembly of the IPT Hera in orbit of Kerbin. The next step will be to send the landers and the lander refuel tanks. Then I'll wait until the Jool transfer window approaches, and send the crew up, before transferring to the Jool system. Once there, the IPT Hera will make orbit around Tylo, and three kerbals will land on its surface in different locations. The next stop after that is Laythe, which the IPT Hera will transfer to from Tylo orbit. After three kerbals have landed on Laythe and returned, the IPT Hera will transfer to Vall to allow the crew to land there. Then it will move to a Joolian orbit between the orbits of Bop and Pol, where it will stay until the mission is complete. Three kerbals will depart to land on Bop and then return, followed by three more landing on Pol. Once they are all back at the IPT Hera and there are 15 flags dotted around the Jool system, the IPT Hera will leave the Jool system. What the special mission is and when it will be encountered remains to be seen.
  16. Hello, this is my first entry here. I wanted to share my Jool 5 mission with you. Thought about this for a few months now, but never had enough time to do it. But, the mission: It´s an IRSU level entry, and because thats not enough, i´ve put a station on my ship, that i´ll leave at Jool when i return. The ISRU unit is built into that station. Mods used are: KER, MJ (call me lazy, if you want ), Kerbal Alarm Clock, NavHud, AntennaRange, EVE, scatterer, Planetshine Part 1: Planning Part 2: Orbital construction Part 3: Journey to Jool and first mining run Part 4: Mining on Pol Part 5: Laythe Part 6: Tylo and Vall Part 7: Bop and back to Kerbin
  17. LINK to the old Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! IMPORTANT INFO I'm officially closing for new entries on the release day of the Making History expansion (March 13). With all of the new features I think the Jool 5 will need some significant updates, and could even have a mission from the mission builder! Thanks everyone for the continued support and ongoing entries to the challenge. You all have pushed the boundaries and delivered with creativity and quality. If you are interested in taking over or contributing in the future, please let me know. You can still complete the challenge using any previous version (1.0 or higher)! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, or file editing. HyperEdit is allowed for testing but get rid of that H when you fly the real mission! 2. No part-clipping of functional parts (fuel tanks, batteries, crew pods, engines, science parts, SAS) into each other. It is okay to clip structural and non-functional parts, wings, and heat shields. 3. Any number of launches are allowed to assemble the ship in Kerbin orbit. All launches must be flown! 4. There's funding for one main ship only so all the crew, lander(s) and other stuff has to go to Jool as one big ship. The ship can separate once in Jool's SOI. 5. Kerbals must be in a pod or cabin (no seats) for the interplanetary journey. Seats are okay for landing and flying within the Jool system. 6. One refueling mission is allowed in the Jool system if you run out of fuel, unless your ship uses ISRU. The refueling mission can only transfer resources, not parts, to your Jool 5 craft. This mission must actually be flown! 7. On all of the landings, the Kerbal must be able to get out and walk (or swim!) around on the surface. Make sure your ladders work! 8. Use Normal difficulty or harder, except, any ComNet settings are allowed including turning it off completely. 9. All the Kerbals have to arrive back to Kerbin surface at the end of the mission, happy and alive. You are allowed to optionally send up a craft to return them from LKO. 10. Mods: STOCK: only mods which do not add parts and do not change physics are allowed. This includes any informational, planning, visual, autopilot, or automatic functions. MODDED: Use of most parts mods and certain game mechanics mods are allowed. You NO LONGER HAVE TO ASK if your favorite part pack is allowed! Some parts mods are prohibited. Please see below. Specific Mods: ENTRY SUBMISSION RULES 11. Submit your challenge as an imgur album, with good captions and descriptions, as a video or series of videos, or as a thread in Mission Reports. 12. Pictures or it didn't happen! Please keep the resources tab open, as well as show the informative windows from Mechjeb or KER if you use them. Take a picture of every important moment, including transfers, dockings, landings, stagings, and refuelings. For Jeb's Level, also take pictures of the science screen when you recover your craft. Alternatively, video submissions are a great way to show everyone your mission as well. These will help future participants to see exactly how you accomplished each part! CHALLENGE LEVELS 1ST LEVEL: one Kerbonaut lands on all the moons and come back safely. 1st level low mass and low cost sub-challenges: with stock parts and physics, how low can you go and still accomplish the mission? 2ND LEVEL: two or more Kerbonauts land together on all the moons together and come back safely. 3RD LEVEL: There's not enough time left for training one crew member to be an expert on all of the moons, so five Kerbonauts must go to the mission, with at least one unique Kerbonaut landing on each moon. JEBEDIAH'S LEVEL: collect as much Science as possible! Your score is the number of science points from the Jool system only, returned to Kerbin (not transmitted). Only stock experiments count for this! To score, take pictures of the science screen(s) when you recover the data. Otherwise, the rules are the same as 3rd Level. ISRU: Use of ISRU will get a note ISRU on the entry description in the hall of fame. This includes stock ore harvesting and converting as well as mods such as Kethane and Karbonite. ISRU is allowed for any level of completion. GRAND TOUR: Not officially part of the challenge, but landing on all planets and moons in the Kerbol system in one mission will earn a GRAND TOUR note and the everlasting praise of all of Kerbal kind. Rule 4 is waived, but any Kerbals on the mission cannot return to Kerbin in between any landings and you still must follow the other rules. Additional optional information to help others see how the mission was accomplished: - Which game versions did you use? - What mods did you use, if any? - How many Kerbals are on the mission? - How many launches were needed to start your mission from Kerbin? - How much did your mission cost? - Did you needed a refueling mission? - Did you bring additional stuff like satellites, rovers, etc? - Share the delta-V information too, if you tracked it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, now this big announcement is in the Kerbal News, all the public is excited about this mission and even the Government is watching! Now it's up to you, to the engineers and to the bravest and craziest Kerbonauts of all time! Completion Badge: Anyone who has finished the challenge can add this badge to their signature. The Low Mass Feather badge is available for entries in the low mass sub challenge. 1.2 and 1.3 Hall of Fame 1st Level- DustInTheWind (MODDED, 1.2, reusable nuclear lander, Tylo lander, Laythe plane, 1 refueling mission, also went to Eeloo and Dres, hopes to continue to finish the Ultimate Challenge) Eidahlil (STOCK, 1.2.1, giant 12000 ton asparagus, no docking, no nukes, no jets, launched straight up from Kerbin to a Jool intercept without orbiting first) slouis (MODDED, 1.2.1, long stack of landers and boost stages, assembled in multiple launches, collected 7468 science, 3 crew and 1 on each landing) IncongruousGoat (STOCK, 1.2.2, GRAND TOUR, separate transfer stages for large moon landers, one mothership each for inner and outer planets, ion lander, Eve lander with wings for precision landing) Jetski (MODDED, 1.2.2, GRAND TOUR, bunch of landers bolted together to make the mothership, pancake ion lander, compact Eve lander, no nuclear engines, unconventional outer planet order - Jool > Eeloo > Dres > Duna) HarrySeaward (STOCK, 1.2.2, ISRU, SSTO self refueling plane, separate staged Tylo lander that is also a rover, drove from the equator to the pole on each moon) foobar (STOCK, 1.3, asparagus drop tanks, plane for Laythe, Tylo lander upper stage doubles as small moons lander) Jetski (STOCK, 1.3, drop tanks with only one Nerv, compact command seat landers, ion lander, also visited Eeloo and Dres) Kerolyov (STOCK, 1.2.2, Laythe plane, Tylo lander upper stage doubles as small moons lander, nuclear tug, separate fuel section left in high orbit) jonny (STOCK, 1.3, ISRU, spaceplane with nuclear engine on the nose, 3 crew, small one-seat Tylo lander, plane lands on Vall by flipping to activate Rapiers) Xyphos (STOCK, 1.3, no quicksaves, design for safety, nuclear transfer stage with drop tanks, jet lander with parachutes for Laythe, high dV Tylo lander, reused top stage for Vall, ion lander for Bop and Pol) astrobond (STOCK, 1.3.1, ISRU, bird-like spaceplane with 2 nuclear engines and 2 rapiers, 1 crew, incredibly low cost of 1535 after recovery) PhoenixRise86 (STOCK, 1.3.1, Falcon Heavy inspired launch, universal lander with Laythe and Tylo boosters, 3 crew on mission, no nukes, 3883 science collected) foobar (STOCK, 1.3.1, ISRU, small spaceplane with Tylo lander in cargo bay, no reaction wheels on Tylo lander) Low Mass Challenge- foobar - 28.8 tons astrobond - 32.5 tons jonny - 43.6 tons zanie420 - 53.1 tons Low Cost Challenge- foobar - 63606 funds jonny - 94452 funds zanie420 - 111869 funds astrobond - 120273 funds 2nd Level- DerekL1963 (MODDED, 1.2, big 4-pod mothership, similar short wide Tylo and Laythe landers, moon orbit ferry, mothership parked in Jool orbit) HarrySeaward (STOCK, 1.2.2, ISRU, huge asparagus launch, disposable landers, SRB assisted on Tylo and Vall, main ship mined on Bop and Pol, video) zeta function (STOCK, 1.3, no nuclear engines, asparagus tanks and Mainsail, disposable multistage landers with seats, Laythe rocket lander with Thud engines, rescued Laythe lander using refueling mission) IncongruousGoat (STOCK, 1.3, crew and science pod with modular lander attachments, cage-like mothership keeps landers centered, gravity assists, career with limited tech) 3rd Level- Nefrums (STOCK, 1.2, launched in an SSTO, fully reusable without mining, Laythe plane, all landers packed into a Mk3 cargo bay long+short size) JessShadowheart (STOCK, 1.2, divide and conquer with each lander splitting in Jool SOI and meeting back up afterwards in Tylo orbit, plane to return to Kerbin) IncongruousGoat (STOCK, 1.2, small mothership, Laythe and Tylo landers with their own transfer stages, ion lander for Bop and Pol, mothership parked in Vall orbit) JacobJHC (STOCK, 1.2.1, mothership with many drop tanks, modular ion ferry and command seat landers took the Kerbals to the moons, fixed video here) Magzimum (STOCK, 1.2.1, 25 Kerbals with 5 landing on each moon, interchangeable lander crew/upper stage, Laythe planes deployed from lander, giant mothership refueled at Minmus but did not carry ISRU to Jool) AeroGav (STOCK, 1.2.2, ISRU, 7 Kerbals, large spaceplane carrier, rover, separate Tylo lander, lounge constructed from parts in a cargo bay, razor thin TWR and fuel margins many times) Alchemist (STOCK, 1.3, ISRU, two space shuttles with 4 crew each, Laythe shuttle brought a mobile base and a hydrofoil plane, Tylo shuttle brought onboard ISRU, also completed the Shuttle Challenge V5 and Elcano Challenge) McBalsam (STOCK, 1.3.1, splitting SSTO carrier, small landers each capture to one moon for simultaneous landings, everything recovered, SSTO re-docked for runway landing) Jeb's Level- zanie420 (STOCK, 1.3, ISRU, 56927 Science, small SSTO plane with mining and science equipment, 6 crew, small one-seat Tylo lander) Cpt Kerbalcrunch (STOCK, 1.3, 1510 Science, no nukes or jets, Mk 1-2 pod switched between landers for each moon, 3 Kerbals per landing with 5 total, landers stacked in middle of transfer stages) 1.1 Hall of Fame 1.0 Hall of Fame