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Found 81 results

  1. The contract items reset

    I am now completing the Jool 6 voyage and have completed two of the contract items (the flyby Jool and flyby Laythe). I have set up the manuver node to Dres and started timewarping. But suddenly, the two of the completed contract items turned from 'done' to 'undone'. And they don't turn back. Please help me...
  2. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, or file editing. HyperEdit is allowed for testing but get rid of that H when you fly the real mission! 2. No part-clipping of functional parts (fuel tanks, batteries, crew pods, engines, science parts, SAS) into each other. It is okay to clip structural and non-functional parts, wings, and heat shields. 3. Any number of launches are allowed to assemble the ship in Kerbin orbit. All launches must be flown! 4. There's funding for one main ship only so all the crew, lander(s) and other stuff has to go to Jool as one big ship. The ship can separate once in Jool's SOI. 5. Kerbals must be in a pod or cabin (no seats) for the interplanetary journey. Seats are okay for landing and flying within the Jool system. 6. One refueling mission is allowed in the Jool system if you run out of fuel, unless your ship uses ISRU. The refueling mission can only transfer resources, not parts, to your Jool 5 craft. This mission must actually be flown! 7. On all of the landings, the Kerbal must be able to get out and walk (or swim!) around on the surface. Make sure your ladders work! 8. Use Normal difficulty or harder, except, any ComNet settings are allowed including turning it off completely. 9. All the Kerbals have to arrive back to Kerbin surface at the end of the mission, happy and alive. You are allowed to optionally send up a craft to return them from LKO. 10. Mods / DLC: STOCK: only mods which do not add parts and do not change physics are allowed. This includes any informational, planning, visual, autopilot, or automatic functions. DLC: Any and all DLC made for Kerbal Space Program are allowed. MODDED: Use of most parts mods and certain game mechanics mods are allowed. You NO LONGER HAVE TO ASK if your favorite part pack is allowed! Some parts mods are prohibited. Please see below. Specific Mods: ENTRY SUBMISSION RULES 11. Submit your challenge as an imgur album, with good captions and descriptions, as a video or series of videos, or as a thread in Mission Reports. 12. Pictures or it didn't happen! Please keep the resources tab open, as well as show the informative windows from Mechjeb or KER if you use them. Take a picture of every important moment, including transfers, dockings, landings, stagings, and refuelings. For Jeb's Level, also take pictures of the science screen when you recover your craft. Alternatively, video submissions are a great way to show everyone your mission as well. These will help future participants to see exactly how you accomplished each part! CHALLENGE LEVELS 1ST LEVEL: one Kerbonaut lands on all the moons and come back safely. 1st level low mass and low cost and low parts sub-challenges: with stock parts and physics, how low can you go and still accomplish the mission? 2ND LEVEL: two or more Kerbonauts land together on all the moons together and come back safely. 3RD LEVEL: There's not enough time left for training one crew member to be an expert on all of the moons, so five Kerbonauts must go to the mission, with at least one unique Kerbonaut landing on each moon. JEBEDIAH'S LEVEL: collect as much Science as possible! Your score is the number of science points from the Jool system only, returned to Kerbin (not transmitted). Only stock experiments count for this! To score, take pictures of the science screen(s) when you recover the data. Otherwise, the rules are the same as 3rd Level. ISRU: Use of ISRU will get a note ISRU on the entry description in the hall of fame. This includes stock ore harvesting and converting as well as mods such as Kethane and Karbonite. ISRU is allowed for any level of completion. GRAND TOUR: Not officially part of the challenge, but landing on all planets and moons in the Kerbol system in one mission will earn a GRAND TOUR note and the everlasting praise of all of Kerbal kind. Rule 4 is waived, but any Kerbals on the mission cannot return to Kerbin in between any landings and you still must follow the other rules. Additional optional information to help others see how the mission was accomplished: - Which game versions did you use? - What mods did you use, if any? - How many Kerbals are on the mission? - How many launches were needed to start your mission from Kerbin? - How much did your mission cost? - Did you needed a refueling mission? - Did you bring additional stuff like satellites, rovers, etc? - Share the delta-V information too, if you tracked it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, now this big announcement is in the Kerbal News, all the public is excited about this mission and even the Government is watching! Now it's up to you, to the engineers and to the bravest and craziest Kerbonauts of all time! Completion Badge: Anyone who has finished the challenge can add this badge to their signature. The Low Mass Feather badge is available for entries in the low mass sub challenge. 1.4 Hall of Fame 1st Level- Low Mass Low Cost Low Parts 2nd Level- 3rd Level- Jeb's Level-
  3. Brief This thread will continue the tale of the brave kerbonauts hat traveled to Duna with kerbalism. After the disaster with the Illiad and the success of the Odyssey funding was dialed back on KSC and it would take a new president of United Kerbin to re-ignite the grand tours despite the risks of kerbalism. Time will tell if they are prepared enough. I will update during the mission and it will be picture heavy. Contents 1.) Prologue 2.) An eve-ntful landing 3.) The highway to Eve 4.) The Jupiter disaster 5.) A new place to reach for the stars 6.) To dock or not to dock 7.) The Firebird
  4. Comnet Jool

    So , im on my way to jool. My first polar jool comnet crashed into laythe. This is the setup i use on duna with excellent coverage. Big relays on polar , small relays on equatorial evenly spaced. Any ideas for jool? I have 1 ship with 2 big relays inbound with alot of dV to manuver on jool. Then 4 ships with 3 small relays ( one for pol as my spacestation and refueling will be here)
  5. Jool braking

    Interplanetary speed , think i saw 9000ms at jool burn Im 14 days out of jools periaps. (can warp back but since i have many ships its a lot of extra work) got 2000dV sience/relay sattelite with no heatshield. I manage to catch jools orbit via areobrake and burn. But i always end up with to little dV left to manuver. I see some talk about gravity assist to brake but i cant find the correct one. How do i brake in jools system without using up all dV ? Does not matter if i end up on any other planet.
  6. jool push

    So ive sent my fist probes in and building a comnet. Looking for the best plantet/mun to setup a space station and ore production. Last time i went to duna and did the same job i missed out on the effect of solarpanels. Im guessing jool needs even more panels and for the ore mashine , what solutions do you use there. Pictures appriciated.
  7. This is the record of my first official Joolian mission and the craft, infrastructure, and various steps to make that a reality. I'm not sure if this will be an actual "Jool 5" attempt, although we'll see as it progresses. Mission Goals Design, build, and implement comprehensive space-faring infrastructure to facilitate a kerbaled mission to Jool and its moons Complete the process for the next Joolian transfer window within 1 Year, 96 Days, 4 Hours (Transfer window is Year 2, Day 245) Document key moments in the process via screenshots, specifically milestone achievements, main spacecraft, and orbital infrastructure Mission Objectives Create large-scale space stations, massive transfer vehicle, smaller spacecraft (landers, etc.), and other probes to support the overall mission The mission must travel as a single craft: the Zeus Transfer Vehicle ('ZTV' or 'Zeus'). This will include smaller payloads (craft, satellites, escape pods) all combined into a single launch towards Jool Construction of modules and sub-components for the Zeus must be completed in orbit (more efficient, based on early testing) using RPs manufactured in orbit from metal also processed in orbit. Ore will be ferried to orbit from Kerbin and/or extracted from other local bodies (Minmus, asteroids, etc.) Narrative Elements This mission report will be primarily first person, not really a "role playing" or storytelling document for the parts & pieces of the mission. That said, I hope to communicate with some degree of gravitas the different stages of the evolution of the history of space flight that leads up to the Joolian Mission. Here are some parts of the narrative that I'll document that have inspired our kerbals to undertake the Joolian Mission: First steps into space: "Spirit of Jebediah" spacecraft, first Munar mission Evolution of spaceflight: Mk3 Shuttle Program Vision for Jool: Construction of the 'Olympus' Orbital Facility Early Space-faring Infrastructure: 'The Foundry' Orbital Manufacturing Platform, Minmus Survey Mission Secret Missions and Skunkworks projects from the infamous Helmut Von Kerman (Werner's "evil" twin brother) Gameplay Rules I thought I'd put some thought into basic rules of gameplay that I'll try to follow in this mission. These of course are subject to change (and ignoring if necessary!). HyperEdit shall be used for testing purposes and whenever the Kraken/physics-easing makes things too ridiculous (i.e. if I don't want to re-design) Case in point: Olympus was actually HE'd into orbit after literally 10 attempts to lift off with at least 8 unplanned disassemblies. None successful. All parts mods and other functionality are acceptable (obv). But I'm not using any physics-changing mods or solar system-changing mods, other than OPM. Ore for refining can't come from the VAB via new launches. Since Foundry & Olympus both launched with ore, I'm considering dumping them to recreate the need to fill them. Additional missions for support craft, such as more Mk3 shuttles, additional satellites in the Kerbin system, or unkerballed probes to Jool will be launched from KSC. Larger craft or infrastructure, including material transport ships and ore mining platforms should be built from Foundry. I may do trial-run missions in an "alternate reality", i.e. save games that move forward in time but aren't going to be part of the "prime timeline" (my main save). Case in point: My Joolian Probe test missions are going beyond Year 5 to work out orbital injection, etc. and test spacecraft design. I don't want my other infrastructure sitting around in the meantime, so I'm using alternate saves. [Will add more if I think of them] Special Thanks! Awesome flag artwork by @cratercracker Excellent advice and support: @B-STRK, @Geschosskopf
  8. Jool Rings Mod

    NOTE: if you want rings for all the planets, not just Jool, check out the KSP Ringification Mod. Tired of boring old Jool? Add some rings to it! This mod offers six different ring variants, in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit (almost) everyone! Jupiter style - Grey and relatively faint, with one bright white ring. Based off of the real-life rings of Jupiter. Saturn style - Various shades of green and yellow, with seven distinct zones. Also includes a faint Phoebe ring beyond Tylo's orbit - see if you can spot it! Uranus style - Slim and grey, stretching out towards Tylo. Fainter and less "in yo face" than Saturn style, but more extensive than the Jupiter style. Neptune style - faint and blue. See if you can find them all! J1407b style - yellow and mind-bogglingly massive. X style - who says crossed rings aren't possible? Top tip: you can add rings to Neidon (in the Outer Planets Mod) by going into the config file, changing "Jool" to "Neidon", and changing "AFTER[Kopernicus]" to "AFTER[OPM]". Pictures: J1407b style rings J1407b style from KSC launch pad X style rings Neptune style (around Neidon) More pictures coming soon! Can be downloaded from Spacedock. Make sure you have the correct version of Kopernicus installed! This mod is released under an MIT license.
  9. Rest in Peace Cassini-Huygens Probe As many know, today (at the time of writing) the Cassini Saturn Probe will be completing its mission to the ringed planet in a spectacular grand finale. After spending nearly 20 years in space, Cassini will be plunging into Saturn in an effort to protect potential lifeforms on its moons. It has given us much insight as well as fascinating pictures of Saturn and its moons, and is a scientific marvel. This challenge is to remember and memorialize the Cassini-Huygens Probe. (So its not meant to be super hard, but that's what bonus points are for! ) CHALLENGE INFO Send a probe weighing at least 4 tons to Jool, visit (flyby) at least 1 moon. Then destroy your probe in Jool. *Substitute Jool for Saturn (RSS/RO) or another Saturn alike planet with at least 1 moon for other planet packs *Parts from any publically available mod allowed, as long as they are balanced. (I.E. No 10,000 thrust, 1,000,000 isp engines) Bonus Points Realism - realistic looking probe (screenshot required) Real Scale Solar System - Mission is done with RSS/RO, challenge is exactly the same, but going to Saturn Huygens Lander - send a battery powered lander to Laythe (or Titan for RSS players) That means no solar panels, RTGs or fuel cells! Maneuverer - use a gravity assist to get there Realistic Maneuverer - use 2 Eve gravity assists, followed by a Kerbin one Explorer - Flyby at least 2 of Jool's moons Explorer plus - Flyby every Jool moon Minimalist - entire rocket masses less than 60 tons Maximalist - Largest probe by mass and/or size Direct route - Fastest mission time Badge available! (Thanks CraterCraker for the artwork) GOOD LUCK KERBONAUTS! Don't forget to post your attempts, as well any bonus points in this thread Craft files & screenshots welcome too! -Rev
  10. Welcome To The Andetch X-Series Jool Mission (Stock) Classified Information Follows; Pilots! Kerbin Needs You! Mission to Jool using Andetch X-Series deployment probe. (40 points total available) Primary Objective; Set up a system wide comms-net. (Total of 10 points available, scored on coverage and innovative ideas. Points awarded by forum comunnity) Secondary Objective; Visit as many of the system's celestial objects as possible, parking probes into the orbit. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per object - Jool Orbit does not score points) Tertiary Objective; Land on as many of the system's celestial objects as possible. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per landing) Bonus Objective - Jool Dive, because every kerbal wants to know whether there really is marshmallow inside! (5 points) Post your submission as directed! (5 points) I know there are 101 missions to Jool, what with it being like a mini solar system right on the outskirts of Kerbol. This mission is my theoretical mission to start colonizing Jool; ultimately this will be a career mode launch. Establishing a network is my logical first step before sending crew/tourists. (I have played out the majority of this mission to test capabilities of the craft). Points available are listed with the objectives. To get started download the craft from Kerbal-X here! (No accounted needed to download, but you should get an account - it is an awesome resource!) Use the Andetch X-Series, some minor tweaking allowed to correct any design flaws that you may uncover. Quick saves are probably needed - We trust you will not cheat! Adding more probes is not allowed! Take an image of the map screen with network showing. Take images of the vessel showing the celestial object you are orbiting in the background and then a map view screenshot to show the orbit. Take an image of the vessel landed on the celestial object. Take an image of the vessel deep within Jool's atmosphere. Put all the images in an album (imgur is what I use) and post like this; (One image full sized as a cover image - not including the album - for your submission is fine, we just do not want the post getting too long with loads of images!)
  11. so today I wanted to go to Jool, so I built a probe and went there good day, no more info, that's all you need! okay FINE YOU CAN HAVE YOUR PICTURES! Behold! Joolo I! a masterpiece, with the NERV as the main engine, and the main rocket having enough DV to get this to orbit! Joolo I accidentally dropped into the atmosphere and we had to make a new one, looks like a Delta IV Heavy, this is a very basic rocket, I think around 13 parts for the entire booster, so no lag inducing! it flies really goodly, but I hit the launch clamps on the way up so it did something to the ascent it actually has good gimballing, so NO FINS FOR YOU! I don't know what that is from, the internet? it has so much DV that if the asparagus staging doesn't count as a stage I have a SSTO! so I get to have the entire second stage as my transfer stage! no filthy 3 stage rockets! you can see Joolo I, but I left it mid atmospheric flight so it isn't of any use to us for some reason the first stage got ahead of us, this is it flying past us and TRANSFER BEGIN! TRANSFER CONTINUE! NERV STAGE TRANSFER CONTINUE! here's our trajectory! also you can see its now THE sun and transfer end! hey Kerbin, where ya goin'? Kerbin? KERBIN? KERBIIIIIIIIIIIIN?? KERBIN WHERE DID YOU GOOOOOO?!?!?!?!? WHERE DID KERBIN GO? were pretty high up, I wonder what would happen if the sun suddenly had an atmosphere...? no this didn't start out as a reference to your mod, but sure, why couldn't it end up as one @sambelanger? I think you can see Jool in this picture "Hey, uhh guys, what's that small green splotch in the distance?" "Guys, the splotch is getting bigger!" "GUYS THE SPLOTCH IS PRETTY BIG NOW "THAT IS ONE BIG SPLOTCH!!" "okay, you guys should really be able to see the splotch now, I think the splotch has some orbiting orbs..." "the splotch is my target? whos stupid idea was that? its only green! that's all you need to know!" "this splotch is pretty big, okay FINE, I'll call it JOOL!!" "hey I can see a blue moon! I'll name it Joe!'' starting the insertion burn, we've had enough of the speaking probe! extremely loose orbit, but YAY! ORBIT! I think that there is some moons in this picture the problem with the extremely loose orbit is that it takes FOREVER to do anything inclination burn for our 3 main targets! Laythe, Vall, and Tylo! this isn't my first time going to Jool, but the other time was about 6 months ago, and I now have a brain for doing this 3200m/s at periapsis, and around 150m/s at apoapsis, a kind of big difference Vall encounter! hooray! look at it! very low! so low! NOT LOW ENOUGH! interestingly enough, the entire mission so far was done without Val's knowledge, up until this photo, Val walked in as we got this photo, and now she is on the Launchpad about to go to Jool herself. we should go stop her... pretty pictures... its big...and blueish... AAAHHH!! TOO BIG!! TOO BIG!!! getting closer to Periapsis! I wonder if those patches of darker blue are like Minmus' flats, it would make a good place for a base! if I could make bases... okay little microbes that hitchhiked, if you look out your left side, you will see a planet covering your entire view, if you look out your right side, you will see barren space here is a picture of Jool, a tad bit obstructed ahh, there's our friend Jool! currently the mission is around T+3 years 144 days, so it takes a bit of time to get to Jool our next victim is in our sights, Laythe, HOW DARE THEY TRY TO COPY KERBIN, GLORY TO KERBIN!!! welcome to Orbital Mechanics 101, our first lesson, this mess: hi laythe!! we're going to get you!! this is pretty, I might be one of the only ones but I like the stock visuals (mostly because I cant get the graphic mods to work...) LOOK AT THE STOCK GRAPHICS UNTIL IT LOOKS BETTER IN YOUR EYES!! hey, aren't there supposed to be islands on this planet? hello? islands? HELLOOOO? ahh, there they are! I'll name the lowest one Joeland, the trapezoid Trapezoidberg, and the other two are Island Chain 1 and 2 BYE LAYTHE! and with this mess, I'll stop here, I still have 3/5 moons to go to, and I have no idea how to inclination, I think I have around 3000-7000DV remaining (I asparagused the exo probe tanks) so I could get the inclination with brute force, or I could use Tylo, which I still have to go to
  12. So far all the moons in the Kerbal system orbit the same direction around a planet. We need some variety. I think it would be great if some moons orbited in a different direction than others. That is, some moons orbit retrograde while others orbit prograde. This would work especially well with Jool's moons, since Jool has the most moons of any planet in the Kerbal system and Jool's real-life counter part, Jupiter, has moons that orbit in opposite directions. This might complicate achieving encounters with some moons, but i think we all enjoy a challenging mission. The orbits of Jupiter's satellites (above)
  13. Hmmmmmm I need a plot device to start this off......... Year 3, day 239. Tracking station, KSC. Bob Kerman was looking over the latest astrometry read-outs on the jool system, while he was observing the orbital resonances, he noticed something anomalous between Laythe and Tylo, something defiantly out of the ordinary, disrupting the orbits of both of the planet-moons in a very regular fashion, causing a very interesting orbital resonance of both of the moons, eyes widening, he knew exactly what was happening, another planet-moon, orbiting between Laythe and Tylo, he rushed to the mission control room (during their coffee break), and they agreed to the mission, although bob personally thought that Wherner, and Gene agreed to just shut him up, so they could finish their coffee break in peace. The VAB team started work on a latest pod design, named (very colorfully) Eggshell 2, no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, shall ever speak of Eggshell 1 since it`s last few test flights. With the rocket put together with ample amounts of superglue, duct tape, and coffee, it was rolled out to the launch pad on a Eggshell booster. After a beautiful lift-off from launchpad K-19, it began its graceful gravity turn, into Kerbin`s summer clouds After a successful launch (the first one since the cursed Eggshell-1), they proceeded to test out the crafts maneuverability in orbit, and it`s OMS engine And with much bickering about Bob`s mustache distracting bill, they prepared for re-entry Then as they felt the gees from re-entry slowly creep up, They continued bickering, but did not realize one very, very important thing..... They forgot a parachute! So, Bill being Bill, he decided to channel his inner para-trooper, and jump out <CLASSIFIED> <REMOVED FROM TEXT> <NO!> After a very long fall, both bob, and bill survived, bob being the lucky one, he survived with only a very wet mustache as a injury... Bill, on the other hand had to be carted away in a charter boat that the kerbals use for recovery. And this, was the end of the first (mainly successful) test flight of Eggshell-1
  14. HRO shuttles, originally designed for some advanced levels of STS challenge, now join together for even more daring mission than before Launch sequence First is HRO-M03 with all the deployable vehicles. Including the Elcanoplan 2 strapped on its back Barely enough thrust for takeoff (and that's with payloads having the tanks practically dry). I even activated the main engine of the Elcanoplan, but that didn't seem to make much difference either. Those boosters barely miss the tail wings (just don't forget to set SAS to prograde) Also waited a bit after the tank ran dry before separating it - to wait for the ship to get a bit more balanced (orbiter's tanks are set to drain from the tail first) 55 km? Eh, this isn't Laythe yet! Also forgot to ignite OMS OMS + upper pair of main engines = the best balanced solution with this payload. One ship in orbit OK, now to the second launch... What the Kraken?!! OK, After a tweak to the clamps... let's pretend that didn't happen HRO-M takes off a bit easier, despite having full payload bay as well Looks like we launched a bit too early Well, raise the apoapsis a bit higher and let's meet in one orbit Let's align... and wait for some sunlight Despite the size, HRO is quite good at docking. If you don't rush. (Hey, it's called Heavy Recovery Orbiter - what else could you expect?) This position will provide the best balancing And in couple passes we get the transfer to... somewhere green But this is... Anyway, let's get into polar orbit. By the way, HRO-M also has the scanner antenna in the bay Going down This modification of HRO-M has got some landing upgrades from the latest version of HRO-M03 And a full mining rig in the bay Minmus means "mine me", doesn't it? And a few days later... And in the meantime HROM-03 changed to equatorial orbit - so here's the direct intercept with it There's enough to fully fill all LFO and ore tanks of the craft in orbit So let's make another run down - this time at the equator And after refuel... Who needs atmosphere for horizontal takeoff? And back together - with plenty of fuel Transfer And over 300 days later... (yeah, completely missed the window) What's the best way for Minmus-Jool transfer? Oberth effect! Say goodbye to Kerbin! And a couple years later... Let's just capture into Laythe-Pol transfer orbit What a view! And then, since there seems to be enough fuel to reach the destinations independently, let's separate the ships Oh, hey there! Has anybody checked for running into Vall? Now to pass by Tylo - barely missing its SOI (turned to get better solution than with slingshots) and we are getting to the destination Let's capture with rocket engines, and then release the mapsat - it will change plane at apoapsis Now, to lower the orbit... the shuttle way Strangely enough, the moment you get in, it feels about as much (if not more) drag as on the same altitude on Kerbin. Just don't forget to stabilize the orbit Low Laythe orbit achieved! Next phase - going down there
  15. Aliens of the Jool System

    Could there be life in the Jool System? I know Squad has said "no aliens", but if there were, what might they look like? How would they survive? You can say what you think it would be like, but here are my ideas. Jool-Complex chemical reactions in the atmosphere, but no life...yet. Laythe-Extremely complex multi-celled and unicellular biosphere. Most life is in the oceans, as radiation from Jool makes it hard to live on land. Despite this, life thrives under the surface, as the sand and rock protects from radiation. Vall-Life thrives deep underground in a vast subsurface ocean as well as subsurface lakes in the ice sheet. Tylo-Simple unicellular life in lava tubes. Bop-No life..what do you mean by "kraken"? Pol-No life
  16. The time has come for Kerbal-kind to leave our small blue oasis on Kerbin and venture out into the great beyond - to the unknown worlds that beckon us from afar like silent lanterns adrift in the night. We are resolved to go to Jool! To unlock the secrets of the unknown, and hopefully also to come back! Prologue: What follows is my account of the planning, execution and aftermath of the Magellan mission to the Jool system in my career save. I have spend the majority of my time playing KSP within the Kerbin system visiting the Mun and Minmus ad nauseum, and unlocking most of the tech tree. Besides Duna, I have never visited any other body in a career save. My goal in this career is to send missions to visit all the celestial bodies in the Kerbol system. Some will be manned and some unmanned. With a Jool transfer window approaching in 41 days, I have decided to take a bold step towards this goal by sending a crew of valiant (or maybe daft) kerbals to this giant green world and her moons. Magellan Mission The Magellan mission will take after the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan in attempting a feat which has never before been done (by me). To send a manned mission to the Jool system, take science data on all the worlds therein and return to Kerbin. I'm calling this a Jool-4.5 mission because unlike the Jool-5 mission reports from challenges, there will be no flags or footprints on Tylo, instead I will have a probe land and report back with science data. But the rest of the moons will be visited by Kerbals. Here is the mission patch for the Magellan Mission : The patch shows the silhouettes of Jool, Laythe, Val and Tylo against a backdrop of stars and backlit by the sun as the spacecraft flies by. It is modeled after the STS-41 mission patch. The motto is latin for "To the stars through adversity", and was totally Magellan's rallying cry on his voyage something I thought sounded cool. This mission report is primarily for my own benefit, as something to look back on when this mission is over, but I hope others will find it enjoyable as well. I intend to chronicle my thinking as it relates to mission planning, vehicle design and testing and mission execution in a matter of fact way, and not to write a story or a novel. Right now, I'm not planning to do much if any roleplaying from a Kerbal standpoint, but who know maybe I will get carried away later on. Notes about my playstyle: At this stage, I have designed the vehicle and a rough sketch of the mission plan. I build and test all my vehicles in a sandbox save and then copy the craft files to my career save. For testing purposes, I am allowing myself cheats to get the vehicle into LKO, but no testing will be done in the Jool system. This will hopefully force me to think more carefully about what conditions I will encounter at Jool and will preserve the newness of the experience for me when I actually fly the mission in my career save. I do use quite a few mods, but no part mods (aside from SCANSAT). The mods that I use fall under one of three categories: (1) Visual enhancements (2) Sounds/Effects to increase immersion and (3) Gameplay tools (ie KER) What's Next: In the next posts I will be showcasing the design of the spacecraft, and possibly doing some on-orbit testing. Once I unlock all the parts I need in my career save we will get onto the meat of the mission.
  17. There should be an easter egg, or something at the center of Jool. The planet is so interesting and so... Kerbally. There should be something inside of Jool.
  18. I'm planing a manned Jool mission for my career save. The focus will be on extracting as much sweet, sweet science as possible from the Jool system before returning home to Kerbin. I'm going to use a NERV powered main mothership with 3 daughter landers to cover all the moons. (The Tylo lander will be an unmanned one-way trip!) Since this will be my first visit to Jool, I'm not sure what to expect for dV requirements after I capture into the Jool SOI. For a conservative estimate, I could simply add up all the numbers from the KSP delta-V map to get intercepts with each moon including the plane change amounts. This assumes (1) that the parent body will be Jool every time (2) no gravity assists from the other moons and (3) no daughter vehicles. With this in mind, do people have a ballpark number for the delta-v requirements to encounter all Joolian moons? I'm looking for rough estimates as a gut-check for my planning purposes, preferably from those who have done similar missions. I should also mention that I'm not planning to do any resource extraction, but I might need to if the dV requirements are too high.
  19. I am having trouble getting large payloads to Jool. My payload is a 50 tonne base segment that I want to land on Vall. The payload is capable of landing itself from an orbit of Vall, but my problem is getting it there in the first place. With a 50 tonne payload, adding LV-N's on a stage below it usually results in an extra delta V of around 1000 maximum. Adding more can get that up to around 3000 Delta-V but by then I am lifting around 150 tonnes into LKO which I cannot seem to do even with the large Kerbodyne parts. I've thought of some ideas, such as breaking it into multiple sections, brute-forcing it with loads of Kerbodyne engines, and Asparagus, but have not tried any out yet. I would like to keep the overall cost relatively low, anything under 1mil will be fine. I do have refuelling depots at Minmus and Duna, if those are of any help. Any ideas on how I could get large payloads to far places like Vall?
  20. Jools ''surface''

    Hello. I don't have any experience with making mods AT ALL, but i do have an idea. A mod that kinda adds a surface to Jool. Its actually just clouds, but it acts like water. It is not flat, just random clouds starting at a height of approximality of 1KM. If you manage to have such a heavy ship or use engines, or just somehow sink until 100M, the clouds will stop, and you will fall out of them. and on 50M, an ocean appears. This ocean is the last layer of Jool, and continues until the -250M mark, then your ship will, as always, explode on that height. BUT there is even more! if you manage to somehow accelerate to 200m/s and go through -250M, you will appear on a tiny rock, 10KM the size, and is the core of Jool. it's small, but if you take a surface sample,you will get 7.000 science points. Let me know what you think!
  21. Outer of My Ideas: Rings For Laythe One or Multipes Moonlets For Laythe a Flag For Laythe a New Continent (Called Brazilen) a New (unnamed)Mon for Jool a Empty Space Station(Easter Egg) Montains For Laythe and a Great Spot For Jool
  22. I have been playing for KSP for about 5 years and I finally managed to do a manned trip to Jool! My trip:
  23. Simple enough, got inspiration from the Jool 5 mission. All you have to do is land on all of Voon's moons. Required: KSS (duh) Scatterer EVE Yeah so. Do it! P.S: After you are done, throw the probe into Voon, protocol demands that there is no space junk!
  24. Laho Butterfly Challenge This one requires some mods: Kerbol Starsystems Near Future Tech Scatterer EVE Pretty basic, the challenge is to do the to following: 1) Unmanned flyby of Laho 2) Unmanned orbit of Laho 3) Returning research probe from Laho 4) Relay around Laho 5) Manned flyby 6) Parachuting probe 7) Lander probe 8) Manned orbit 9) Probe mine 10) Return probe landing 11) Probe refueling station (needs at least 2 modules. Cargo holds are accepted if you have KIS, but there is no real need. You could also use the other low gravity moons for that. 12) Manned station 13) Manned landing 14) Base and planet a flag next to it, take a screenshot (F12) and post below! 15) Terraform it? Step 6 example.
  25. BROWN DWARF JOOL CHANGES JOOL INTO A BROWN DWARF AND REARRANGES ITS SYSTEM TO LOOK MORE LIKE A SYSTEM OF PLANETS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celestial Bodies: JOOL: Jool is now a small T-type brown dwarf. TYLO: The first planet is Tylo, a hot, atmosphereless, and dead world orbiting closest to Jool. LAYTHE: The second planet is Laythe, a sanctuary for Kerbalkind around Jool. POL: Laythe's moon, Pol, is tidally stretched by both Laythe and Jool, creating a small yet volcanicly active moon. VALL: The third and final planet is Vall, a small, cold world with no atmosphere orbiting far from Jool. BOP: Vall's moon, Bop, is a relatively large asteroid orbiting closely to Vall, but since Vall is smaller than Laythe, it isn't pulled and stretched too much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to: Nobody, I just had an idea and played around with it for a few days, and voila! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Dwarf Jool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependencies: Kopernicus (Packaged with mod)