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Found 6 results

  1. Here we go! Read all of the Prelude (Also Sprach Jebediah) and Chapter One here. Read all of Chapter Two (A Capital Idea) here. Read all of Chapter Three (Of Moons and Madness!) here. Read the whole Plan Kappa Crossoverlude here Read Interlude Indigo here Read Bill's Engineering Updates here (a semi-canonical, 4th wall busting log of the ship design/development process) Read all of Chapter Four (Intrepid Away!) here. Read all of Chapter Five (Flight Operations) here. Read all of Chapter Six (Rising Up) here. Read all of Chapter Seven (Tanks, and Farewell) here. Read the Evil Interlude "Military Intelligence" here. Read all of Chapter Eight (Inside, Out) here. Read all of Chapter Nine (Collision Course) here. Read the komplett Zwischenspiel hier. This important interlude about "the year before Year Zero" began with this post. Read all of Chapter Ten (Jool At Last!) here. Chapter 11 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eleven (Going In, and Going Down) here. Chapter 12 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Twelve (One Moon At A Time) here. The Interlude "A Cowardly Capture" appeared in this post. Chapter 13 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Thirteen (All These Worlds Are Yours) here. Chapter 14 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fourteen (Veni, Vidi, Vale) here. Chapter 15 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fifteen ("Til You Drop) here. The Interlude "Endgame Studies" began with this post. Chapter 16 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Sixteen (Now I Lay Thee Down) here. Chapter 17 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Seventeen (Cracks in the Mirror) here. Chapter 18 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eighteen (Action Stations!) here. Chapter 19 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Nineteen (Their Finest Hour) here. The Interlude "(zero) gee club" appeared in this post. Chapter 20 began with this post. Read what there is of Chapter Twenty (Endgame, Part One) here. So, rather than make everyone wait for me to test all the ships and get everything right, I figured I'd take you along for the R&D ride. Hope you enjoy!
  2. I blame all this on Jool-5 This is a simple mission report for the Ultimate Challenge Thread (because my last attempt ran out of fuel), and this marks the 2nd time I do a full Grand Tour in succession, and my 3rd Jool-5 because I can't seem to stay away. All of this started because I saw the Jool-5 thread, and skipped my actual Jool-5 run on my Career Save, and started a new mission. It was accepted for the Jool-5 thread, but not the other one. This run seeks to fix that. And just to up the scales, since my last one use ISRU and yet ran out of fuel around Moho, this one doesn't require any refuelling at all. Let's begin, shall we? Mods: MechJeb, BetterTimeWarp, TAC Fuel Balancer, Precise Node, Kerbal Engineer Redux, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer Window Planner, EVE, Spectra Visual Compilation, Planetshine Part 1: 'A journey of a thousand stars begins with a single launch' One day, the KSP administration decides to send Derton Kerman on a Kerbol Grand Tour because ... reasons! So they work quickly and finish all their testing and building in 90 minutes (yay) Here are the ships being used in the mission. Albatross Mk2 - The second iteration of the Albatross design, it is an Ion tug designed to haul my other lander just about anywhere. It has limited battery charge for it generally uses the other lander's charge, but its okay. The chute you see the Laythe Module, a small part with a Chute and Docking port only to land on Atmo planets. Hummingbird Mk3 - The 3rd version of the Hummingbird lander, its an all purpose Ion Lander, designed to land just about anywhere from Vall and smaller. This results in a pretty heavy ion lander, but it can land on Vall and Moho, so I ain't complaining. The LEVE-Mk5 - This took me a while to make and while this isn't perfect, this should LEave eVE no problem. It's atleast lighter than my average Eve lander... Staraptor Mk6 - This was the hardest to make and test, and it suffered a major design change at Mk4, in order to optimize the weight of the craft. Its only designed to land and take off from 3 bodies - Duna, Tylo and Laythe. It combines with the Laythe module to land on Laythe. A major problem with the craft is that it suffers from serious yaw instability, especially at low fuel levels and high speeds - I was unable to fix this, but it is still able to land and take off, so no harm no foul? The Regulus Alpha Mk5 - A Mothership, which took 5 tries to optimized so that it carried less fuel but nicely packs in every ship I need to. It has large Xenon reserves, as well as a calculated amount of LF, which should be enough to finish the Grand Tour, but not necessarily get back... Here's a launcher I strapped together. Its quite smaller than I expected it to be. Final mass: 776 tons Derton, you have been selected as the lucky pilot of this mission! Yay! The ship on the Launchpad. And off we go!
  3. Orginal challenge topic: KSP version 1.3, mods used for 'stock' category (preapproved) [X] Science BetterBurnTime Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb2 Precise Node Transfer Window Planner SSTO with IRSU, single launch Crew: Jeb, Val, Bill, Bob, and Sam (room for 1 more) Vessel mass was 53,139 kg at a cost of $111,869 funds Imgur album seems not to be embedding correctly, here is the link Mission synopsis: Launched from KSP runway and achieved LKO using rapiers Transfered to Minmus using LV-N, landed and refueled Waited for Jool window, used return to Kerbin to kick out to Jool encounter Jool science acquired Tylo gravity assist to Bop, Tylo science acquired Landed on Bop, refueled several times jumping about the biomes and collecting all the science, planted flag Transferred to Tylo, lowered orbit to 8km, Val used disposable lander, surfaced, got reports, planted flag, almost got back to orbit, finished with EVA prop Rendezvous and rescued Val, transferred to Laythe aerocapture, landed and refueled several times collecting science from island biomes, planted flag Transferred to Pol, landed and refueled several times jumping about the biomes and collecting all the science, planted flag Transferred to Vall, landed and refueled several times, collecting science from 6 biomes, planted flag Launched with full oxidizer load and got to orbit, transferred to circular orbit of Jool, transferred to Kerbin aerocapture, landed on Kerbin
  4. Failed Level 3 mission report with fun observations that just might help other intrepid explorers: I have almost 1,400 hours on KSP according to Steam, how did I live without Precise Maneuver before now? Single lauch of a six crew, 269T, 157 part mothership with landers to a 397km orbit with 7530 m/s of delta v ready for trans-Jool burn The boosters were not recovered Conics gave me iffy predictions again. Combined with the inherent issues with low TWR ejection burns, it cost extra delta V to get a Jool encounter The Thermal Control System panels are a lot more efficient than I remember. One medium for every two nukes is now overkill I lucked out with a Laythe/Tylo assisted gravity capture that helped save some delta V Hmm, getting in Jool orbit with a low inclination still cost about 900 m/s more than I expected Tylo wasn't too bad, got it on the second try with a starting TWR of only 1.06. Used about 940 delta v to get the mothership into a low eccentricity orbit to save the lander some grief Theoretically, I get this back plus some once I loose the Tylo descent stage and fuel from the ascent stage / Vall lander Start you descent burn after the highlands I was just 88 delta v short on the lander to intercept the mothership. The mothership finished the rendezvous Docking in a cargo bay was more of a challenge than I anticipated, only 2 units of monoprop remained The Kraken struck on my successful Laythe attempt My first Laythe attempt was a 540 m/s transfer burn and 14 m/s after aerobraking for capture -- Sweet! Eight aerobrake orbits to burn off speed with the lander Bill and his trusty probe core stuck the glide landing like a champ Hmm, quicksave seems to be behaving oddly I need to recover science from the Tylo lander can while waiting for a good launch window, hey, what happened to my refueling tank for Vall? Did it go *poof* inside the closed cargo bay? Okay, quicksave and load previous ones to see where it was last located Black screen crash to desktop. Rinse, repeat Woohoo! Got one to load! Oh, I still have to rendezvous in Tylo orbit The best transfer burn I could find at this point was 760 m/s Every other attempt included a crash to desktop, poor Bill going *poof* inside the service bay, or the loss of my Big-S wing strakes Note to self: just because a SSTO design handles Kerbin like a champ, doesn't mean it will work for Laythe My earliest quicksave for the mission was in orbit, not on the launch pad, so recovery and redesign is not possible Orbital re-configuration is iffy since the Laythe lander is attached via decoupler, not docking port. I do, however have a Clamp-o-tron Sr on the stern for potential refueling, but the role player in me doesn't like this option. Additionally, by the time I managed an orbital rendezvous, I would probably miss this transfer window since my TJI burn started six minutes after booster drop. I used the large 3.75M command pod and the 2.5M engine cluster with pass-through tunnel from Near Future Spacecraft, a structural 2.5M to 0.675M x 2 adapter from Near Future Construction, and Modular Fuel Tanks to swap Ox for LF in the Mk3 adapter tanks. Information mods are Precise Maneuver, MJ, KAC, KER, Transfer Window Planner, and Docking Port Alignment Indicator. If anyone besides me wants to see this ship design, and getting it into orbit, they can... Click here for purdy pictur's I have another 50 screenshots of TJI, capture, Tylo landing, and Laythe failures that I won't be uploading since imgur likes to re-order stuff randomly. Back to the drawing board, probably in a sandbox this time...
  5. Hello, I'd like to post here updates of my attempt on Jool5 challenge - First: My design to get there: Filippa: Laythe SSTO: (didnt load to the gallery somehow)
  6. ISRU Rhino SSTO Explorer Mk1 Jool 5 Mission Hi All Here is the Mission Report of a new try for the ISRU Level of The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge - continuation for KSP 1.0! , my first try since the 1.05 update ! I started a new career in hard mode, so the challenge is a little harder in ISRU version, because of the restricted Ore availability... To be efficient, i wanted to do a SSTO ship with 4 Kerbals ( The Orange Suits boys and girl ), the minimum of fuel, two big drills and a big converter to avoid long mining time. BTW, that's the first mission to Jool in this carreer, so i also needed the full science pack... FOR SCIENCE !, and to find good Ore spots. After a looong brainstorming and simulation testing (Thank's HyperEdit ), i ended with this ship: The ISRU Rhino SSTO Explorer Mk1 ! ( <--- Craft file here) 235t., 82parts, 225097funds, 1 Rhino, 2 Vectors (to help Kerbin ascent, and if a boost is needed), 16155LF and 19475Ox. The Vac. Dv of this ship fully fuelled is 4719m/s with the three engines On, and 4836m/s with the Rhino only. The only mod used in this mission: KER. One launch, no sats, no rovers, just 4 Kerbals and a ship Total cost of the mission: 225097 - 201775 = 23322 funds ! Now, it's time to go... First chapter of the mission: To Jool ! In this chapter, the Kerbin ascent, Minmus Journey, ISRU refueling, and first burn to Jool System Second chapter of the mission: Vall and Laythe ! In this chapter, the Jool System insertion, the Scanning of Ore and the Landing on Vall and Laythe Third chapter of the mission: Bop and Tylo ! In this chapter, from Laythe to Bop, and... Tylo Fourth and last chapter of the mission: Pol and Kerbin ! In this chapter: from Tylo to Pol, and back to Kerbin ! Fly safe with Valentina !