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Found 2 results

  1. The JPL built Mars rovers have all used a "Rocker Bogie" suspension system, which allows all 6 wheels to remain grounded. Though, I've built this type of thing in Besiege, and even in VR with Fantastic Contraption, I've never made one in KSP. After installing Infernal Robotics, and having free spinning washers, I realized I finally could. It's called a Rocker Bogie, because it uses 2 wheel bogies (like on a train), which are connected with rockers. There pivot points are completely unpowered, with just gravity keeping the 6 wheels on the ground. My previous Besiege build used a differential gear similar to the one on Spirit and Opportunity to keep the rover body upright. Without gears, I ended up making a Differential Bar, like what was used in Sojourner and Curiosity. Here's some quick clips of the thing. First up is my proof of concept rovering around Kerbal Space Center. Though robust, I could still use bigger wheels. Hopefully, getting this thing on Mun will help me get more science to further unlock the tech tree. In order to get it to fit a bit better into a 2.5m rocket with the smaller fairings (haven't unlocked 3.75m yet), I opted to use some Infernal Robotics sorcery to make it fit, along with taking advantage of the free spinning rear bogie to stow up unpside down. I also loaded it with the life support parts I needed for a long stay, as I'm running MKS. And here it is on Mun. I've never seen a "Lode," so I landed near one and checked it out. At that point, I was just under 300km away from Munar Station Ada Lovelace. So time to start roving. I was expecting it to be a tedious drive, so I've been working on a Rover Autopilot system made in kOS. I've been playing with PID Controls for Cruise Control. Problem is, I tuned it around flat ground near KSC, but it needs a lot of adjusting for the hilly terrain on Mun. I'm averaging about 5m/s, so it'll be a while. About half way to the station now.
  2. Kerbal Aeronautical Laboratories is essentially a clone of University of California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The idea is that we will create a list of unsolved engineering problems, and find ways to solve them. This project hopefully will also possibly be connected to ZooNamedGames' Real Space Program. If you want to sign up, just say so, and I will PM you.