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Found 2 results

  1. Show off your junk

    We all have all kinds of debris drifting around the solar system. I am up to about 37 parts not counting all the probe cores i used to build my space station and a couple empty fuel tankers. So track some down and take a picture so we can see what is drifting through your system. This must be from one of my lunar missions, though how it made it all the way down to kerbin in one piece is beyond me. This is a booster from my orbital survey of minmus, funny thing is it is my first interplanetary probe because it is on its way to Duna. This must have been out there a long time, i can't remember the last time i used a big orange for anything.
  2. It just occurred to me: KSP is basically a game-ified throwback to an obscure 1970s TV show: Salvage One! Check out the trailer and judge for yourself! I remember being enthralled by this show when I was a kid and thinking "I wanna do that some day". Perhaps that's why I find KSP so addictive? -Slashy