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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Kerbal Bracket Challenge! A New Challenge By Johnster Space Program! In the kerbal bracket challenge, 8 users will be competing to be the champion in a series of challenges for each round! In a bracket style chart. But first, the rules! Rules: 1. No cheating (No SFS Editing, No Mod Menu, Etc.) 2. Time Must Be Set To Kerbin Time! 3. No Mods (Except KER) 4. You MUST show Video (YT) or Photographic Evidence 5. Weight In Tons of Craft For Rounds 1 and 2 Must Be 150t or Under 6. Command Seats ARE Allowed Point Scoring (For Round 3) - Best Design: +10 points - Fastest Time From Launch To Docking: +40 points - Every Crew Member Onboard After 1: +25 points - Every 1000 Funds Less Than 150000 in cost (including launcher): + 20 points Timeline: Time To Complete Round 1 - 1 week Time To Complete Round 2 - 6 days Time To Complete Round 3 - 5 days Ok Now That We Got That Out of the way, lets move on to the challenge! So, Before The Competition Can Begin, I Need 8 Users To Participate (Once I Have 8, anyone else wanting to join will have to wait until the first competition ends) Also, the challenge is to see who can complete each challenge in the fastest time possible (in kerbin time like rescuing a kerbal) or in some cases, the most impressive! Competition 1 (Users Participating): @Johnster_Space_Program, @Mythical Donuts, @bayesian_acolyte, @Aeroboi, @GRS Here is what the bracket currently looks like (3 spots for R1 left): And these are the badges you can get depending on how far you get: And last of all, the winner badge: To everyone that participates, good luck! Here is each round and what you will have to do, specified (some will require using a .sfs file that I have created): Round 1 - Jeb's Munar Rescue Oh no, looks like jeb got himself stuck on the mun! You need to rescue him, but in the quickest time possible! Rescue him and bring him back to kerbin in 5 days or less... Objectives: 1. Get to the mun. 2. Land and rescue jeb. 3. Bring jeb back to kerbin safetly as fast as possible. Round 2 - Minmus Express Johnster, Max, and Jim Kerman want you to bring them to minmus and back, but in the quickest possible time. Make their trip an express to minmus and back. Objectives: 1. Have Johnster, Max and Jim Kerman Onboard. 2. Bring Them To Minmus, Into Low Minmus Orbit. 3. After bringing them to Minmus orbit, bring them back to kerbin as fast as possible! Round 3 - A Module For A Station Kerbals have recently put a station in kerbin orbit and need one more piece docked. You will launch and dock your custom built piece to the station, make it as impressive as you can! Objectives: 1. Must Have A Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port 2. Must Dock With Kerbin Station 3. Must have RCS and SAS Control, And Liquid Fuel Winner - TBA