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Found 1 result

  1. This is a story set in @0111narwhalz's Kerbal Future universe. I'm saying this now to avoid confusion. Got it? Okay, let's get started! --- C://kerbfleetcommand/ships/shardclass/kssodyssey/shiplogs/captainslog/2254.753.txt: KSS Odyssey, Captain's Log. KerbDate: 2254.753. We're 55 systems into our 100 system survey mission. We're cruising at warp speed towards the next system. It doesn't have a name yet, just its catalog number: J04379-22568. This system is kinda special: the central star is a black hole! To be honest, there's no chance that any of the planets are habitable, but they may have mineral deposits to mine! -Captain Ludgas Kerman --- C://kerbfleetcommand/ships/shardclass/kssodyssey/shiplogs/navslog/2254.754.txt: KSS Odyssey, Navigator's Log. KerbDate: 2254.754. We've arrived in the J04379-22568 system. Everything looks OK, but we do have an anomaly. I've double-checked, it's not a sensor glitch. We've found what appears to be a perfect blackbody, a sphere ~350 km in diameter. Spectral scans match no known material. Captain's sending an away team. I wonder what this thing could be... -Navigator Alfond Kerman --- A metal panel slid back into the hull of the starship, and slowly moved towards the engines. When it stopped, an opening was in the side of the ship. There was a puff of gas, and a cylindrical object backed out of the starship. The front was a cupola, with windows all around. There was piping visible in a section behind it, and RCS and RTGs dotted the craft. There were Hitchhicker cans in the central section, and a docking port/airlock in the rear. Radial engines were arranged around the rear. There was a burst of flame from the engines, and the shuttle set out for the strange object. An hour or two later, the shuttle had traversed the gap between the ship and the object (the ship had "parked" (matched velocities) 100 km away). It pulled up next to the object, and spacesuited figures emerged. They quickly got their bearings, and the Kerb in charge yelled, "Breaching charges, standard detonation!" A series of bangs followed, and they got out their climbing gear and rappelled down the opening. --To be finished soon!--