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Found 2 results

  1. Manhattan Airport Ksp Latest: 1.11 Manhattan International Airport Was Built In 1961, It used to be A Military Base During The Kerbal Cold Race And Refitted To A International Airport In 1991, This is one of the oldest airport in Kerbin. Im Free For Suggestions For The Mod Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What Is This? A: This is A KK Static Mod, If You Dont Know What Kerbal Konstructs Are Its A Mod That Lets you make custom Launch Sites Q: Where is the airport Located You Can Use HyperEdit To Teleport The
  2. I taught that since it doesn't seem that a fix to the album problems is anywhere close. It was finally time to do a showcase of my KNS navy base. Yes, i was supposed to make this post about a month or so ago. Anyway, lets get to the actual subject of today. It felt like it would be a good idea to find myself a more trouble free method of launching ships, because veering of the runway is dangerous and takes way too much time. From, that idea, i started to think that what would be the best method for this. There was a boat launch facility of sort's already in KK, but i
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