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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've started this thing that's similar to Scott Manley's Galileo Conquest series, where you try to expand to the very edges of an unfamiliar modded system, made even less familiar by mods such as Research Bodies. The modlist is slightly different, and instead of Galileo's Planet Pack as the modded system, we have Kerbal Star Systems by @StarCrusher96 as the main focus of the challenge, a system which, if you include the stock bodies, contains a total of 125 carefully designed bodies! The challenge? Construct a base as self-sufficient as possible on each land-able body with specific mods and gameplay settings (I shall provide the specifics soon). As for me, I will record each day with anything worth noting in the spoiler below, including mission launches, mission endings, mission failures, etc.
  2. PLEASE FOR REVIEWS, WAIT UNTIL PART 2 IS OUT. THX After 50 years of the Kerbal Space Program, kerbal scientists started to wonder what might be hiding beyond the orbit of Jool. They pointed a telescope at all those distant flickering things in the sky and that day Kermanity discovered new planets and even new stars in the neighbourhood of Kerbol! So ... Time to find out which worlds are waiting for the kerbals to discover! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO REDISTRIBUTE THIS MOD IN A MODPACK OR TO USE THE KSS TEXTURES FOR OTHER PROJECTS This mods is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND USE the latest STABLE version of Kopernicus ! Must be run through KSP_x64.exe ! THE VERSION PROVIDED BY CURSEFORGE IS A !BASIC! VERSION. FOR THE FULL VERSION AND VISUALS, DOWNLOAD FROM GITHUB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECOMMENDED MODS FOR AN INTERSTELLAR ADVENTURE : KSP Interstellar Extended Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone) FTL Drive Continued JX2Antenna And every other mod that helps you to reach other worlds! *** INTERSTELLAR RANGED ANTENNAS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS MOD*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORTED MODS GPP Community Resource Pack ResearchBodies Planetshine DOE Flyby Finder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KERBOL SYSTEM / STOCK SYSTEM The Kerbol system got a little upgrade, the stock planets got a new look + some new worlds were added! The Kerbol system is now comparable to the real solar system. Go to this page for more info! NOVA KIRBANI SYSTEM The Nova Kirbani System is the closest star system to the Kerbol system. It is an analogue to the real-life Alpha Centauri System. It consists of 3 stars: Kirb (a G2V yellow main sequence star), Kelin (a K1V orange main sequence star), and Kernim (a M6V red main sequence star), each with its own planetary system. Go to this page for more info! KORMIN SYSTEM The Kormin System is currently the smallest system in the game. It consists of Kormin, a brown dwarf (failed star), and its only planet, Tide. Go to this page for more info! KEROLON SYSTEM The Kerolon System is a close binary between Kerolon (A-type main sequence) and Kerilim (K-type main sequence). The binary is surrounded by a system of 8 planets. Go to this page for more info! KELNIS SYSTEM The Kelnis System is a planetary system that revolves around the ultracool red dwarf star called Kelnis. The system contains 7 nearly Kerbin sized worlds, with three of them in the habitable zone, and three of them capable of supporting some sort of life. The system is based on Trappist-1. Go to this page for more info! KORLON SYSTEM The Korlon System consists of a K-type subgiant star nearing the end of its life. The outer layers of the star have already begun to drift off in a brilliant planetary nebula. The star does not possess any planets in the current stage of the mod. KELARIS SYSTEM The Kelaris System is a ternary star system consisting of two F-type (Yellow-White) stars and one G-type (yellow) star: Kelaris (F7 Supergiant), Kirlim (F6V), and Kerbos (G8V). Go to this page for more info! THE ALL THE ALL is one of the most mysterious celestials in the Kerbal Universe. Is it a star? A black hole or something else? No one seems to know it. The only thing Kerbals know is that "Light can only exist with a source to provide it. Likewise, the continued existence of matter requires The All to maintain it. The All is one, and the one provides for all.". Some astronomers think some kind of object orbits THE ALL. It is the most distant of all the objects in KSS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO GET TO ANOTHER STAR SYSTEM: TUTORIAL BY @Voodoo8648 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHY THE NAME "KERBAL STAR SYSTEMS"?: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGELOG: **RELEASED 0.6** * Reduced KSS with 300 Mb * Converted textures to .dds (saves RAM) * Other improvements to save RAM * Renamed the Kerbol StarSystem folder: KSS * Added several new planets and retextured others * Added a few KSS flags * All atmospheric bodies have now custom atmospheres (floatcurves) * All planets have sciencevalues and working biomes! * New sciencedefs for Mun, Moho, Eve, Duna, Dres, Pol and Laythe * Compatibility with GPP (will be improved over time), Community Resources (TEST) and Researchbodies -> more will be added soon * Custom gradients (when not using visuals) * Improvements and more terraindetails * Added groundscattering to several celestials * Starspots and better/improved star colors * Fixed starbrightness (M/K types will emit a lot less energy than Kerbol, bigger stars will emit more) * Fixed the invisible force field around The Creator, but you're no longer able to find The Creator in the trackingstation * First attempt to add surface temperatures and exospheres to some celestials in the Kerbol system * First attempt on a plasma engine (resource: helium (tanks provided) - needs more work - test it with unlimited fuel) * KSS loadingscreen * 'New EVE' clouds + scatterer improvements (clouds sometimes dont show up - will be fixed!) * Kelnis System (Optional) * Should be career ready --- **RELEASED 0.5** * Rewrote the configs for the VanillaPlanets so Kopernicus don't need to be edited anymore! * A lot of retexturing and new details! * Added new planets * Added a new star Kelin to the Kirb - Kernim System transforming it into the Nova Kirbani System (Alpha Centauri analog) * Added the Kelaris System acting as a North Pole Star (with scatterer) * Added biomemaps to all the celestials BUT they are not all assigned yet, meaning 1/4 th of the biomes do work. (all the habitable worlds should work) * Some planets have groundscattering (test) * Calculated new parameters for a some bodies (gravity, atmo, ...) * Added new descriptions for every major planet. - thx to @Greatness101 and @Calvin_Maclure * Added Visual mods: Scatterer, EVE, DistantObject, TextureReplacer * ... A lot more! ***rings might be broken + Solar Output of the stars is broken -> meaning: solar panels work but a red dwarf star will emit as much energy as a G2 star like Kerbol. (this will be fixed soon) NOT INCLUDED: * new engines (still testing) * compatibility with other mods (although this is ready, I want to see how 0.5 runs and what the major bugs are) * science --- **RELEASED 0.45 (TEST 0.5)** * A lot of retexturing! * Terrain texturing - textures provided by Galileo + own textures * Minmus is now a comet (75y orbit) * Added Ceth, Klip, Eran, Isme, Aryl, ... * Calculated new parameters for a lot of bodies (gravity, atmo, ...) * Made not terraformed Duna and cold icy Laythe standard, the other 2 will be optional in 0.5. * ... A lot more! ***rings might be broken The Scatterer and EVE files are not included, they will be published in another downloadlink. (to reduce the size of the mod) => the size will be reduced for 0.5 * Old page got removed by bug on the forum -> previous data lost ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (COMMON) PROBLEMS: YOUR PROBLEM CAN'T BE SOLVED UNLESS YOU PROVIDE LOGS / SCREENSHOTS OT AT LEAST SOME EVIDENCE OF YOUR ISSUE. TRY TO FIND A SOLUTION ON YOUR OWN AND CONTACT DEVS IN CASE THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE. A LOT OF PROBLEMS ARE ALREADY SOLVED ON THE THREAT SO IT'S ADVICED TO LOOK ON THE THREAD BEFORE POSTING YOUR ISSUE. * I INSTALLED KSS BUT IT DOESN'T WORK -> You might have done something wrong, make sure you follow the steps and have the right mods installed. Remember that thousands of others managed to install KSS without any trouble, so it's not KSS. This is how your GameData folder should look with only KSS installed: THE ORBITS OF MY VESSELS CHANGED AFTER USING KSS. -> Keep in mind that installing a planet pack over an existing stock game WILL break your save. This can't be fixed. -> Ingame orbit change solved thx to @johnnydope CONTRACTS ARE BROKEN -> Should work in 0.7! I WANT TO COMBINE KSS WITH ANOTHER PLANET PACK -> GPP, GPO and OPM compatibility confirmed for 0.7, others will be added soon. Always ask other planet pack developers to incorporate KSS before asking KSS developers to incorporate other planet packs. Especially if you want to replace the home system, because we're not going to to that for you. Remember that KSS moves other planetpacks to distant star systems. I WANT TO COMBINE KSS WITH OTHER MODS THAT ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE COMPATIBLE. -> Do this at your own risk. Helping KSS by making compatibility patches is appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL THX TO : @Thomas P. - Kopernicus @blackrack - Scatterer @Galileo Contributors: @JadeOfMaar @Calvin_Maclure, @Greatness101 @TheSpacePotato ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND