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Found 91 results

  1. Hello Guys, I’m new on the forum, and I have been in love with this Game since was released. You know is simply amazing. All you know that. and I know probably I’m asking the same stupid thing, but guys! This is a great Game, and I do not have an Xbox One, or a PS4, nor a PC. All that I Have is a: Nintendo Switch. so here we go again (I think): (I know all the technical Stuff and how difficult is to port it, I Know is a Heavy Software) but, Do you think there will be a Chance to Have KSP on the Switch? and if an admin is reading or someone of the staff, you know, you will have my Money ready for KSP on the Switch and you know very well that will not be only my Money.
  2. Just returned to the game after a long break, decided to start a new career with a few mods (mostly engineer and contract configurator). I habitually take a scientist on most missions as their description says they boost science return on the vessel they are in. As an experiment I decided to work out how much extra science it was making from my typical Mun mission with and without a scientist. To my surprise I found that my level 1 scientist (its early game OK! ) was not boosting the science return of my vessels by the advertised amount (5%) and the science return was the same no matter my crew composition. I have already tried the same test in a new un-modded save with the same result. Have I misunderstood the scientist description text or am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
  3. Adds a button in VAB/SPH to add the mass of a Kerbal to the External Command Seat. That's it. Mass added is temporary and doesn't stick around. Enjoy accurate dV and mass representations! Download from SpaceDock Source Code under the MIT License
  4. Kerbal Klinic 1.1.0 for KSP 1.3.1 This mod allows you to resurrect dead Kerbals instead of hiring a new Kerbal. It costs the same anmount of Funds as hiring a new Kerbal so you have no advantages. It is useful if you are playing Career and dont want to revert, but also don't want to loose the veteran Kerbals if something goes wrong. This is my first addon for KSP so I hope everything works and I did the licensing right. Features Resurrect Kerbals with the status K.I.A for Funds Resurrection costs as much as hiring a new Kerbal, but you can also set it to a custom value Pictures Download SpaceDock Github (with source code) Or get it though CKAN License The mod is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
  5. Happy New Year!

    Just thought I'd share a bit of spirit with everyone! How's your year been? Did you celebrate much? Or did you stay at home and watch other people have fun on TV like me?
  6. BDARMORY FX NOT WORKING PLS HELP my ksp is 1.3.0 and i have downlloaded all de bdarmory mods with kchan but the mods dont function as ive expected the effects of most bombs do not work
  8. So recently I was flying to Mun for a Mun base mission. but as I was landing, I forgot to start another stage and Jebediah was killed almost immediately. instead of reverting the flight I accidentally switched to the space center. I have already switched Kebediah's status from "Dead" to "Available" but that hasn't worked. MANY OF YOU WILL READ THE TITLE AND LEAVE THE COMMENT SAYING "its fine, Jebediah will respawn" HE WONT, ITS BEEN 5 DAYS NOW PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT . Thank you
  9. Max temp. of a Kerbal

    Is it known what the actual heat tolerance of Kerbals themselves is? I seem to vaguely recall something like 700K/1000K internal/external from... nowhere, so I'm probably making it up.
  10. Scientific Naming of Kerbal

    This is small, just a little idea I had: the scientific classification of Kerbals. Domain Eukarya- cells have nuclei Kingdom Animalia- moves, eats Phylum Chordata- Has a spinal chord Class Virentia- Latin for "green things"; a cross between Mammals and plants Order Primates- walks upright Family Kerbalidae- Kerbal-Like Genus Kerbo- Kerbalized version of Homo Species hebes- Latin word suggesting at Kerbals' not-all-that-intelligent-ness. Thus concludes the scientific classification of Kerbo hebes.
  11. Kerbal space program has been around for a while and there is still no official online multiplayer? Why? This feature is screaming to be added. For example an online sandbox mode where you can play with friends. Not only would this allow current players to enjoy this great game even more, it would generate the company more money. More people would be asking their friends to buy the game so that they can play online with them. So what is up with this?
  12. Kerbal Avatar

    I was wondering...How do I get an avatar like Roverdude's? Do I go to a website or what?
  13. Bad Kerbal Jokes

    The objective of this game is to make a worse joke about KSP than the person before. Rules: No posting twice in a row Your jokes have to be about KSP The jokes also (duh) have to fall within the community rules. I will go first. Q: What did Jeb say to Bill as they were plummeting to their deaths? A: Oh, chute.
  14. Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 3 - The Creatures The Kerbals loved creatures, until they went extinct, here they are: Griphon: The Griphon was apparently a very rare creature, it had two wings an eagle's head and a backside like a lion's. They lived in nests on the tallest trees, called Pandrus. They ate small mammals and reptiles. Their eggs are 7.75in (20cm) in diameter. They were ridden by Kerbals.
  15. Diary of a Kerbal:

    Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  16. Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 2 - The Alphabet The ancient Kerbals had there own alphabet, and here it is: α - Arti Δ - Durbe γ - Gammya ψ - Siei η - Ethar π - Pyro τ - Taur ι - Ipsil μ - Micrun ν - Nania λ - Lamm φ - Frei Σ - Sona ρ - Roqet ε - Epier Ξ - Χilof θ - Thimo Ω - Zebri Chapter 3 HERE
  17. Kerbal Mythology: Chapter 1 - The Gods There are 17 gods in Kerbal Mythology, and they all lived in a temple atop Mount Himalaeia the tallest mountain in the world, here they are: Kerbollo: Kerbollo is the Kerbal god of light and heat, he wore a crown nearly the size of his head, which in the center, had the Star Gem, he had blonde hair, and his face was half orange (heat), fading into yellow (light). He was the king of the gods. Muh: Muh is the Kerbal god of the underworld (Mogho), he symbolizes death, and wore a horned crown with a skull-shaped gem, called the Gem of Mogho. He had brown hair, and a dark vermilion face. He was banished by Kerbollo. Eva: Eva is the Kerbal goddess of beauty and acid, she wore a small tiara, and a necklace with the Terran symbol of Venus, inside the hole was the Acid Gem. She had light brown hair and a purple face. She had a son, Gili the god of smallness and shrinking. He wore a little crown. Kirbea: Kerbea is the Kerbal goddess of life and space, she wore a crown with the Mountain Gem inside. She had black hair and a green face. She had a daughter, Muna, the goddess of the Mun, and a son, Minimo the god of cold and ice. Dune: Dune is the Kerbal god of war and injuries, he wore a kerbium helmet, that inside had the Blood Gem and had an iron sword, he had brown hair and a red face. He had a son, Ike, the goddess of strength. Cress: Cress is the Kerbal goddess of farming and harvest, she wore a tiara with the Karrot Gem inside. She had blond hair and an orange-green face, and was the lesser-treated of the god/desses. Juele: Juele is the Kerbal god of thunder and lightning, he wore a crown with the Lightning Gem inside, he had brown hair and a dark green face. He had four sons, Laize (water), Tyle (deserts), Bope (invsibility) and Poll (loneliness); and one daughter, Vall (music). Eilu: Eilu is the Kerbal goddess of hatred and selfishness, she wore a crown with the Hate Gem inside, she had black hair and a white face. She was also banished by Kerbollo. Chapter 2 HERE
  18. Diario De Un Kerbal:

    Diario de un Kerbal Informes diarios de la AEE (Agencia Espacial Electrón) Día 1: Hoy en la AEE decidimos que el cohete lanzaremos a la órbita de Kerbin. Los pilotos eran Bill y Bob y Jebediah Kerman. Utilizaban el Helio 1 o Helium 1, la primera nave espacial desde el año 2.000 a.C, que no quiero decir que ha pasado; ay, pués, el filósofo Arquímedes Kerman creía que pudiera lanzar una nave a la órbita, pero sólo lanzaba a 3 metros de altitud. Bueno, al informe. El vuelo fue muy bien, hasta que Jebediah hizo un pedo, qué, por algún razón, hizo que la nave, se desestabilizaba por algunos momentillos. (creo que era porque olía tan mal que hizo que se mareaban los pilotos.) En fin, estaban en una orbita estabilizada, de 78,5 mil kilómetros por 78,7 mil kilómetros. Y volvieron a la superficie de Kerbin, sin heridos y sin fallecimientos. Descarga Cohete: AQUÍ Día 2: Hoy, StruCo. LTD® nos ha pagado 100,000 para lanzar su satélite, la ION. ION significa Satélite Orbital Científica, y la nave que utilizábamos fue el Helio 2 o Helium 2. El, vuelo, otra vez fue muy bien, hasta que un erupción solar gigantísimo, que ha cortado nuestro señal con el cohete, pero, desués de una hora, el señal volvió. La ION va hacer muchos estudios sobre la atmósfera, especialmente la ionosfera. Descarga Cohete: AQUÍ Día 3: Misión Para Un Satélite Munar.
  19. Help getting game crashed mistake while opening the game game crashed file link please help me
  20. Saelben's Space Program

    Saelben's Space Program The Backstory Craft List Mission Log's Mod List As the mission progresses, data and activity will be added. Any suggestions are accepted. Thank you for joining me on this humble voyage. -SaelbenNoa
  21. This story will be based on Real And Fictional craft but Alternate History Events. The Kerbal Space Programs
  22. A Kerbal's Life

    Year 1, Day 1. 'Studying' I've been studying aerodynamics and physics at the Kerbin University, and I'm going to try to apply for a spot at the Kerbal Space Center. I can just imagine myself taking off, going into space, floating around the cabin for a few minutes, looking at the universe, seeing how tiny everything is. I can imagine being the first Kerbal on the Mun. I can imagine travelling to the big green thing in the night sky, with little things going around it. It's funny, really, how we rotate around Kerbol, the Mun rotates around us, Minmus rotates around the Mun (I think), and then the green thing also rotates around Kerbol, and things rotate around it, and those things have things that rotate around those things an- Year 1, Day 2. 'Studying' I didn't finish what I was writing last night, as I fell asleep. As I was saying, the things that rotate around the big green thing, have things that rotate around them as well. Now my brain's starting to hurt... Year 1. Day 285. 'Studying, but better' I made it! I put my application in at the KSC about a month ago, and after evaluation, it's been accepted! I'm going to the KSC for 'basic training'. I'll have a lot of work ahead of me!
  23. Evet arkadaşlar, sayıca çok fazla olmadığımız bu mekanda en azından muhabbet dönmesi için bir başlangıç yapabiliriz. Ben bugün 3D Extreme Pro için ayar yapmakla geçirdim. Sanırım en iyisini buldum. Önceki senelerdeki oyun kaydım eski modlarıma sahip olmadığım için çöp oldu. 46 oyun yılı, 2 uzay istasyonu ve 60 dan fazla aktif görev çöp oldu. Baştan başlayacağım yani. Konu açılmışken size tavsiyem eğer modlu oynuyorsanız o modlarınızı mutlaka saklayın. Yoksa benim gibi çöp olma durumu olursa çok üzülürsünüz.
  24. Kerbal Mythology | Book 1:

    Welcome to Kerbal Mythology, where you shall be taken on a magical journey through time. Chapter I: The Gods The Kerbals believed in many gods after the Religious Revolution in the year -2514, where, for some reason, they suddenly became religious. According to the legends, the gods lived in a temple on top of the massive Mt. Himalæia. Sorry I'm very busy. (on vacation with Jeb )