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  1. After deciding to get rid of my last 3 mission report threads I then decided to make a new one! Why do I do this to myself? But this time using Kerbalism! Why do I do this to myself? Kerbal Aerospace Rules: No reverting Quicksaves and quickloads are allowed Full difficulty Kerbalism Career mode Normal mode settings Mod list: Flag: Goals: Not change the mod list (a big problem of mine that leads to major bugs) Land on every planet and moon. Have bases on every planet and moon. Try not to kill the Kerbals.
  2. Kerbalism Kompanion Kalkulator [1.8.x - 1.10.x] About: K³ (Kerbalism Kompanion Kalkulator) is a plugin that allows you to plan your antenna connectivity during your mission in Kerbalism. This Calculator auto-adapts its selection options, so support is provided for every planet pack. In addition to that, support for NFeX reflectors is also provided. It's fairly simple to use, select the planet you're going to visit, choose your distance (consisting of the minimum to maximum distance to the home world) and get your result: But why?: This fairly small plugin is aimed at Kerbal
  3. SIMPLEX Kerbalism A kerbalism profile that is more stock-a-like, and allows kerbalism to be stand-a-lone. Download from Spacedock Installation: Install KerbalismCore https://spacedock.info/mod/1774 You don't need KerbalismConfig, or Community ResourcePack Put the KerbalismSimplex folder into GameData Requires: Module Manager (not included). KerbalismCore (not included). Recommended but certainly NOT required: SIMPLEX Resources (to extend the Stock Ore system) TETRIX TechTree Licence is the Unlicense http://unlicense.org/
  4. So, I've come across a curious hiccup in the logs of this ... [LOG 20:13:42.805] [ModuleManager] Running post patch callbacks [LOG 20:13:42.836] [ModuleManager] Calling SolverEngines.EngineDatabase.ModuleManagerPostLoad() [LOG 20:13:42.848] [ModuleManager] Calling B9PartSwitch.B9TankSettings.ModuleManagerPostLoad() [LOG 20:13:42.853] Generating field configuration for type B9PartSwitch.TankType [LOG 20:13:42.862] Generating field configuration for type B9PartSwitch.TankResource [LOG 20:13:42.863] B9TankSettings: registered tank type LiquidFuel [LOG 20:13:42.863] B9TankSettings: registered
  5. Right, let's give this a go, shall we? This mission report will chronicle the (mis)adventures of yours truly, a mediocre KSP player, and the stupid intrepid kerbs of my budding space program. I originally intended this post to be a one-shot Jool-5 with Kerbalism, but I figured I had better become semi-knowledgeable in its workings first, lest I send many kerbonauts to their inglorious deaths. Depending on how far I get I may actually attempt the Jool-5—but who knows. Modlist (1.9.1) can be found here. Self-imposed rules: Reverting and quickloading are only allowed in case of
  6. Hi guys, what do you think about this design? It's meant to be used Apollo-style with the lander going on the surface and docking back on the mothership. Total dV: 8,233 I would like to aerebrake to save up some fuel entering Duna Orbit. But i never did it before. I'm so bad in making graphics but Kronal Vessel Viewer is so dope. The launch stage brings the payload on LKO pretty easily. Its basically 2 Stages, Solid Boosters and Mamooth. Mamooth firing from the launch too. The lander is meant to be small and light, no science there. Tested: can land
  7. Hello, I have KSP 1.8, with kerbalism and CTT. Trying to get fuel cells to work, but they dont. The fuel cell says running, but there is no electricity generated. Also, the small pressurized containers seem to hold nothing. Any idea how i can fix this? Solar panels are 90 science, I can't get that without working fuel cells.
  8. I am trying to install kerbalism on KSP, however it comes without install instructions. I have downloaded the file, but am unsure as to what I need to do next.
  9. For those who fell in pursuit of science (Tellumo on Kerbalism) A picture heavy story of the voyage to Tellumo on Kerbalism. Lest we not forget those who have fallen in the name of science. Chapter 1: What came before Chapter 2: The Jebediah Chapter 3: Sights and sighs Chapter 4: And so it begins Chapter 5: Breaks and mistakes Chapter 6: Arrivals Chapter 7: Redecorating Chapter 8: Exploring Chapter 9: Local fireworks Chapter 10: The flight of the Eagle Chapter 11: The Jade Diver Chapter 12: Radiation Chapter 13
  10. SIMPLEX Living Seeing the coding among the stars... Now released https://spacedock.info/mod/2067 Please see the release thread https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181681-161-simplex-living-11/ Resources with Simplex Ores and EPL recipies now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Resources. Tech Tree and engine nerf part of separate mod SIMPLEX Techtree. An extension of the Engine Nerf with fuel changes now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Propulsion. Simplex Kerbalism Profile LifeSupport that combines food and water into Consumables, with a waste pro
  11. Preamble. Good morning all. I have an idea for a collaborative story, a format that has worked on another game forum I spend some time on, and I am curious what those who value "story" here would think about it. The general premise is that "my" KSP is ready to attempt a manned (balled? no, can't do it) Duna flight, but that some major decisions need to be made about the program and a "proceed" call made. It strikes me as a moment in my game's history when some artistic drama could occur. So what I am asking here is if anyone would be interested in participating. What I envisi
  12. I am trying code a patch that will adjust crew r&r's recovery time when a kerbal experiences health issues due to kerbalism. I know that need c# to write the plugin but am lost as to where I should start. I should add that I am still learning C# so I am not super knowledgeable about it.
  13. Anyone had any luch integrating these two mods? RO is amazing, but there are some key realism features I miss without Kerbalism, like radiation belts, solar flares, crew comfort/sanity, and limited part lifespans with breakdowns/repairs. On first glance, it looks like I can install Kerbalism over an RO install, and I don't get any errors on startup. I'm mainly looking to see if anyone's made an RO profile for Kerbalism, as the default one is only for the Kerbol system, and I had to make up my own rough estimates for my RSS/Stockalike install. Also, I'd love to know if there are an
  14. Hey guys I wish to modify how close that the engineer needs to be to repair to broken items in kerbalism. I have gone through the entire kerbalism folder and cannot find the line I need to modify so I am guessing that it is located somewhere inside the Squad folder. I have had trouble find it. Could someone who know tell me the file I would need to modify?
  15. Brief This thread will tell the tale of the brave four kerbals that traveled to Duna with kerbalism. The Kerbal Space Agency has mastered the Kerbin system and with regular flights to Mercury Station in LKO and Atlantis Base on the Mun the time is right to go out in the great void and travel to the red planet. Will they make it? or will they die in the process? So far only one kerbal died on the moon when the fission reactor of the Atlas 4 roving lab collided with the terrain, but there were many near misses. Time will tell if they are prepared enough. I will update during the mission and
  16. Hey guys, I have a relativly 'huge' RSS/RO install with 132 mods and encounter the same problem over and over... When I look at parts in the VAB/SPH the first weird thing happens. The 'configure Pod' text is already doubled. This continues when I place e.g. a Command Pod. There are now two scrubbers and two pressure controlls instead of one each. Moreover all different features(monoprop fuel cell, waste processor...) are in the menu, which is obviously not itended, because you should only be able to choose two in configure Pod (they don't work neither). But the worst is that the presurris
  17. So in a bit on insanity, I've decided to revive my KSP obsession and try some new mods after playing realism overhaul for awhile. For bonus points, I'm going to be playing on the stock hard setting which disables respawning, and quicksave/reload (I'll conditionally re-enable it if something glitches, but if I screw up, I'm rolling with it). There is a loose metaplot going on, starting in Chapter 5.1 Dreaming in Light/Skipper, but it's not the main focus for this thread. Current Achievements of This Space Program Here's a quick reference guide for what we've done thus far. I'm no
  18. So, I'm playing with Kerbalism installed. It's only got a couple of options for food/water containers, none of which I particularly like all that much. I'd love to expand the number of cargo options I have, and I really like the KIS inline container models. I'm attempting to add Food/Water to these containers, but nothing I try seems to be working. Either the parts load in normally, or they fail to load at all - never with food/water. Ideally I'd love to have something like a B9 part switch option that allows me to switch from a cargo container with KIS inventory to something carrying foo
  19. SPACE EXPLORATION INITIATIVE I was going through the 90 day study that NASA did back when George Bush senior asked them to draft a mission to Moon and Mars. That report looks quite superfluous and overblown at some places, but the report had several good points, and a clear roadmap to Mars. Somehow I felt compelled to think about the consequences, had the report been agreed upon by the US government. And thus I started writing this story; I hope you enjoy it! "Why Duna? Because it is Kermanity's destiny to strive, to seek, to find!" - President George Kush On t
  20. Good afternoon folks- I am not looking for a magic answer, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am (well, was) in year 23 and playing at a steady serene pace. Suddenly however when I went back to load the game it will start to load bits of the first screen (the KAC window, and sometimes the KCT window), but then freeze and never load anymore- the KSC never appears, the screen stays blank. I went to a back-up save and renamed it as Persistent to try to get it to load, however the same thing happened. I have since started a new game. I have 2 theories about what
  21. This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC-Life Support to work together. This removes kerbalism processes of food,water,oxygen consumption and co2 and waste production in favor of TAC. It leaves most kerbalsim systems intact. License:Unlicense Download Link: Spacedock Source: none as its only 2 .cfg files Install instructions. 1.extract 2.copy over kerbalsim install. 3. optional. includes a modified profile for those that dont use MKS. If you dont use mks then install that profile.
  22. I'm wanting to do an alternate 1.3 install with new mods to freshen the gameplay. I'm trying to get through the "stock" career because I barely go interplanetary before I lose interest, but I also want to start playing with new mods. Right now, I have a couple of mods I really want to try out. One is Kerbalism, and the other is The Gallileo Planet Pack. I also want to add KSP Interstellar Extended and other parts mods. So, should I go with a Kerbalism-focused install around the stock Kerbin system, or go with a new planetary system with a few realism mods added for challenge? Wit
  23. I can not find this part in the technological tree. Saved ships they already own, can not be thrown (even in the sandbox). How will I recover science from my probes? Note: Sorry for spelling errors, I'm translating on google.
  24. Above, the Quartermaster 4-bal Capsule, extended range 'High' resource pod off-set in image. Being an accident report discussing the loss of Bob Kerman, Scientist, and 3 TOURIST (Transient Objective University Researching Interdisciplinary ScientisT) kerbalnauts on High Quarterlander 2, what would have been the 4th kerballed landing on Minmus. Background, Equipment. The Quartermaster 4-Person Capsule had been flown 5 times previously, three times balled, and had proven quite capable of safely conducting its crew's passage on missions lasting up to 79 days, though never flown pas
  25. Download: at SpaceDock KERBALISMSIMPLIFIED Produced by theJesuit Licence: Unlicence For Kerbalism 1.2.3 (KSP 1.2.2) AND IT REQUIRES THE KERBALISM MOD and any mods Kerbalism relies upon! This mod is a profile for Kerbalism by Forum User @ShotgunNinja. It's purpose is to provide a simplified Life Support system for Kerbalism whilst retaining the awesomeness of mod. INSTALLATION: Download at SpaceDock. Copy the AngleCanMods folder into your Gamedata folder. THEN Edit the Settings.cfg in Kerbalism and change the following settings:
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