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Found 23 results

  1. AngleCan SIMPLEX Seeing the coding among the stars... 0.9 Fourth now live BETA at Spacedock - contains changes to Ore, EPL and a Kerbalism Profile. More to come SoonTM. This is a work in progress: Feedback and advice is sought. Licenses for each section will be based on the original licence of the changes. Pretty much all other cfgs are Unlicence. AngleCan Simplex includes several features: SimplexOres HydrateOre (similar to stock) that is convertible to the basis life support resources and stock fuels (similar to Stock Ore). NaturalOre that will be able to be converted to MetalParts used in the Simplex recipes for Extraplanetary Launchpads and some of the Life Support resources. RareOre that will be able to be converted to Xenon, as well as CustomParts that will also be used in the Simplex recipes for Extraplanetary Launchpads (not yet implemented). Stock Ore is visable, but depreciated and unused. Simplex Kerbalism Profile LifeSupport that combines food and water into Consumables, with a waste product of OrganicSlurry. Breathable Air and non breathable BadAir replacing oxygen and CO2. A simplified system when 1 unit of Air or consumables equates to 1 day of usage per kerbal. Masses remain the same as vanilla Kerbalism (i.e. realisitic) although Air is heavier that O2. Air is used instead of Nitrogen to maintain atmospheric pressure. A buildup of BadAir will result in asphyxiation of kerbals, but can be scrubbed the same as vanilla Kerbalism (scrubbers no longer convert BadAir to Air). Part changes INCLUDING PROPULSION Additional Ore tanks have been added. Engines are less powerful in atmospheres. Still to come SIMPLEX EPL - Extraplanetary Launchpads but utilising some of Keridan Dynamics parts, but utilising MetalParts and CustomParts as the recipes for rockets. CustomParts will be based on the number of cfg part modules and following a similar modle to Simple Construction. Rocket Surgeons as a tourist style kerbal that will be used in construction Kerbal Konstructs instances placement of additional stock launchpads at the KSC. ResearchBodies contracts ScienceLab contracts to give the Mobile Processing Lab some purpose elsewhere. Part Changes - Important: Resources Changes: Kerbalism and Life Support changes: Extraplanetary Launchpads: Kerbal Konstructs: Please let me know what you think. Peace.
  2. GarrisonChisholm

    The Duna Enterprise

    "Kerbol is so ...Bright! - and in the beginning there was light, infinite light! And in that infinity how could there not be divinity? And if that divinity was at the beginning of everything, how could there not be divinity *in* everything?!?" So Valentina had answered the reporter's question, and now the press was eating it up. Her cheerful seemingly naive voice giving breath to the channeled hopes of a whole world desperate to explore and learn, and echoing the deepest beliefs of Kerbal kind. Jebediah the veteran test pilot was consciously keeping to the background, allowing the brilliant Academy graduate her chance in the sun. He had not been that way at the start though. In the blockhouse he had walked up to Gene's side as the early count-down checks were made and whispered, "what the hell Gene??" Gene had only spat out "not my call." Jeb was stunned, and ticked- but not for the fact that someone else was going to be the first Kerbal in space. Gene was beyond ticked, gone somewhere into that broad plain beyond it where you have to go to to get your job done. The huge stack- far taller than any other rocket they'd yet constructed- had been halfway to the pad when they'd discovered the problem. The probe core wasn't responding. In fact, no-one could find the certification documents from its installation- and the implications of that were just mind numbing. The contract would be in jeopardy, and things were still at the desperate edge in year 3 of the Program. Calls were made to the capital, and discreetly - though loudly - word was passed down that this launch would go forward. So, instead of helping to take notes to write the flight manual, Valentina had climbed into the cockpit with 30 days of hastily assembled supplies taking the place of the loaded dead-weight. Gene now rolled into Mort's office the day after Valentina's recovery- he knew he was coming, so he didn't bother to knock. Not that he would have today anyway. He tossed a handful of papers on Mort's desk as he hung up his phone. "If this happens again I'm quitting Mort. No, I'm not quitting, I care too damn much. But I'll sure has heck not stand for this again! In what was supposed to be our first unmanned test of our orbital capsule, SOMEONE forgot to install the probe core. With 2 hours to go and the rocket rolled to the pad, someone in Civil Authority orders that the launch proceed- which bless her soul Valentina cheerful jumps at! So instead of observing and "shadow piloting" the mission in safety, she flies the mission. She had to manually fly the pod down, because son-of-a-gun it wasn't neutrally Stable! And thank Jool the parachutes were calibrated adequately!" "Mort, we can't let anyone outside this campus run our program!! They give us funds, then shut up and let us work. That's it! That's their deal, and they have to Get that!" Mort looked again at the bristling kerbal standing in front of him. Did Gene have no understanding of how real world functioned? Those with funds were far and few in between. And those with funds to spare were even rarer! "Gene, lets assume you repeat what you said right now, albeit in a slightly civilised manner to the Civil Authority committee meeting tomorrow. Lets assume they are genuinely concerned about the safety of their beloved Kerbonauts and vow to take action. Are you with me till now?" "Yes, I am! But thats not the point! Someone has -" "And lets assume they launch an enquiry!" Mort raised his voice."Do you know what they wil find? They will find negligence by the VAB workers, who answer to Werhner! He will be implicated, no doubt. Don't forget, a brilliant rocket scientist he may be, but Werhner still has lots of enemies. Then the fingers will point towards you, dear friend. For you are the de facto leader at KSC. With you and Werhner gone, KSC will detoriate, further giving excuses to the Civil Authority members to cut funding." "Do you think you have a lot of ground to stand on? The KSC is your responsibility! And so are the constituent facilities. Best case, they will ask for your resignation for your incompetency. And worst case, you will be tried in a criminal court for negligence of kerbal life." Gene stood perplexed- "Mort, this can't go on! We can't risk our people like this!" "Of course not Gene. This will not happen again. You will have some words with the VAB workers and Werhner, while I will catch a flight to the capitol and sooth ruffled feathers. Quite a lot of people are upset that we are 'ignoring' safety of our crew. And then, we will forget all about this exchange" His wrath somewhat doused after having been correctly re-directed back at his own house, Gene returned to his own office where he soon after received word of changes to Program procedures. No longer would the engineers and flight directors simply be choosing whatever project or contract they wished over coffee and donuts. Every 6 months there would be a Corporate Ratification And Proposals meeting, at which the Program would lobby for their desired choice of direction, but the final call would come down to what the people would be willing to pay for- civilian oversight, from the finance wing. While swallowing this bitter pill, Gene started collecting the documents he needed to have at hand for his other set of new instructions- to deliver a summary and survey of Program equipment and progress at that first ...C.R.A.P. meeting. ...It was going to be a long night...
  3. GarrisonChisholm

    The Duna Enterprise - Dialogue

    Preamble. Good morning all. I have an idea for a collaborative story, a format that has worked on another game forum I spend some time on, and I am curious what those who value "story" here would think about it. The general premise is that "my" KSP is ready to attempt a manned (balled? no, can't do it) Duna flight, but that some major decisions need to be made about the program and a "proceed" call made. It strikes me as a moment in my game's history when some artistic drama could occur. So what I am asking here is if anyone would be interested in participating. What I envision is writing up a "history" of things to get the story to this point, then lay-out the present situation by having a main character (probably Gene) give a presentation and then open the floor for discussion. Other writers would then "introduce" their characters at the meeting, and we would all weigh in on the topic and debate. Eventually the meeting would conclude, and I would then "pay-off" everyone's participation by chronicling the ensuing mission(s). At this point I am only proposing this as a possible story- it will depend both on feedback and health (a faint concern), but at the moment I feel highly inclined to proceed. First post would probably be next week. So, would anyone be interested? (For what its worth, the following event occured in the same game, and would be part of the discussion's history;)
  4. I am trying code a patch that will adjust crew r&r's recovery time when a kerbal experiences health issues due to kerbalism. I know that need c# to write the plugin but am lost as to where I should start. I should add that I am still learning C# so I am not super knowledgeable about it.
  5. Anyone had any luch integrating these two mods? RO is amazing, but there are some key realism features I miss without Kerbalism, like radiation belts, solar flares, crew comfort/sanity, and limited part lifespans with breakdowns/repairs. On first glance, it looks like I can install Kerbalism over an RO install, and I don't get any errors on startup. I'm mainly looking to see if anyone's made an RO profile for Kerbalism, as the default one is only for the Kerbol system, and I had to make up my own rough estimates for my RSS/Stockalike install. Also, I'd love to know if there are any conflicts between the two mod, before I've spent hours on a career. Thanks all!
  6. Hey guys I wish to modify how close that the engineer needs to be to repair to broken items in kerbalism. I have gone through the entire kerbalism folder and cannot find the line I need to modify so I am guessing that it is located somewhere inside the Squad folder. I have had trouble find it. Could someone who know tell me the file I would need to modify?
  7. Brief This thread will tell the tale of the brave four kerbals that traveled to Duna with kerbalism. The Kerbal Space Agency has mastered the Kerbin system and with regular flights to Mercury Station in LKO and Atlantis Base on the Mun the time is right to go out in the great void and travel to the red planet. Will they make it? or will they die in the process? So far only one kerbal died on the moon when the fission reactor of the Atlas 4 roving lab collided with the terrain, but there were many near misses. Time will tell if they are prepared enough. I will update during the mission and it will be picture heavy. Contents 1.) The dawn of the Odyssey 2.) Some assembly required 3.) Arrival and farewell presents 4.) The chosen ones 5.) The bucket of bolts 6.) The Magic Carpet Ride 7.) Return of the Falcon and the great silence 8.) The Great Abyss 9.) The kiss of the Dunatian 10.) The ride of the stung bull 11.) First flags 12.) The face of Duna 13.) Snowstorms 14.) A sparkle in the sky 15.) Household chores 16.) Flight of the red dragon 17.) The unexpected detour 18.) A hike on Ike 19.) Up, up and away 20.) The return 21.) Epilogue
  8. Hey guys, I have a relativly 'huge' RSS/RO install with 132 mods and encounter the same problem over and over... When I look at parts in the VAB/SPH the first weird thing happens. The 'configure Pod' text is already doubled. This continues when I place e.g. a Command Pod. There are now two scrubbers and two pressure controlls instead of one each. Moreover all different features(monoprop fuel cell, waste processor...) are in the menu, which is obviously not itended, because you should only be able to choose two in configure Pod (they don't work neither). But the worst is that the presurrised tanks for storing gases and such, break all GAP's when I try to put in Nitrogen and Ammonia (I then can't open any right-click menu). PC: AMD Phenom II X4 965, GTX GeForce 750Ti, 8GB RAM+ ~10GB paging file And before you ask: i disabled all functions of TACLS, so that I can use the parts, but the LSS of Kerbalism Mods(only those which are in AVC): Thanks for help!
  9. So in a bit on insanity, I've decided to revive my KSP obsession and try some new mods after playing realism overhaul for awhile. For bonus points, I'm going to be playing on the stock hard setting which disables respawning, and quicksave/reload (I'll conditionally re-enable it if something glitches, but if I screw up, I'm rolling with it). There is a loose metaplot going on, starting in Chapter 5.1 Dreaming in Light/Skipper, but it's not the main focus for this thread. Current Achievements of This Space Program Here's a quick reference guide for what we've done thus far. I'm not using the Return Chevron as it makes it hard to see each. For the craft type, I'm going with whatever is the most challenging or what I was most impressed by, hence why Kerbin has a plane ribbon, and not a capsule or station. Guidelines Mistakes will be permament, if I blotch a Duna landing, you're going to get to see it Exception: Atmospheric flight is quicksave/quickloadable as otherwise I won't get the epic photos. Exception: For plot relevant stuff, I'll generally allow quicksave/quickload. This happened during the first lunar mission as I was trying to get a good screenshot of an anomaly for the thread and flew too low. I'll note in each chapter where quicksaves/quickloads were done. I've never played with Kerbalism before, so expect hilarious failures The save is in career mode, stock tech tree. I'll likely be running some missions without posting about it (no one wants to read 300+ part testing contracts) I'm sticking to a 30 day minimum delay between mission launches for the most part. On rare occasions, I'll bend this rule for special/planned events This is primarily to avoid Mun landing in-game day 2, and then fastforward to Duna at the first launch window For missions that don't leave the planet (i.e., launchpad part testing), I won't bother advancing time The mod list will be somewhat fluid, list is at the below Rough goal of at least doing a kerbaled mission to each planet. Will take suggests for mission ideas/craft names/etc. Will also edit the save file if someone wants a kerbal beyond the original four. Current Mod List Kerbalism Kerbal Engineer Alarm Clock Better Burn Time SCANsat Scatterer/EVE Astromauner's Visual Pack + KSPRC was added starting in Chapter 7 DMagic TAC Fuel Balancer KAS/KIS KRASH FAR Gravity Turn Redux NavUtils Chapter 1: K-3 Project (full imgur album:
  10. So, I'm playing with Kerbalism installed. It's only got a couple of options for food/water containers, none of which I particularly like all that much. I'd love to expand the number of cargo options I have, and I really like the KIS inline container models. I'm attempting to add Food/Water to these containers, but nothing I try seems to be working. Either the parts load in normally, or they fail to load at all - never with food/water. Ideally I'd love to have something like a B9 part switch option that allows me to switch from a cargo container with KIS inventory to something carrying food/water, to something carrying just food, and finally just water.. if not that, I'd take simply adding the food/water to the container with KIS inventory as well (I rarely use it anyway). So far, I've tried simply adding something like Resource { name = Food amount = 8200 maxamount = 8200 } to the .cfg for the part, and that made them not load at all. Creating a .cfg in the gamedata folder with something like @PART[KIS_Container3]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,KIS] { Resource { name = Food amount = 8200 maxamount = 8200 } } makes them load, but doesn't add the food to them. I don't know a lot about modding in KSP to be honest. I've modified plenty of parts before to make them more to my liking, but mostly by ripping out chunks of one part and simply dropping it into the .cfg of another. Bluedog Design Bureau had a comparability folder filled with .cfg's making the mod compatible with various other mods. Kerbalism wasn't one of those, but I was able to take the Snacks! compatibility .cfg and alter it to create new B9partswitch tanks for food/water, then get those parts to load those tanks. What's particularly frustrating is that BDB has a KIS tank of its own that now has food/water as I'd like (though it maintains the KIS inventory as well). Does anyone have any idea how I could do this, or what I might be doing wrong? Even something as simple as just adding these resources to the normal part would be a workable solution for me.
  11. SPACE EXPLORATION INITIATIVE I was going through the 90 day study that NASA did back when George Bush senior asked them to draft a mission to Moon and Mars. That report looks quite superfluous and overblown at some places, but the report had several good points, and a clear roadmap to Mars. Somehow I felt compelled to think about the consequences, had the report been agreed upon by the US government. And thus I started writing this story; I hope you enjoy it! "Why Duna? Because it is Kermanity's destiny to strive, to seek, to find!" - President George Kush On the fifth anniversary of the first Mun landings, a massive ceremony was held at the KSC, honoring the brave Kerbonauts who walked on the surface of another world for the first time. The President himself graced the occasion with his presence. He also presented his vision for space exploration. And it did not lack in ambition. The President called for a return to the Mun, this time to stay. His vision culminated in permanent self sufficient bases on Duna and Laythe. It was an ambitious project, but certainly achievable. The mun and minmus missions looked daunting when they were conceived. But that did not stop KSC from making history. The plan is in several phases. The first phase outlines the colonisation of Kerbin's Sphere of Influence, and the subsequent phases describe colonisation of Duna and exploration of the outer planets. Following are the important steps in phase one of the Space Exploration Initiative. 1. Space Station Liberty: Space Station Liberty, the first step on the pathway, will provide the essential scientific and technological foundation for later kerbal missions to the planets.For example, a particularly critical factor in planning kerbal exploration is the determination of the physiological and psychological effects of low gravity and long-term habitation of the space environment, which will be studied on Liberty. Initially, crew members will remain on Space Station Liberty for 2 months; research will focus on understanding the various mechanisms responsible for adaptation to weightlessness and the physiological problems encountered upon return to Kerbin. Later, an extended-duration crew certification program will prolong visits to 180 days or more and will include enhanced countermeasures for low gravity and radiation effects. Systems developed for use on Space Station Liberty will enhance and strengthen the technological base for kerbal planetary exploration. Liberty will serve as a controlled test-bed for developing and validating systems and elements, such as habitation and laboratory modules and life support systems, to be used later on the Mun, Minmus and Duna. In addition, Liberty will support technology experiments and advanced development in mission-critical areas, such as spacecraft assembly, servicing, and system development. 2. Munar Outpost: The next step in the strategy is the development of a permanent munar outpost which will begin as a small, 2 kerbal base. This base would be a proof of concept with arrangements made for further expansion. A science and an agricultural module is planned for the MunBase. Missions to the MunBase will be of two types: Crew and Cargo. In the initial stages a piloted mission will feliver a crew of 3 and some cargo to the surface of the Mun and return with 3 crew and some cargo to Liberty; a cargo mission will deliver only cargo, and the vessel is either expended or returned empty. Power capacity at MunBase will be expanded to support increased demands. The increased power capacity at the outpost will be used to begin operational processing of the Mun's resources and to help reduce the outpost's dependence on Kerbin. For example, water extracted from the munar soil can help make up losses from the outpost's life support system and on further processing, the by products could be used as propellants for the excursion vehicles. 3. Minmus Outpost: The MinMax industrial outpost will be the final step in the development of a robust infrastructure, one which would allow fast and continuous off world development of interplanetary vehicles.This outpost will have a mining rig to mine ore and water. Conversion units will manufacture propellant, metal and in an optimistic vision, even uranium in significant quantity. Unlike the MunBase, MinMax will be assembled in Low Minmus orbit and dropped on the surface as a single structure. The low gravity of Minmus will allow the use of relatively small and disposable skycranes. The Minmus base will house at most 2 kerbals. It will be supplied almost entirely by KSC. At the moment, no plan for a 100% self sustained base is being discussed. This concludes the Phase 1 of the space exploration initiative.
  12. GarrisonChisholm

    Failure to load save

    Good afternoon folks- I am not looking for a magic answer, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am (well, was) in year 23 and playing at a steady serene pace. Suddenly however when I went back to load the game it will start to load bits of the first screen (the KAC window, and sometimes the KCT window), but then freeze and never load anymore- the KSC never appears, the screen stays blank. I went to a back-up save and renamed it as Persistent to try to get it to load, however the same thing happened. I have since started a new game. I have 2 theories about what might have caused it to hang up- first, that I was "rolling out" a rather (but not extremely) complicated rocket, and that the game didn't like the fact that it was saved during the roll-out. Secondly, I wonder if it has something to do with having landed new Kerbalism parts on Duna. I strongly favor the first theory, but am wondering if anyone else has had experiences that could shed light on this?
  13. sidfu

    Kerbalism TAC profile

    This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC-Life Support to work together. This removes kerbalism processes of food,water,oxygen consumption and co2 and waste production in favor of TAC. It leaves most kerbalsim systems intact. License:Unlicense Download Link: Spacedock Source: none as its only 2 .cfg files Install instructions. 1.extract 2.copy over kerbalsim install. 3. optional. includes a modified profile for those that dont use MKS. If you dont use mks then install that profile.
  14. I'm wanting to do an alternate 1.3 install with new mods to freshen the gameplay. I'm trying to get through the "stock" career because I barely go interplanetary before I lose interest, but I also want to start playing with new mods. Right now, I have a couple of mods I really want to try out. One is Kerbalism, and the other is The Gallileo Planet Pack. I also want to add KSP Interstellar Extended and other parts mods. So, should I go with a Kerbalism-focused install around the stock Kerbin system, or go with a new planetary system with a few realism mods added for challenge? With either choice, I might make a thread in Fan Works since career modes turn into their own exciting stories. Timely feedback would be very appreciated, including recommendations for mods or other mod sets, or any facts like if Gallileo's Planet Pack can run with Kerbalism or not. EDIT: Discovered GPP does support Kerbalism. This might make my choice simpler.
  15. I can not find this part in the technological tree. Saved ships they already own, can not be thrown (even in the sandbox). How will I recover science from my probes? Note: Sorry for spelling errors, I'm translating on google.
  16. GarrisonChisholm

    Accident Report, Fatality

    Above, the Quartermaster 4-bal Capsule, extended range 'High' resource pod off-set in image. Being an accident report discussing the loss of Bob Kerman, Scientist, and 3 TOURIST (Transient Objective University Researching Interdisciplinary ScientisT) kerbalnauts on High Quarterlander 2, what would have been the 4th kerballed landing on Minmus. Background, Equipment. The Quartermaster 4-Person Capsule had been flown 5 times previously, three times balled, and had proven quite capable of safely conducting its crew's passage on missions lasting up to 79 days, though never flown past ~ 30. It was constructed early in the space-program so-as to possess a multi-kerbal capsule capability that was stable and safe for hands-free re-entry. The vessel can return from Minmus with a direct-entry periapsis of 20km, though typically the Kerbin return orbit is circularized to spare the crew unnecessary stresses. The Agency had suffered no notable failures, and was actively working through a small handful of minor issues to perfect the design. The Flight. Launch was nominal if low, though orbit was achieved at ~79k/km with no undue concern. On service-fairing deployment however it was observed that a fairing panel became hung up on one of the service module's 4 landing 'piers', and while it soon broke free it took away 2 of the 4 deployable solar panels. On panel deployment, it was found that the 2 adjacent panels adequately powered the vessel as well as covering complimentary azimuths, so no mission threat was observed. The crew then endured a ~ 5 day stay in orbit while they waited for their injection window to Minmus. As the 3 crewed flights previously, orbit was maintained with no warnings or concerns. On day 3 of the mission however during a routine arming and power check it was found that one of the 4 Ant reentry engines was unresponsive, and after troubleshooting Mission Control declared it dead for future mission use. Should the re-entry engines be needed, the opposite engine to the fail would be simply deactivated, and so no mission threat was observed. When the transfer injection window opened a particularly precise burn was achieved, with an acceptable 179k Minmus periapsis found with 14 days of transit. The crew settled into normal transit routine. Approximately 2 hours later the capsule reported that power was dangerously low and life support had been disabled. Mission Control looked into the matter and found that the solar panels had positive sun angle and the batteries were charging, and so advised the crew to disable their alarms and expect the batteries to be fully charged in less than an hour. Orbital geometry saw no reason for this power loss- it was well beyond Kerbin's shadow, and Mun was on the opposite side of the planet. Approximately 3 days later the crew reported lightheadedness. Upon investigation it was found that there was a CO2 level of 98%. All scrubbers were running and functional, and were observed to be actively lowering the CO2 levels. No action was taken by Crew or Control to re-activate the systems, they appeared to be functioning when observed. Little could be done, and the crew asphyxiated before the atmosphere could be returned to safe levels. The mission was scrubbed, and the capsule safely returned to Kerbin for recovery of the remains. Analysis. The craft had weathered many orbital shadow periods during her wait with no battery warnings, and the primary solar panel arrays were correctly aligned for use, in addition to the fact that the undamaged secondary capsule panels were deployed normally. The burn for Minmus was conducted on the night side of Kerbin, so the batteries before engine ignition were in Discharge. On engine ignition, the alternators began charging the batteries. During the 150 second burn the batteries should have been topped off at 2200 units. Control supposes that the alternator flow triggered a fault in the computer subsystems, such that the battery regulator was stuck looking for charge from the alternator, thus not charging once the engine burn concluded and the craft was in solar lux. The batteries then drained, and the energy crisis began. Control's conclusion that with the restoration of solar charging all would be corrected resulted in poor instructions being given to the crew and the dire situation developing in the capsule overlooked until remedy was not possible- though it is questionable there was any remedy at all. The scrubbers were working when examined, and seen to be lowering CO2. Procedure Updates & Resolutions. 1) The Capsule should have a Manual Purge feature, to flush the atmosphere in the cabin and allow complete replacement by on-board O2. EVEN by EVA the atmosphere cannot be vented, thanks to the high degree of fail-safe engineering in the auto-airlock doors. Had the craft had this feature, the crew would have survived. 2) Additional solar panels should be installed and the fairing separation issues corrected, or the soon-to-be developed RTG units should be installed in every crewed vessel to prevent this loss again. 3) A Kerbin orbital test of all ship systems should be conducted, attempting to reproduce failure modes observed, before the craft is again used beyond LKO. 4) While a timely EVA by Bob would have given him 2 extra hours for the capsule atmosphere to restore, it should be noted however that he declined to do so out of fairness to his 3 crew-mates who could not. The KSA hopes this analysis will bring some closure to the 4 families and many Agency employees affected, and as well serve to caution other space agencies of potential opportunities for failure.
  17. Download: at SpaceDock KERBALISMSIMPLIFIED Produced by theJesuit Licence: Unlicence For Kerbalism 1.2.3 (KSP 1.2.2) AND IT REQUIRES THE KERBALISM MOD and any mods Kerbalism relies upon! This mod is a profile for Kerbalism by Forum User @ShotgunNinja. It's purpose is to provide a simplified Life Support system for Kerbalism whilst retaining the awesomeness of mod. INSTALLATION: Download at SpaceDock. Copy the AngleCanMods folder into your Gamedata folder. THEN Edit the Settings.cfg in Kerbalism and change the following settings: Profile = simplified I also recommend changing in Settings.cfg: Signal = false Science = false By turning these off, the stock communication system will be used. Science data will be able to be stored and transmitted as in stock. KerbalismSimplified will retain the changes to the Science values, the transmittablity of the Materials Bay and Mystery Goo and the 100% transmittable science from other experiments. If you don't want atmospheric leakage, then remove the following lines from the Simplified.cfg Process { name = atmo leaks modifier = surface,breathable input = Air@0.00000154320987654321 // becomes 1 unit every 30 days } CHANGELOG HOW HAS LIFESUPPORT CHANGED? Life support is based on two components, Consumables (which is food and water), and Air. The units used for the Life Support are based on 1 unit per day per kerbal. A kerbal will consume .5 Consumables every 3 hours. Air is consumed at a continuous rate which equates to 1 unit per day. Kerbals will produce ConsumedWaste (faeces and urine) and BadAir. Radial Tanks can be configured for Air, BadAir or both. Inline Storage can be configured to store Consumables, ConsumedWaste or both. Habitat Pods (Command Pods, Hitchhiker etc) can contain up to 3 days (3 units) of Consumables and Air per seat, and store up to a day's worth of ConsumedWaste and BadAir. If there is no storage for the ConsumedWaste and BadAir these are dumped overboard. Scrubbers installed and turned on in pods will convert BadAir to Air. There are no non-regen scrubbers (from Kerbalism 1.2.3) for EVA. The Greenhouse will take both BadAir and ConsumedWaste and produce a crop of 120 units of Consumables every 30 days. Air is produced continuously. This should be enough to replenish supplies for 4 kerbals over 30 days The Chemical Plant is able to extract ConsumedWaste and BadAir from Ore and Electricity. Add this to a Greenhouse to be able to create a new supply for additional food beyond what you bring from Kerbin. The Chemical Plant can also be configured to convert BadAir to Air with Electricity effectively acting as a more powerful scrubber. The stock drills and ISRU units now will work as in stock. You no longer must worry about Ammonia, Hydrogen or Nitrogen, nor pressurization of your crewed modules. Pressurization is modelled now only by the gradual loss of Air through leaks. This is at a rate of 1 unit of Air every 30 days. Off world you will need to resupply by mining and converting Ore. WHAT IS STILL THE SAME? ElectricCharge changes by Kerbalism from Stock Climatization, Radiation and Space Weather Stress So you will still need to worry about shielding and electricity and your kerbals being happy. FUTURE CHANGES I would like the air leakage to decrease based on the technology tree. I will probably need a balance of the masses of resources, and the efficiency of the Greenhouse, Chemical Plant. I would also like to reintroduce the Atmospheric intakes for planets and moons with an atmosphere. Enjoy and please give comments and feedback below! Peace.
  18. 1.) On Kerbalism, is there a way to widen the GUI? 2.) I have been looking at planet mods and I cant seem to find one. All of them revamp the current system into the real one. Im looking for planet mods that adds new planets and moons that doesn't change the existing ones. Is there a mod like that? Thanks.
  19. theJesuit

    MM question

    Hi all, I've developed a Kerbalism profile, and i'm getting ready to update it but want to simplify the process for its installation. Can someone please point me in the right direction for how I set up a MM patch to adjust Kerbalism's settings.cfg? I've looked through the MM wiki and I'm so lost! I want to change the line: Profile = default to Profile = simplified Thanks for your help! Peace.
  20. lajoswinkler

    OGRE program

    While Kron 6 mission is underway, Wernher von Kerman came to an excellent idea to get some actual data on the van Kallen belts that surround Kerbin and possibly, probe the other belts of other planetary bodies. It's something that was supposed to be done a lot earlier, but nobody thought about it. Except maybe for Linus Kerman, but nobody listens to him, anyway. Thus, OGRE program was born. OGRE stands for Orbital Global Radiation Evaluation. The probes will be equipped with a Geiger-Müller counter and will be carried into orbit by a two stage rocket (SRB and liquid bipropellant engine). Optionally, third stage will be either liquid bipropellant, or xenon when more distant bodies become the next target. Aditionally, currently travelling Kron 6 will determine those properties at Plock system, and flung out Kaos 3 will measure the radiation doses at and beyond the magnetosphere after quite a few years. The probe is being built at the moment.
  21. I've got the Kerbalism mod running, as well as the USI-Kolonization mod. The problem is that Kerbalism modifies the game so that Kerbals require Food and Oxygen as resources to survive, and Kerbals do not produce waste. In the USI-Life Support mod, Kerbals require Supplies, and produce a waste product Mulch. USI greenhouses take Mulch and turn it back into Supplies. I'm looking for a way to modify it into a compromise - Greenhouses produce Food instead of Supplies, and Kerbals still produce Mulch. Were I more confident in my abilities, I'd do a find>replace to turn "Supplies" into "Food" in the USI files, but I really don't want to screw up my savegame.. Any suggestions?
  22. ToukieToucan

    Losing motivation

    So I recently started a new science game (first serious science game so far) and use the mod Kerbalism which adds in slick looking dtuff like life support, relay systems, radiation (keep yo' kerbals shielded), quality of life (kerbals can go insane after a while and can break certain parts in their rage) and malfunction. Playing with the slider at 75% science and so far I've made relay sats for Kerbin, the mun and minmus. (~4) Unmanned mun landings and scansatted the mun and minmus. Since the tech tree has changed a bit by this mod I just got the science bay jr. I also kind of feel like giving up this save because somehow I really don't like Minmus for some strange reason and by the time I arrive at minmus there will be tons of malfunctions making you question if those 30 minutes were worth it to set up a precise Minmus relay system. in general I havent gotten that far though I have put a lot of hours into KSP messing around. Anways here's the stuff I've done I've: 'Mastered' orbit 'Mastered' docking landed and returned from the mun landed and returned from Minmus landed on Duna landed on Ike I'd like to go to Eve with some kerbals but not sure how I'd get them off...
  23. I am soon to start a fresh game on 1.1 I have recently downloaded MKS lite also Usi lifesupport for the first time. I have discovered a mod called kerbalism that appears to be a semi/realistic overhaul that I really want to try out, I was hoping for feedback from other players in regards to the compatibility of kerbalism with other mods mainly USI lite and other mods by Roverdude. Also any general discussion about the kerbalism mod ,what's it like? what are people's opinions of the mod? would also be welcome :-)